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So they're not exactly sure on how they came to the Mass Effect universe

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The drive was long and full of tension as the trio of aliens and two cybernetic aliens traveled back to the colony. The entire time, scenarios ran in all their heads, but mostly within the confines of Optimus Prime's and Jane Shepard's. As they were the leaders of both groups of heroes, they were the ones who would decide the fate of their people. Their arrival was treated in silence as the trio left the yellow car to travel to the space port on foot, the Cybertronians following in their alt mode.

"Shepard, do you trust these things?" Garrus questioned silently as to not allow the new species to hear and she nodded. "Are you serious?"

"Did you see that look in Optimus' eyes?" she asked and both aliens shook their heads. "Even if he had robot eyes, I could still see emotion, sadness, mourning, all of those sad stuff."

"You can't be serious Shepard," Tali angrily cut in. "If those things are Geth they'll blow up the Normandy."

"Seriously guys, I don't think Saren could make up a story like that and build a bunch of giant, transforming robots in a couple of days."

"Maybe he's been keeping them as a back up plan, I don't know. I just don't trust those things," Garrus stated simply as they continued to argue.

"I'm the leader here so what I say, goes," Shepard growled at both of them.

Meanwhile, just a couple feet behind the trio, Optimus and Bumblebee were engaged in a conversation of their own.

"Yo boss ... You trust these ... aliens, their deadly and conniving," Bumblebee asked, switching to multiple stations and taking lines from different media.

"They may be a savage, violent race, primitive and yet to discover a true golden age of peace, but we are much like them. Our war is long and tragic, much like the wars they have fought. We cannot differ each other by are culture, for diversity is what makes a strong and mighty ruling order."

"That ... wise talk of yours ... always cheers me up ... big boss," the young bot replied and Optimus let loose a rumble of laughter, low and silent, but still audible to the scout.

An hour passed as Shepard negotiated with the leader of the colony for them to not cause any ruckus with the new life forms and they wouldn't act in aggression back.

"Joker, this is Shepard. Mission's done here so get ready to go Ilos," the Commander called in before looking back at the two Cybertronians. "And get ready for some new cargo."

"On it Commander," the pilot responded over the line before cutting.

"There's a boarding ramp for the ship, we can use it to get you in there, but I doubt you guys could fit in there in your full robo-form," Shepard explained and the glowing red lines on both vehicles glowed for a second before dimming, signaling a yes.

Walking down towards the cargo area, Shepard and her companions made it to the open boarding ramp where several of her crew members were waiting for the new 'cargo'.

The Citadel was in an uproar as people demanded to know the reasoning for the sudden inflation of the Defense Fleet. It was only after a speech from the Council that the people calmed down and began packing up, moving to shelters or onto ships that would transport them off world. Meanwhile, deep within the confines of the ancient space station, the Council oversaw a more sensitive subject.

"Do you think this is one of those Reapers, Shepard spoke of?" the Turian Councilor, Sparatus asked his associates as they stared down at the mechanical marvel being hauled into a laboratory.

It had been found floating near Citadel Space, if by accident or on purpose, no one knew. However, the matter still held that the Council laid claim to the robotic corpse before anyone else. Purple markings slice across the surface of it, like conduits shooting up the pyramid like torso while the head was protected by a bucket like helmet. Spiked shoulders were connected to two strong arms. The legs were large and bulky, just like the rest of it with a purple conduit shooting up it like the rest of its body.

"If it is, then Shepard was right," Tevos, the Councilor for the Asari spoke with obvious distaste to her confession. "We must be cautious where we move with this. It was mostly intact when we found it."

"You are correct to be cautious, machines are harder to kill them people," the Salarian Councilor, Valern remarked as they stared at the grey steel colored body being hoisted up by pulleys and set in scaffolding to be taken apart, experimented, and studied.

Unbeknownst to the highest authority in the galaxy, the dead machine was very much alive.

"Whoa Commander, those are some snazzy cars you got there," Kaiden Alenko said in shock and awe at the arrival of his commanding officers and the Autobots.

"Why thank you very much," a sleezy voice spoke up and his eyes went wide.

"Whoa, what was that?" he asked as they stared at the yellow car.

Their attention shifted to the Commander who looked around before changing her stare from them to the vehicles.

"Whatever you do, don't draw your weapons or activate any powers," Shepard ordered and everyone cautiously nodded.

Wrex grumbled something about being a softy while other crew members quickly obliged, confused as to why should would say such a thing.

"Optimus, think you can fit in here?" the fiery redhead called and a low, humble voice responded.

"At my full height I believe I cannot, but in a kneeling position..." his voice trailed off as his alt mode shifted and transformed.

Unlike during the battle against the corrupted Mechs, he did not transform quickly into his robot mode. This time he took his time as he transformed back into his full body. Armored plates shifted and the two 'windows' on his cab came down to his chest as the back of his alt mode shifted into his legs, one standing on its foot while the other rested on the ground in a kneeling position.

Both his arms became visible soon and took their own positions, one on his standing leg and the other on the ground in front of Shepard and her crew. His helmet finally formed and his blue optics glowed with the wisdom of his predecessors as well as his own kindness and compassion.

To say the crew was shock would be an understatement, they were completely astonished and ready to faint. Wrex was neither pointing a gun or getting ready for a fight, he was just staring with wide eyes and a dropped mouth, then he pulled a gun out, but of course, under the glare of his 'superior' he dropped it. The rest of the crew backed up both to give the big bot some room to transform and to also stay clear of his attack range.

"What the hell is that?" Kaiden asked as Optimus stared down at the crew, kneeling down to a very painful angle.

However, pain meant nothing to the Prime as he prepared to negotiate with the alien crew. He bent forward, moving his face closer to the Commander her nervously moved back. Suddenly, a burning orange light appeared on his mouthplate, bursting into a small flurry of sparks before slowly descending downwards. When it reached the bottom of the protective shield for here his mouth would be, it slid apart to reveal a metallic mouth, lips made of the same metal he was made out of and a spindle of wiring behind the lips that reminded a few of them as the lamellae of a music box.

"I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots," he introduced and Shepard stood in front of him, arms crossed and eyes fixed on his optics.

"Welcome aboard the Normandy, Optimus," she replied and motioned her right arm, swaying it so to welcome her newest companion and ally.

"Welcome aboard? This, um... robotic entity is one of us?" Liara T'Soni asked as she marveled in awe.

"That is correct, Liara," Shepard responded and walked up to pat the red and blue bot's leg. "Optimus here is going to help us stop Saren."

"What is he? A rogue Geth?" Joker's voice questioned over the intercom system.

"We are neither one of or affiliated with the synthetic race you speak of," Optimus stated and everyone murmured, starting to already gossip about possibilities of him being a sleeper agent or possibly a new form of life.

Only one of those many theories were correct.

"Wait, we?" Wrex asked and all eyes were on the small, bulbous yellow car.

It took a shorter time to transform, unlike the big bot, Bumblebee preferred a more direct approach. While Optimus had taken his time to change into his robot mode in order to establish an air of awe, Bumblebee twirled, his alt mode shifting and coming apart to come back together into his legs and arms. Raising his hand into a salute, he shot it back into the air in a comedic gesture.

"Name's ... Bumblebee," he introduced, cutting into several media broadcast channels.

"Bumblebee?" Garrus Vakarian asked and he nodded.

"Translated into your languages, that is the name he would have," Optimus spoke up, motioning his hand to gesture at the young bot.

"So, what are you?" Liara asked, giddy to learn what these new lifeforms were.

"We are-"

"Autonomous Robotic Beings," Shepard cut in, wanting to get this over quickly. "They got shot out through some portal and ended up here in our galaxy so I wanted to help them find their friends."

"And in return we shall help you defeat this force of evil," the Prime rumbled, clenching his fist in yet another gesture, this time to imitate victory with the closing of his hand into a fist.

"Uh, Shepard. You sure we can trust these things?" Wrex asked, completely blunt with his question.

"They helped us defend the colony when a bunch of security mechs went haywire, I trust them," she replied and the crew murmured again, gossiping with this added news.

"Okay, so we let them stay down here? With the Mako and the engine room right around the corner?" Kaiden asked, still untrustworthy of the Cybertronians.

"If you so choose, we shall be your prisoners," Optimus stated and Bumblebee's eyes widened while his broken voice modulator buzzed and whirred with worry.

"Well we still need somewhere less important to keep you and there's nowhere for that," Garrus stated and the bots nodded.

"Then we shall enter stasis mode during the duration of this journey," he replied and everyone looked at him with odd stares.

"I suppose this stasis mode is your form of sleep?" the Asari doctor inquired and the Prime nodded.

"I think that would do," Shepard spoke and the two Cybertronians transformed back into their alt modes. Making sure that the newcomers were entirely unconscious, she addressed her crew. "Alright crew, now you can yell at me."

For several hours she rested her chin in her hand while dozing off as her crew and friends berated her for her actions.

Saren was angry, no furious. Shepard had obliterated his base of operations and managed to convince a Krogan to destroy the only hope for his race. Was this human truly so charismatic or was she simply an intimidating figure, he knew neither for he saw a weak human who could do nothing to stop hi-


His eyes snapped open as he jumped out of his seat.

"Yet again you fail me!"

The voice boomed in his head, slamming its vocals on his mind like a Carnifex was being fired at it.

"Sovereign, please. What has happened?" the Turian pleaded as he held his head in his hands.

"These simple machines, the Geth. They inform me of a new opposition to us."

"New opposition?"

"News has spread across the galaxy, lights in the sky, falling metal beings, and now the cybernetic guardian of the Conduit who is now preparing to fire on your gunship."

"What?" Saren gasped right before the rocket struck his ship.

The gunship twirled out of the sky, the ex-spectre jumping out with training. His eyes landed on a massive figure in the distance, blasting an array of firearms as a rocket launcher mounted on his right shoulder fired at the strongest opposition to him.

"Keep on coming!" the camo green colored robotic being shouted as he continued his battle with the synthetics. "I'll take you all on!"

He fired another rocket, some kind of special explosive ordnance that obliterated a small group of Geth Destroyers. Saren let loose a yell of anger before gathering a large portion of his force to make their way to the Conduit, leaving behind a sufficient amount of resistance to deal with the mechanical menace and Shepard when she arrived.

"Uh, Commander," Joker called, but she was currently resting her head on the railing of her raised platform that overlooked the CIC deck. "Commander?"

She lightly snored and he chuckled before activating the intercom built into the ceiling around her.

"Commander you forgot your clothes!"

Her eyes snapped open and she jumped up. Checking herself, she found herself fully clothed before glaring at the pilot.

"What the hell, Joker!"

"Well you wouldn't wake up to me telling you we're here so I thought I'd just let you know that we're here."

"What?" she asked, still a bit drowsy from her nap and he sighed again.

"We're at Ilos."

She straightened up on that and ran towards her cabin to ready up. A small time passed before she had Liara and Wrex with her, ready to take on Sovereign and Saren.

"Alright guys, this is it," she spoke as they rode the elevator down towards the garage. "Time to wake up our trump card."

They arrived to find the ship's security spec standing around the alt modes of the Cybertronians, guns pointed at them as was the procedure for a first contact situation.

"Optimus," Shepard called and they all waited several moments.

They were not disappointed as the Prime was roused from his slumber, the markings on his Cybertronian truck glowing bright red before he transformed, along with Bumblebee.

"Have we arrived?" he asked and she nodded. "In what way shall we be landing?"

"Well we're taking the tank, how're you getting down?" Wrex asked back with a chuckle.

"You think you funny ... big lizard," the yellow scout retorted as he tuned into more media channels.

The Krogan growled at him and Bumblebee imitated it back, but Optimus stepped in, placing his hand on the young bot's torso unit.

"That is enough, both of you!" he rumbled and the two backed down, intimidated by the very angered tone in the Prime's voice.

Shepard was surprised by this, usually Wrex would just get more aggressive, but he was backing down. If she didn't lie she would confess she too was frightened by Optimus' angered voice. There was just something about the big bot, a certain charismatic and intimidating aura to him that didn't demand respect, but asked for it.

"Fine," Wrex groaned in anger as he moved to stand behind the Commander.

"Uh Commander?" Joker's voice resounded through the garage from the intercom. "I think we have a problem."

"What?" she asked back with a raised eyebrow.

"We don't have any place to land the Normandy near Saren," he responded and her eyes moved to the Mako.

"Then we'll take the Mako."

"No can do, Commander," Pressly's voice stated and Shepard grit her teeth. "The closet landing zone is 20 only 20 meters.

"There's no way we can make that," Liara remarked next to Jane and her fists clenched in anger.

"We have to try something," Wrex grumbled and Shepard's eyes moved from the white tank to the red and blue bot in front of her.

"Optimus, you got any ideas?" she asked and he looked around.

"Can your pilot make the drop?" he questioned and all eyes went to the intercom system, waiting for Joker's reply.

Minutes passed, seconds ticked by until finally Joker's sigh could be heard.

"I can do it," he spoke up and everyone looked at each other with worry.

"Joker... are you sure?" Shepard asked and suddenly, the ship shifted.

"Making the drop now," he stated and Jane smiled.

"Alright, everyone in the Mako!" she ordered and her two companions followed her into the tank as the Autobots transformed into their alt modes.

"We're here," Saren marveled as he stared at the massive doors of the ancient Prothean structure, eyes wide with awe.

Suddenly, one of the Geth tapped him on his shoulder. He turned, but did not need the synthetic's finger to point out the shape in the sky.

"Shepard," he growled and looked down at the mechanical monstrosity nearby, tearing apart his forces. "You!"

He gathered several more squads and platoons of Geth, spreading them throughout the area in order to hinder and hopefully halt the human's progress.

"Stop her!"

With that he entered the complex with his forces moments before a Mako dropped down and smashed a Geth Destroyer.

"Whew," the fiery redhead whistled as they recovered from the shock of landing.

"We're heading out Commander, good luck," Joker spoke over the line before it cut.

Her eyes narrowed on the door as they climbed out of the tank. Approaching it, they realized it was closed.

"He's locked it," Liara stated aloud and everyone nodded.

Suddenly, two loud thuds could be heard as Optimus and Bumblebee landed, using the boosters in their legs to slow their descent. Of course that did not stop them from making two sizeable craters in the ground.

"The doors locked," Shepard explained and the Prime nodded.

"I can try something," he rumble and pulled out his Energon Axe.

Energy collected around it, forming an expanding and contracting spherical orb of red tendrils around it. He swung and the blade pierced the metal, slicing through it and embedding itself several feet in. Letting loose a loud cry of exhilaration, Optimus pulled and massive chunk of the sealed threshold was pulled out.

"Whoa," Wrex said in awe, giddy at seeing the destruction.

"It is an impressive skill, but it has severely drained my systems," Optimus stated, placing a hand over his chest as he felt the Energon in his system attempting to keep his chassis operational until he could return to full power.

"Yo boss!" Bumblebee shouted as he pointed to a figure in the distance.

Standing on an elevated platform was another Cybertronian, colored camo green and having a more blocky figure with a rocket launcher mounted on his right shoulder.

"It cannot be," the Prime gasped and the trio of aliens looked in that direction.

"Friend of yours?" Jane asked and he nodded.

All of the sudden, a blast of plasma struck the bot in the shoulder, sending him back a bit as his overshields took the punch of the condensed plasma. More blasts struck him and he was thrown into a wall, falling down onto his back, but he quickly recovered, using his right arm to push him up as his left arm transformed.

He let loose a battle cry, but to Shepard and her companions it was a foreign language. To Optimus and Bumblebee, however, the words were loud and clear.

"Come and get some!" Hound roared as he pulled out his Neutron Assault Rifle, blasting a haze of Energon at the Geth forces surrounding him. "You're all going to die!"

"He's in trouble," Optimus rumbled and pulled out his Pathblaster. "Go on without us, we will catch up."

"On it Prime," Shepard saluted with a grin.

Jumping back into the Mako, they began traveling down the path towards Saren, hopefully they would catch him before he used the Conduit. All the while, Optimus and Bumblebee rushed forward towards their comrade to aid him.

"Hound!" Optimus roared as he slashed the head off of a Geth Destroyer.

"Optimus!" the green bot cheered as he fired a rocket at a group of Geth troopers. "Nice of you to join the party!"

"Eh you!" Bumblebee shouted as he rolled and swung his Energon Sword, slicing a number of the synthetics in half.

Silvery blood was spilt and saturated the ground as metal bodies littered it. Amongst the corpses of dead Geth stood three towering figures.

"Hound, what happened?" Optimus asked as the said bot checked his mounted rocket launcher.

"Well I got shot through the portal like everyone else, but I guess we got separated," he shrugged and continued. "Landed here and decided to wait it out, using some old power cores I found to make Energon until these damn robots got here."

"They are known as Geth," the red and blue bot began to explain. "This knew place we have discovered is near the brink of extinction for an ancient race of god like machines have begun to rise against the combined races of this galaxy."

"So what? We're helping them?"

"Yes, now come. We must find Commander Shepard and help her."

"Alright Prime," Hound stated and transformed, taking on the form of a Cybertronian jeep with a rocket launcher built into the back.

They drove, heading for the reopened entrance. Unbeknownst to the now trio of Cybertronians, Shepard and her friends had discovered something.

"A Prothean VI," Liara gasped in shock and awe as the red orange spherical entity began to communicate with them.


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