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SEGA Sonic= Nicky
Archie Sonic= Sonic
SEGA Amy= Emi
Archie Amy= Amy

Ages (Well SEGA characters ages):

Sonic: 15 years
Amy: 12 years
Tails: 8 years
Shadow: He's too hot to be older than 15~~
Silver: 14 years
Cream: 6 years
Blaze: 14 years
Rouge: 18 years
Knuckles: 16 years

Japanese Translation:

Heiki: Okay
Baka: Idiot
Yappari: I knew it
Kirei: Pretty
Ai: Love
Tou (Actually spelt as 'to' but I mispelt it on purpose to avoid confusion): And
Nante Kotta: What the hell?
Shimatta: Oh dear
Kawaisō: Poor things
Kuso: Damn it
Gomen: Sorry
Doushite: How come
Yare: Oh my
Kanojo wa totemo kawaii: She is so cute
Dame (pronounced: da-meh): No
Kuruimasu: You crazy
Oshiete onegai: Tell me please
Wakari masu ka: Do you understand?
Shitte Imasu: I know
Hai: Yes
Wakari masu: I understand
Kahogo no shimasu: You're too over protective
Douiu imi: What do you mean?
Kawaikochan: Sweetie
Mochiron: Of course


Screams and furious yells exchanged each other within every room and up and down the hallways. Desperate patters of footsteps echoed across the harsh floor as guns were shot and fists were exchanged. The trio of runners focused on getting to their destination; painfully ignoring some of their fallen comrades and mentally praying that their loved ones haven't met a gruesome fate by Scourge or his diabolical henchmen's hands. The one leading the trio held the old male's hand in a painfully tight grip as if letting go of him would be the end of the world.

The pink female behind them, foreign of this world, held the feared weapon in her hand and used it to smack the occasional opponents who dared to pounce on the group.
"We're almost there! We need to take a left and then you need to-" Rosy silenced her order as shock took over her face. Both Kintobor and Amy followed suite and the shorter of the duo gripped the handle of her hammer so tight that she felt her knuckles whiten. What used to be a secret escape system was now infiltrated with Scourge's ugly army that were as pretty as ogres.

"Oi! Pink rodent with the red dress! Are you Prime Amy!?" One of them growled out making both Rosy and Amy clench their teeth in fury. No one calls them rodents and waltz away to freedom. According to this baddie, it looks like Scourge is on the hunt for the prime hedgehogs since they have the chaos emerald. Well, it's not like Amy is going to make things easy for them as she answered with:

"Am I Prime Rose? You're gonna have to find that out yourself buster!" With a ferocious yell, Amy propelled herself up and spun herself while swinging her hammer making her a tough mini tornado, invincible to anything trying to attack her. Putting their full trust on the young hedgehog on distracting the hoard of enemies, Rosy led Kintobor to a completely different direction hoping to lead him to safety at the very least. Lucky for them, Amy had barely any problems as she knocked her challengers away without any holding back.

"R-Rosy! Won't Amy need any help back there?" Kintobor managed to utter out trying his hardest not to fall on his face at the speed him and Rosy were running at. Rosy only glanced back and shook here head.
"She's fine. She can take care of those goons with ease! At least she's not injured like the rest of the Primes." With that said, Rosy tugged onto Kintobor's hand harder and sped up.
"I can't keep up! Slow down a little please-" To the kindhearted doctor's shock, Rosy twisted her body and threw Kintobor in the air like a dancer would throw their partner and caught the babbling man in her arms- BRIDAL STYLE.

"Goodness gracious! This is extremely- whoa!" Kintobor had no choice but to hold onto his pink saviour as she ran at inhumane speed that could make the fastest things alive proud. He frowned at her cheeky smile and mentally cried on how embarrassing the situation was.
"Lighten up Doc, there's no need to be shy-yyy!"
"Only you would crack a joke at such events..." Rosy only guffawed at his mutters. With less tension weighing down their spirits, they could possibly find a way out without making drastic decisions.

"Stop right there Missy! We have been given orders from sire to confiscate Kintobor!" Rosy halted to a stop and plopped the dizzy doctor behind her. She flicked her wrist and in an instance, her infamous hammer appeared in her hand sending chills down the spines of Scourge's minions in front of her. Oh how they had the nerve to even look at her let alone talk to her.
"Oh I oughta teach ya some manners of how you talk to the future queen of Moebius!" She whipped out her hammer like a whip and already the weak minorities of the enemies began to back away. Only the big, persistent ones revved up their weapons in return as to show they don't fear the pinkette.

"Oho? Future queen? Thinking of taking Scourge's advice on joining our side?" The being that looked like a grinch smiled like he was high on explicit drugs.
"Actually...it's more alone the lines of overthrowing that green buffoon," Rosy's eyes glinted with twisted sanity reminding the enemies of the person she was once was.

Not even a nano second passed and the arrogant henchman lunged towards Rosy and Kintobor with an animalistic roar, indescribable weapons raised as if they were going for the kill. Rosy pushed the baffled doctor backwards and with unimaginable strength, whacked the oncoming people with breakneck speed and bone crushing force. The small henchmen were as easy as batting a shuttlecock but the much larger ones, especially the one that dared to speak to Rosy, caused some strain the young girl.

Kintobor gasped at the strength that Rosy showed; he didn't doubt her power but he barely saw her in action. All of a sudden, they were surrounded and the lone girl was already at her limit. Feeling disappointment and annoyance to the growling henchmen, Kintobor whipped out a device from his saggy pockets and yelled:


Within a push of the trigger, a cyan beam was shot from the nozzle and hit the group at the front, coating them with a blue aura before solidifying instantly like ice. The henchmen inside were unable to move anything other than their eyes within the colossal ice. Smirking at Rosy's shell shocked expression, like a professional, Kintobor leapt up in the air and shot the now shivering minions with his freeze ray taking them all out within half a minute. The smug doctor landed like a graceful ballerina with all the henchmen relatively cool in their new icy surroundings.

"I'd close my mouth if I were you dear, wouldn't wanna catch flies now would we?" Kintobor grinned while tossing the freeze ray gun in his hand back and forth. The exhausted pink hedgehog shook her head and pouted.
"If you had the weapon on you this WHOLE time, why didn't ya use it you quack!" Kintobor's five seconds of fame was wiped off and a whiny expression coated his face.
"I just finished it today mind you! Besides, it's a beta product, I had to estimate the power of homeostasis in this gun so I don't end up freezing the insides of some people." He folded his arms with huff.

"We could've used all your other gadgets to take out these guys without a cinch! Dammit Kintobor you're such an idiot." Most people would find Rosy's behaviour rude and irrational however, Kintobor sensed something else brewing in the girl's mind. His glasses flashed with a little pride as he let out a cocky chuckle. The ditzy doctor waltzed his way towards the moping hedgehog and wagged a finger at her.

"O-oooooooooh! Somebody's jealo-oooooous~ Just cos I stole the show today and not you." Rosy's little groan ringed the doctor's hypothesis true making him giggle. "Come on now, we've got to help the others and take out Scourge's little monsters. Co-ooome on." It was almost like he was cooing the girl.

"F-F-Fine. Just don't start acting all big and everything." With a snooty puff, Rosy marched off with a very eager doctor who held his weapon like a little kid would with their toy gun and quietly mimicked shooting sounds. The young hedgehog looked behind her with a small smile adorning her face. The sight of the doctor was quite humourous without a doubt. Soon, the thought of taking out Scourge's possies seemed as easy as pie but facing the green hedgehog himself was a different story.

'Come on Rosy! Don't worry! If getting kissed and bitten by him wasn't enough to turn you insane then consider yourself on safe grounds.'Rosy bit her bottom lip at the mere memory of his lips against hers. As much as she hated to admit it, that kiss wasn't half bad. In fact, if Rosy were to catch the green menace, she could perhaps earn some more kisses from him once she's imprisoned him...

Rosy halted in her steps as soon as not so innocent thoughts entered her head. 'Wait a minute!? I hate that cunt! Why am I thinking of kissing him all of a sudden? Aaaargh! Why can't I hate him?' Rosy tugged on her quills in frustration.
"Rosy dear? What's wrong?" Kintobor shoved his freeze ray back in his pocket thinking that his boasting was getting to the pinkette. "I'm sorry for stealing your show back there little one-"

"It's not you Doc, don't worry," Her smirk then faltered as she carried on "I just can't stop thinking about HIM." Her expression contrasted with the disgusted tone on the implied person. The doctor rolled his eyes under his glasses and started to wonder if Rosy's hormones were starting to activate.
"Oh Rosy...remember, once you're in love, it's hard to get out of it." The only response the good doctor earned was a frustrated yell from his daughter like figure.
"Well love can go to HELL!"

(Meanwhile, with Sonic and Silver)

The powerful duo, Sonic from the opposite dimension of Moebius and Silver from the Prime dimension, were either running or flying in search of the others. Silver's injury has toned down slightly and Sonic fought off the majority of the henchmen that came in their way. The good news was that they've received word that most of Scourge's minions were taken out by the rebels and that no casualties has occurred. The bad news was that with the power that Scourge has now, he was probably fifty times more powerful than everyone else's power in the hidden base combined which included the enemies that infiltrated in.

"Silver! How's your leg?" Sonic took his eyes off of the front to glance at his companion for a moment. He's only known the albino hedgehog for a day yet it felt like they've known each other for a long time. The answer to that could probably be because of the Silver back at Sonic's world was almost the same as the Silver he's fighting alongside with. The difference? There's something but Sonic doesn't can't seem to put a finger on it.

"My leg's fine; I feel normal now! But do you think it was a good idea to leave Shadow behind?" Silver has resisted himself from looking back so far to avoid the temptation of fighting alongside with one of the people he respected.
"Shadow can stall Scourge to give us some time to get to Nicky and them lot."
"If that guy can survive a fall from space, fought aliens and fight Nicky on a daily basis, then Scourge wouldn't be so tough. Have a lil' faith in the old guy!"

'Heiki HEIKI! No need to to rub that in my wounds. It's not like I don't trust him. Baka...' Silver glowered at the blue blur below as they were scouting for their friends. The young psychokinetic peered at his leg and his mood lifted up when he saw the blood has almost completely clotted up and the pain has decreased. Now he can fight with more ease and use his power without falling into exhaustion too quickly.

"Do you think he'll be able to beat Scourge then?" Silver lowered himself down a bit but sped up slightly to meet Sonic's gaze. The blue hedgehog thought for a second before replying with his eyebrows furrowed.
"As ultimate as the guy is, I seriously doubt it. Like come one, if Scourge was empty handed, Shadz would've got at least a fifty percent chance if not more of victory. I sensed the chaos emeralds of Moebius and three of the Prime chaos emeralds within his grasps."
"No way..."

"But!" Sonic and Silver halted to a stop at the sudden voice and person ahead of them with surprise written all over their faces. "B-B-But, with all of us working t-together...we can win!"

"Amy..." Her name automatically left Sonic's mouth as he dashed towards the staggering rose. Silver just landed a few feet ahead of them scratching the back of his head. For some bizarre reason, he had a feeling that something a little 'private' is going to go on or something along the lines of that. He had enough of third wheeling behind Nicky's and Emi's flirting banter.

"Amy!" Sonic yelled her name again and grasped the girl's shoulders in a frantic grip, scanning the girl from head to foot with worry etched in his face. Her body was decorated with a a couple of scrapes and bruises but what worried him the most was the deep scratch on her cheek.
"Eheh...nice to see you too Sonic." Amy's nervous smile collapsed at the stern look on her lover's face. Her ears bent down, a universal sign of either an apology or submission, mainly apology in Amy's current circumstances.

"Which one of them did this to you? Tell me!" Silver flinched at Sonic's stubborn tone despite being a good distance behind him but Amy only brushed off his question.
"Sonic, calm down! I've knocked them all out by what used to be the fire exit. It's not as bad as it looks, trust me!" Sonic only took a deep breath before pulling the girl into his arms putting her off guard.

Silver smirked at them both and was careful of making any sudden noises to ruin the moment. He scanned the surroundings and his smile widened even more when he noticed that there was no one around at this point. What a perfect place and time for something cute to happen. 'I blame Emi-Chan for getting me into this kirei ai tou romance.'

"Is it so bad to worry about you Ames?" Sonic's voice was slightly above a whisper and his eyes were lidded halfway revealing only a bit of his gleaming apple green eyes. Amy responded with a small gasp and didn't dare to move.
"I'm sorry for making you feel that way." The only answer she got from her blue hero was his arms pushing her against him tighter like they were bidding farewell.
"It is a little too late to tell you to go back home after all..."
"Even if you did, I wouldn't have listened." Much to Sonic's dismay, Amy pulled back slightly so that they could see each other's face. With a cheeky smile, she pulled out her tongue childishly and giggled.

"Heh, ya think I'd let you get away with that excuse so easily?" Amy looked at him in confusion spotting the trademark smirk that's sneaked its way to Sonic's muzzle. "There are many things I would've done to make ya listen."
"Ehmm? Like what?" A challenging smile crept up Amy's face supporting her change of tone. All Silver did in the background was watch the duo intently as if he was watching a romance comedy. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two to perform on Blaze, well, once he builds up the courage to do so.

"There are so-oooooo many things, but I'mma just gonna mention two of my favourites." Amy only raised a brow at him when Sonic let go of her slowly. "Since I'm like too fast for you, I could just-" With a flurry movement of speed, Sonic twirled Amy so that her back was facing him and held her arms like a cop would to a robber.
"Sonic!" The blue speed demon chuckled and stroked the side of her muzzle.
"I could just pin ya somewhere and tie you up leaving a note sayin' not to let you free till I come back. That's worked quite a few times." Sonic let out a mimic of Eggman's infamous laugh while Amy struggled in his grip.

"Even though, as soon as I was set free, I ended up delivering some 'lovely' bruises and broken bones with my hammer?" Amy hissed out. Sonic's grip wasn't painfully tight but since she was already battered up, she was slightly wincing in pain. Silver on the other hand gawked at the two and chewed on his gloved fingers.

'Nante kotta!? Ehhhhhhhhhh!? What a sudden turn of events! Is this even appropriate?' Silver's bursts of thoughts and over-exaggeration on the whole situation was ignored as pink and blue forgot he was still there.

"Oh yeah, you broke my leg at one point...that wasn't very nice." Sonic huffed but twirled Amy around so that they were facing each other once again. "But, ya wanna know what my other favourite way to make ya listen? Huh?"
"Lemme guess, running away like an idiot?" Sonic's smile grew devilishly at her answer.
"I'll let you know that I've yet to try this on you. After all, it's guaranteed to distract you for a while."

If it were possible, Silver's jaw would've hit the floor and his eyes would've bulged from widening of shock. No one, no living thing, no being who knew Sonic and Amy, would've expected the faster of the two to launch their lips onto the pink's softer pair into a short, sweet kiss. Amy's eyes widened while Sonic's were shut in utter bliss. His lips were pressed against hers firmly yet a passionate surge of feeling was lit on both of their lips. Both their minds were full of nothing but of each other and the feeling of the sweet moment.

Amy finally fluttered her eyes closed and brought her arms under Sonic's head, returning the kiss in process. Sonic moved one hand from her waist to her muzzle to cup the side of it only to delve into her soft quills. Unfortunately, their few seconds of bliss had to end as Sonic pulled away feeling like he was going to explode of feels. The feeling of his heart hammering against his chest like Amy's hammer left him breathless and all of a sudden, embarrassment filled his body, his flaming muzzle proving the silly feeling. He may be feeling no regrets but that didn't stop all of his confidence seeping out of his body as soon as his mind came in terms to what just happened.

Little Amy on the other hand was in a daze and the thought of sharing a kiss with Sonic didn't register in her mind yet. Her face was brighter than Sonic's and her eyes held a dreamy look. Finally, FINALLY. After so long, she's gotten her man. She's gotten her first kiss!

"Ahem...you taste good...heheh..." Sonic's words snapped Amy out of her daze and she looked at him with a determined smile. The smile however made Sonic flinch at her sudden change of mood.
"You call that a kiss darling? Let the queen of rom-com show you how it's done!" Without a warning, Amy pounced her Sonic with a squeal and crashed her lips against his with an increased size of passion. Sonic gladly accepted the kiss and circled his arms around her waist with glee. The blue hedgehog allowed the pink one to dominate as he smirked under her hold.

"Erm...sorry to interrupt-" Both Sonic and Amy pulled away simultaneously to gawk at the white hedgehog with embarrassment. How could they've forgotten his presence? "As much as that was cute and all, heheh, I don't think you'd like it if Scourge or his henchmen were to catch here like that." Amy leapt off of Sonic completely red in the face and Sonic followed suite equally as mortified. The albino hedgehog had a point. Right now, they're in a dangerous situation so all the confessing and kissing can be done much later.

"So...are we going to look for Nicky and Emi or are we going to help Shadow?" Amy directed her question at Silver who only gave a little 'huh?' in response. His mind slightly panicked and narrowed his eyes at Sonic as if trying to tell him something. Sonic only shrugged in response and rubbed his nose.
"Why are you asking me? You know that I don't make the best decisions."
"The thing is, my mind is a little-er cloudy and I don't think," Sonic then pulled Amy to his side to emphasize his upcoming point "I mean I don't think either of us would make a wise decision."

Silver resisted the urge the face palm himself. Of course, the lovehogs just shared their first kiss and their minds were bound to be filled with each other and their potential future. With a deep breath:
"Since we have no idea where Nicky and Emi are, I suggest that we go back and help Shadow stall Scourge for a while. I have a feeling that it won't take long till the rest of us, including Rosy and Kintobor finds the green buffoon."

"Oh yeah, I forgot all about Rosy and Kintobor." Amy mused out loud "Now that we mention them, lets hope that they're okay and that we bump into each other soon." The trio gave a mutual nod before retracing Sonic's and Silver's steps back to where they left Shadow to face the green speed demon. Their senses were on high alert, though, they couldn't help but feel a slither of dread running in their stomachs. This is no ordinary fight and someone could die.

(With Nicky and Emi)

In the middle of the base's kitchen was a small group of young rebels, no older than five, huddled together with fear displayed in their tearful eyes. Patrolling them were none other than about twenty of Scourge's goons, each with weapons ranging from an axe to a chainsaw of some sort. Like a cycle, each of these henchmen would spare a glare or disgusted expression at the children huddled in the middle. The big maroon coloured bear growled at the smallest of the children making her squeak and hide her face behind a taller boy next to her. The boy only glared at the bear and held onto the little girl. With a satisfied snort, the bear grinned showing it's decaying teeth before continuing its patrolling along with the others.

Unbeknownst to the people in the room, the main door slithered open slightly and a gust of wind dashed in with such speed that it was unnoticeable. The blur hid behind the fridge that was surrounded with other things like counters and dirty pots and pans making it the perfect hiding space. Why, since the goons already searched that area as soon as they entered, no one else is going to bat an eye there. In that dark hiding spot, two pairs of eyes gleamed like fireflies but green in colour. One pair was the shade of the ripest green apple while the other differed with a hue of blue, identified as jade.

"Shimatta! There's tiny kids over there." Nicky hissed out. His voice was quiet enough for his and Emi's ears only. The sight of the trembling children tugged on both of their hearts and fueled their inner rage against Scourge.
"Kawaisō..." Emi's eyes lowered and it took her everything to not jump out of their hiding space and madly beat up the goons. With her persistent wound, things wouldn't go as smoothly as butter on toast.

"I swear those bozos get uglier and uglier as we venture further in the base." Emi only rolled her eyes at her blue companion. All of a sudden, the very same bear that just taunted the kids looked towards the hedgehogs' direction making them both cower and lean back to avoid being seen. It would've been much easier to blend in if their fur were as dark as Shadow's since royal blue and baby pink sticks out like a sore thumb. Nicky instinctively held Emi to his chest and bent them both down, eyes narrowed towards the bear. However, since his mouth and nose was just above Emi's head, he had no choice but to inhale her sweet scent causing him to lose some of his aggression and concentration.

'...Kuso! Why does she always smell so good?' Nicky gritted his teeth and the tension began to rise. He could just curl up into a ball but that could possibly make a huge racket and give away their position.

Either Nicky and Emi hid very well or the bear had rubbish eyesight since the big grizzly huffed and averted his eyes from the fridge finding the cupboard ahead much more interesting. Blue and pink let out a breath that they've unconsciously been holding.
"Once we get home, I'm gonna crash on your coach and sleep all week." Emi giggled at Nicky's statement. She could already imagine him barging through her door and jumping on her soft sofas before falling asleep instantly with a innocent little drool seeping out of his mouth. The mere image had her squealing internally.

"Emi? Oi...Emi!" Nicky had to bonk his fist on her head lightly to snap her out of her daydreams "Baka. You can daydream all ya want once we get outta here. Okay?" Emi only bowed her head down in apology with her ears folded backwards.
"Okay, oka-aaaay. Don't pull that face on me," Emi was now confused.
"Doushite?" Emi tilted her head to the side like a child would when they're genuinely lost in whatever just happened. Much to Nicky's dismay, the very gesture flamed his muzzle to a raspberry tint and his heartbeat started to go out of control.

'Yare, Yare...it's taking me everything to not grab her and kiss her right there right now. Why is she so cute? Kanojo wa totemo kawaii! I think she's doing this on purpose.'

"Ehem. We should er...come up with a plan to take out them blockheads and save the kids." Nicky avoided, well attempted to avoid the question but Emi had none of that.
"Nicky..." Her warning tone caused the older male to sweat-drop on the side slightly. "Tell me now."
"Dame. Leave me alone," Emi challenged him by standing up only for Nicky to pull her back down against his chest "Kuruimasu!? You're gonna blow our cover."

"Oshiete! Onegai! Or else I'll just march my way towards those goons and take them all out by myself. Hmmmph!" Nicky mentally groaned at the girl's persistence and grabbed her wrists with his face dangerously close to hers. "Ehhhh?"
"If you disobey me one more time, I'll raid all your food in the fridge at your house and stop taking you on my runs for a month. Wakari masu ka?"
"Awwww..." Emi whined "Shitte imasu," Just one look at Nicky's face highlighted that he was not joking.
"Hai, hai! Wakari masu Sonikku,"

As if he had a split personality, Nicky's serious expression evolved into his usual cocky expression and patted Emi's cheek, earning a distasteful look from a girl.
"Kahogo no shimasu. You were never like this before," Nicky paused and furrowed his brows at Emi, his hand still cupping her muzzle. The look of curiousity was present in her eyes as if they were searching for something in his.

"Douiu imi? I'd say the way I've been looking after you hasn't changed for the past long years we've known each other." Now it was Emi's turn to be surprised.
"You were just too busy planning your schemes into getting me to marry you to realise this. Kawaikochan~" Nicky tapped on Emi's nose as she blushed to the colour of crimson.

"I have so many things to say and do but I can't risk getting us caught." Nicky barely got what Emi mumbled but smirked deviously nevertheless. Oh how much fun he had teasing his girl.
"I think I have an idea. Remember when we pranked our Knuckles into thinking ghosts were real?" He received a wry grin from the silently giggling girl.
"Mochiron! I still have it all on the camera and a couple of copies on the discs."
"Don't forget to hand me a copy then heh! Oh, back to my point,"

Nicky whispered his plan to Emi as both held smiles that could put the devil to shame. Oh how the henchmen were gonna suffer the wrath of the Prime Sonic and Amy once they execute their excellent plan...









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