"Do you believe, Harry?"

"In what?"

The prior voice chuckled. "Do you believe in alternate worlds?" His eyes twinkled. "A world where you could have been my ally? A world where you could have been the greatest icon of light?"

"Oh?" the second voice mused. "I suppose I do. So?"

"Don't you think it would have turned out greater than this?" the owner of the voice coughed harshly, and several harsh splattering sounds could be heard.

"Really?" the voice was filled with amusement. "Then I'm glad this is not that world." A swift sound of sharp metal cutting air could be heard. A sickening squelch resounded within the premises.

"Besides," the boy drawled lazily, hefting the rapier up onto his shoulder. "There would have been no way that I wouldn't have known about alternate worlds. He smirked.

"Goodbye, Tom Marvolo Riddle, the greatest wizard of the light. It had been fun."