Sorry, I know this might be not what anyone expected, but the muse just up and said bye bitch to me while writing this so I'll try to wrap up here. It's not a full chapter, but it is what I would've liked to be able to write to end this fic. Hope you still enjoy.

Author's Note - Wrapping up

Alright, so as you all remember, I'd promised to finish this but never did, I know I know, I am disappointed too. But I looked over what I had written last night and it's a nice enough ending regardless so I thought I'd just leave it there and mark it up as complete? But then I thought some more and it felt disingenuous so here we are, the final stretch and I'll try to describe what I would've loved for this going from where we were at. I don't know how many points this is going to be but let's try:

1. They'd all take the fight to the cemetery as the note had said. But this time with a Bonnie and Damon at full force and ready to rumble, with Klaus fully healed and fully his hybrid awesome self combined with all the rest of the Original siblings. Bonnie and Damon would have taken on the High Priestess and beaten her at her own game basically; the Originals would've gotten Rebekah outta where she was held and found their mother in the premises and fought against her - it would've been hella emotional and super intense - and finally Stefan and Elena would have been left with help from Caroline to deal with the dude that we don't know much about.

2. The High Priestess: she's a New Orleans native, practician of voodoo rather than the usual magic Bonnie and Esther et al. use so her spell are moreso rituals and she uses life force rather than drawing power from nature so she doesn't have the same limitations that Bonnie or Esther would have. She is older than she looks, as she's extended her life in order to punish Klaus for murdering her lover. She doesn't even remember what happened per se, but she does know it was the original hybrid. She doesn't know that he hadn't yet been able to use his werewolf side when it happened but that's due to the ritual's she used that messed with her long term memory. She is right in that Klaus murdered her lover, and it wasn't some understandable reasoning or anything, Klaus was just hungry and angry as per usual at the time so believe what you will whether she's entitled to her revenge or not. She is also being used by Esther, who's fuelled her anger over the years so she's never been able to mourn properly and eventually live her life. She doesn't realize this even as she's dying. I meant to make this a two-fold tragedy where her morality would remain ambiguous.

3. The dude: he is human, however due to him being from the same time as Silas and Amara, he had had help in remaining alive. He knows a lot more than he lets on initially, he isn't by any means immortal but he's found a way to drain life force from others, which is how he kept himself alive. It's also what helped Esther make Trotter in the first place as Trotter was kept alive by the life force implanted into him from the small town he lived in, hence why everyone was so freeky there. He had a crush on Amara when they were both humans and a hatred for Silas who Amara had chosen. I wanted to bring the full history repeating itself to fruition here cuz I felt that tvd hadn't gone far enough. His "love" for Amara though turned to hate once she and Silas allegedly ran away together so he sought out and tried to kill/punish every doppelganger after Amara. He has no idea of Quetsiah's turning Amara into the anchor or anything like that. He's also incredibly twisted in his logic since he sees it as his right to torture and kill the doppelgangers and so is personally mad at both Esther and happy that Trotter died because he sees both of them as having taken Katherine away from him.

4. Esther genuinely thinks she's doing the right thing. Time on the other side has messed with her limited perception of what the balance of nature should be, same with all the witch spirits on that side. They thus consider vampirism to be an affront against nature not considering the effect they've had and have now over population control and how bad to the world it would be if all vampires just dropped dead tomorrow. They have been kept in a bubble and thus see the world through that lens so they can't perceive that vampires have become a part of the very balance they're trying to "fix". Esther dies not realizing it, but Bonnie uses her extra magic to contact the other side and show them the truth following Esther's death.

5. Alaric was meant to come back and try to out the vampire population to Mystic Falls. He took Matt hostage and planned to bring him to his side, banking on Matt's hatred of vampires not realizing that all the shit that happened in Mystic Falls since he made himdelf leave had changed Matt's opinion of it. Alaric, much like the show's counterpart, is being controlled, but this time by the witches stuck on the other side. Once Bonnie would've talked to them and realized they're a lost cause as they can't change their perception she would've cut all contact that the other side has to the living world and thus Alric would have regained his free will. Liz and Carol would've been able to free Matt prior to this and call for an urgent town meeting wherein they'd have revealed the supernatural to the townsfolk as the majority of them actually do have ties to the various supernatural beings in Mystic Falls, not just the few we knew about. So Alaric's efforts in outing the whole thing would've been in vain anyways, but it would've kept him busy until Bonnie severed the witches' hold over him. Matt would of course have been rescued with help from Tyler and Jeremy.

6. Elena would've also vaguely redeemed herself by taking a hit for Caroline. Her being a vampire means she wouldn't die, but it would be a close thing. Caroline still wouldn't be able to forgive and forget but she also would be grateful for the save. Following the whole ordeal, Stefan moreso than Elena would do his very best to mend the bridges he'd burned when he and Elena had left Mystic Falls behind. They'd return to their home of course, but he'd make sure he could keep in contact with everyone and be there if ever occasion occurred. Damon and he would eventually mend their broken bond and even have it stronger than ever, but this during the course of several long years and through work put in from both of them.

7. Caroline and Klaus would return to New Orleans where Caroline would get very involved in the politics of the city, thus all the werewolf v witch v vampire v human would eventually be solved and NOLA would become a proper safe haven for all of the four. Klaus would help in this in the ways he's best equipped to help. He'd also meet Camille and this time instead of compelling her as his personal therapist, Caroline would ask her to help with the aftermath of her rape and eventually ask Klaus to join in on some couple's therapy since rape recovery isn't fucking easy. The whole issues in NOLA wouldn't happen at all like the show as they'd be there far earlier and thus be able to change it all before happening. They'd meet some opposition of course but not nearly as bad as the show's.

8. With Klaroline settling in NOLA, Kol would stop by every so often and eventually they'd find Freya as well and deal with that whole ass mess. Elijah would also get to live his own life, as he wouldn't have to worry about Klaus as he had focused his whole life. Katherine's death would also make him reconsider his priorities and thus choose to be happy for himself more than dedicated to his family as he'd been. I also see Rebekah and Marcel eventually in an will they won't they relationship that would last throughout the centuries without either really settling in with the other but also always finding their way to each other, thus Rebekah's obsession with the "normal human life" would be bypassed and Marcel's relationship with Klaus eventually would mend itself as well. Finn would live the rest of his life with Sage, though eventually she'd convince him to actually enjoy some of it, since that's Sage's whole shtick and he'd also have her slow down a bit and take stock of the effects of her actions.

9. Bonnie and Damon would of course stay together. I see them having a family eventually, whether through magic means or via adoption, it's anyone's guess. I also see Bonnie being willing to extend her life through magic, but not turn as that's simply not something she can ever see herself do. She'd eventually die of old age, but after several lifetimes spent with Damon, which in turn have matured him and also made him realize that just because she's now gone, it doesn't mean that he is somehow less or somehow meant to end as well. Plus she's watching him live his life from the other side, where I imagine her being very busy reforming. Bonnie just seems the kind of person who'd be the change she wants to see in others. So Damon would also know that when eventually, god knows when, he'd die, he'd be with her again. I see him him falling in love again and living his life just as fully as Bonnie had lived hers with him since that's what she'd want, but always keep a part of himself hers alone. He'd basically realize what love actually is meant to be, same as Bonnie. They'd realize both that it's meant to give you happiness and safety and comfort, and that regardless of whether the other person is there or not, you don't stop loving them. Bonnie would learn to put herself first more often and it doesn't make her selfish or make her less and Damon that it's ok if he let's others put themselves first, that it doesn't mean they consider him less then.

10. Of course they'd all have their lives intertwined, and over the many years keep in touch. Imagine large parties for various moments of peoples lives, and actually getting to live instead of just survive past the next bad guys rolling into town. But also help when the next bad guy does actually roll into town, whichever town that might be.

Sooo... yeah, that's how I wanted this whole thing to go, but sadly the muse abandoned me and refused to show up again. Hope this is at least a little bit of a closure. I am still writing, as the other fic on my page clearly show. I've also started a writing blog on tumblr so for anyone interested in my writing with specific ideas they'd want to see happen but not having the muse to write them like I happened to go through with Betray and Forgive, please do head over there. Anonymous is on so you don't have to let me know who you are if you don't want it: WritingsoftheUnderworld: .com