Okay so first of all I'm soooo sorry. I'm just going to get straight to the point.

1. There will be no more updates to (Love Always Finds A Way) Or (Only For Me To See)

2. I'm shifting over to Watt pad

Please don't hate me. I've been long debating about wether I should do this. Oh god, watt pad has literally taken over my life. In the past year I've read just about every story for this archive, don't give me that look...yes...I mean everything...

Anyways there are no more stories that are catching my interest anymore. I'm not trying to be mean I swear, I've tried reading some more fan fictions for shugo chara but I just can't do it anymore. Watt pad has a greater variety and selection for me. The stories on there are far more professional (not that I'm one to speak) and interesting.

I will be republishing these two stories on Watt pad. The titles will be the same but It's not going to be under the fanfiction label. I feel like I can make the story so much better if it were just a regular fictional romance story. You guys get me ?

I'm already in the process of recreating ever chapter. I'll be changing the names and there will be mayjor changes so please be sure to read everything. Especially those who were reading Only For Me To See. I'm going to be changing that up quite a bit. There will be new/diff. characters in each story and I will also be taking out characters to make the story easier for me to handle.

On wattpad I don't need wifi to read or write my storys which I can do straight from the app. I have a samsung galaxy S3 so i don't have the document part on my phone. On watt pad i believe its on all devices ? Not sure but wattpad makes everything easier for me. So please understand that these are not my only reasons. There is much more as for my move to watt pad.

You can just look up my name which will always and forever be


I already have a story published called (Miss Placed Baggage) Please check it out. TYSM and ill be pubilishing the last ever chapters of these two storys shortly. I can't keep writing for this fandom anymore. I'll be continuing the storys differently on my watt pad.

Thanks to those who have always been there for me since the beginning. If you want you can still Pm me as I will be checking back onto the site every month or so just to see whats been going on.I also get emails every time i get a message so please message me if you have further questions.