This is an AU in which Yuuya is still alive and so is Kouta, Yuuya is Kamen Rider Gaim Shin and uses a Blueberry Lockseed, Kouta is Kamen Rider Gaim and uses an Orange Lockseed. This story has a character based on me, it is not me, I have changed this story from a self-insert to an OC centered story, the character is American and has learned to speak Japanese because he wants to meet the cast and crew of the Kamen Rider series. I do not, in any way, shape, or form, own the Kamen Rider Gaim series, if I did none of the characters would have died and there would be a good Kamen Rider Dark Gaim. Now let the tale of Dark Gaim BEGIN!





Lockseed/Weapon announcements


We see a young man in his teenage years sitting in his chair, he had just finished watching the last episode of Kamen Rider Gaim.

"Now that I've watched the final episode of Kamen Rider Gaim I'm so bored!" said the young man "Although I really wish there was a way to go into Gaim's World, not only would that be completly awesome I'd also be able to save a lot of lives."

He yawns amd looks at his watch which reads 10:00pm.

"Man, it's that late already? Guess I'll go to bed, but before I do I'm going to have one last go with my new toy." The teen gets up and walks to his dresser and picks up a Sengoku Driver complete with Dark Gaim faceplate and Blood Orange Lockseed, he straps it around his waist and puts the lockseed in his hand and unlocks the Lockseed.

"Henshin!" he exclaims

Blood Orange

The teen tosses the Lockseed into the air, does a spin, catches the Lockseed, puts it into the Driver and locks it in place.

Lock On

The belt plays an electric guitar rift until he uses the knife on the Driver to cut open the Lockseed which reveals a picture of a blood orange slice on the top and a weapon, the Blood Daidaimaru, on the bottom.

Blood Orange Arms! Ja no michi! On stage!

The teen smiled happy that he had managed to get something he's wanted to get for a while, and with that he went to sleep unaware of what was going to happen to him when he awoke.


Next chapter a certain connecting destroyer makes an appearance.

Deadpool: "And me!" *throws confetti into the air*

Me: "Get out Deadpool!"

Deadpool: "Never!" *gets shot with a kryptonite arrow* "Kryptonite, my one weakness." *falls down*

++3 hours later++

Deadpool: "Wait a minute!"

*end scene*