Laughter and the sound of fireworks annoyed him. Everywhere he looked there were families and celebrations. The Darkmoon Fair had some to town. The fair reminded him of what was lost. He had a family once. A father, a sister, a lover. All were gone. Fallen in Lordaeron. Only he remained, this former shell of the proud Lordaeron warrior. He turned back towards the window. The armored warrior spied his query walking with his wife and child towards the portals that would take them to Darkmoon Island.

The sun gleamed off the Elf's bright hair. The Paladin was dressed causal today, his armor was conspicuously missing as were his weapons. Besides him, a human woman walked, her hand slipped into his. In the decades that passed, she looked the same as she did the last time he saw her.

Ahead of them skipped a young child. She wore a light pink dress and had ginger hair pulled high in pig tails. Her long slender pointed ears showed through her hair. The Death Knight sighed and turned away from the window.

He grabbed his satchel and headed downstairs to start after the family.

AN: So this starts another story. This story is set 5 years after Orgrimmar.