"Loviiiii!" Spain cooed, clinging to the aformentioned Italian. he sighed exasporatedly "what is it Spagna?" obviously, he was in no mood to deal with any crap (but really, when was he?). "well, I have to go christmas shopping, and since your brother Feli's coming to visit, can you two set up the decorations while im out?" "WHAT?! NO W-" "if you do I'll keep France and Prussia from coming" ... damn, he's good. "...fine..."

so that's how he ended up here, on a step ladder, trying to string lights up on the walls "Ve~ fratello-" "I'M TRYING TO RIG UP THESE LIGHTS!" "o-okay" Veneziano went back to decorating the tree. about ten minutes later, the lights started blinking in an odd, unfollowable pattern "NOW WHY THE HELL ARE THEY BLINKING?!" he started cursing profusedly "f-fratello..." Venesiano pointed at the lights, which are now out "FUCK! ONE GOES OUT THEY ALL GO OUT DAMMIT!" he freaked out more.

30 minutes later, he calmed down enough to continue working while Feli went to the basement to get extra decorations. he unplugged them and plugged then in with the tv, lamp, and fan. then. the lights went out. "VENEZIANO GET THE FLASHLIGHT I BLEW A FUSE!" he shouted. as he was getting off the step ladder, he slipped ad fell, attempting to catch himself with the lights. he got tangled up in them on the ground, in the dark "VENEZIANOOOOOOOOO!"

after the lights were restored and Romano was untangled, they were sitting on the couch. "u-uh fratello... did you read the instructions...?" he found them discarded on the floor. Romano turned to him with a deadly expression, standing up, he walked to the doorway, picked up the lights and said simply "if you're so smqrt... YOU HANG UP THE LIGHTS!" then proceeded to chuck them at the younger, storming out of the room to take a nap.

Italy got them hung in 5 minutes.

Romano and Italy agreed to never speak of the incident to Spain, to preserve the former's pride and dignity.

A/N: Based on Bob Rivers' "12 pains of christmas". do not own. Saw a bunch of vids on youtube requesting a fic about Romano w/ this. might do more for the rest later! :3 cant you just see this hapening? (IMPLIED SPAMANO BUT ISN'T MADE ALL THAT IMPORTANT. CAN MAKE IT FRIENDLY/PLATONIC IF YOU WANT!)