A Demon's Rage


I tried to trust the others, tried to get along with them, I really did try to move on from those years trapped in my mind but D.K. had destroyed my sense of security and it was almost impossible for me to trust any of them including Jeff. I liked everyone though, they seemed nice and like a great group of people I just had a hard time being around them, it had nothing to do with them but more with me; now that I knew what D.K. was possible of doing I didn't want her to get out and hurt any of them I never wanted to hurt another person again which made me even more of an outcast here.

Everyone was experienced killers and they had no problem shedding blood or killing some random person for no reason at all, and there was a time when I wouldn't mind killing someone but out of hatred for the pain they've inflicted on me. There really wasn't any reason for me to stay especially knowing that at any moment D.K. could take control and possible harm them all but for some reason Jeff was persistent in me staying, he kept saying that if I stayed then I would actually have a true home and even a family, a family that looked after each other and was always there ready to defend one another and all of that sounded amazing but I didn't want to hurt anyone.

That's the problem with hosting a demon such as the one I did they were unpredictable and extremely powerful.

"Hey Katie you in there?" Jeff asked

*Sigh* "Yeah."

He opened the door and closed it behind him as he walked over to me, I was still typing away at my computer or so I made it look like I was typing.

"Why are you always hiding here? None of them are going to bite or anything...well maybe Toby." he laughed

The last time Toby had one of his "ticks" Ben had made him made and somehow I was found in the middle of it and Toby bite my arm I still had bite marks and I slightly laughed but it was really sad. Jeff looked at me but behind his smile I saw his lips frown and his eyes held sympathy I hated that look, I hated people feeling sympathy towards me.

"Stop looking at me like that you know I hate sympathy!" I yelled but I heard the union of mine and D.K.'s voice I wasn't going to let her through. "You know very well why I stay here it's safer."
"For who though? Is it safer for you or for everyone else."

I turned back to my computer and began to type again.

"Katie I know you think your protecting us from her but we can take care of ourselves just fine besides everyone wants to get to know you better and they're worried." he walked up behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder as I stopped typing, he turned my chair around so that I looked at him "I'm worried Katie."

"I know but I can't let her get through and if she sees and opening you know what she'll do I can't let that happen. I can't let her hurt anyone else she's done to much damage already."
"I know but...Katie just at least come down for some time please."

I agreed but only because this was the first time I had ever heard him say please but I was still on edge about being around the others. When I got downstairs everyone was sitting in the living room except for Ben who was down in the game room, while I talked to the others all I could hear was the sounds coming from the game room and so I decided to go join Ben maybe I'd just watch him. As I sat next to him on the couch he tossed an extra controller to me and after picking my car we played several constent racing rounds where I finally began to catch up to him and when he tried to glitch the game I used it to my advantage to beat him in the final race winning the game. he began to laugh.

"Whats so funny?" I asked

"You got skill that's for sure never thought I'd meet someone up at my level of gamming." he continued to laugh "Your not bad Katie not bad at all." he put in another racing game and sat back down "We should play more often the others suck."
"What is this? Is Ben actually sharing his games."

We turned around and saw Jeff leaning against the door with his arms crossed across his chest.

"Did I hear that Ben's sharing his games?"

Toby then pushed past Jeff who tripped him and Toby fell down the stairs and when he got up his head began to twitch as he looked angerily at Jeff and for some reason I coward lower in the couch hoping to escape his gaze so that he wouldn't try and bite me or worse.

"Toby calm yourself your scaring Katie." Ben comanded still playing

I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder and looking up I saw it was Toby but he seemed calmer now.

"Sorry Katie. Hey want to go make pancakes?" he asked excited

I didn't have time to answer before he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the kitchen where surprisingly Masky and Hoodie were there as well (yes I was being sarcastic).

"Hey katie want some chesecake?" Masky asked

"N.n..no thanks." I stuttered

He shrugged and continued eating and I turned towards Toby who was smiling happily as he started to make pancakes singing about how much he loved pancakes and waffles. Masky and Hoodie talked about chesecake and different flavors, it was strange how calmed they seemed talking about food and they didn't really seem like killers but more like close friends. I found myself smiling for the first time in forever it seemed like and I don't know why I smiled I..just did and I liked it.

"Wow hey Jeff get in here Katie's smiling!" I heard Masky yell but before I could stop smiling Jeff ran into the kitchen and Ben was close on his heels.

"Yay Katie's finally smiling ok who made her smile?" he asked

I felt embaressed for some reason and dissapeared reapearing in my room, the windows closed, the door locked, and I was alone in the darkness. I stopped smiling as I looked into the mirror there I was, I fixed my side bang and I watched as my highlights began to shine in the mirror, my ocean eyes changing color again to match the darkness becoming a deep blue, I saw everything in that mirror that I already knew was there except for the figure on my bed or in the reflections bed. It was a dark figure not really clear but I already knew who was there I had always knew she was there. The mirror was the only place where she could be and I knew that she couldn't hurt anyone that way. It was for her own good that I trapped her in the mirror and only in the darkness would we be able to talk and she could watch me from her prison.

You could release me Katie you know that

"I can't let you hurt anyone. As long as I sleep who knows when you'll take control and kill any of them."

Strange don't you think I thought you hated these dreaded mirror's

"I do but that doesn't mean that I can't use them to trap you. I know what these mirror's mean to you demons."

She only stared at me through the darkness anger in her eyes but I tried to keep my posture letting her know I was the one in charge. She only smiled and sat back on the bed in the reflection and I found myself being pulled backwards and I suddenly sat on the bed.

You may think your in control now katie but as long as you host me I am your shadow, your puppeteer and you are my puppet moving at my command, I still and always will control you you pathetic child.

"I'm not pathetic! You destroyed my own life sent me into a living hell worse then what I was already living in." I yelled back

Your life was always a hell you were born from the pits of hell, you were created from evil, formed by darkness.

"Wh..What?" I asked

You have no idea of all the power you hold inside or who you're real parent was.

She began to laugh and her eyes grew a bright meanincing smile formed on her lips and a chill sent down my back. I tried to stand up but it felt like i was bound to the bed.

Shall I tell you how you truly came into existence Katie? Shall I tell you why I haven't made a deal with you as I have with all my past clients?

"Shut up."

Shall I tell you all that you've been so blind to too?

"Shut up."

It's quite a thrilling tale

"Shut up."

Why don't we start with...

"I said shut up!" I yelled standing up knocking her over on the bed in the refelction. "I don't care about your story or your lies I just want you to shut up."

Her eyes glowed brighter and there was anger in them and her hair began to flow about and as she raised her hand tendrils flew from the bed wrapping around me even though I was not in the mirror the tendrils wrapped around my form and as I looked down I saw tendrils wrap around me and I struggled against the bounds but they tightened around me and I fell to the ground as the tendrils pulled me up onto the bed and I tried to scream but the tendrils wrapped around my mouth keeping me from screaming.

Once I was pulled onto the bed the tendrils rooted to the bed, my hands tied behind me, my legs bound together, I couldn't move, couldn't scream, couldn't escape and I struggled more trying to break my bound but stopped as she laughed louder again.

Stupid child I told you that I will always control you you are just my puppet and I can make you do anything I want with just a yank of your strings.

Her hand reached for one of the tendrils and as she yanked it my head jerked backwards and I thought that she would snap my neck.

How dare you disrespect me when I have done so much for you!

I was filled with terror and tears threatened my eyes and I struggled against the bounds trying to free myself trying to yell out against the gag, but it was all in vain.

You can't escape me Katie, you are one of hells creations and I can do whatever I want to with you. I can make you hurt, make you happy, make you cry, I can make you do whatever I want to for your will is mine to bind, to break, to twists, I can do whatever I want.

Tears began to streak my face and I looked away from her and as I looked up at my desk I saw my computer screen glitch and turn off which was strange because it was never on in the first place but I didn't have time to question what was going on because a tendril had yanked my head back to her.

The reason no one wants you is because your a demon, you were created in hell because Chaos thought he could make something right something good but everyone like you have always died be glade that I've helped you get this far you insulannt pathetic chid. Your alive because I've helped you get through the pain.

She was lying, she was always lying to me I had to keep telling myself that but it did no good. I was forced to look at her again and it seemed as though she was using the tendrils to pull herself out of the mirror but I relaxed a bit when I saw that she was bound to the barrier but she had a trick up her sleeve. Another set of tendrils gathered together and made a replica of her and attached to it was strings which she used to make it move, and if i hadn't seen the strings I'd have thought that somehow she had escaped through the mirror.

You think you've been through hell? I'll show you true hell!

Somehow the puppet had her powers and again and again it attacked me over and over again. Scratches and bruises formed, blood dripped down my arms, the thing clawed at my chest and I felt a stinging pain as though she was stabbing me with a knife in the chest. I closed my eyes as tears streaked my face it was all I could do to get past the pain trying to forget about it but when you anger a demon such as her pain is mercy and I knew that I was in for something much more torturous then the hot seering pain as I felt now. I looked up at my computer and saw it glitched again and for some reason I closed my eyes again and thought.

"Ben please."

That was all I could get out as the tendrils struck into my skin breaking through the surface as blood flowed freely through the open wounds. I tried to stay awake, tried to make it through my torment but I was losing a lot of blood and my body ached and pained, tears streaked my face as a loud knock came to my door and I tried to scream but couldn't as the gag tighten almost choking me.

"Katie are you ok Ben said you were in trouble."

I'm fine Jeff just leave me alone

"Are you sure everything's ok Katie why did you run away?"

I mentally cursed at Jeff for feeling so sympathetic towards me when he knew how much I hated it.

I'm fine. I just..had to get back to my room."

"What are you doing?" he asked more concerened

Dang it jeff she's not me get it through your head and come in and help me. My computer glitched again and I stared at the static.

"PLease help me Ben it's D.K. please!"

The gag tighten and I started to choke against it as the tendrils tightened into my skin and tears flowed down more freely. I continued to cry and beg Ben to come help me. As Jeff continued to ask the demon questions about what she was doing I was getting dizzy and I could feel myself choke from lack of air and I knew that soon enough I would either pass out or die.

No one's going to save you Katie you shouldn't have crossed me

My vision blurred and the room spun wildly but before I blacked out I heard my door slam open, she screamed, and I saw Ben come over to trying to free me as Jeff fought off the demon.

"Hey Katie stay with me please stay with me." he pleaded but I barely comprehended what he was saying.


"Yeah it's me. You're going to be ok we're going to get you out of here."

No one's going to save you Katie no one wants you around I'm doing everyone a favor

"Katie stay with me I'm going to get you out of this." he pleaded

No he wasn't, I was dying I could feel myself falling into darkness, I knew what her game was she was going to kill me within my own mind. I knew I was a sleep and this was in my own mind but still I knew she was going to kill me and I found myself hoping she would. My eyes slowly closed as Ben continued to tell me to stay with him, to keep fighting, but I didn't want to fight, I didn't want any of them to be hurt, I knew it would be best to just let her kill me within my own mind at the hands of my own destruction. The last thing I heard was a crazy laugh that I knew came from the demon and a scream of anger from Jeff but the sound of a scream of pain penetrated the others for the cry came from...Ben.