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She hovered her finger over a dagger and a gun. Humming, she noticed a metal cylinder. She picked it up, "Hmm… Smoke grenade with pull ring igniter."

Allison quickly ignited the grenade, and dropped it at McCall's feet. She rushed out of the room, screaming at Scott and Isaac, "Run, run!"

Smoke filled the room, making the air for the three adults hard to breath. The teenagers ran from them quickly. Scott's dad yelled after him, "Wait! Scott, wait."

However he couldn't be heard. Only Death on another continent caught the despaired shout. He sadly smiled. He had shouted like that only seconds ago.

Death stood in the dark of Cassie's living room back in America. He stared at her in silence with Teddy by his side with the man grasping his shoulder. Both paid no attention to the loudening and worsening supernatural storm.

They were grieving. Neither one, even Death had no clue of how they were going to save her. Cassie couldn't be saved even with her Mistress of Death powers or by Death. He had no power over magic he knew not. The shadows' cold magic can only be undone in the spirits' world and willingly by them. They had no hope.

Death blinked as Teddy suddenly turned to him with confused eyes.



"How did you know that putting her in a golden… bubble thing would kinda save her?"

The black-haired man sighed, and kneeled in front of the boy who was looking at him with bright but soon extinguished hope. Death didn't want to him to be disappointed but he had to tell him.

"There is an old story, of a witch being cursed. Minutes after her death, she was preserved in a glass case. Inside of that, she wasn't dead but nor alive. When the witch finally awoke, it was by warm magic, a True Love's kiss. But Teddy, it's just a story."

However the bright shining hope in the boy's eyes didn't vanish. He just softly smiled.

"You can always try."

The immortal sighed, studying the boy's eyes and nodded. He ound only encouragement, faith, hope and most of all love. He stood up, and inhaled deeply. Breathing out, he took a step closer to Cassie. He softly smiled at her beautiful face.

With a wave of his hand, the golden glass casing disappeared. The young woman, though, stayed afloat. Death, with a sad smile, brushed the hair away from her face and stared at it. He whispered.

"Cassie. I think I might love you."

He lowered his head and closed his eyes, pressing his lips gently against hers. After a second, he raised his head. He searched her face for any signs of waking up but there were none. She was still under the spirits' bitter magic.

He sighed, and slid his hand in the air over her face. The golden bubble materialized. He turned around, ready to face Teddy's let down face however… it wasn't there. Instead he looked shocked and gleeful, staring at something from behind him.

What he didn't know was that while he had kissed her, strands of golden light had appeared around the two. The pure magic between the two of them had materialized, for it had felt the love and faith and hope between the two, even if they didn't… yet.

Death quickly turned around, and saw the crimson glowing heart beating. He grinned.

Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped tightly around his stomach. Looking down, he saw Teddy's head. The teenager glanced up at him, teary-eyed but smiling, "Thank you." The sincerity in his voice started to overwhelm Death. He just smiled softly.

"You're welcome," he whispered into his ear.

"Well, I'm glad you're all buddy-buddy now but can someone help me?"

Their heads snapped towards the bubble as a feminine voice spoke out loud. Cassie was standing there with a smile, leaning a bit onto her right leg.

The two quickly rushed over to her, and wrapped her in a tight hug. She yelped as she felt two pairs of strong arms hugging her.

"Guys? Can't breathe. Gonna die again," she choked out, feeling the much-needed air escape her.

Death and Teddy pulled away and grinned at her, Teddy's reminding her awfully of the older man.

"I'm glad you're okay again, mum," his son spoke up. She grasped his shoulder warmly.

"I'm glad, too," she patted his cheek, "Go on. Check out your room. I picked the room out for you." His eyes lit up, and he quickly ran out of the room. They heard him stumbling through the halls and slamming open the doors before gasping. Everything in the house echoed.

Cassie buried her head in Death's shoulder, grinning, "He's still such a child. I can't wait for him to grow up."

He grinned, "Me too."

Awkward silence filled the room as both remembered the True Love's kiss.

"So…" Cassie grinned up at him.

"So?" Death pressed his lips together in anxiousness. He had hoped that she wouldn't remember it. It would make things a lot easier between them.

"Ah, what the hell," the young woman grabbed his shirt's neckline, and pulled his head down and onto her lips. His eyes grew large before he realised what was happening, and kissed her back.

Both of them could feel the pure magic sparkling in the air around them. Maybe it truly was True Love. Maybe it really wasn't a story. Maybe it meant all the feuds and teasing and jokes and fights had been from pushing down the feelings one had for the other. Maybe it meant they truly did love each other.

The kiss was passionate, needy and something they hadn't expected or had waited for but now were both accepting.

They pulled away as the couple ran out of air. Panting for oxygen, Cassie softly smiled at him, "I think I might love you too, loverboy but I don't know what it means." Sorrow filled her voice.

Death's eyes lit up at the confession, and he softly smiled at her. He brushed away the hair from her face, and looked in her eyes.

"That's okay because I don't know either. But we'll figure it out." Grinning, she pressed her lips against his. She slipped her arms around his neck as his hands slid down around her waist.

This time it felt magical, hopeful and most of all promising. With the kiss, they were both swearing to the other to never let go and to love for eternity. They did have it.

"Mum?" An overjoyed but shocked voice spoke from the door. The couple quickly pulled away from each other, and stared at the boy in shock. They hadn't somehow heard him… probably was the kiss.

"Teddy?" Cassie's voice sounded unsure. She wasn't sure if he would accept them or no. However the reaction was better than she had ever imagined. Teddy grinned, and ran up to them. He hugged the both of them.

"I knew it! There was a reason you visited mom so often and bought her presents even if you didn't know it." The couple smiled at each other over his head as they hugged him back. Though neither knew what love meant, they were slowly figuring it out with Teddy by their sides… as a family.

Suddenly Cassie's eyes widened, and she pulled away. Teddy and Death gazed confusedly at her. She had remembered all the others: Allison, Scott, Stiles, Lydia etc. She looked in shock at Death.

"Where are Lydia and Stiles and Scott and Allison and Stiles and Lydia and Isaac and Der-" A hand landed on her mouth, cutting her off. She narrowed her eyes at her boyfriend, the thought made her mind run faster. Is he my boyfriend? He is, isn't he? We love each other. I think that's proof enough.

He quickly pulled his hand away, and grimaced, "Did you really have to lick it?" Cassie's chin lifted, and she looked around mockingly. Her mouth formed into a small grin.

"Yes, I did," her face cleared of any signs of laughter, "but what's wrong with them? Where are they?"

He sighed, and stared at the floor. Silence filled the room. Teddy looked between the two in caution, weariness and fear for his mother.

"Mum, what's going on?"

Cassie kneeled down in front of him, and sadly smiled at him. She grabbed his shoulder, "Teddy, I have to go to save some people. You can stay here, right?"

Teddy opened his mouth to deny it but nodded as he noticed Death shaking his head over his mother's shoulder. He smiled wearily, "I know. You say it every time."

Her lips trembled, and she threw her arms around him. Teddy yelped, feeling much-needed air escape him.

"Mum, can't, breathe." Cassie pulled away, sniffling. She put her hands around his face, looking solemn.

"Stay in the house, okay? I don't want anyone to come here and steal you away from me."

He nodded continuously, knowing she couldn't ever leave without saying that. She couldn't bear losing another member of her family. He knew what she had gone through. When he had been old enough, his mum had sat him down and told him all about his family. At first he was furious and would've almost left but at seeing his mother sobbing, he stayed. After that they had never been closer.

Death grasped Cassie's shoulder. She sighed but stood up. They both smiled at Teddy before his uncle twirled a finger. Dark almost black mist filled the room. He smiled sadly at the spot his mother and her boyfriend had been just a second before. They had seemed like his parents.

He liked the warm feeling in his stomach at the thought.

As the wind played with their hair, Cassie and Death were swept away from the house, her Teddy and appeared in a… jeep? She swayed, and quickly grabbed something… something warm, wet and skin-like. A corpse. Cassie slowly turned her head, and saw the body. She sighed in relief as at it was just an unconscious Stiles.

Her eyes widened. Stiles. She reached over and shook him. The teenager's eyes snapped open, and he sharply took in breath. He quickly looked around before noticing Cassie (let's just call her Cassie) and relaxed.

"Hey, Ellie." He snapped his head to her in shock. Ellie was dead… wasn't she?

The young woman wiggled her fingers at him awkwardly, "Hi."

Stiles laughed bitterly before uttering, "I should've known." He glanced at her in confusion, "How are you aliv-? You know what I don't even wanna know. What are you doing here?"

Cassie grimaced, "Yeah, it seems being dead happens to me a lot. And I'm here to help." She smiled at him, "You forget I was with you in the spirits' world."

Death spoke up from the backseat, his hands crossed on Stiles' headrest, "You know I'm still mad at you for using magic there."

The boy jumped, exclaiming, "Jesus!" He quickly looked behind him and into the bored eyes of Death. The deity cocked a brow, "What?" Stiles glared at him. Death glanced at Cassie, "What did I do?"

She face-palmed. The two men stared at her with raised eyebrows. She exhaled deeply, and sent a fake grin to the two, "Let's go, shall we?"

Cassie opened the door, and climbed out of the jeep. She immediately raised a hand to protect her face from the wind. She squinted through the storm with the help of the car's headlights but it mattered not. She couldn't see anything.

Sighing, Cassie snapped her fingers. A bright ball of light appeared on the palm of her hand. She blew at it, making it grow in size and brightness. It flew forward, lighting up the path.

She tensed as she felt someone reach her. Death and Stiles had walked up to her. Cassie glanced at her beloved, and shouted through the storm, "Can you take us to the Nemeton?"

He shrugged, but closed his eyes. After a second he opened them, and shook his head, "I can't sense them. The storm's messing with my mind."

Cassie sighed, and glanced back at the storm in front of her. Sighing, she said, "Well, let's go."

She started stumbling through the forest with the light over her head, illuminating the set path. She stopped, feeling no one following her. The young woman looked back at the two men, and shouted, "You coming or not?"

Death and Stiles glanced at each other, and shrugged. It was the only way, to trek through the forest in the storm. They had no other chance to rescue the guardians. The two started going after the Mistress of Death.

Cassie sighed as she almost fell into another hole. They were probably never going to find the parents. They couldn't see anything through the wind with only the moon and her ball of light showing the way.

She almost jumped a feet into the air as she felt someone grip her arm. She looked up, and saw the worried face of Death. Her face softened. Raising a hand, she patted his cheek.

"I'm okay." The anxiety didn't disappear from his face but he nodded, knowing not to bother her. She could manage herself just fine.

"Hey, lovebirds!" The couple looked at the shouter, and saw Stiles pointing at something. They stepped forward, and squinted at it. Cassie's eyes widened.

It was the Nemeton. They had finally reached it.

She ran to the teenager with Death following her, and stopped at his side. She examined the wooden trapdoor. The parents were in there. She just knew it.

Cassie kneeled, and almost opened it but looked up at the two men. She sent them a grin, "Let's do this."

She opened the trapdoor, and immediately backed. A huge cloud of mist rose, making her cough. Stiles stepped in front of her, and glanced at the pair. He breathed in deeply before dropping into the hole.

Death helped Cassie up, and smiled at her, "For Teddy." She nodded, "For Teddy," and jumped after Stiles.

The deity looked around to see if anyone would stop them but there was no one. He smiled before dropping into the hole as well. Reaching the ground, he quickly jumped up and looked around.

The room was falling apart. It was raining dust, debris and wood. The ceiling was quite low. He saw the friends of Cassie and her trying to keep the ceiling up with plain force. One or two of the parents looked at him, perplexed. They clearly hadn't known about him.

The corner of his mouth quirked up. Cassie must have forgotten to tell them. As the room shook again, he blinked and remembered the ceiling. He raised a hand and would've waved at the ceiling but stopped. Stiles had put his metal baseball bat on a higher place to keep it up. It had worked.

At the moment he was hugging one of the guardians, probably his father. Death softly smiled at them. Maybe one day he and Teddy would be like that.

He yelped as someone grabbed the neckline of his jacket, and pulled his head down onto their lips. His eyes widened, but shut as he recognised it was Cassie. He slipped his hands around her waist, and kissed her back, passionately.

She pulled back, as she ran out of breath and grinned at him.

"We're alive. We're alive. We're alive." She repeated as if she couldn't believe it. Death kissed her forehead, smiling. He felt her tighten her arms around him as he muttered.

"I know, sweetheart. I know."

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