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Patrick stood in the shower, letting the hot water beat against his neck. He knew the purpose of showering was to get clean, but he couldn't help but think it was also a great way to relax. He started to contemplate his day.

Nothing special had really happened that day, well, except for the fact that Charlie had dropped off his letters for he and Sam to read. But Charlie couldn't stay and hang out, he had to go back to school shopping with his mom. Patrick had told Sam that she should read the letters first since she and Charlie had that weird romantic thing going on where they both know they like each other, but for some reason that Patrick apparently didn't understand, neither of them has asked the other out yet. Patrick knew it would take Sam a couple of days to finish reading the letters. The stack Charlie had given them was the size of a novel! Normally he was a very laid back and patient guy, but he was really excited to read those letters. Charlie was so quiet, Patrick thought it would be so interesting to find out what he was thinking about all year. Plus it's kind of cool to hear about yourself from somebody else's perspective.

Patrick got out of the shower and got dressed. He thought about going to his room and listening to some music, but then he thought that watching some television would be a greater distraction from the anticipation of Charlie's letters sitting in Sam's room just waiting to be read. He sat down in his living room and watched some Full House since he couldn't find the remote and didn't care enough to get up and change it by hand. He must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew Sam was shaking him and all the lights seemed brighter.

"Uuhh... What time is it?" Patrick asked her.

"It's 2 o'clock," she responded.

"Oh. Why did you wake me up? Is something wrong, or is it just that you couldn't stand to wait another few hours to experience my awesomeness?" He joked as he steadily became more conscious.

"Ha ha, very funny. No, I'm just nervous, and it was keeping me up. I needed someone to talk to." Sam told him, biting her thumb nail.

"What's got you so nervous?" Patrick questioned, getting ready to go into over-protective brother mode.

"It's those letters Charlie gave us. I'm really excited to read them, but at the same time I'm really scared to. Charlie's probably the greatest person I've ever meet"-

"Except for me," Patrick interrupted, trying to lighten the mood and make his sister feel better.

"Sure," Sam laughed. "Anyway, Charlie is amazing, but I think we both know that he has had some serious problems with his mental health." Patrick nodded. "I'm worried about what's in those letters. I know there's going to be something terrible, and I hate that he was in pain all year and that we didn't know and didn't help him. You know how much I love him. You love him too. He told us about how his aunt molested him, but he really didn't explain it, which is fine. It was really brave for him to tell us what he did. I'm just afraid that I'm going find out something else he didn't tell me… Something bad," Sam sighed.

"It's okay Sam, just relax. Look, I know the letters are probably not going to be very happy, but I'm still glad to read them. You've seen Charlie recently, he looks so much happier and calmer. He's starting to move on and overcome his anxieties. I think the fact that he's letting us read his letters is huge. He's finally opening up. If you read something that upsets you in those letters, just try to remember how much better Charlie is now."

"Alright," Sam told him. She gave him a small smile. She still looked pretty nervous.

"I have an idea," Patrick announced. "Why don't we read the letters together? It will be fun, and if we happen to read something not so fun, we can just remind each other that everything's okay now."

"That's a great idea!" Sam smiled bigger now. "Should we start tomorrow?"

"No. I'm wide awake now, so are you. Go get the letters and we'll read them now," Patrick said.

"Okay," Sam ran upstairs to her bedroom. Within a minute or two she was back with the letters. "Here, I've got them."

"I'm getting excited now. I'm this close," Patrick made a small space between his fingers. "To finding out all of Charlie's dirty little secrets. He better not have written anything bad about us before we were friends!" Patrick joked. Sam rolled her eyes and laughed.

"I'm sure he didn't say anything bad… about me," Sam joked back. "Okay now seriously, back to the letters. Do you want me to start reading first?" She asked. Patrick nodded, so Sam got ready and cleared her throat.

August 25, 1991

Dear friend, …

To be continued…