A/N: PLEASE READ. Sorry guys that I have not updated two of my ongoing stories in a while. I promise you all that I will finish them. I am just having a hard time adjusting to life right now. I hope you all understand and forgive me. This is just a little one-shot I wanted to do. Hope you like it! o^_^o

The doors were flung carelessly aside.

Red flames stoked the walls of Hogwarts.

The wolves howled towards the full moon, in despair….and hunger.

A man, cloaked in black,

laid sprawled on the floor of a rundown shack.

He waits for Death to claim him for his own.

Dark eyes close slightly,

as he remembers the night he had died internally.

Dying physically is one thing,

Dying mentally is something else altogether.

He had lost a friend.

His only friend.

To Death.

To die once was painful enough,

but he has to die again,

one, last, time…

For the greater good.


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