Chapter 1

Cherrykit meowed in protest as her mother left her, pulled away by the merciless senior warriors of section 3. A small mouse is pushed in front of her and her siblings, as if in return for her mother.


*2 moons later*

Moonkit was getting used to it. Get up. Eat. Practice killing moves on mice. Wish for her mother back. Watch the apprentices learn to fight on the prisoners.

She didn't like it. But that wasn't the point.

Suddenly, a senior warrior padded into the nursery. "You are needed in the clearing. Now." Moonkit recognised him as Lizardpelt, mentor to Bluepaw.

The kittens padded out into the clearing, where the section was gathering under the high ledge. Darkclaw was up there, in the middle of the camp that was once Thunderclan.

"Moonkit, by the powers of the Darkforest, you shall be Moonpaw until you become a warrior. Your mentor will be Grasspelt."

Moonkit sighed with relief. Darkclaw's last apprentice was killed after a quarter moon. She didn't want to be his next.

"Cherrykit, your name will be Cherrypaw. Your mentor is Splashtail."

Stormkit shuddered. The only two senior warriors left were Shadowfall. And Darkclaw.

"Stormpaw. I will mentor you."

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