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Artemis ran a hand through her knotted locks. "We're in another universe. In this universe there is a team called The Teen Titans, and there's a place called Jump City, where we are right now. Remember Zatanna sent us into another universe to find Wally." she explained. Cyborg, who had left once he had checked on Dick's cast that currently resided on his left leg walked in.

"Robin, these are the two we found. The girl is Artemis-" Artemis raised her hand in a half-wave, "-and Nightwing, or Dick." He locked eyes with the parallel universe version of himself. They both nodded silently until Robin spoke up, "You told them your identity?"

"Had to, Artemis here figured it out, and most of my old team already knew," he spoke, his voice hoarse and raw.

"Old team?" The boy wonder questioned.

"Yes, we were a branch of the Justice League, myself, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Artemis, Miss M, then later Zatanna and Rocket. We were tired of being sidekicks, so we broke off." He answered. A moment later, Cyborg walked out. Beast Boy and the rest of the titans bombarded him with questions about the two mysterious intruders. "Listen guys, they're pretty banged up so let them have some rest-" he was interrupted by Beast Boy who said, "But we wanna know who they are! And why the guy was wearing Nightwing's apparent future costume and who the hot babe was!"

"If you must know, they both have names. Nightwing and Artemis. They're not from this universe and from what I've been told they're here to find their version of Kid Flash. Who in their universe is Artemis' fianceẻ and Nightwing's best friend. He was sucked into something called the Speed Force, and now they're searching for him." Robin answered. All eyes went to Kid Flash who was currently in the process of devouring a piece of chocolate cake. "What, it's not its actually me." He said, "It's another universes' me." Just then a loud blaring ran throughout the tower, bouncing off the walls and echoing in the med bay.

Meanwhile... both Artemis and Nightwing shot up from their short slumber. Quickly untangling themselves from the covers and bed they used whatever they could to get to the source of the sound. Arriving at a large amount of superheroes wasn't something they expected. "Uh, hi. We heard big blaring sound, so yeah instinct." Nightwing said sheepishly.

"Well you guys are hurt so it'd be best if you guys relaxed. It was a crime alert. It obviously alerts us when a crime is going down." Cyborg explained. Robin glanced at their visitors who situated them directly in front of the screen as if they were learning about their mission. "Anyways, this time its Control Freak. And Brotherblood? And Killer Moth? This doesn't make any sense since when have these three collaborated!?" Everyone was confused. Since when has this collision of villains happened?

"We dont have time for this, c'mon titans go!" Robin announced and soon enough everyone had fled the scene leaving Artemis, Nightwing, and Raven who had stayed back. Raven turned to face the older heroes, "Listen, I can heal you guys with my powers but I don't know how long it will take, so you guys might really have to sit out this...unusual battle." Artemis looked over at Dick, almost having a psychic conversation, which they were so used to. They both nodded at Raven.

15 minutes later..

"There, all done. You guys should be okay. Let's go join the others in the battle." Raven announced. "Wait, do you need anything? You guys seem to have clothes but any weapons?" She asked.

"Bow and Arrow, and for my friend here at utility belt please." Artemis answered, anxious to feel the bows and arrows of this universe. She pondered how balanced it would be, how the arrows looked, how the bow looked. Raven handed their weapons. Then they were off.

An arrow soared through the air then struck its target. The ground in which Control Freak was standing on. "Ah!" He screamed at the sudden explosion. He looked around to see if Speedy had gotten out of his binds. He hadn't if it wasn't Speedy then who could have shot the arrow?

"Hey over here!" He heard a woman scream, and he looked over to see a gorgeous beauty. Long blonde locks blowing in the wind, an arrow pointed at him, and a very fit body. Her gray eyes seemed to sparkle in the light. Artemis shivered when she saw his creepy little eyes rake over her body. "Stop staring at me you creep, I'm so glad you're going down!" She released her arrow which released a net which encased his large body to the ground.

"Who are you?!" he yelled. She jumped off the bench she was standing on and observed the scene. About half the heroes were in binds, while she saw an orange girl, Raven, Robin, Cyborg, and a boy that resembled Garfield Logan fighting near each other. When she glanced over that was when she saw him. This universes' Kid Flash. He was fighting with a girl dressed in pink and black. They seemed close, she noticed. The way they spoke to each other while fighting bad guys. She knew they were somewhat together because she and Wally did that when they fought together. Suddenly a wave of emotion crippled her. She felt a memory invade her mind.

"I so wanna kiss you you right now or kill you for putting us through this!" She recalled Wally saying. Then she replied with "You can decide later when we're alone.." She chuckled at the grin Wally sported after then felt her eyes water even more. Oh how she missed his incessant eating, his constant jokes and flirting. She started to feel her chest tighten, her lungs burn, and her entire body shake. Uncontrollable sobs consumed her and she felt as if she was dying. Nightwing rushed over to her, and pulled her against his chest. Muttering calming words to her he rubbed her back soothingly as the rest of Titans defeated their foes. Soon after her breakdown, Artemis had calmed and was currently sniffling, as the other Titans watched on; Dick whispered, "What happened? I saw you take down one baddie then the next moment you're almost killing yourself by sobbing."

"This universe's' Wally reminded me that I might never see him again and I just couldn't hold it in," She said softly, hiccupping half way through her sentence. He helped her stand up and wrapped an arm around her middle and spoke roughly, "Help me get her a bed, she's drained and could use some sleep," They all headed back toward the 'T' tower for a much needed rest.

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