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Extra note: this takes place after The Green Death and way before Time Warrior.

The year July 1st 1973 in the streets of London among all the cars driving about in the night one would catch any eyes on or off the road.

A canary-yellow roadster passed across the streets heading towards its destination outside of London. The driver of this strange car is man around his 50's with white hair, and wearing a checkered cloak, a frilled shirt, and a green smoking jacket with matching evening trousers.

No one would ever suspect that this man was in fact an alien Time Lord called The Doctor working for U.N.I.T, (United. Nations. Intelligence. Taskforce.) an organization bent on keeping the world safe from threats both terrestrial and extra terrestrial.

While Heading back to U.N.I.T HQ The Doctor pondered in his head on two possible options; either to go to his TARDIS and head off to the stars, or wait around on earth to get a message from Jo Grant (or Jo Jones as she is now called).

"Oh Jo," whispered the Doctor. "I hope you have a happy marriage and- GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!"

He stops his roadster (Or Bessie as he like to call it.) as he sees a young woman just appear right in front of Bessie. Thankfully the Doctor stopped before he hit her, but then the young woman fell down on her back.

The Doctor quickly got out of Bessie and checked her pulse.

"Fainted," said the Doctor as he let out a sigh of relief as he examined the appearance of the young lady. The woman had long blonde hair that ends a little below the shoulder. But what was most strange about this girl is her clothing.

She wore a white shirt with what looks like a purple jacket and blue jean pants... ...something that is not seen in this time period.

"Hmm, curious," he said, looking over the girl.

Then the Doctor noticed something in her left hand. He gently lifted her hand to show a small metal object.

"A cell phone?" said the Doctor in shock as he looked at the woman again.

Meanwhile at the same time at an old abandon summer camp, two teenagers walked across the cabins near the camps lake.

"I still think we should not be here, Phil," the girl said in fear.

"Oh come on Mary, you still believe in those silly stories about this place?" said Phil.

"Well you heard about all the mysterious disappearances that happen here!" said Mary looking around.

"Oh please those did not happen around here, and besides, this dump has not been used in a long time. There is nothing to be scared of," said Phil putting on a brave face.

Then a loud bang was heard, causing the two teens to jump and turn around at the source.

"OK THAT'S IT!" shouted Mary. "I'm out of here!"

"Mary calm down and look," said Phil has he hold up his flashlight at the location to reveal a knocked over trashcan.

"It was the trashcans, it must have been knocked over by a stupid cat," laughed Phil.

"Come on let's get out of here already!" said Mary.

"Oh come on don't be scared over a cat, just stay here while I go get the little fuzz ball," said Phil as he walked around the cabin leaving Mary alone in the dark.

Mary waited, wishing she had a flashlight. Then she heard a scream. Mary jumped it sounded like Phil.

"Phil?" whispered Mary. "Phil? If this is a joke I'm not laughing!"

Mary continued to call out, unaware of the tall figure behind her.

Mary then felt like someone was behind her. She slowly turned around and let out a scream of terror as lightning flashed near the entrance of the cabin to show the sign saying.



Jon Pertwee.

Billie Piper.



Part 1

By Z-King.

Morning has come and an army car has just entered the headquarters of UNIT. Coming out of the car was the leader/commander of the London division of UNIT named Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. He wore his signature UNIT uniform and wearing a tired look on his face. Well that's what you get after having a meeting with the secretary of defense all. The Brigadier was just glad to be back were he can somewhat relax until the next invasion or some scientific disaster occurs.

"Brigadier sir!" shouted a UNIT soldier running up to the Brigadier and saluting.

"At ease, Sergeant Benton, what is it?" asked the Brigadier.

Sergeant Benton lowered his arm and said. "We just got some new reports that you need to look over sir."

The Brigadier sighed. "Okay Sergeant, put them on my desk I'll look at them later. By the way, has the Doctor come back yet?"

"Yes sir I just say him entering his office."

"Good. That will be all Sergeant."

Sergeant Benton saluted again and walked off to continue his duties.

The Doctor has been working for UNIT for 3 years now and ever since he came here have been alien threats and weird things happening left and right. But no matter the outcome the Doctor has always proved his worth and saved the human race time and time again.

Funny thing is the first time the Brigadier met the Doctor was during the Yeti attack in the London underground years ago and the Doctor then looked and acted completely different. The last time the Brigadier saw him and that was during that other invasion, but by a robot race called the Cybermen.

It took him awhile and a trip into an antimatter dimension to finally believe that the Doctor is an alien. Yet the Doctor still remains as UNITS scientific advisor and a good friend to the Brigadier.

The Brigadier enters the building and headed right to the Doctor's office.

"Doctor, I've just finished my meeting with the secretary of defense and…" The Brigadier stopped talking as soon as he saw a young woman just lying on the Doctor's table in a sleep like state.

"What the blazes?" said the Brigadier just then the Doctor entered the room.

"Ah, Brigadier old chap, how was the meeting?" asked the Doctor sipping a cup of tea.

"Doctor...who is that... young woman?" said the Brigadier pointing to the girl.

"Well I'm not sure," said the Doctor.

"Not sure?! Then why is she here?"

"Well, Brigadier she appeared right in front of me last night on the road. Almost hit the poor thing."

Brigadier looked at the woman again. "Is she…?"

"Dead? No she just fainted from shock, poor girl," said the Doctor putting his tea cup on another table near the TARDIS.

"Well why didn't you take her to the nearest hospital?" asked the Brigadier. "Honestly Doctor, UNIT headquarters is not the place to put unconscious young girls when they.."

"What do you think this is Brigadier?" asked the Doctor holding up a small silver object in front of the Brigadier.

The Brigadier stared at the device and took it from the Doctor and looked at it.

"Some sort of toy perhaps?' said the Brigadier studying it's appearance.

"Actually, Brigadier it's a cell phone; a miniaturized handheld phone not unlike a walkie- talkie but much more advance," said the Doctor taking another sip form his teacup.

"A cell phone?" asked the Brigadier.

"And by looking at it's design. I have to guess she originates some where in the 21st century," said the Doctor.

"She's from the future?" said the Brigadier looking at the cell phone and the girl. "So she's a time traveler then?"

"Don't be silly, Brigadier, people in the 21st century did not have time travel technology….well as far as I know."

"Then how did she get here to our time?" asked the Brigadier getting impatient.

"I don't know. All I know is she is covered in time particles," said the Doctor taking out his sonic screwdriver and started to do a full body scan on the woman.

"Time what?" asked the Brigadier.

"Time Particles. They have many different names but they all mean the same. It's small traces of energy form the time vortex. Don't worry, it's non-lethal," said the Doctor.

"So I'm guessing you'll be taking her to her own time period later on?" asked the Brigadier.

"I wont be taking her anywhere near my TARDIS until I know what time period she is from and how she got here or who brought her here," said the Doctor finishing his scan.

"You don't suppose the Master is part of this do you?" said the Brigadier.

The Doctor ponders while rubbing his chin. "Hmm, this does not seem to be his style, but just in case I'll keep an eye on her."

"Why you?" asked the Brigadier.

"Well I did almost hit her with Bessie."

The Brigadier sighed in defeat. Knowing once the Doctor made up his mind it is nearly impossible to change it.

"Very well, but inform me of any thing new, Doctor."

The Brigadier then left the room to head to his office leaving the Doctor to look at the girl.

"Oh and Doctor," said the Brigadier coming back into the room holding a piece of paper.

"Here is a message from Ms. Grant- I mean Mrs. Jones," said the Brigadier giving the Doctor the letter and heading off to his office.

The Doctor stared at the note sent from his companion. Funny, he thought. It's been a while since he used that word. It seem like only yesterday when they first met. She was a bumbler, but she was also a sweet, caring girl who spoke her own mind. She almost reminded him of Susan and all the others who used to travel the universe with him.

The Doctor was just about to open the letter, but then he heard a soft moan coming form the woman on his table. The Doctor turned around and saw the woman standing up and rubbing her head.

"Oy, what happened?" asked the woman looking at her new surroundings.

"Hello there," said the Doctor in a kind voice getting the woman's attention. "Don't get up right away, you had very strange night I believe."

The woman looked around again at her surroundings and at the Doctor. "Who are you?"

"I'm the Doctor."

"Doctor who?" asked the woman.

The Doctor smiled a little and said, "Just the Doctor my dear. And you are?"

"Rose Tyler," said the woman. "Where am I any way?"

"You at UNIT headquarters, Ms. Tyler, located near London," said the Doctor as Rose stated to stand up on her feet and walking towards the window to see where she is.

"What's Unit?" asked Rose.

"Never mind that Ms. Tyler, or should I call you Rose?" asked the Doctor.

"Just Rose is okay," she said. "Only my teachers call me Ms. Tyler."

"Well far be it from me to be mistaken for a teacher then, Ms. Tyler- I mean Rose," said the Doctor causing a chuckle form Rose.

Then the Doctor put on a serious face and took a sit down on a chair. "Now Rose I'm going to ask you a question that you might find strange, okay?"

Rose looked at the Doctor. "Okay then. Shoot."

"What year do you think this is?" said the Doctor.

Rose stared at the Doctor like he grew a second head then said. "2005 why?"

The Doctor then put his right hand on his chin and rubbed in thought then he looked at Rose.

"Rose this might come as a shock to you and you might not believe me but..."

"But what?" asked Rose.

The Doctor took a deep breath and said. "The year is 1973. Rose Tyler, you have just traveled back 32 years from you time period.

Rose just looked at the Doctor with a blank face for a while. Then she started to giggle, then it grew into a laughter.

"HA HA HA HA HA! OH THAT'S FUNNY MATE!" laughed Rose, "Corny, but funny!"

The Doctor just remained sitting with a serious face as Rose continued laughing.

"Ok who put you up to this? It was Mickey wasn't it?" laughed Rose. "Or was it my Mum to punish me for going to that party?"

The Doctor just continued to stare at her causing Rose's laughter to slowly die down.

The two just stared at each other. Rose then decided to break the silence.

"Okay the jokes over. What's going on?" said Rose.

The Doctor sighed and said. "I just told you, Rose, you somehow traveled back in time to the 1970s."

Rose sighed in frustration. "Well then; where is my time machine? Is it parked outside or ...hey! Maybe it's in disguise as a car or maybe this blue boxes is a the time machine!"

"Well actually-," but Rose interrupted him. "Look I like practical jokes as much as anyone else mate, but this is getting too far. If you not going to be straight with me then I'll just call my mum then to get me out of this UNITY or what ever!'

Rose searched for her phone in her pockets only for the Doctor to hand it to her. She took it from his hand and started to dial her mother's number.

Rose put the phone by her ear, waiting for her mom to pick up. But the only thing she hears is the Doctor.

"I'm sorry but the only satellites that are up there are the ones for Mars, Saturn, and Mercury."

Rose ignored him and looked at her phone with the screen saying no cell signal. She tried phoning Mickey, but the results were the same.

"Okay how are you doing this?!" shouted Rose.

The Doctor said, "I told you, the reason your phone does not work is that there is no cell satellite."

Rose looked around fast and noticed the door had been left open. She ran out as fast as she could.

"Rose wait!" cried the Doctor as he followed her.

Rose ran around the building trying to find the exit. She turned to her side and found the exit and ran outside, but then ran right into Sergeant Benton.

"Wow, Miss, what's going on?" asked Benton looking at Rose.

Rose backed away from the Sergeant and looked outside. Around her there where UNIT soldiers doing drill practice, and cars that she saw old people used to drive around London. The streets were littered with posters, all of which weren't there when she left.

"What year is this?" Rose asked Sergeant Benton.


Rose just stood there trying to process what she had heard. That Doctor guy could not be right, he just could not be right. This had to be a joke! Right?! she screamed in her head.

Rose was almost about to go into a panic attack until she felt a soft hand on her right shoulder.

She turned around fast and saw the Doctor.

The Doctor looked at her straight in the eye and said in a calm, caring, father like voice, "Rose, I promise that I will get you back to your time, your mother, and your life, I swear."

Rose's eyes started to tear up, then she hugged the Doctor and started to sob as the Doctor hugged her back like a father would to a child.

Meanwhile back at the abandon summer camp...

A police car drove up to the entrance of the camp, exiting the car are two police officers.

"Well, this is the place," said an overweight old cop looking at the sign.

The second cop looked around and observed the landscape. "Hmm, this is where the report said that the teens were last sighted at."

The first cop casually walked around, "Oh, those kids today always trying to cause a fuss. I bet they did this as an act of rebellion or something."

Of course, his younger partner did not agree with his attitude for this situation. "I doubt it Tony, and besides what about all the disappearances that happened near here?"

"Oh, Greg, don't be a worrywart. Besides, many of our boys searched the area. There is no sign that anything happened here."

"So why did we get reports of screams in this area last night? And the hearing about those two missing teens whose friends said that they will be here?" said Officer Greg walking near a cabin.

Office Tony sighed, "Okay, okay I get the point. Just look at that cabin and I'll look outside."

Officer Greg went inside the cabin called Cabin #3 while the other office walked by the lake.

"Why call this place Bad Wolf Bay?" mumbled Tony, looking at his reflection. "It's a lake, so why not call it Bad Wolf Lake?"

But Tony stopped as he saw a shadowy figure in the lake. He looked behind him but no one was there. He then looked at the lake again and to his shock the figure was coming closer.

Inside the cabin Officer Greg looked around the room only to see dusted floors, beds, and tables.


"That sounded like Tony!" thought Greg and as soon as he ran out of the cabin he heard a loud splash. He quickly ran to the lake and looked around.

"Tony!" shouted Greg looking for the other cop. Greg quickly got out his gun and started to run back to police car. He went inside and activated the police radio to call for back up. Then he heard footsteps behind him.

Greg quickly turned around but found no one around.

"All right I know you're here come out with your hands up!"

But all he hears is silence, not even the birds where chirping.

The Officer slowly walked around each cabin to find this stranger. Then a noise came from Cabin #13.

Officer Greg walked slowly to the cabin and quickly opened the cabin. The officer looked in horror at the figure in front of him. He reached for his nightstick, only for a pale white hand to grab his throat and pulled him inside screaming.


Back at UNIT HQ back at the Doctor's office, Rose was sitting in a chair with a tea cup in her hands as The Doctor was talking to a man the Doctor called the Brigadier and with him our two other UNIT members, Sergeant Benton and Captain Mike Yates.

"Doctor! This is a military base, not a daycare for people lost in time!" said the Brigadier. "No offence Ms. Tyler."

"No problem," she said still trying to convince herself that this is all real.

The Doctor sighed as he continued talking. "Look Brigadier all I'm saying is that until I figure out how she got here or who send her here, I mealy suggested that she stay here for the moment."

"Well, why don't you ask Ms. Tyler? She is awake now," said Mike Yates.

"Because, Mr. Yates, she is still suffering the shock. It's not easy finding yourself in another time many years before you where born."

The Brigadier looked at Roes Tyler, seeing a young woman trying to put on a brave face. But he knew she was still a frightened girl.

"All right then, she can stay. After all, if she holds information on the future then we don't won't any one finding out and risk the-how did you put that again Doctor? The flow of time or some other nonsense?"

"Right," said the Doctor as he turned his attention to Rose.

"Rose how are you feeling?" asked the Doctor.

Rose responded with a nod saying, "I'm feeling a little better thanks. It's just unbelievable."

"Well UNIT has faced the unbelievable before, Ms. Tyler," said The Brigadier taking charge. "Now perhaps you would care to answer some questions for us?"

"Brigadier, can't you see she is still recovering from the-?"

"It's okay Doctor," said Rose interrupting the Doctor from giving the Brigadier a lecture. "I'll try to answer any questions."

The Doctor sighed, "Okay Rose, we'll try to keep it simple. Now what was the month, date, and hour in your time period?"

Rose thought for a while. She then answered, "Well the moth was March, the day…26 and you already know the year was 2005."

"Hmm... a Sunday then. Can you remember anything you did?" asked the Doctor while The Brigadier, Benton, and Yates listened.

"I was, just going though the same old routine, I get up get ready to go to work as a shop-assistant in Henrik's."

The Doctor motioned her to continue.

"And then during my break, I hanged with my boyfriend Mickey."

"Hanged?" whispered Benton only for Mike Yates to shush him.

"Anything else? Perhaps you could tell us the last thing you did before you woke up here," said the Doctor.

Rose closed her eyes and tried to think of the last thing she did, but she could not think of anything.

"I'm sorry but I just, I cant.."

"It's alright, Rose, your still probably still suffering from some shock, but don't worry I'm sure you will remember soon," said the Doctor assuring her.

"But, Doctor we still don't have a clue as to how, Ms. Tyler got here. And we don't know if whatever it proves to be a threat or not." said the Brigadier, causing Rose to lower her head.

"No need to worry. Like I said, she will remember in her own time," said The Doctor.

"Now Rose," said the Doctor getting Rose's attention. "You've been staying here for a few hours now, of course half of them you spent asleep. I think you should take some time getting some new clothes."

Everyone was just looking at the Doctor. For awhile everyone was silent until the Brigadier said.

"New clothes? What are you talking about?"

"Brigadier, where you not listening? Rose is form the future so she needs some new clothes form this time line so she wont sick out like a sore thumb here," said the Doctor.

Rose was brightened up a little after that and said, "I guess I could do a little shopping. I always wanted to look retro."

The Brigadier sighed. He knew this was a bad idea but arguing with the Doctor was like fighting an unbreakable wall. "All right then," he said as he turned to face both Benton and Yates.

"Sargent Benton," said the Brigadier causing Benton to stand straight. "What are your duties for today?"

"Well, sir, I have to make sure the men are in top form today," said Benton.

The Brigadier then turned to Yates. "And you Captain?"

"Well I was planning to take a leave of absence after the whole Global Chemicals incident and I do have a meeting with Sir Charles Grover in five hours, sir."

The Brigadier looked at the two and said. "Right then, Captain Yates, you will watch Ms. Tyler for today."

Mike Yates was flabbergasted. "But sir why me?"

"Benton has lots of other work to do after training the troops. Besides, considered this your last mission until your leave, Captain." said The Brigadier.

Mike Yates was about to object, but the Brigadier had higher rank so he was forced to obey. "Yes sir."

The Doctor then smiled and said, "Besides it's not every day a solider becomes a bodyguard for a young woman from the future."

Yates was about to say something until Rose came up to him and grabbed his arm.

"Come on solider boy, why don't you show me the town while were out?" Rose said in a sweet voice while practically dragging the poor man.

"I thought you said you have a boyfriend?" said the Doctor.

"True but he's not born yet," said Rose outside the room.

The three men just stand in the room watching Rose take Mike Yates outside.

"Should I feel jealous or revealed sir?" asked Benton.

"Hmm, maybe both. Now get to work Sargent," said the Brigadier as Benton saluted and left the room.

"Now if you excuse me Brigadier I have to be off," said the Doctor going to his TARDIS.

"Now wait a minute Doctor! Going off to where?!" asked the Brigadier before the Doctor entered his ship.

"I'm heading off to the moment in time where Rose was before she was sent here," said The Doctor.

"If I could find out what sent her here perhaps I can prevent it from happening again. And don't worry, I'll be back before any one knows I'm gone."

"Hmm, where have I heard that before?" mumbled the Brigadier. "But before you go I've just got reports of multiple mysterious disappearances. In fact, the latest happened last night. Perhaps they have something in common with Ms. Tyler? From what we know about the disappearances is that they all center around an abandoned summer camp called Bad Wolf…."


The Brigadier stopped talking as he saw The Doctor gone. Probably in his now disappearing ship no doubt. Then the blue police box disappeared as it was never even there.

"…Bay," said the Brigadier. "I hate when he does that."

Then the Brigadier left the room to continue his duties.

To be Continued.

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