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"Do you know where Lydia is? I wanted to take her out shopping to take her mind off the… pool," She bit her lip. Would they let me? Stiles would, the puppy would… not so sure about the last one. Stiles grinned.

"Sure! I'll send you her number later," She smiled at him gratefully. God knows she needs it. Being a banshee is hard. It could make you go crazy.

"Thanks. I'll see you guys later." Walking away, she waved at them. However she quickly interrupted by the grinning Coach.

"Hey, new British girl, I saw you running. Want to join the cross country team?" Ellie merely shrugged. She needed something to do anyway. No friends + new girl + loner = nothing to do… except homework, "Why not?"

An almost silent 'ping' rung through the room. Until now asleep Ellie quickly sat up and put her hand in front her as if someone was there. Her eyes opened, and she quickly looked around. She breathed in relief. No one was there. Putting a hand on her chest, she grabbed the phone from the night table. The girl chuckled as she read the message.

Sorry for sending this so late. Kinda forgot this. Eep. Anyway here's Lydia's number (831) 758 729.

P.S. I would recommend you against sending her a message at these hours. She would be pissed off at you.

Ellie put the phone back on the night table. She laid back in the bed, and stared at the ceiling. What had led to this? Escaping to America of all places? Was it the deaths? The Hallows? Flashes of her past life danced around her eyes: the bodies of her good friends; defeating Voldy; her holding the cloak, the Elder wand and the stone in her hands in shock; meeting Death, adopting Teddy, him running around in the backyard of her new house, laughing; sending Teddy to Hogwarts; the family reunion just days ago; hugging Teddy in the airport; her leaving England.

She instinctively rubbed the simple but dark tattoo on her left wrist. It shimmered, resembling water. The colour subtly changed to a pearly white before darkening back to onyx.

Ellie barely noticed it. She was looking at the clock. It read '2:37'. Bright red numbers started to dance in her vision as she stared at it. With a sigh, she laid her head back on the pillow. She glanced back at the clock and bit her lip. A smile spread across her face and she threw the blankets off the bed, and climbed out of the bed.

The minute she opened the back door, the corners of her lips rose to her ears, as it seemed to her. The backyard was completely silent and empty. No light could be seen, apart from the delicate moonlight and the shallow flickering of lamps from inside the house. The tall grass glistened with dew and seemed as high as the trees.

She barely noticed it was very cold outside (and that she was wearing only shorts and a tank top) and quickly rushed inside the grass, laughing. She skipped around with a wide grin, hands swinging besides her. Reaching the centre of the lawn, she slowed down to a stop. She leaned her head back, and raised her hands with a smile. The moon seemed to smile down at her. Ellie sighed as the corners of her lips lowered. It had been long since this had happened – having fun. There was just no time – the Dursleys, school, the war, raising Teddy was fun but there was little me-time… She lowered her hands, and shook her head, trying to clear her head of all the depressing thoughts.

The teenager bit her lip with a widening grin as a thought popped into her head. She sneakily looked around for any people but there weren't any. She slowly raised her hands higher than her head and cupped them around thin air. She brought them back in front of herself, closing her eyes. Ellie bit her lip, and concentrated on the space in her hands. Gently opening her hands, her eyes fluttered open. A wide smile spread across her face as she looked at the content sitting on her hands.

Glowing cherry blossom tree petals laid in her hands. She lifted her hands to her mouth, and softly blew at the luminous petals lying on her hands. She was almost immediately covered in the soft glow. The rose-coloured petals had flown high and were now almost as if fluttering in the air around the gently smiling girl. Some fireflies had also flown over, and were now flying between the slowly falling petals. She leaned her head back with a smile to watch them emit a soft glow around the backyard. It felt good to create life. It felt peaceful and… well. But this woman here doesn't want to feel well. She wants to have fun.

With a wave of her hand, tons of the petals flew down and spun around Ellie, creating a ball of bright light. When the light diminished, she was wearing a crimson red coloured ball gown. With another twirl of her fingers, many of the dark green leaves fluttered down from the trees and formed a figure of a man. He was wearing dark green clothes of a middle age prince and a handsome smile. He mockingly bowed at her. Ellie laughed, and curtsied back at him in her glowing petal-dress.

Offering a hand to her, the man pulled her close to him. With a soft smile, the prince put her hand on his shoulder, a hand on her waist, and took her other hand raising it higher. Smiling at each other, they started dancing. If anyone would have seen this, they wouldn't have believed their eyes. They would believe, they were watching an enactment of a middle age ball. The pair spun around gracefully, their movements anything but fair and charming. Ellie laughed as the young man spun her around.

The peace and the dancing were however disturbed as something sharp sliced her back. The dress and the man disappeared, the leaves and petals slowly fluttering to the ground. She could already feel blood flowing out of the deep wounds. Her feet quivered before she fell on the grass. Spots filled her vision as she tried to look at her attacker through the ruby-red glow of the now rose petals. The attacker had hair all over their face and a widening cruel smirk but what shone out were the glowing red eyes. An Alpha.

She tried to raise her hand to curse them but she didn't have the strength to even twirl a finger, "Yo-you don't n-need to do th-this." She tried to speak clearly but only gurgles and stuttering exited her mouth. The attacker mockingly pouted, "Y-you d-d-don't need to d-do this. Yes, we do. I'll bet you don't remember Deucalion. Well, he surely remembers you," They glared at her. Ellie only blinked rapidly as the face suddenly doubled. She inhaled in shock when she finally recognised them – the Twins. She had to do something. The Twins were cruel - nowhere near Deucalion - but still there.

Unfortunately she could do nothing as her eyes fluttered shut. The last thing her mind registered was a blood-red glow surrounding her body.

Her head snapped to the side as one of the Alphas hit it. She spat out blood before turning to the hitter and glaring at her. It was Kali, the one who used her the claws of her feet. She growled at the teenager, "Join us," and punched her in the stomach. Ellie fell onto the floor, moaning. That hurt. That bitch. She raised her head and looked defiantly at her attacker.

"Never." The older woman smirked and held up her hand, staring at it. She twirled her fingers, the claws slowly coming out, "I thought you'd say that." She brought her hand down and slashed the younger's side. The latter groaned and fell onto the floor again. She could feel the blood seeping through her tank top. The Alpha ripped at her flesh again, her hands slashing at the skin faster and faster until a slick and smooth echoed through the room.

"That's enough, Kali." She stopped, and started to walk away but paused to spat at the wheezing body. Deucalion. Crap.

When the only people didn't hear her steps anymore, the man slowly walked through the vault to Ellie who tried to sit up but her hands failed her. The steps and the cane's thuds came closer and closer to her. She tried desperately to sit up but she just… couldn't.

The young woman gave up as the Alpha of Alphas seemed to right next to her. He knelt and placed his mouth near her ear.

"Have you accepted our deal?" Ellie turned her head, feeling him back and spat in his face, "No, and I never will." He tsked and stood up. Silently sighing, the teenager thanked Merlin. Maybe I can go home now… though I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

She sharply breathed in air as a hand grabbed her throat, dragging her up on the wall. Ellie gulped. She could feel the claws slicing the skin on her neck, and the trickle of blood, starting to flow down. Her right hand quickly took hold of the table next to her. She bit her lip, to try to lessen the pain.

Ellie backed further into the wall when Deucalion suddenly put his face too close to hers, whispering in her ear, "Well then, I have a secret to tell you." Her fear slowly lessened with curiosity replacing it. He let go of her, and backed.

She looked suspiciously at him while he started to walk the entrance of the vault. He looked up and stared at the moon whose light fell on him.

"There is a myth, of True Alphas." He glanced at her to see if the name meant anything to her. Ellie's eyes widened, remembering something out of a 'Care of Magical Creatures' textbook. "Of how a Beta or an Omega can become an Alpha out of strength of character or force of will alone." She mouthed the last words along with him, recognising them.

"But it is very rare. Many of the True Alphas are killed and murdered by their own Betas who wish to have more power. But they will only gain the normal amount of the power of an Alpha." Ellie narrowed her eyes at her. Deucalion doesn't give information of that kind just like that.

"What does this have to do with anything?" He turned to face her, a smug smirk on his face. She suddenly felt someone grab her sides, that tickles, and throw her into to a wall. That didn't. She raised her head, and spat out blood as the thuds of a cane came closer to her. A voice suddenly whispered in her ear.

"Everything, Mistress of Death." Her eyes widened as she realised something before someone hit her head… hard.

The moment Ellie came into conscious again, her chest rose as she inhaled a huge gulp of air. She quickly sat up, her hand reached out in front of her for protection, hitting something with a 'crack'. Her eyes fluttered open as she heard someone moaning. She quickly backed as three persons filled her vision. Two were sitting way too close for her and the last one was holding his nose, moaning. One was a mere teenager who had a grin far too wide for her, the second seemed to middle-aged and weary but had a sympathetic smile – which made her eyes widen a fraction. Did he know? - and the last one who was groaning was… Stiles. Her eyes widened, "Oh Mer-god, Stiles. Are you okay?" The boy just moaned, and waved at her, dismissing the pain.

She suddenly winced, and raised a hand to her hand to her head as a headache worse than hangover appeared in her head. Waving at the familiar teenagers, she opened her mouth, "Hey Scott. Sorry again Stiles, what's going on? Where am I? Who are you?" The two (who didn't have a bleeding nose) looked at each other before going back to the girl. The older man smiled at her, "Let's get you and Stiles cleaned up first."

Ellie winced as the vet, Deaton apparently, wiped her back with a swab which was dripping with alcohol. Trying to ignore the pain, she turned to the puppy, sorry Scott, who was staring at her, tilting his head. The True Alpha, her mind reminded herself.

"So, you're a werewolf? And he's," she gestured to the vet, "an emissary disguised as a vet?" this time she waved at Stiles, "and he's just a human? Did I get it right?" Scott and Stiles nodded in unison which brought a smile to her face. Her eyes widened as a thought popped into her head. She looked back at them with a pleading look.

"But there's this one little thing you could do. Could you please not tell anybody else about me being in the vault? It would be perfect if you would." They had told her about where they had found her. It was apparently after the big fight when one of the werewolves heard another heartbeat, and had gone to investigate. They had found her lying on the floor in the vault, unconscious with blood-seeped clothes.

There was a long silence before Scott looked apologetically at her. She instantly leaned her head back with a groan. Closing her eyes for a second, she sighed. The girl looked tiredly at him, "Okay. Who did you tell?"

"Allison Argent and Lydia Martin, the first is a hunter and the other something we don't know yet," which made Ellie's eyes widen. How do they not know this? "But it is necessary. I mean, this is important. We find a girl in the vault after the ultimate showdown with the Alpha Pack." Stiles replied with an eye roll.

A corner of Ellie's lips rose to smirk. She had heard some bits of the 'ultimate showdown' like Stiles had said. Since she could remember, she could hear things in her sleep during her dreams and nightmares. When she was just a child, she could hear Dudley and Vernon snoring in her dreams. It kind of ruined her happy dreams and it has been just like that. It was a bit useful during the war actually. Blinking, Ellie shook her head as someone snapped their fingers in front her face. She glanced at Stiles who was staring at her, arms crossed.

"So, are we hearing exactly why you were in the vault?" The young teenager sighed before nodding.

The explanation took a lot of time but it got told. She had told them she was just a jogger who saw the bank, entered and saw the werewolves therefore got stuck in the vault. Fortunately for her, she could lie really well, as in no-quickening-heartbeat-lie well. Well actually, being the Mistress of Death had slowed her heartbeat, so now it didn't even quicken for anything. It stayed stable at all times. Probably had something to do with the fact she was part death. Even though the story was a bunch of bull-shit, they believed it.

She climbed off the table, smiling at them, "So, can I go now?

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