{Rewatched Fruits Basket and decided to make a fanfiction that has my OC, Aleks Sohma. Her is some stuff about her. She is a long forgotten zodiac (like Kyo), the raccoon. She has rainbow hair (you'll soon find out why) and blue eyes. She is super skinny and a full on rebel. This is actually a Kyo X OC/Reader fanfic. I hope you like it! I DO NOT OWN FRUITS BASKET.}

'News reports say that there is someone is vandalizing and stealing in Japan. Witnesses describe the person as a young girl with rainbow colored hair. She has taken the title 'Rainbow Strike'. 'Rainbow Strike' has stolen money from here and there, along with spray painting multiple billboards and even the victim's houses. Victims say she looks very young, maybe from the ages 12 to 16. The police are attempting to catch her and put her into custody.'

Shigure read aloud the headline for the newspaper. Kyo was lying on his back, listening to every word.

"Do you think that's her?" Kyo finally said.

Shigure looked at him with a grin. "What? You worried about your girlfriend, hm?"

Orange cat ears appeared on top of Kyo's head. "SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" He hissed.

The door suddenly opened behind them. "We're home!" chimed Tohru, Yuki following behind her.

"Ah! Tohru, Yuki. Welcome back! Yuki, can I speak to you for a second?" Shigure said, a fake smile planted on his face. "Sure, let me just unload these groceries." He walked to the kitchen and back. At the sight of Yuki, Kyo crossed his arms.

"What do you need to talk about?" Yuki said, barely any emotion in his voice. Shigure handed him the newspaper. "Look at what I found." Yuki scanned his eyes over the newspaper then looked at Kyo and Shigure. "No way..."

Tohru peeked her head in. "Dinner's ready! Huh?... What's wrong?" The three Sohmas looked as if someone died, but actually it was the opposite. They just found out someone was alive.

"Uh... nothing. It's nothing you need to worry about, Miss Honda. We'll be there in a second." Yuki finally said.

She was curious. What's going on? Why aren't they telling me about it? She shrugged off the questions and headed back in the kitchen. Yuki turned back to the guys. "We'll talk about this later." Shigure said, standing up and walked to the kitchen followed by Kyo.

{I left this as a prologue for you guys! I hope you like it :) Please follow, favorite or review for more!}