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Chapter 2- Explanations-


"She had no idea what to say so she fainted on the spot."


Normal P.O.V.-

Amu fainted. No boy other than her papa has ever been in her room. This was all to new for her. Plus who wouldn't faint when you have a hot guy on your bed? The boy who was probably 17 put the book down and went over to her. With a sigh he picked her up bridal style and placed her on her bed. He tucked her in and sat next to her. He looked at her necklace then at his key. He yawned and went into bed next to her.

The boy snuggled with Amu. Amu was facing his chest. Their legs were entangled and he had his arms draped over her. She groaned and stirred a bit. she sat up and rubbed her eyes. Then she remembered what happened before she fainted. She look around her room to find no one. Then she sighed in relief. She checked the time and it was 7:25. Time for school she thought.

Amu went to her bathroom. She brushed her teeth. Then she washed her face. When she looked in the mirror she saw a boy behind her. She gasped and turned around to just find her shower curtain open. She put one hand over her heart and sighed. Then she turned around and when she was about to shriek the man put one hand over her mouth.

"Please be quiet. I don't want you to faint anymore. Now nod if you understand." The man said.

Amu nodded quickly then he let go. She stayed quiet. Nobody moved for about 5 minutes. There was an uncomfortable silence.

"Uh...can you get out? I need to change," Amu requested softly.

"Just change," he said casually

"P-per-pervert!" Amu's eyes widen at his words. Is he not human. He just said it like nothing.

Amu pushed him out the bathroom and closed the door. She slid down until her butt hit the ground.

"I have a boy in my room. I have a boy in my room." Amu repeated to herself over and over.

After awhile Amu came out of the bathroom with an ocean blue skirt. She put on leggings. She had on a yellow top. She put her necklace inside her shirt. She put her hair into a messy, but cute, side pony tail. The man was at her desk going through her anime drawings. Yep, Amu made drawings for anime. She made money by making anime merchandise and selling them at Anime expos.

"Put that down,"Amu said snatching the drawings and putting them in her drawer.

"Now,explain your reason for being here or I'm calling the cops," Amu threatened, taking out her anime sticker covered, cell phone.

"Kinda of a long story," He said, scratching the back of his neck.

"Walk and talk. I gotta go to school," Amu said, grabbing her bag and heading downstairs with her skate board.

"Keep up," Amu said, getting on her board. She went at a slow pace since she wasn't in a rush.

"Alright first off my name is Tsukiyomi Ikuto. I'm 17," Ikuto introduced himself.

"OK. I'm Hina-" Amu got interrupted by Ikuto.

"Hinamori Amu, age 15, sophomore in high school. You have a father and a mother. You're an only child." Ikuto said listing off the basics.

"Are you a stalker or something? How do you know all this and why were you in my room?"

"Let's start from 2 days ago. You got a package. There was a necklace inside with a note. You accepted the gift and here I am. I'm supposed to change your school life." He explained

"Ok the first two things are correct, but not the last one. How are you supposed to change my life. I thought it was just the necklace. I didn't expect some boy to show up in my room the next day. Can't I return you or something?"

"Nope. Once you accept the gift you keep it forever. The only way to get rid of me is to make me visible again. To do that you have to have a better life. Once you do I'll leave forever with the necklace and you'll forget all about me," He told.

"Wait, you're invisible. How come I can see you then?"

"You have the necklace. The lock comes with a power to see me. If someone else wears it then they can see me. Also the reason I know almost everything about you is, because whoever wears the lock, I see their basic info."

"Oh. I don't believe you. If you're really invisible then everyone would notice a new student the minute you walk into school."


Amu rode into school not killing anyone this time. She got off her skateboard and put her things in her locker. She headed to homeroom. No one has said a word about Ikuto. Was he really invisible or was everyone blind? How could you not see blue hair?

When Amu got into homeroom no one said a word as she walked in. When she sat down Ikuto sat next to her. Suddenly Utau came up to tease Amu.

"Did you die your hair pink to get attention? Listen up, no boys is ever going to fall in love with you or even give you their attention." Utau said pointing her lollipop at Amu.

Did Utau not see the boy next to Amu?

"Go away and my hair is naturally pink," Amu said, in defense.

"Yeah right."

Ikuto was just smirking the entire time. He got up and went behind Utau. He took her long braid and undid it. She gasped and turned around trying to find the culprit.

"Who did that?!" Utau yelled silencing everyone

"No one did, babe." Kukai said confused.

"No someone took out my braid. It took me a long time to do this morning." Then Utau covered her mouth

"You told everyone that you make your hair at night and when you wake up your hair is perfect. Have you been lying for 2 years." Amu aid with a smirk.

"Urghhh." Utau went to her seat and crossed her arms.

"Thanks." Amu whispered so no one thought she was talking to herself.

"No problem. Remember, I have to make your life better." Ikuto said in at a normal tone.

Seriously. How does no one notice him? Nikaido then walked in. Amu raised her hand and Nikaido called on her.

"Mr. Nikaido, don't we have a new student?"

"No Himamori, we don't. Why? Were you expecting someone?"

"No reason and it's Hinamori." Amu stressed the Hina part in her name

"Sorry Himamori." Nikaido messed up her name yet once again.

Amu didn't even bother to correct him this time. How come no one acknowledged Ikuto. Is he really invisible? No, it's not possible. Those things are only real in fan fictions and anime. The day went by fast. Every person who teased Amu, Ikuto would go and do something to that person. He would make them fall or get them scared. The Amu would thank Ikuto and go on with the day. No one said a thing about Ikuto.

Amu had to accept the fact that Ikuto was only visible to her. Amu showed Ikuto her tree during lunch. She didn't tell him about the roof though. She still needs her own spot for herself to think. during most of the classes Ikuto kept Amu company. Sometimes she thought she was going crazy and made up Ikuto. Then when Ikuto does his little tricks on the kids she realizes this is all reality.

She didn't know her life was going to change like this. When school was over she didn't wait for Ikuto. She just went to the market to but food for dinner. When she got their she grabbed a basket and started looking for ingredients. She picked up some boneless salmon, her favorite. She bought some eggs, breadcrumbs, and flour. When she was done buying everything she left the store with the bags in hand. It was getting late so Amu took a sort cut through an alley way. She went a bit slow, because of the puddle and she didn't want to fall.

Amu saw two guys at the end of the path. She kept on going in silence. As she passed them one of them grabbed her wrist causing her to jump off her boar which kept on going without her. She mumbled 'traitor' to her board.

"Wanna have some fun with us girly?" The man who grabbed Amu's wrist asked in a slurred voice. It was obvious he was drunk.

"No thank you." Amu said annoyed and tried to wriggle out of his grasp.

"Not so fast." The other man grabbed her other wrist. They pinned her two the wall.

Amu didn't know what to do. Where was Ikuto when you need him? And as if on cue another man comes into the ally.

"Let go of her."

"Wanna have some fun to? I'm going first though." One of the man said

"I said let go of her. I'm pretty sure my boss wouldn't be to happy knowing she's used." Then one of them lets go of Amu.

"Oh yeah? We saw her first so if you want her you're going to have to fight for her." The drunkard said putting his fist up.

The man came closer to the drunk guy and you could tell it was Ikuto to the rescue. Amu gasped. The guy threw a punch at Ikuto's stomach and he swiftly dodged. Then Ikuto knocked the guy out in one punch.

"Need help over there?" Ikuto asked

"Nope." Amu used the shock from the guy who pinned her to the wall to her advantage. He wasn't paying attention to Ikuto and had loosened his grip on Amu. Amu moved around him quickly so now her back was facing his chest. She had his hand over her shoulder and picked him off the ground. Then she slammed him on the ground earning a groan from him.

"I learned a bit of Karate when I was younger." Amu said swiping the air with her hands.

"Yeah yeah. Good thing I was here or who knows what would have happened." Ikuto said

Amu shuddered at the thought. Then Amu remembered the guy Ikuto took out. He wasn't moving.

"Is he...dead?" Amu said shakily

"No. He's just unconscious. He should be up in a few hours. Lets get you home now" Ikuto said, nudging the man on the side to be sure.

Ikuto picked up Amu bridal style and picked up her grocery.

"H-hey! Let me down you pervert!" Amu proclaimed

"Hmm. Let me think about it. Nope." Ikuto answered right away.

Amu just pouted. Ikuto came past Amu's board and did something with his feet to make the board jump up into Amu's arms.

"Thanks...for everything," Amu said blushing

"Awe. My little strawberry is blushing."Ikuto teased.

Amu blushed more and 'hmphed' to him.

Ikuto jumped up to Amu's balcony and placed her down gently. Amu opened her double doors and went inside. She opened her door and went downstairs to drop off the dinner ingredients. She told her mom she was skipping out on Dinner.

"Ok. Ikuto how'd you know where I was?" Amu asked as she sat down next to Ikuto on her bed

"Since you have the necklace, I'll always know where you are," Ikuto said, laying down in her bed.

"Hey Ikuto, don't you want something to eat?" Amu asked him, getting up.

"No. I don't eat human food. However we do drink, but I'm not thirsty." Ikuto said turning on his side and his elbow supporting him.

"I'm gonna watch Skip Beat." Amu said turning her tablet on and going on the cruncyroll app.

"Can I watch with you?" Ikuto asked

"Uh...sure," Amu answered, sitting on the bed next to Ikuto

When the show was almost ending Ikuto glanced at Amu and saw she had fallen asleep. He sighed and turned off the device. He made her in a more comfortable position and laid her head on his chest. Then the two fell asleep.

The Next Morning- Still Normal P.O.V.-

"Amu wake up!" Amu's mother called from downstairs.

Amu stirred. She felt warm so she cuddled into what she thought was a pillow. The she heard a chuckle. She jolted up straight then she sighed in relief. She's got to remember that she's living with an invisible boy who only she can see. She glared at the teen. They both got ready and headed downstairs.

"Mom, I'm hanging out with some friends today. I'll be back later," Amu said, grabbing the house keys and making sure her purse had everything she would need.

"Alright, have fun," Her mother replied with a smile

Amu waved to her mother while at the door so Ikuto could get out. She closed the door and started walking. This time she didn't take her skate board.

"So, Wanna go see what the human world looks like?" Amu said, grabbing Ikuto's hand and dragging him to the mall.

"Lets go," Ikuto, said smirking.


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