It's been six years since Jared Grace and his family defeated Mulgarath, peace has finally come to the Spiderwick estate, but what will Jared do when he meets a dark mysterious sixteen year old in the woods whose hands and feet are covered in black scales and black claws, and what will Jared do when this mysterious handsome stranger is actually the resurrected Mulgarath who has returned from the dead to claim Jared as his future bride. What will he do when he's wisked away from home and finds himself in the Goblin City, and how will he react when he discovers Mulgarath no longer wants the Field guide to conquer the world, nor does he care for Jared's knowledge of the Magical world.

I know not the best summary but it really did sound better in my head. Okay so here's the deal, I simply don't have the will power to write full blown stories anymore, so I've decided to help give people ideas, such as the summary above. This story is a "Yaoi" story so that means "boy on boy" there is sex scenes so don't like don't read! Alright!

So here's what I'll do this story is up for adoption, it is meant to have at least fifteen or more chapters.

By the way feel free to give Mulgarath a new look, but I thought the Dragon hands and feet Idea sounded pretty cool, so since his scales on his hands and feet are black, make his hair black and give him dragon eyes or something like that,

Mulgarath does indeed have all his powers so he can transform into anything he wants but here's the twist, he can no longer turn into an Ogre,(Hint: He's Resurrected in a New body)

So this story is up for adoption, first come first serve, If you need any help or ideas just pm me or email me at gregorystewart2012 and I'll help you out