A/N: Hey guys! So, here I am writing another story (after such a long time ^_^') Well, I am an artist; not a writer so that's why. I see that my latest story: A Rose With A Dark Secret, went really well with the amount of reviews I got so a few months later I'll attempt to make it into a comic. This time, I'm going to do a comedy. Yep, I'm taking a break from horror and relieving artist block. This won't be as descriptive as my original stories. As you see, I don't know much about the Archie Universe and even though I detest Sally Acorn; I'm gonna have to put her in the story and not 'bash' her with OOCness. Yeah so enjoy. Comment if you want me to continue this, OK ;D
Character ages:

Sonic: 15 years
Amy: 12 years
Tails: 8 years
Shadow: Older than I'll ever be but looks around the same age group as Sonic
Silver: 14 years
Cream: 6 years
Blaze: 14 years
Rouge: 18 years
Knuckles: 16 years

(I don't know the ages of the Archie characters so bear with me will ya,)

(In Tails' workhouse)

"10 years later, and Tails is still building that heap of junk..." Amy muttered just loud enough for the honey coloured kitsune. His namesakes twitched in irritation and while holding onto some loose wire with one hand, he turned his grease covered face towards her.
"It's not a piece of junk and you've only been here for like about an hour!" Tails groaned and carried on twiddling with the wires. He put his hand out towards Amy "Pass me the spanner," Amy huffed and passed him the necessary tool.

"Remind me why I'm here again?" Amy whined. She sprawled herself upon the tattered couch. Tails paused his work for a minute and turned to speak to her (again)
"I needed a helping hand with my invention and I need to test it on someone." Tails resumed with his work. Amy stood up and worked towards him.
"So out of all people, you choose me as the lab rat? And what the heck is this machine you're building?" Amy poked the invention only to bring back a bit of grease and to wipe it on the nearby table.

"Firstly, Sonic is running somewhere and forgot to take his Bluetooth with him so I can contact him, Knuckles is always guarding the Master Emerald, Rouge- I don't trust, The Chaotix, well they're just plain chaotic and to answer your second question. This machine uses all the seven chaos emeralds so it can transport anyone with or without the ability to chaos control to anywhere they like. They just have to think of that place once I switch it on." Tails clarified. Amy nodded but her questions kept on coming up.

"Oh, I see. This is kinda cool! Lets just hope Eggman doesn't get his dirty fingers on this beauty," Amy warned.
"Yeah, yeah, pass me the yellow screwdriver," Tails put his hand out again. Amy obeyed and passed him the screwdriver. Tails quickly did his kerwhizz on the machine and finished with a: "Voila! So, What do you think?" Amy raised an eyebrow at him.
"Is it supposed to be covered in oil and all that icky stuff?" she gestured towards all the oil stains and grease that smothered the warping machine.

"Of course I still need to clean it and paint it but first I want to test it out!" he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. He opened the supposed glass door in the machine and let Amy hop in. He closed it and immediately went straight to the control panels.
"Say, Tails? What do you think the dangers are of me getting vaporized?" she squinted at the ray gun that appeared above her curtesy of the buttons that Tail's pushed down.

"Erm...about..that...maybe a small chance?" he bit his lip at Amy's horrified expression.
"SAY WHAT! GET ME OUTTA HERE!" She banged against the glass while the ray gun was beginning to heat up. Her yells were muted by the sounds of electricity and gears running through the machine. Tails was frantically pressing buttons trying everything to open the glass!
"OH MAN! THE BUTTONS ARE JAMMED! USE YOUR HAMMER!" Tails yelled however, Amy couldn't hear him. The chaos emeralds surrounding the gun started to glow and shot beams towards the gun hole. Suddenly, all seven beams shot down from the gun straight onto Amy.

"AMY!" Tails cried but all that was left was nothing inside the machine. "Amy?" The kitsune started to tear up. "OH NO! What do I do? What if I killed Amy? That means Sonic will kill me! And Shadow and Silver and everyone else too!" He started to cry out chibi tears. Suddenly, he spotted his GPS. On the green screen, a red dot was blinking in it. "Wait a minute...she's still alive?" His mouth widened.

"Oh yeah! She was still wearing that tracking device! But, where is she now?" he realised.

Amy opened her eyes. At first everything was blurry and as soon as she sat up, her whole body started to ache painfully.
"Ow, I feel like I got hit by an atomic bomb," she rubbed her eyes.
"Are you okay?" a voice appeared out nowhere snapping Amy out of here blurriness. When her eyes regained focus, she gasped. In front of her was another hedgehog however, she looked exactly like her!
"AAAGH! DOPPELGANGER!" Amy yelped and got in a fighting position with her hammer out ready to strike.

"Wait! Wait! Calm down! I won't hurt you!" the look-alike giggled. Amy breathed out and sat back down. She realised she was on a bed. No wonder it was bouncy.
"Who are you?" Amy asked "And why do you look like me?"
"I'm Amy Rose and I was going to ask the same thing to you!" the look alike replied.
"How's that possible? I'm Amy Rose!" Amy got off the bed and stood in front of her doppelganger.

They looked like identical twins! Same clothes, same fur, same hair style! The only thing that was different was that Amy had a wrist device next to her bracelet on her left hand.
"It's possible! You must've came from another universe!" the other Amy chirped. Amy cocked her head in confusion.
"Another dimension? How the heck did I get here? I didn't think of this place during the chaos control!" Amy wondered out loud. She looked towards the other Amy and asked: "Where am I?"

"You're in Knothole," a voice replied. Both Amys turned to face the speaker. The other Amy's eyes lit up and clasped her hands together.
"Sonic! You're back!" she was about to run to him however he put his palm forward. He shook his head and huffed.
"Not now Ames," he turned his attention towards the Amy who just stood there. "Whoa, you girls really are identical. If it weren't for that wrist device, I would've not been able to identify between the two of you." he scratched the back of his head nervously. Amy squinted her eyes at 'Sonic' and put a finger on her chin.

"You look exactly like my Sonikku too." Amy grinned as the other Sonic's smirk was wiped off. However, the other Amy had a huge cheesy smile plastered on her face and she turned to face Amy.
"You have a 'Sonic' in your dimension too?!" she pounced on Amy into a bear hug. She was squeezing so hard that you could here Amy's delicate bones popping and cracking (not in pieces! You know when you stretch and your bone pops?)

"Amy! Can't breath!" Amy choked on her words. The other Amy let go immediately.
"It's okay, gosh, now I know how my Sonic feels when I hug him..." Amy straightened out her dress.
"Your Sonic?" the other Sonic questioned "Wait, are you also another fan-girl and friend to him?" the other Amy had a hurt spread across her face.
'He still thinks I'm just a fan-girl?" she thought to herself.

Amy spotted that look on her look alike's face and narrowed her eyes at her love's look alike.
"For your information...no," the other Amy's ears perked up slightly and turned her face to meet eye contact with Amy. "I mean surely I have an extreme way of showing how much I love Sonic but that doesn't mean I'm just a fan-girl. I'm his really close female friend since childhood and you could say we're inseparable."

"So not a fan-girl..." the other Sonic rubbed his finger under the bride of his nose.
"I genuinely love him, for him, but..."
"But..." he smirked.
"I do chase him and hug him, a lot...it's like a game really." Amy spoke thoughtfully.

"Hey she's awake!" a voice perked up. The hedgehogs immediately faced the door just to see a brown chipmunk with blue eyes, vest and matching boots enter the room. "Wait, which one is the girl we found out there?" she puzzled between the two Amy's.
"That would be me," Amy pointed to herself. "Just call me Ames so we don't get confused around here, and by the way, who are you?"
"Wait, wait, wait! You don't know her?" Sonic pointed at the chipmunk. Ames shook her head in refusal.

"I'm Sally Acorn, Princess of the Kingdom of Acorn." Sally smiled. Ames gave a quick smile.
"Nice to meet you but there is no Sally Acorn in my dimension." Ames shrugged her shoulders.
"Then who do you have in your dimension?" Sally asked eager to know more about Ames world.
"Lets see, obviously Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, me. We were the original four to begin with since we were kids," Sally raised her brow at this statement and quickly glanced at Amy who was focused on Ames.

"...and there's also Cream, Vanilla, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, Vector, Charmy, Espio and unfortunately..."
"Eggman?" the other Sonic finished for her. "There's always an egghead stinking up a dimension or two," he winked. Amy giggled while Sally rolled her eyes.

Suddenly, the device on Ames' wrist started to flicker and beep. A hologram came out.
"TAILS!" Ames squealed in joy.
"Amy? AMY! Thank goodness you're alive I..." however, Tails was cut off by a familiar voice.
"She's alive? SHE's ALIVE!" the fox was shoved to the side and a blue hedgehog appeared. You could see Tails shaking his head in annoyance at the cyan teenager.

"Sonic?" Ames blinked.
"Amy! Are you hurt? Where are you? Are you lost? Did anyone..."
"Sonic! I'm fine, really!" Sonic sighed in relief "But I'm in another dimension apparently," Sonic stopped breathing for a second...

(Tails' workshop -Ames' world)

If you were outside the workshop right now, you would've seen all the birds fly out of the trees from the volume of the speed devil's voice.
"Faker, shut your mouth!" the all too familiar bass voice silenced Sonic but only for a moment.
"You shut your mouth Faker!" Sonic countered back.
"Wait, Shadow's here too!" Amy spoke eagerly "Let me see him! Let him talk!" she ignored the curious looks of the other mobians in the room.
"Why do you wanna see him! In fact! You sounded more happy to see him than me!" Sonic narrowed his eyes at the communicator. Suddenly, Shadow pushed him out of the way and Ames was able to see him.
"No worries Rose, I'll get you out of here," Shadow mused and shot a sly smirk at the fuming blue teen.
"Why you!" Sonic was about to pounce on Shadow but a blueish green aura surrounded his body and stopped him in mid-air. Sonic glared at the hedgehog controlling the aura. "Silver! Let me go!"
"Silver?" Amy smiled but was ignored.

"First calm down, we won't be able to save Amy if you keep fighting," Silver lowered his arms down therefore the aura around Sonic vanished and lowered the now calm hedgehog down.
"Okay," Sonic darted back to the communicator to see Ames with a sweat drop in the screen of the communicator. "Do you know where you are Amy? The name of the place? I'm pretty sure Tails could get you outta here or something." Sonic turned to Tails.
"Actually, the co-ordinates are already in the transporter I sent Amy through so all I need is one of you guys to step inside the machine." Tails clarified.

"So how long will it take for them to come here?" Ames asked. Tails shrugged his shoulders. "That's encouraging...who's going to come and get me?" Tails' eyes went blank. He turned towards the three hedgehogs. "We'll need to discuss that later, I'll send them soon! And..." Suddenly, the communicator LED lights flashed red and automatically turned off. "NO! The battery's gone!" Tails wailed.

(In the Kingdom of Acorns-Knothole)

"Tails? Tails? Oh man!" Ames pouted. She turned towards the three confused looking mobians in the same room as her. Ames scratched her quills nervously like how Sonic would do at times "Eheh~sorry about that." Sonic gave a light chuckle.
"My other seems to be a little nuts no offense," however Amy (not our Ames) cooed.
"Awww! He's so protective over you! And he was a little jealous when Shadow wanted to bring you back!" she gave a quick glare to Sonic "Your Sonic is so much nicer to you compared to my Sonic, hmmmph!" Ames giggled at Sonic's bewildered face.

"What! I am nice to you!" Sonic narrowed his eyes at Amy. Amy pointed a finger at Sonic's chest and shook her head.
"Yeah, by running away from me daily even if I just wanted to say hi!" she folded her arms and put on a pouty face.
"Or marriage..." Sonic coughed but before Amy could counter back, Sally cleared her throat to get everyone's attention.

"So, Ames, while your Sonic, Shadow or Silver comes to pick you up, you're welcome to stay in the Freedom Fighter's HQ! I hope you enjoy your stay." she turned to Amy "Oh and Amy, can you give her a little tour and get her to meet everyone else along the way? I don't think a group meeting would make her feel comfortable." Amy nodded enthusiastically.

"Come on Ames! We have a lot to talk about and you have so much to see!" she chirped and darted off out of the door grabbing a laughing Ames along with her.

"Whoa, she's gone faster," Sonic chuckled at Amy's speed.
"You noticed now Sonic," Sally arched an eyebrow and Sonic just shrugged. She shook her auburn hair and proceeded to walk out of the door. Before she did though: "Treat her nicely Sonic." her aqua eyes pierced through the hedgehog's body and she walked off.
"I try..." Sonic whispered to no one in particular.

(With Ames and Amy)

"To kick things off, lets explore the HQ!" Amy dragged Ames to a huge hallway. "This is obviously the hallway! You can see there's like so many rooms and areas here and you might just wanna see a few."

They both entered a gigantic room. There was a couple stacks of chairs and a couple of tables. There was a flat screen plasma on the wall looking to be around 80-90". There was a few coaches and sofas and a stand with a microphone.
"This Ames, is the meeting room-ignore those cleaners there at the moment," Ames snapped back to reality a little dazed of strangers in the room.
"Sorry, my head just hurts." Ames rubbed the bump on her head which she woke up with.
"Lets get you outside then, hmm?" Ames nodded at that proposal and they both walked out of the meeting room and came face to face with an opened door that's supposedly the entrance/exit.

"Welcome to the outside of Knothole," Amy pointed her hand out of the door towards the greenery, villages, and houses. Ames gasped in delight and gladly stepped out of the HQ.

"Amazing...this is where you guys live?" Ames squealed. Amy nodded.
"Yeah, all except Sally. She lives in her castle and you could say Sonic lives here though he prefers to sleep on Tails' roof or sometimes mine!" Hearts were visible in Amy's eyes as she spoke the last few words in her sentence.
"Really? Even Sonikku sleeps on our Tails' roof or tree. Depending on the weather that is."

"We have so much in common! Do you have a cousin called Rob, like me?" Amy and Ames sat under a huge tree nearby. Amy's enthusiasm washed away when Ames frowned at her question.
"Actually, I don't have any relatives. I've been living in a orphanage till I was like eight. That's when I ran away," Amy gave a comforting hug.
"Aw, I'm sorry I asked."
"No worries," Ames waved it off "Luckily, I met Sonic on Little Planet and since then, we've stuck together. I couldn't have asked for a better childhood!"
"Childhood? Wait, how old was Sonic when he rescued you?" Amy squinted.
"He was eleven, why?" Amy's bottom lip stuck out.

"You actually got to grow up with him? You're biologically twelve! That's not fair!" Ames had a confused look on her face.
"What do you mean it's not fair?" Amy narrowed her eyes.
"I...I made a wish to grow up. I'm physically twelve but mentally, I'm eight." Ames patted Amy on her back.
"It's okay, I think that's cool!"

Amy smiled forcing her tears back inside.

(Tails's workshop -Ames' world)

Sonic, Shadow and Silver stared at Tails. The twin tailed kitsune was twiddling his thumbs.
"So, who's going to go and fetch Amy?" he asked nervously. 'Please don't fight, please please please don't fight or argue...' he mentally prayed to himself.
"If one of us was to go, how would they come back?" Silver asked. He fiddled with one of his front quill for a moment before realising that Tails hasn't responded to his question. "Er...yoohoo?" Tails still didn't respond and had a blank look on his face. "Earth to Tails?" Silver was now waving his hand in front of the boy's face.

"Oh man..." Tails turned his back at the trio of hedgehogs and scratched his bangs.
"Tails...bro...does this mean that whoever goes into that dimension...will never be able to come back?" Sonic spoke in a low voice. Tails squeaked when Shadow suddenly appeared in front of him and man did he look pissed!

Shadow pointed a finger at Tails and growled: "If you can't fix this and I MEAN FIX THIS JUNK, you will..." Shadow's threat was cut off by Sonic.
"Whoa there Shadow! He's just a kid!" Sonic gently moved the whimpering fox away from Shadow "Cut him some slack will ya, besides, I'm pretty sure will get Amy back! We always do!"
"This isn't like her being kidnapped by Robotnik or anything like that! Don't you understand! She's in another dimension for crying out loud!" Shadow responded coldly at the blue hedgehog. He spoke again not giving Sonic a chance to speak "I can't believe you're this calm in this situation despite her being one of your close friends! I can't believe Rose would fall for a hedgehog like you! You barely care for her!"

"Er...Shadow, I wouldn't..."
"Shut-it Silver!" Shadow snapped at Silver and returned his glance at the now fuming Sonic "As I was saying..." but Shadow was pushed aside by Sonic who stomped towards the machine and entered it.
"Sonic! What are you..." Tails tried to stop him.
"No Tails! I'll go and save Amy! We always find a way and just because she's in another dimension doesn't mean I'll fail as her hero this time! I care for her...FAKER." Tails nodded and pressed the button. As soon as he did, Shadow rolled his eyes and got inside the machine. "Shadow?"

"I didn't say you should go and save her! I'll go!" Shadow replied.
"Wait! Two people! That's risky!" Tails' voice was barely heard over the sound of the running machine.
"I'll come too!" Silver flew into the machine however, closing the machine's door in progress. He was met by shocked faced of his two comrades.

"Silver you idiot! Get out! You too hedgehog!" Shadow yelled.
"You get out! I was here first!" Sonic countered back.
"Tails! Get me OUT!" Silver cried out chibi tears. However, the whirring sound of the machine overwhelmed everyone's ears. The ray was starting to grow a huge cyan orb which was expanding.
"SONIC! SHADOW! SILVER! I CAN'T GET YOU OUT!" Tails was now banging the machine's door with his hammer tool but only resulted with small dents.

"TAILS!" Silver banged against the door while Sonic and Shadow gulped at the sight of the orb! Suddenly...


The whole workshop was filled with smoke. Tails coughed and cleared the smoke with his tails using it as a fan.

As soon as the smoke cleared, in front of him was the machine however, burned, dented, scratched and covered in soot. Sonic, Shadow and Silver...was gone...

Tails rushed towards his GPS tracker and breathed out in relief. They were all alive. The trackers on all four of the hedgehogs was visible on the screen. One in a certain place while three seems to look like they were falling.
"Okay, they're alive, that's the most important thing. Now, how to get them outta there." Tails turned towards his machine but when he looked up, he gasped.

The seven chaos emeralds were gone...

A/N: And that's the end of chapter one! I won't abandon this story (so worries right?) But it shall take time to update! Firstly, cos of school work and now that I'm gonna be in year 10 in september, it means GCSES. Secondly, I draw, I usually don't write so yeah...