11/03/2017: I started writing this fic when I was fifteen, and I feel obligated to revisit it now that I'm older. I stopped writing nearly as much when my life got bleak, but Ed/Winry was something that stuck with me through all of that suffering. So, I suppose this mass edit is a dressed-up thank you to two characters who continue to make me very happy.



"I don't see the point in going to this stupid afterparty." Edward mumbled from his spot on the bed, blowing a wisp of hair away from his eyes. "I mean, we went to the wedding. What's the use of another gathering?"

Winry pointedly ignored him, too busy unzipping the back of a dress. Finally she managed to get the zipper wrangled down enough to step into it, and she heaved a sigh before moving to put it on. "Ed, you've known General Mustang for at least a decade now, I don't see why you're being such a baby about going to he and Riza's afterparty."

Ed made a noise, sitting upright on the bed to glare at his wife's back as she stepped into her evening gown. "You're only saying that because you're friends with Miss Hawkeye."

"Mrs. Mustang-Hawkeye." Winry gently corrected, pulling her hair out of the neck of the dress. She decided to keep going, foiling any chance of retort. "Besides, Riza and Roy stood in with Izumi and Sig as your parents at our wedding. They're practically family by now."

She turned around, one arm twisted behind her to hold the zipper in place. "We got married before they did, and they're much older than we are. It's about time they had some happiness of their own."

Ed looked sideways at the lamp on the nightstand, resigning himself to silence. She was right, as much as he like ribbing on Roy. Winry breathed out, a small smile pulling the corners of her mouth upwards. "Now will you zip me up? We're going to be late for the toast."

The bed creaked as Edward stood up and Winry twirled around, putting her back to him. Brushing a wisp of hair away from the back of her neck, Ed grabbed the zipper near the small of her back, pulling it up as he dragged his warm knuckles purposefully up her spine. Winry tensed at the feeling, and Ed gave an accomplished smirk to the back of her head.

"Ed! You always do that-" He cut her off with a kiss to the nape of her neck, his breath fanning out over her neck as he drew away. Moving to stand beside his wife, Edward gave her a sidelong smile and offered his hand.

"'bout time we got going, don't want to be late."