I apologize to all of you readers that I might not make it to CHAPTER 2

The reasons

1.I lose the motivation to write about AKAME

Inspiration for next chapter didn't Hit me

Enough of Info

Though I planned many things that might have happened so I will just write them hear so that anyone can find it inspiring to create a Story based on them

1. IN this possible future I thought about Esdeath being the Empress of the kingdom who killed the Prime Minister since he started restraining her then she usurped the throne by imprisoning the Emperor and sitting in the throne. She can takeover simply because she have the army loyalty so she can rule without problem. As to what happen to the revolutionary army and the Night Raid they were Vanquished the only survivor was Tatsumi whom Esdeath cut his legs and throw him in a Cell in the Dungeons that connects with her Bedroom, she would abuse of him many times she would torture him and make sure he didn't die.

2. Guts being Teigu prototype of Susanoo only that was autonomous making it dangerous to be let free since it didn't require User and it always was evolving in more than one way. The Base for his creation was an ancient corpse that has a human appearance but wasn't so human found in a deep ground ruins, covered in a black metal and soaked with a strange substance that is believed to be the sap of an extinct tree made of pure energy since corpse was perfectly preserve.

3.I was planning to Introduce Tyrant that evolves into a Humanoid appearance having some reptile resemblance that are easy covered to blend into human society without being hunted also reduced his hunger and impulses.

I will say It Again Sorry for not continuing but I might make a another Berserk crossover with Monster Girl QUEST or Similar series that contains Monster Girls