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"You can't just take him!" Tali yelled in anger at the raven haired Cerberus operative.

It was only about an hour or two ago that they had met Tali for the second time, now a member of the Migrant Fleet and a soldier. That was a real surprise to Jane, the energetic Quarian she always thought of as a teenager was now a woman, a soldier woman. The meeting was mostly well, Tali had become bigger friends with the Autobots apparently, but the rest of her team, they got really pissed with the Cerberus part, so did Tali, but they got even more pissed when they saw the boxy, red and blue mechanical alien outside the building.

"He belongs in a hospital!"

"He knows to much, Cerberus could use that data!" Miranda retorted and Shepard found herself in the crossfire.

She already knew her decision, what she didn't know was what the outcome would be.

"Miranda," she spoke and the operative looked at her, "Veetor's going back to the Migrant Fleet, no argument."

She wanted to argue, but bit her tongue before the words came out. Jacob watched from behind, eyeing the three ladies with a bit of fear. Angry woman were always scary to a man, no matter what the subject was. Outside, Optimus stood guard, fists clenching his Energon Axe.

With his new transformation, he could not use any of his old weaponry, all to broken or out of ammunition. Only his close combat weapon remained, an Energon Axe fueled by his own life blood. It made quick work of the many mechs they encountered throughout the empty colony, turning the robotic drones into melted pieces of scrap. He could feel his Energon reserves slowly burning, but it was as he had thought of, going slowly. Eventually, the organics left the small building, a Quarian being helped out, limping while leaning against Tali'Zorah nar Rayya.

His blue optics scanned the new Quarian's life signs, finding them slowly fading away. He was mostly healthy, but his weakened immune system was quickly allowing a disease to infiltrate his organic body. The Prime lowered his head in respect, having a silent moment of prayer to Primus, asking for the Quarian's survival. After some time, Shepard had a farewell with her former teammate and left with the Cybertronian and her new Cerberus allies.

When they arrived back at the station they had come from, the Illusive Man greeted them warmly with an underlying tone of frustration. It was obvious to Shepard and Prime that the leader of the pro-human terrorist group was very frustrated with their heroic actions, but was also pleased with the new information they had gathered. The Reapers were behind these attacks, the Collectors were now their newest weapons.

"Now, I believe you have some acquaintances to meet," their new ally spoke and the holographic emitter turned off.

The door opened and both leaders were met with a surprise. Joker smiled at both of them while two robotic beings stood behind him.


"Hey Shepard, how's being alive?" the pilot asked, limping over as the two Bots moved to stand before Optimus.

"Perceptor? Wheeljack?"

Both Cybertronians wore the Autobot insignia, one was colored mostly red while the other was white with lines colored red and green.

"Optimus, it's good to see you!" Perceptor piped up, saluting with Wheeljack.

"Good to see you, Optimus," Wheeljack greeted and the Prime smiled from underneath his mask shield.

"It is good to see you both as well, my old friends," he rumbled and turned to the Commander.

"Commander, these are my top scientists, Perceptor and Wheeljack."

She put her hands on her hips, eyeing both of the science bots as they looked down at her.

"Nice to meet you," she greeted with a grin and both Autobots nodded.

"What are you doing here?" Optimus questioned after a moment as they walked down the hall.

"Well, sir. After we entered the portal, I suppose many of us were shot out in different places throughout the universe. Fortunately, both Wheeljack and I were jettisoned onto a nearby world Cerberus was using as a base of operations. We were rescued and given sanctuary here," the red Bot explained as the other just listened.

"Yeah, they gave us all this tech and asked us for some inventions. Of course we stuck with the rules of First Contact, the small stuff first," Wheeljack added and their leader nodded.

"You have done me proud, my Autobots."

"No they haven't, not yet," Joker said and gestured for them to look out a window.

There was a massive room beyond it, but it was pitch black. That was, until the lights shot on, revealing a sleek white surface. Slowly, the lights flashed on and stayed that way as the dark room began to to become visible. Within was the ship that they thought destroyed, the Normandy in all its glory hung in the hangar, floating. It was slightly different, the black and orange markings showing it was Cerberus, but the Autobots insignia on the airlock door also proved it was not just something made by the pro-human group.

"She's beautiful, ain't she?" Joker asked as Jane gazed on with a gaping mouth.

"We're arriving at the Citadel, Commander," the ship's all new AI, a programmed entity known as EDI.

"Thanks, EDI," Shepard spoke, not so awkwardly since she had spoken with machines practically her whole career as a Spectre and... well after being a Spectre.

They walked out onto the Citadel, well she did while Optimus drove out. Seeing as the populous did not know of the Cybertronian presence among them, they decided against doing such a thing. Perceptor had taken on the form of a highly advanced microscope while Wheeljack decided on a nice looking car. They drove to the last known location of the Spectre-Autobot headquarters and were not disappointed when they arrived.

The moment the Energon signatures popped up on the display, Ratchet sounded the alarm. Ironhide, Warpath, Sideswipe, Jazz, Bumblebee, basically all of the on duty Autobots and Spectres ran to the front gate of the base. The base in particular was a massive building in a secluded area of the Citadel, mostly used by military folk to store weapons and vehicles. When the doors opened on their own, they were more than surprised, and when a red and blue cab-over-engine truck drove in, they were completely confused.

"Optimus?" Ironhide gasped in shock and the next thing was a complete shock.

Wheeljack transformed, getting up on his legs as he crossed his arms. Commander Jane Shepard jumped out of the truck, carrying a large microscope that transformed, hopping out of her arms to become Perceptor. Finally, the truck went rigid as it transformed, Optimus taking his full height over all of the Autobots.

Everyone was silent, they thought they were seeing ghosts, at least until Shepard started laughing.

"Sorry, sorry," she said and brought up her Omni-tool, taking a 'Kodak Moment' as her people called it.

"My Autobots, I have returned," Optimus spoke and immediately they began cheering.

"He's back!" Warpath shouted in joy as Bumblebee ran up to the Prime.

"Is it really you?" he spoke and Optimus was taken back.

"Your voice-"

"Was repaired, Prime," Ratchet said as he moved forward. "We got the necessary materials and Energon to make him a new vocal processor."

"Wonderful news, Ratchet!" Perceptor stated and Ratchet went to greet his old friend.

The rest of the hour was spent catching up, learning what had happened to both sides of the now reunited Autobots. After the 'death' of both leaders, the Autobots had become leaderless, commanded then by Counselor Anderson. The crew of the Normandy, as Tali had already stated, had separated, going their separate ways after the destruction of the human-turian project.

"That new frame's looking... robust," Ironhide commented and Optimus nodded, moving his box like arms to look at them.

"It is newer, seemingly just as resilient as my previous chassis," Optimus observed, moving his arms, staring at his hands and digits. "However, I lack a long range weapon. My old weaponry has been either destroyed or emptied of its ammunition."

"Really?" Wheeljack asked and his leader nodded. "That's great! I mean, not that you lost your guns, but I've been working on some new designs for an Ion Blaster."

"That sounds cool," Shepard remarked and the masked scientist nodded rapidly.

"I have the blueprints, I just need the materials to make it though," he spoke, his 'ears' lighting up with every word.

"The base should have more than enough resources for your newest invention," Ratchet assured and lead the scientists further into the large warehouse like base while Optimus and Shepard decided to stay near the entrance.

"So Shepard, I guess you'll want to meet Anderson again?" Ironhide inquired and the Commander nodded, crossing her arms with a smirk. "He's over at the Human Embassy. We could drive you over there if ya want."

"Nah, I think Optimus has that covered," she smirked and immediately the Prime transformed, turning into his cab over engine alt mode. "Come on, Boss Bot. I got an old friend to meet."

The engines revved and all the Bots cheered before transforming, wishing to travel with their leader.

"Constructicons, how goes the repairs?" Shockwave questioned as he strode into the room.

The Cybertronian builders of the Decepticon faction noticed his entrance and their leader, Mixmaster moved forward to report.

"Your old rust bucket ship is almost ready, Shockwave. With that Energon you stole we got enough fuel to open a small portal for the ship and enough fuel to get the ship through and to where ever Lord Megatron popped out."

"Very good, Mixmaster," Starscream praised while holding his arms behind him in a leader-like manner.

The Construticons simply looked away from their work at the Decepticon traitor and scoffed before going back to repairing the ship. The ship in question was a giant circular shape, five prongs on all sides save for where the sixth prong would be. Instead of the sixth prong, there was a bulbous head, the bridge of the ship that had two large prongs going forwards on either side while the others were facing vertically. (A/N- Basically the Knights Temenos from TF4)

The group of Cons were at work within a massive underground chamber, a large cavernous place discovered underneath the Rust Spot, a dangerous and deadly area on Cybertron.

Meanwhile, across the planet, the Dinobots stumbled into the remains of Iacon. With Swoop leading the way, Slug and Snarl helped their resuscitated teammate, Sludge traverse the broken landscape that was once the streets of the great Autobot capital.

"This is slagging great!" Swoop shouted as his foot sent a shell casing fly off into the distance. "We got double-crossed and robbed!"

"Hey, least they didn't take our sparks," Slug responded and Swoop gave him a glare from his visor, the light blue darkening.

As the two held their stares, the two other members of the Dinobots looked up as they noticed a shadow slowly casting over them.

"Uh, guys," Snarl spoke up and the two Bots looked at him before noticing where he was looking at.

Before them was a massive Bot, a gargantuan sized warrior. It was on it's knees, grey optics staring at the ground as it remained offline. Massive hands had lost their grips on destroyed skyscrapers, now laying at the metrotitan's side.

"What is that?"

Swoop's question went unanswered as they slowly approached the giant.

"Hey you!"

The group of four turned to find a speeding Cybertronian headed towards them. It transformed, revealing itself to be a femme, colored light red close to a pinkish tint.

"Who're you?" Sludge questioned as he shook himself out of his teammate's grasps.

"Name's Firestar, who're you?" she questioned back and the four dinobots looked at each other.

"We're the Dinobots."

"That did not go as well as expected," Shepard spoke, crossing her arms as she took a drive with Anderson.

They were inside Optimus' cab as he drove them to the coordinates the councilor had given him. It was only moment ago that Shepard was arguing with the Council about saving human colonies in the Traverse, but they refused to take action against the threat of the Collectors. Oh, and they still did not believe in the Reapers, how surprising that was to the Commander.

"May I ask, Councilor? Where will these coordinates take us?" Optimus rumbled and the African American male smiled.

"You'll see, big bot. You'll see," he assured as they continued driving.

It was a strange sight to see a wheeled vehicle driving on the Citadel, but thankfully the Council had invested in creating special roads for such kinds of ground transports as many species still saw the wheel as an appropriate mode of transportation. The cab-over-engine vehicle was truly a strange sight, most humans had switched to the hover cars, but nonetheless, no one asked questions or stared for to long.

Eventually, the trio had arrived at a large building, windows covering the front, a large lobby visible through the glass, and a sort of scientific personality to it.

"Welcome to the new base of operations for the Spectre-Autobot Alliance," Anderson explained as he used his omni-tool to activate a garage.

The door lifted and Optimus drove in, parking in the cube-like room. The door moved back down and once it sealed magnetically, the ground jolted. Suddenly, the floor started moving down, revealing the room to be an elevator.

"New base?"

Anderson smiled at the Commander's confused expression, finding it amusing.

"Well you arrived just before the big move, Shepard. The Council decided it would be better if the Bots and Spectres got an up to date base near the Council Tower. We funded the construction of this place, The Department of Biologically Organic Treatment."

"BOT," Optimus spoke, realizing the acronym for the name.

"Yes, your medical officer, Ratchet came up with that one."

Finally, after some time, the walls lit with glowing blue lights was replaced with glass showcasing a massive underground operation. The room was enormous, most likely able to fit an Alliance Dreadnought in it. The Autobots moved about, having arrived after breaking off from their leader on the way to the Human Embassy. Bumblebee gave a wave to the trio from below before he went back to helping Jazz and Cliffjumper move a large crate. Ratchet was taking stock while Ironhide carried a massive piece of machinery. Several other Bots were moving things around or checking if they had gotten everything.

When they finally hit the ground floor, Optimus drove them forward onto a large circle imprinted on the ground with the Autobot insignia on it. The moment after the humans had exited his alt mode, he transformed, taking on his full height.

"Hey Optimus, how do you like the new base?" Sideswipe asked as he appeared on top of a crate.

"It is most certainly spacious," the Prime remarked as he scanned the large area with his optics, moving his head around.

The entire lay out of the room was one massive circular shape. The center was a large drop down into what Optimus assumed was the Energon storage where the fuel was used to power the facility. Tubes made of metal and shielding shot up from the hole and connected to a main hub like database where Perceptor and Ratchet floated around it on hovering platforms, holographic displays in front of them. Machinery was set around the circular drop, the hole that lead downwards. The floor was mostly metal plating and the same went for the walls, but there seemed to be places made of Cybertanium, most likely in case of a battle.

"Councilor!" a voice called and the two humans along with their Cybertronian friend turned to see a man, a human soldier walk up to them. "We weren't expecting you so soon."

"It's alright, Colonel," he spoke and gestured over to Shepard. "Just thought I'd show Commander Shepard and Optimus Prime the new base."

He stumbled back, shocked at seeing the tall, red and blue Cybertronian along with the fiery, redhead woman.

"C-commander Shepard?" he gasped and said human spectre smirked, crossing her arms.

"Yeah?" she asked and he shook his head, getting the shock off his mind.

"S-sorry, just... wow."

"Shepard, meet Colonel William Lennox," Anderson introduced and the human colonel saluted. "Also, the third human spectre."

"Wait, third?" Jane gasped in shock and the councilor nodded.

"After your... well, KIA, the Council wanted to strengthen ties with both humanity and the 'Transformers'. They ended up inducting two more humans into the Spectres and issued a new project."

"New project?" Optimus questioned and the sound of a car revving could be heard.

They turned to see Bumblebee headed for them, his new alt mode being an old beetle VW Beetle with a paint job of yellow and black. Transforming, he gave the two a grin.

"Yeah, second human spectre got the honor of being Ratchet's test subject."

"Bumblebee," Ratchet groaned and placed a hand on his face plate, "he wasn't a test subject, he was an..."

"Experiment? Lab Rat? Guinea Pig?" Jazz suggested and the medic glared at the smaller bot.

"The point is, he's now our bridge between humans and Autobots alike," Ratchet explained and opened up the plating of his right arm, revealing what seemed to be a metal form of an omni-tool, a computer built into the limb. "In fact, it appears he should be arriving now."

As if on cue, the elevator Shepard, Optimus, and Anderson had used to enter the facility began lowering again. A hover car sat on the platform while a man was also standing next to it. From the distance they were at, which was not very far, both leaders could make out white armor with a black, skin tight combat suit underneath. When the man stepped forward, Optimus and Shepard immediately looked him over.

He was clad in a suit of armor, colored pearl white and made of Cybertanium, evident since Cybertronian symbols were carved into some parts of it. Recesses in the armor showed a pattern of glowing red conduits that held Energon. The armor teetered on the edge of bulky and streamline, a sort of cross between N7 armor and a Cybertronian chassis. He wore a helmet that retracted, the sides collapsing and putting themselves onto the back of his shoulders while the cranial piece of the helmet moved down to sit at the bottom of his neck.

He was a tall, lean man with a neatly combed head of raven black hair. His eyes were colored bright red, no wait... they glowed red. His eyeballs, both visionary parts of the human body were Cybertronian technology. A shallow scar ran across his right cheek, white and jagged. He moved forward and eventually stopped his march in front of the Councilor, saluting to him.

Shepard noted the Autobot insignia on the center of his chest, bright red as usual, but then she noted the N7 insignia on his right arm, right above the red and white markings she remembered so dearly.

"Councilor Anderson, the mission was a success," he reported and lowered his arm before looking over at Shepard.

His eyes quickly scanned over her before holding a gaze on the Cerberus insignia on her clothes.

"Councilor, who is this?"

"Well Constantine, this is Commander Jane Shepard, the first human spectre and humanity's returned from hell champion," Anderson introduced and Shepard smirked once more, but was disappointed when the man gave a frown.

"Commander Shepard died two years ago," spoke the man, his voice stoic as he stared at her. "and the Cerberus insignia on her clothes signifies her as part of the terrorists."

The armor of his right arm transformed, the gauntlet opened up and revealed inner parts that shot out. An Energon sword was revealed, burning bright orange as everyone eyed it.

"Hold on there, sir." Anderson held up his hand, a gesture for the soldier to stop. He retracted the blade into his armor, the man, Constantine moving his gaze to his superior. "This is, without a doubt, the Commander Shepard," he spoke and the stoic expression on the second human spectre's face turned into a surprised one.

"Really?" he asked, the stiff personality he had now gone. "That's impossible."

"I've done the impossible," Shepard interrupted and he gave her a glance.

It was quick, but instead of the scanning gaze he used on her, this one was more on checking out her physical state rather than checking for weapons.

"How?" he asked and she tilted her head.


"How did you survive?"

"That would be my doing," Optimus rumbled and all the occupants of the massive room turned to look at the Prime. "I am Optimus Prime and you are?"

"N7 Commando and Spectre Constantine Flaemren," the spectre introduced, bowing slightly. "I have heard of you Optimus Prime."

The Cybertronian nodded back and looked at the noticeable armor and implants on his organic body.

"Councilor Anderson and my friend, Ratchet mentioned a project and you, I suppose they are one in the same?"

"That's correct, Optimus," Ratchet spoke up and pointed the side of his forearm at the man. A blue scanning system shot out and the spectre was immediately checked for damages or illnesses. "Healthy as always, Constantine."

"So, the project?" Shepard squeaked and Perceptor flew down on his hover platform.

"Oh yes, one moment please," he said and pressed several buttons on the holographic display. Holographic windows colored bright blue appeared on the display and he moved them about, making a full display of different pictures and reports. "I've pulled Constantine's files from the database."

"Thank you, Perceptor," Optimus thanked and the scientist Bot nodded with a smile.

They began looking at the different files, seeing pictures of him before his implants.

"What happened to you?" Jane questioned as she looked at an image of him in a hospital bed, bandages wrapped around his eyes and... well he was covered in white cloth, nearly in a full body cast.

"A mission went wrong," he explained and Perceptor touched one of the windows, enlarging it for them.

A video in full color displayed the N7 Commando fighting a group of pirates, alone. Around his feet lay bodies, all dressed in the standard Alliance uniform/armor. He wore the armor of an officer, firing an Avenger assault rifle at the pirates.

"My entire squad got wiped out," he explained as they watched him get shot several times. "It was supposed to be a routine fight, but our info was far from the actual truth."

A shot went into the past Constantine's leg causing him to fall his other one. A pirate came up, brandishing a knife and tried to stab the soldier. Constantine used his gun to divert the stab, but another shot caught his arm and he let the gun go. The knife went into his shoulder and he yelled in pain, but the video had no sound.

"I lost my legs in the fight," he explained as a canister nearby exploded as a stray bullet went into it, "and my sight."

Perceptor opened another video to view showing the human in a hospital bed, his body in the casts. Of his lower body, all he had was a pelvis and parts of his thighs. His right arm was in a cast, a lot of blood had seeped through the white cloth wrapping.

"What about your arm?" Shepard asked and he, himself pulled up another window.

"Tendons were severed, severe burns, and another multitude of injuries to it," he explained and that's when Ratchet pulled up a window of him in a surgery room.

"Half a year after your deaths," Ratchet began and stopped when they saw Constantine being lowered onto the surgery bed. "Half a year after your deaths, the Council gave us the option of building a better connection with the Spectres."

"We initiated Project: Technorganic," Anderson continued and gestured at Constantine. "Our lucky N7 Commando here got the option of undergoing the procedure."

Optimus and Shepard turned back to Constantine, looking over him again. It was then that they noticed where the combat skin underneath the heavy armor he wore ended around mechanical limbs.

"My legs, Cybertronian," the N7 Commando spoke and pointed at his lower limbs, then at his right arm. "My right arm, to injured, had to cut off. Now, Cybertronian." His pointer finger went up and shot and invisible line at his eyes. "My eyes, now optics."

"A technorganic," Optimus spoke and everyone, but Jane nodded.

"Uh... I don't know what a technorganic is, but I'm going to say it's like a cyborg," she guessed and Perceptor nodded as he showed a window that held an image of Constantine's body, showing off his organic and now Cybertronian parts.

"You are correct, Commander. Our Cybertronian term for a cyborg is Technorganic, the symbiotic relationship between Cybertronian technology and any organic species."

Perceptor's intellectual answer confirmed the Commander's thoughts. She turned to look at Constantine, eyeing him for anything more he may have.

"So, do you run on Energon or batteries?"

"Both," Ratchet spoke, pulling up yet another holographic screen, "the human brain uses electrical impulses as signals to the body. We utilized that power to generate energy that would power his Cybertronian implants, allowing him to use them as if they were regular limbs. Energon is only used for his limbs if he uses them beyond normal human capabilities such as empowered strikes, hidden weaponry inside, etcetera."

"So lot's of science?" Shepard asked and Anderson started chuckling.

"Same old Shepard," he laughed and grasped her shoulder as he stood beside her. "Constantine here was inducted into the Spectres after the procedure. As far as the public knows, his injuries were not as severe as they were and he's gotten standard mechanical prostheses."

Shepard nodded along with Optimus, both of them understanding what the project was.

"Sir, is there a reason I am being explained to the Commander?" the Commando spoke.

"Why yes there is, Flaemren," he spoke and made a gesture with his arm, pointing at Shepard with an open hand. "You've been transferred to under Spectre Shepard's command."

"What?" both N7 soldiers gasped in shock and the African American man put on an amused smile.

"Must I repeat?"

"N-no sir, but he's going to be my guy?" Jane questioned and he nodded.

"When we heard the rumors about you being alive, the Council decided to give the second human Spectre to you for training."

"I'm a peace offering," said N7 Commando spoke and Anderson looked down.

"We prefer to say you need training, but this is as much of pro as it is a con. You'll be training with Commander Shepard here and at the same time, Shepard get's to have the first Technorganic in this galaxy's history as a part of her new team."

Jane crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes, but nodded nonetheless. Suddenly, her omni-tool went off signalling a call from someone. Answering it, she listened to Miranda's question.

"Shepard, it's Miranda, are you ready to leave yet?"

"Yeah, on my way," she replied and cut the call. "So, I guess you're coming with us."

"Us?" Ironhide asked and Optimus nodded.

"Human colonies have been disappearing across the Traverse. I will not rest until all the innocent lives taken are returned."

Optimus' noble speech, as always, inspired his Autobots to nod and grin.

"Alright then Optimus," Wheeljack spoke, his ears glowing with each word. "I'll send you the Ion Blaster when it's finished."

"And we'll be standing by if you need us, Prahm," Ironhide firmly stated, putting his hands on his hips.

The Autobots nodded, all of them holding smiles and brandishing faceplates filled with joy and confidence. Optimus took a look around, eyeing every one of his soldiers, his brothers and sisters in arms.

"My Autobots," he solemnly began as he looked around at them all, "for many cycles you have served me faithfully, for many years you have stood by me through the darkest of hours. I had hoped our world would be saved, but now that hope is for that our people will be saved."

The Autobots lowered their heads in honor for their fallen before looking up at their leader. The humans in the room, three spectres and a councilor looked on with with inspired pride. Clenching his hands, Optimus continued.

"If not for us, our world would be in the clutches of Megatron, if not for us, the war would have been lost, if not for us, these people, our allies, our friends may not have defeated Sovereign, and if not for us, the threat of Megatron would not be gone."

"...the threat of Megatron would not be gone- the threat of Megatron would not be gone- the threat of Megatron would not be gone- the threat of Megatron- Megatron- Megatron-"

He watched the video over and over again, playing the recording. The Prime thought he was dead, how foolish of him. The Con inwardly growled at the organics working on opening his chassis or his cranium, they would not be able too. He had, had both Shockwave and Soundwave create a more resilient chassis for him in case of his demise which had come about. It was specifically built to withstand great attacks.

As the scientists and workers attempted to drill or melt their way to the sparkcore of the Cybertronian, they were met with failure with every try. The pyramid-like chest was resilient to nearly everything they had, even the Cybertanium drill they had used was unable to penetrate the torso unit, or at least they believed so. Whenever they tried, he would put up an overshield, thin, but strong enough to stop the drill before it could do any true damage.

During the time that the fleshlings called 'lunch break', they would activate the drones in the room. It was very poor judgement of them to hook him up to their computer in order to download his data, the action had backfired on them discreetly. He would provide small data pieces, snippets of Cybertronian history books, a tiny piece of a weapon blueprint, or memories of the war.

As the organics refueled, the drones would repair whatever they had done to the body, but unknown to them, the drones were not only repairing the robotic corpse, but upgrading it. He needed a new alt mode, something powerful. His current alt mode was perfect, yet it could be better. With the element the organics knew as Element Zero, he could do so much more.

The spiked chassis he once had was being slowly rebuilt into a newer, more sharper version. His armor was more like metal plating upon metal plating while still retaining a full armor piece image. He was becoming stronger, he could feel it. More and more Energon was being fed to him, pumped into him, giving him more life. His revival would soon come to pass and when it did, Optimus Prime would feel his wrath.


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