Chapter 16

Five years later…

Moose's POV:

I'm sitting on a bench outside a church , the scene is all too familiar to me. it's the beginning of autumn the leaves are only starting to change colours , this was always Cam's favourite time of the year , she used to drag me hours and hours away to the nearest forest just so she could be around the trees for a while. She cried when we bought our first house , our home, and I made sure there was a great big oak tree out the back.

I cant stop my feet from tapping out of control , my converse will end up will a hole in them before the day is over if I keep this up. No other girl but Camille would insist on me wearing these , 'they're like a part of who you are Moose, I wouldn't want you any other way.' How did I ever land a girl like her?

I glance at my watch , 11.49am, its almost time. One more minute then ill go in.

I count it down in my head , each second out loud. I look around and try and memorise every detail , I want to remember it all.

10 … 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4...

I take a deep breath

3... 2... 1..

Like clockwork the church door opens and Jason stands beckoning me in. I stand up , smooth out my suit and walk over to him.

'Will you do me a favour man?' I ask my best man

'Sure dude what you need?'

'Pinch me , I need to make sure this time its for real'

Jason laughs and punches me in the arm. I winch but I cant hide my smile. I turn to face the double doors leading me to what I've been waiting my whole life for.

Lets do this.

Camille's POV:

I've been standing in front of the mirror for the past ten minutes, I'm bolted to this spot. I almost don't recognise the girl I see , who knew I was a full blown adult already?

It all feels so real now its overwhelming me. I know I have to leave this room everyone is downstairs waiting , I can hear Anala and Nora whispering outside the door. They're worried I may have cold feet. How could I ever explain to them that I'm so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement that its completely shutting me down. How could they ever understand that this is the single best moment of my entire life and I don't want it to end even though a new favourite moment is within touching distance.

I know people say they've dreamt about this day since they were young but I genuinely have every single day since I was 16 years old. I've dreamt about this day , this dress and the one man , the only man I've ever dreamt about. This is it , my dream coming true , how many people can say they've experienced this?

I take one last look at myself in the mirror and unlock the door. Anala and Nora both let out a sigh of relief and immediately start gushing when they take a look at me.

'Camille you look beautiful !' Anala says as she throws her arms around me.

'Lets get you downstairs' Says Nora as she grabs the back of my dress to help me down the stairs

As I walk down I start to get what all the hype is about when I see these kind of scenes in movies because it feels incredible. I hear a collective gasp as I come into sight.

Almost the entire crew is here, the only ones missing are the ones in the immediate party, they all start flocking me as soon as I hit the bottom of the stairs. I've never heard so many compliments in my life I think my head is spinning.

I walk over to Moose's mother who is sniffling from a distance

'Mrs. Alexander please don't cry you'll set me off too' I say while laughing

'I'm sorry dear its just I've been waiting for this day since Moose was born and I just cant believe how lucky I got for it to be you' she says still teary eyed

I open my mouth to speak but I get choked up and just hug her as tight as I possibly can. When we break apart she squeezes my hand and walks back over to join everyone else.

'I'm ready to go' I say to Anala , she nods and starts motioning everyone towards the door.

The church is only a five minute drive which is lucky. I climb into the car , it's a beautiful white Range Rover , far too extravagant for me but Anala said it was either this or a horse and carriage so I chose the safer option.

The whole drive goes in slow motion I swear it took hours. When we pull up I cant hear a single thing because my heart is pounding so loudly. I see the door open and look up to see Tyler's smiling face. I swear if he wasn't holding my hand to help me out my feet would've buckled as soon as they hit the ground.

'Camille…' Tyler looks at me but cant get the words out. I can feel tears forming in my eyes.

' I'm so proud of you' he looks so genuinely happy as he says it I cant help but let a few tears release , thankfully Nora swoops in with a handkerchief and wipes them away before they can ruin my makeup.

As we walk through the church doors everything starts to feel so surreal. I look at the clock 11.59am, right on time.

It feels like I've only been there for a second when I hear the all so familiar tune start to play. I link arms with Tyler and take a deep breath.

As the doors swing open all I can think is : This is it.

Moose's POV:

There she is walking towards me, it takes her 48 seconds to walk up the aisle , I know because my heart had completely stopped the whole time.

Now she's standing there in front of me smiling so brightly it makes the rest of the room vanish into the abyss. I can feel tears falling down my face , I cant stop them.

She notices and squeezes my hand and whispers 'You're going to set me off too'

I wipe my eyes and put on a brave face.

The priest starts to speak but I'm only half listening , my entire focus is on Camille , I cant tear my eyes away.

The time comes for us to say our vows , I'm starting to regret suggesting we write our own because it almost seems too intimate to share with anyone else but when I look into Camille's eyes the rest of the people disappear.

'Chameleon..' I start to choke before I can say any more , she looks straight at me with her eyes filled with tears , she feels it too.

'I know a lot of people were starting to bet we'd never make it here, since we focused so hard on our careers we constantly were told that our relationship was taking the back seat but that's never been true. We've constantly supported one another every step of the way , we've been each others number one fan as we both worked towards our dreams and that has always been so much more important than anything else. I know I took my time getting here but this has never for one second not been my goal. I've known that this would happen for the seven years we've been together , hell even though I was slow to catch on I'm sure I've always known it ever since I've met you. Now that we're here and its finally happening I cant believe my luck , every single person in this room is looking at us and thinking that I'm the luckiest fool alive to have got a girl like you. You are the best person I know , you're selfless and you're kind, you're funny and you're smart , you're the entire package. This skinny curly haired boy will always be forever grateful for the day he managed to convince you to love him. I promise you I will never take you for granted , I will never put anything before you. This is it Chameleon , me and you , for the rest of our lives and I am so ready.'

My eyes are laser focused to Camille's the entire time. After a few seconds I finally tune the rest of the people in and can hear multiple people crying , the loudest of which being my mother of course.

Camille can barely hold herself together at this stage which is setting me off so we're both just standing there crying our eyes out.

The priest turns to Camille to indicate its her turn and she's sobbing so much I don't know how she'll ever get a word out.

I hold her face in my hands and wipe away her tears , I look directly in her eyes

'You can do this'

Camille's POV:

My chest is heaving as I try and compose myself to speak , I was ready to admit defeat but when Moose looked at me reassuring me I could do it I felt ready to take on the world.

'Moose..' my voice is still a little shaky but its not enough to derail me

'Every time I sat down to write this I disappeared into a puddle of tears because thinking about you , thinking about us strikes such a cord in me I cant help but get emotional. Since the night you knocked on my dorm room door and confessed your feelings for me I've felt like the luckiest person alive. Being the person you love will always be the number one achievement in my life , that will never ever change. You are the sunshine, the rain , the moon and the stars. You are every single little thing to me. I'm excited to spend the rest of my life being your dance partner , being your brain when you've barely had any sleep and can't remember your passwords , being your eyes when you can't find your keys even though they're always in the same spot , being your partner in crime when you think up the perfect prank to pull , being your confidant when you have a problem you cant solve alone , but most importantly being your wife, your soul mate for the rest of my life. You are my best friend in the entire world and I'm more than ready for the rest of our lives.'

I let out a deep breath and instantly Moose has pulled me in and is kissing me deeply , after a few seconds he reluctantly pulls away. He turns to the priest

'Sorry I just couldn't wait' he smiles his devilish smile and my heart nearly leaves my body.

We exchange rings and I can barely hold my hand straight for Moose to put my ring on. When I put his on I get this strange feeling inside like he's now officially mine forever, butterflies explode inside of me like its only our first date.

'By the power invested in me I know pronounce you man and wife , you may now kiss the bride'

Moose doesn't hesitate and sweeps me up in his arms kissing me deeply but sweetly. I can hear everyone around us clapping and cheering. As we break apart he looks at me smiling and grabs my hand to walk me down the aisle. I will never forget this feeling , all the love that's in this room , everyone cheering for us as we walk past them.

As we exit the doors we stop and look at each other , we're alone for the first time as husband and wife, it feels so magical.

We look at each other and giggle like school girls. We finally did it.

Moose turns to me and grabs my hand and leads me to the exit and to the car waiting for us. He opens my door and beckons me in , I turn around to get in but freeze and turn around standing inches from him.

'I seriously love you' I say with a laugh

He wraps his arms around my waist and smiles widely.

'I seriously love you too'

I know its been 2 years since i've last posted thats crazy! but i promised i would finish this story and i did. i hope you enjoy x