So I just thought of this idea. I don't know if people are going to read it but I thought I might as well try it and see what people think. I haven't been watching hollyoaks for very long. I tend to watch it when a good storyline comes up. And I absolutely love the Peri/Leela and Nico/Sienna storylines. I actually quite like Dodger too. So I thought I'd write a story about these newly found relationships and see how the girls cope with starting to trust their mum's again and how they lean on each other for help.

I thought I'd start with the whole family tree thing and go from there, meaning that Sienna has not told Nico about her father yet. It will slightly follow a similar line to the actual storyline but will be a bit different and be more about them learning to bond.

So hope this is okay, All my other stories I will still be writing.

Peri woke up in her own bed, she had barely managed to get any sleep. She had secretly been sneaking into her parents room at night and just sitting there thinking about them, wishing that they were still here. She was really struggling to accept Leela as her mum. This woman had been her sister for too long. She had told Leela things than no one knew about her but it was strange. This revelation had damaged their relationship rather than strengthen it. Peri was terrified that if she let Leela be her mum then she would not be able to remember her mum. She didn't want Leela to take Sam place in her heart.

Her mum was her mum and Leela was her sister. She couldn't see herself calling Leela anything else. Leela and Cameron both wanted Peri to love them as parents but it was too hard for Peri. She needed to do this at her own speed and she felt that they were pushing her. She needed space to herself. She couldn't get away anywhere.

"Pez, come on let's go out for breakfast" Leela said walking into Peri's room.

"I don't want to" Peri said.

"Too bad, hurry up and get ready" Leela said. Peri couldn't be bothered with all this fighting so just decided to do what her sister told her.

She went into the bathroom and quickly had a shower before sitting with a towel around her drying her hair.

Meanwhile on the boat, Sienna had just got ready and walked into the living room.

"Nico, stop drinking for the cartoon" Sienna moaned holding a glass in front of her daughter. She had not been brought up the same way as she had.

"Did no one teach you that doing that is very rude" Sienna said.

"No, everyone did it at the children's room. We didn't have enough glasses for everyone" Nico said and Sienna sighed. She hated the thought of her daughter being there with no one to lean on and trust. She just wanted Nico to trust her but she just felt that she was getting nowhere with her. Whenever they gained some trust they took one step forward and three steps back. They were just going round in circles.

"I'm going to see Peri today" Nico said.

"Do you not want to do something with me?" Sienna asked.

"No" Nico said as if it was the most obvious answer.

"Please Nico, I want to get to know you" Sienna said.

"Why now? Why not 14 years ago?" Nico asked.

"Nico, I'm sorry" Sienna said and Nico just sighed running out the house.

Leela and Peri had just arrived for breakfast.

"I don't want to eat" Peri complained.

"You need to eat" Leela said.

"Not with you" Peri spat back.

"Peri" Nico shouted.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Peri asked.

"The crazy woman kicked me out, didn't she?" Nico said.

"Don't call her that" Leela said and Peri and Nico just gave Leela a weird look.

"Do you want to do the family tree project" Nico asked. "I can't believe we got homework"

"I know it's so unfair" Peri complained.

"Is that the best thing to do just now" Leela asked.

The girls just ignored Leela and went and sat down.

"I don't really know what to write. I don't know who my dad is" Nico said.

"What am I supposed to put? Can I even trust who my parents are" Peri said.

"Peri, of course you can" Leela said. The girls just sat gossiping as they worked.

"What should I put for my family. My dad I don't have a clue who he is and my mum is mentally unstable and a complete fruit loop" Nico said just as Sienna arrived.

"Nico that isn't very nice" Leela said looking at Sienna. Nico just stared at Sienna.

"Come on, Nico home now" Sienna said hurt by what her daughter had said.

"Now" She snapped and Nico sighed getting her things together and swiping everything off the table.

"Sorry about that Nico doesn't know how to behave properly" Sienna said before running off with her angry daughter.

"What did you write?" Leela asked gently looking over Peri's shoulder.

Leela, is my sister but actually my biological mother. We used to get on really well but now we don't get on so well. She doesn't understand that she can't just become my mum just because the woman that raised me has died. It makes it difficult for me to understand where I stand. I wish I could just get some space then I would be able to make decisions better and might consider letting her be more of a mum to me but she will never replace my mum.

Leela had tears in her eyes. She didn't think Peri had heard her and didn't realise she had read it.

"I'm so sorry Peri" Leela said pulling her daughter into her chest.

"Leela please" Peri said pulling away and getting on with her work.

Samantha, well she is my mum but actually biological my grandmother. I still see her as my mum as she raised me since I was a baby. Sadly she died this holiday, it still doesn't seem real as I keep expecting her to just appear and walk through the door. I wish everything would just go back to normal.

"Peri, please" Leela said. Peri just looked at her sister and packed her things before walking out the cafe. Peri headed off home and went into her room. Leela sighed. She could try again tomorrow.

Meanwhile Sienna was still annoyed at Nico.

"Who is my dad?" Nico asked.

"Nico I am not going to talk about that" Sienna said.

"Well, I must have a dad. You can't have a baby without having a man" Nico said and Sienna laughed.

"I'm glad I don't need to give you the birds and the bees talk" Sienna said.

"Mum please, I can't do this family tree without him" Nico moaned.

"I'm sorry, Nico I am not talking to you about this" Sienna said and Nico stormed to her room. Sienna sighed, she could try again tomorrow.

Hope this is okay, I understand that things aren't exactly the same as like the family tree and Nico hassling Sienna about her dad are different episodes but just for this one I have made it the same. I have done some repetition on purpose as I feel that they should do more Leela/Sienna scenes as even though things are different they are still going through similar problems. Please review and tell me what you think. Should I continue it?