My head still hurt but I slowly began to open my eyes, I was still in my room and the first person my eyes focused on was Ben and I smiled seeing him again. He said something but I didn't hear him, my eyes grew heavy again and I slipped back into the darkness and I felt like I was going to explode it was so hot in the room. Something was definetly not right and it wasn't just my arm.


After scolding Jeff about what an ass he is I quickly got Eyeless to get his medical kit and we rushed to Katie's room I didn't want her arm to get infected but as we tried to open the door we found to our horror that she had locked it and through the door it sounded like she was talking to someone, someone we couldn't hear but she could and the first person that came to my mind was Demented. We kept trying to get her to open the door but she never did and I got really scared when there was a silent thud and then nothing but silence.

"Katie?...Katie please open the door." I begged hoping that if she heard me then she would but still nothing.

Slendy came up the stairs with a key ring in his hand and thankfully opened the door, we rushed in a found her clutching her arm as blood began to pool around her, Eyeless quickly went to work with expert hands not even breaking a sweat as he cleaned the cut, then wrapped it tightly to keep it from bleeding anymore, he then forced something down her throaht claiming it was a pain killer so that she didn't feel any pain while she slept. I don't get scared easily, the last time I felt fear like this was when I drowned but even now this was greater fear I could lose Katie because of that bastard. But when I turned around to see Jeff standing behind me there was fear in his un-blinking eyes along with a a thousand other emotions. Anger, sadness, regret, fear, I knew that he didn't mean to hurt her Jeff couldn't do that, none of us could come to hurt Katie she was one of us and we were bloody well ready to fight for her if Slender didn't want her to stay anymore.

As the day grew on everyone began to leave the room, all but me and Jeff.

"I didn't mean it Katie, I'm sorry please wake up." Jeff begged but got no response.

Sweat began to form on her face and she felt warm, hot almost and I turned on the small fan that was on her desk making sure it blew on her.

"I'm sorry." Jeff said again but this time it was towards me

"You didn't mean it I get it but your still an ass."

"I know. I'm glad she's with you instead I couldn't trust myself not to hurt her again."

"Hey we all make mistakes that's kind of what got us all here in the first place right?"
"What mistake did you make? You couldn't help what happened." he said defensivly and he was right I was drowned I couldn't stop that from happening. The others could have stopped this from happening to them at any point in their life but I couldn't.

"If I had gone to prison instead of Liu or maybe not even attacked Randy. If I hadn't provoked that bastard then he would have left us alone and my family would be still together, I would still have Liu." he looked down and pulled out a small hand drawn picture from his pocket and I emeditally recognized it as Katie's drawing.

"You were just protecting your brother that's all." I siad trying to comfort him. "Hey listen I'm sorry for yelling i just don't want to lose her is all and you got her pretty good."

"Yeah I know." he got up and I heard him close his own bedroom door. Jeff wasn't that bad of a guy he just made stupid decisions sometimes I knew that we all did but he was right they could have prevented themselves from coming here, from becoming these killers that they had all become, all except for me. Even Katie could have stopped from coming here even though that would have meant taking her own life but she still could have stopped from becoming one of us.

I never left Katie's side, in case her bandages started to bleed through or if she woke up I didn't want her to be alone. She was unconsiouse for a few days but eventually she woke up only to fall once again but at least she was alive and that made all the difference in the world. Again I stayed with her but this time she was only out for the rest of the day and woke up the next morning to my delight.

"Morning katie." I greeted her and she lazily opened her eyes

"Hey Ben." she yawned and tried to sit up stretching her back.

She looked around and then back down at her arm and frowned remembering what had happened.

"Well that's going to leave a scar, hope it doesn't effect my gaming." she laughed and I couldn't help but smile back at her.

"You could have bleed to death and your worried about gaming skills? You are a strange one Katie." I laughed and I carefully helped her up "Come on Slendy's got breakfest ready."

We entered the kitchen and everyone looked towards us to see if Katie was ok but as soon as we entered Jeff got up to leave only to be stopped as Katie grabbed his arm.

"Hey it's ok I forgive you please stay." she said with a smile and Jeff sat back down.

"Seems like Sleeping Beauty finaly woke up did Ben have to kiss you darling?" L.J. laughed and Katie laughed at his joke which made everyone relax seeing that she really was ok.


I was glade to see that Katie was ok and that I didn't hurt her to bad I liked Katie she was great and fit in really well with us, I just feel like an idiot for the way I acted I didn't mean to hurt her I was just...upset that she was with Ben.

"Katie..can I..um speak to you for a moment?"

She got up and we went into the game room away from the others, I didn't want them to interupt or over hear us.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry for attacking you. I didn't mean to I was just..."
"Jeff you don't have to apologize I get it you where hurt I get it I could see it in your eyes. It's all good, I'm fine, you're fine, everything's fine really I'm not mad."

I relaxed at hearing this but I tensed back up when I saw something different in her eyes it looked like there was a tinge of red maybe around the iris, not a bloodshot red but a dark, crimson red it seemed..demonic in a way. As we headed back to the kitchen I shook the thought away we had destroyed the Demented there was no way she was still inside Katie we had severed the connection between the two it just must have been my imagination. That night Katie, Ben, and I all decided to go out on a killing spree, Ben seemed more interested in his insanity approach while Katie joined me this time in killing however she was different this time. Some she took her dream approach to while others she just went for the brutal kill, she had a starving look in her eyes as she entered the victims mind and I just stood there listening to the screams of agony they were deeper, darker screams then usual, it sounded as though she was hunting them down in their minds twisting their fears further into darkness and there was more blood this time.

Her writing now dripping down the walls as she bordered her writing with swirls and dots of blood before smashing the mirror, she was going crazy, insanity was settling down into her mind and I wished Ben was here, he could settle her mind back down i didn't want to end up hurting her again incase she decided to attack me so I just went along with her plan as we went from house to house and this time it was I who watched from the shadows as her insanity grew with each kill, her laugh becoming more meanicing and her eyes slowly turning to that demonic red again as blood drentched her hands while she wrote in the blood. Sometimes when the police would come I would hide in a tree outside the room and watch as they made the mistake of approaching Katie, she moved with inhuman speed attacking each with razor sharp nails, going into their minds until their eyes rolled back into their heads and a permanent scream upon their lips, there would always be one she left for last and it was that one that she used her powers to the max making everyone outside look around terrified of the screams they all heard and screamed themselves when the officer was either thrown from the window or came walking out in a trance horror in his eyes, a scream on his lips, his hair on edge, the poor officer would then be sent to an insane asylum because of the damage Katie did to them and I always jumped when she joined me, blood dripping from her cloths, hands, even face as though she had drank the very blood she spilled.

As the sun began to come up we meet up with Ben in the forest and I could see him coward back as Katie skipped happily towards him, smiling devilishly, laughing like crazy and as she kissed him she left blood on his cheek and horror in his eyes, this wasn't the Katie he knew, this wasn't the girl we had both fought over, she was darker, dangerous, more demonic. Once back at the mansion we watched Katie go up to Ben's room and close the door behind her, it was three in the morning and we decided to just stay downstairs.

"What the hell happened to her Jeff?" Ben asked still scared of what he had seen

"I don't know she just went crazy, I've never seen her like this you should have seen her Ben even I was terrified of what she was doing never have I seen such raw power it's almost demonic."

We both shivered at the thought of Katie's powers.

"Did you see her eyes though? They were dark, crimson I could barely see an outer ring of her normal blue eyes." Ben said

"I know. Did it remind you of..her?" I asked and Ben just nodded

"But it couldn't be her we destroyed her, we seperated them."
"What if some of her powers were still latched onto Katie? What if it's.."
"No! It's not her Jeff. She's just becoming more like the rest of us remember we all went through a period of time when we were completly insane and craved blood."

He was right we all did go through a period of insanity I was lucky to go through mine right at the beginning, I didn't have to gain sanity only to lose it all again.

"What happened to you when you went insane?" I asked Ben

"I glitched more then just games and computers, it got to the point where if I wanted to I could wrap myself in electricity and controle wires at my will. Well actually that just led to it I don't really remember to much about what actually happened to me."

"Yeah I fell at the beginning, that night I ended up killing a dozen people including my own family I've been as crazy as I was that night."
"What do you think Masky and Hoodie were like?" Ben asked jokingly

"I don't think they ever fell. Those two are pretty strange aren't they?"

"Yeah they are."

"Should we tell Slenderman?" Ben asked

"Tell me what children?"

We both jumped when Slenderman walked into the living room and quickly we looked at each other before nodding agreeing to tell him what happened that night. Slenderman is a great listener and he waited pationetly as we..as I told him what happened to Katie that night when we went on a killing spree, as I told the story Ben turned on the t.v. and when a small scream came from him I turned to look at the screen. On t.v. was one of Katie's gruesome scenes, blood was everywhere, horror all of the victim's eyes and a scream remained on their lips, her words dripped in dark red blood from the walls and this time the mirror was cracked more then usual but the piece above the heart was still missing but there was also blood splattered onto the mirror.

"Another gruesome attack from the new killer who everyone is now calling HeartBreak." the lady turned to another officer. "Now officer John you've delt with "HeartBreak's" attacks and claim to have even known her before she turned into this killer do you have any words on the subject?"

A tall officer who seemed to still be in High School with dark hair and blue eyes was brought into view, he stood up tall, held himself pretty well, a lot of confidence too.

"Yeah I do and for starters her real name is Katie and even though we were friends she wasn't that bad of a girl just no one liked her and she had a tough life with her parents never being around, the bullies, looking back I'm actually disgusted that I was even part of their group we had no right to taunt her the way we did."

"Please go on officer I'm sure everyone would love to feel calmer knowing that HeartBreak is actually hu.."
"No she's not. There's nothing that could bring back the Katie I new, she's not human not in the slightest way no human could do the things she has. She's clever, deadly, and dangerous and she's out for blood. At one time yes she was human but we're dealing with something beyond our control like she once said; "I am darkness. You can't catch me nor can you escape me." She's hurting and she wont rest until everyone else is hurting to. This is the work of a demon."
"He bloody better believe it."

We jumped and looked up towards the steps to see Katie descend and come towards us, even though she couldn't smile her eyes held a sick joy knowing that her work was being displayed in such a way. It was all in her eyes, they showed how proud she was of what she did and how terrified everyone was. I looked back at the tv and saw the officers eyes, he was scared, tired, and afraid of what Katie had become.


I looked behind me at Katie who was on her knees, her head in her hands and she was shaking her head violently as though trying to clear her mind, her shoulders shaking as well. Ben got up and approached her carefully.

"Katie what's wrong?" he asked kneeling down next to her placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry." she hugged ben tightly, "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to."

Ben tried to calm her down and I realized that she was crying now, she was shaking violently, terrified even. Over and over again she kept saying she was sorry, that she didn't mean to do it, and she kept crying as Ben held her tightly telling her it was ok, asking her to stop crying and after a moment she began to calm down as everyone came to the hall hearing Katie cry and they all gathered at the top of the stairs looking down wondering with silent eyes as to what was going on.

"Katie it's ok, everything's ok." Ben said again and Katie stopped shaking but she didn't want to let go of him.

Ben stood up and put his arm around her taking her up the stairs, everyone parted to let them through turning to look past them as Ben closed, and locked his door behind. Everyone looked back down at me and Slendy, their eyes swarming with curiosity and questioning as to what had happened to Katie, I looked back at Slender who shook his head warning me not to say anything as to what had happened and he told them that nothing was wrong only that Katie had just had a bad dream was all, but it was clear that none of them believed what he had said, they knew something was wrong. But none of them pressed for more information about that morning and as the morning turned into afternoon Ben came down to the kitchen whispering something to Slenderman who just nodded and went from pantry to pantry gathering several things before handing them all to Ben who just went back up to his room without muttering a single word and I turned towards the faceless man who looked after us but he didn't say anything only left the room and headed towards the library which led to his office.

I thought about going up to Ben's room to see if Katie was ok but I thought against the idea when I thought more about how Ben was acting, he usually wasn't quiet, wasn't secretive, and he looked worried.