A/N – Hi! As you can see, this is my first fanfiction. In this fanfic, there are a few changes in some stuff. Like Seitenshi (Black Bullet). She is not yet the ruler of Tokyo, but the daughter of the current guy. Also, all the character's high school friends in their own anime are non-existent, since they will go to Hope's Peak instead of their respective schools (Example, Roka still knows who Chitose is since they were friends before high school, but she doesn't know who Kenji is since they would never meet). One last thing, all characters will be aged 16 here, so to avoid complications (Yes, even Satsuki is 16 here even though she's supposed to 18).

Update: I completely forgot that Yoshii Akihisa's first name is NOT Yoshii, but rather Akihisa. So, the narration will refer to Yoshii as "Akihisa", and the characters that don't do the first-name basis will refer to him as "Yoshii". The chapter after this will be updated as well. Sorry bout' that!


Amakusa, Kanade from Noucome as the "Ultimate Lucky Student"

de Blois, Victorique from Gosick as the "Ultimate Detective"

Hase, Yuuki from One Week Friends as the "Ultimate Comrade"

Hikigaya, Hachiman from Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru as the "Ultimate Philosopher"

Ichijou, Raku from Nisekoi as the "Ultimate Yakuza Heir"

Kiryuin, Satsuki from Kill la Kill as the "Ultimate Student Council President"

Kuroki, Tomoko from Watamote as the "Ultimate Otaku"

Oga, Tatsumi from Beelzebub as the "Ultimate Juvenile Delinquent"

Okumura, Yukio from Blue Exorcist as the "Ultimate Exorcist"

Seitenshi, -CLASSIFIED- from Black Bullet as the "Ultimate Presidential Heir"

Shiba, Tatsuya from The Irregular at Magic High School as the "Ultimate Soldier"

Shibaski, Roka from D-Frag! as the "Ultimate Gamer"

Takanashi, Rikka from Chuunibyou as the "Ultimate Role-player"/ Wicked Lord Shingen from Chuunibyou as the "Ultimate Conqueror"

Taneshima, Popura from WORKING! as the "Ultimate Waitress"

Yoshii, Akihisa from Baka to Test as the "Ultimate Idiot"

Okay, now that that's been settled, enjoy the Prologue!

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Prologue – Hope's Peak Academy, the School of Hope

Yuuki's POV

This huge school building was built on a prime plot of real estate in the very center of the city, as if it was in the center of the world itself. "Hope's Peak Academy"… It is a super-exclusive academy, officially recognized by the government, aspiring to gather and cultivate high school students excelling in their respective academic fields. It is a school with several hundred years of history, legendary for sending its top students into leading roles in every professional field time after time. Its stated goal is to raise this nation's "hope" that will bear the country's future on their shoulders. Accordingly, some people call this remarkable place the "Academy of Hope". And here I' am, in front of this legendary school. Let me introduce myself first.

My name is Hase Yuuki, a regular high school student. Average build, average height, average intelligence, not-so average intelligence in math… I don't have any cool talents... Well, except making friends twice as fast as normal people. I know, it isn't a real talent or skill, I got that. If you want to complain, go complain to the faculty of Hope's Peak Academy. Apparently, I was chosen to enroll in Hope's Peak Academy as the "Ultimate Comrade".

Ultimate Comrade - Hase Yuuki

I think my mom giggled when she read the invitation letter. For your information, there are two rules to be eligible for admission in Hope's Peak Academy. One, you must be an incoming high school student. Two, you must be the best in your field of specialty. Also, Hope's Peak doesn't hold entrance exams or such. They scout promising people and give them invitations. And then they chose me for my "talent".

It isn't too bad, though. I heard people say that once you study and graduate in Hope's Peak Academy, your future is already brighter than the sun. The only problem is everyone else's talents are much better than mine. I did some research yesterday and searched for my would-be-classmates.

The first name I saw on the internet of the new batch of students in Hope's Peak was none other than the daughter of our prime minister, Seitenshi. She was staying in Hope's Peak as "The Ultimate Presidential Heir".

Next I saw was "The Ultimate Student Council President" Kiryuin Satsuki. I've seen her family name in numerous places. The Kiryuins own the Kiryuin Conglomerate, a massive multi-national conglomerate with access to immense resources and power.

Then there's "The Ultimate Yakuza Heir" Ichijou Raku. His gang, the Shuei-Gumi, has the largest number of members in the nation. Talk about scary!

Among the others were "The Ultimate Juvenile Delinquent", "The Ultimate Soldier", "The Ultimate Waitress", "The Ultimate Gamer" and some more that I didn't bother reading. Compared to the others, I feel so worthless. I just hope I won't be discriminated as such.

Taking a deep breath, I steel myself for my first school day.

"Don't be scared now, Yuuki! You got to walk with pride!" As I whispered those words to myself, I took a look at the acceptance letter I held in my hand.

"New students are to gather at the entrance hall 8am"

There is still some time to pass until then… I wonder if I should walk in.

"Well, better be early than never!" I said as I walked towards the entrance. With a bit of melodramatic determination you wouldn't think is needed when stepping into a school building for the first time, I walked toward the entrance hall. As expected, no one' here yet.

"So this is the entrance hall. There's still no one here..." I said to myself as I looked up at the magnificent wall clock that hangs on the wall. The time was 7:10am. The gathering is at 8. Still 50 minutes left. It makes sense that no one is here yet…

"I was so nervous I ended up coming here way too early..."

There was still plenty of time until the gathering time. Waiting in the hall isn't a very exciting thing to do... Maybe I should go ahead and explore the school for a while... It will help in easing my nerves.

"I wonder what kind of friends I will be able to make here. I hope someone would come by now," I thought to myself as I pondered around my thoughts a bit.

"I'll just pass the time wandering around." With that thought in my head, I took my first step into the depths of Hope's Peak Academy. It was a moment charged with the feeling of hope that accompanies a new school life...

...or at least, it should have been.

"Huh..? I feel… dizzy…"

A wave of fatigue washed over me, and I started to fall towards the ground. The last thing I heard before falling unconscious was the sound of footsteps coming closer. Then darkness filled my vision. It was the end of my life as an ordinary student. It was at that point that I realizing that this wasn't a "Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy"…

It was more like "Welcome to Despair Academy".



"Where… am I?"

I woke up on top of a hard desk. My entire body was awfully weary.
I fell asleep in the middle of a boring class before, of course ...But, why am I sleeping on top of this desk right now? Even stranger, this is a classroom I've never seen before.

"What's this place..?" I said as I stood up from my desk to investigate the strange classroom. Looking at the clock, I noticed that it's past 8. I arrived at school around 7:10. Time sure flies by fast. I then noticed a security camera that was pointed at me.

"Huh? A security camera? Here?" I wondered out loud. Maybe it was to keep the school safe? This school is a pretty large place, so I guess it makes sense that they would try to keep it safe. The only creepy thing about it is that it's following me wherever I go.

"Huh, it's pretty hot in here. Is the aircon off?" I wondered as I decided to open the windows for some fresh air. Only one problem, though.

"What the what!? Why is the windows covered in iron plates?" I wondered aloud as I tried hitting it with my fists.

*bang bang*

"Yup. Iron plates they are. What kind of school would deprive its students of fresh air and sunlight?" I asked myself as I returned to the seat I sat on not too long ago. There were still some traces of saliva on it. I reach for my pocket and grabbed my handkerchief, then wiped the saliva off. I also noticed a fancy looking pamphlet on top of the desk. I picked it and opened it.

"Guidance for New Students," I read it out loud. "The new semester has started. We hope you enjoy your stay in Hope's Peak Academy." Well, I guess Hope's Peak still has its touch in fanciness. I put down the pamphlet and decided to think how I could have possibly ended up here.

"So, judging from the state of things... I got a sudden attack of nausea, and then someone carried me to this classroom?" I thought to myself as I scratched my head.

"If that's so, why couldn't they have carried me to the infirmary?" I answered my own question. This was getting weird. I didn't even know how I ended up here! All this weirdness is getting creepy. Iron plates bolted to the windows… This strange prison-like atmosphere… I need to get out of this room now.

"I should get going to the entrance hall. The others are probably waiting by now." I said to myself as I left the room. The corridor was eerily quiet. The walls emitted a creepy aura. It was worse than the inside of the classroom. And the atmosphere is really creepy.

"This feels like that game I played. Corpse Party, was it?" I asked myself as I looked around the corridor. Then suddenly, I heard footsteps coming my way. Closer and closer…

"Looks like someone's coming…" I thought to myself as I braced myself for whomever; or whatever was coming.

?'s POV

Just when I thought I was going to have fun learning in Hope's Peak Academy, I fell unconscious a little while ago and woke up in a creepy classroom. I was scared out of my wits, so I left the room in order to find the others. As I was walking out in the corridor, I heard someone's voice, so I decided to go after it. The voice did mention "Corpse Party", so I assumed he was a gamer as well. When I finally met the source of the voice, though…

"YAH! Y-you scared me…" the source of the voice said. Was I that scary? I was so small and cute, it's impossible to think of me as scary. Oh well, at least I found one of my classmates.

"W-well, I'm sorry for scaring you. I'm Roka Shibasaki, the Ultimate Gamer."

Ultimate Gamer - Shibasaki Roka

I introduced myself while I got a clearer look on the young boy. He was not that tall, but he was still a head taller than me. He had light brown hair and brown eyes and was wearing a school uniform consisted of a white shirt, blue tie, dark brown pants and a brown cardigan.

"Let me introduce myself, then. I'm Hase Yuuki, the Ultimate… Comrade," the boy said as he bowed down in a form of respect.

"You're the Ultimate… Comrade?" I asked, tilting my head in confusion. Comrade? So out of everyone in the country, he was the best at making friends?

"Yes…" Yuuki trailed off as he looked away from me while scratching the back of his head. It's obvious that he didn't think too highly of his talent. Being the first person I met here, I decided to cheer him up a bit.

"What's wrong? I think your talent is kind of nice, Hase-san," I said while patting his back. He smiled back at me and became more motivated.

"I know, let's be friends! You're the first person I met here anyways," Yuuki said as he offered his hand for a handshake. "Friends?"

"Friends," I said as I accepted his handshake and smiled. It's a nice change of pace to make friends in such a spooky place.

"I know we just started being friends, but I would like to call you Roka, if you don't mind," Yuuki asked me while blushing a little bit. I giggled. He was so friendly! I wasn't really comfortable with people I just met, but he feels like a friend I've known for a long time. It was a nice change from my middle school days when I didn't have many friends. I guess he really is "The Ultimate Comrade".

"If you allow me to call you Yuuki, then sure," I said happily. With that finished, we decided to head for the entrance hall.

"By the way, you know Corpse Party, right?" I asked Yuuki as we walked the eerily quiet corridors.

Yuuki's POV

The walk to the entrance hall was very relaxing, since I was talking to Roka. We decided to talk about how the important things later, so that we can sort things out with the other new students later. We talked about games usually, which was apparently Roka's specialty.

"So, what kind of games have you played so far?" I asked Roka.

"I usually play board games, but I do play 8bit Skipper"! It's one of my favorites," Roka said in response. I've heard of "8bit Skipper". Its retro style, but super popular among gamers. It's a very challenging but addicting game.

"Ah, "8bit Skipper"! I like that game. I haven't finished the final boss, though…" I said while sinking a bit. She smiled and grabbed a purplish-black bag from her pocket.

"It's simple! All you have to do is use the "Darkening" skill. It'll stun the boss a bit," Roka said while catching the air with her bag.

"Oh, that skill. I can't find it, though. How do I get it?" I asked while rubbing my chin.

"You have to defeat the secret boss first." Roka beamed. After a few minutes of some small talk, we finally reached the entrance hall.

"Well, let's go in. We can't let our classmates wait too long for us," I said to Roka as she nodded her head in response as we entered the entrance hall for the second time.

And in the other side of the door… They were waiting.

In the entrance hall, there were at least 13 other students.

"Ah, you two are also new students, right?" A boy with medium brown hair, teal eyes and a pair of glasses asked me and Roka.

"Yes. Does this mean…" I trailed off.

"Bingo! We're the new students who are supposed to start school at Hope's Peak Academy today!" a short girl with reddish brown hair and light brown eyes beamed in reply.

"With you the two of you, it seems that there are a total of 15 new students," an elegant girl with light blue eyes and silky white hair stated. It seems that these people are the "Ultimate Students" chosen by Hope's Peak Academy. I slowly looked around at the faces of the people around me. It's probably an exaggeration to say they had a special aura around them.

I decided to talk to the boy wearing glasses. He's the first guy who talked to me after all.

"It's nice to meet you. My name is Yuuki Hase," I introduced myself in a friendly manner. I noticed that Roka was too shy to introduce herself, so I elbowed her lightly. She yelped a little and then faced our classmates.

"U-um, my name is… Roka Shibasaki. I-it's nice to meet you..!" Roka stammered as she quickly bowed her head in respect. She then faced me and pouted. I then decided to explain our situation.

"I don't know what happened, exactly, but somehow I fell asleep and now I'm late..." I explained to the boy. Roka nodded as a sign that the same thing happened to her as well.

"Well, it looks like we have the same issue," the boy with medium brown hair and teal eyes said in surprise.

"This is bad! Maybe the God of Despair has cursed us! We need to prepare!" a girl with dark-blue hair and an eye patch exclaimed.

"It's abnormal! This is without a doubt an omen of the incoming apocalypse!" a girl with long, messy, black hair and green emerald like eyes exclaimed.

"H-huh? I lost you guys. God of what now?" I asked while tilting my head in confusion.

"Those two are probably gamers as well," Roka whispered to me.

"You two! Both of you are late; in the first day, no less! Utterly unacceptable!" a tall slim girl with an angular face with long dark blue hair and blue eyes thundered. Her voice stopped all the other noises in the entrance hall.

"Hey, hey, calm down, Kiryuin-san. It's not like they had a choice," a boy with blue hair and blue eyes said.

"Um, I think they should introduce themselves to everyone," a boy with dark blue eyes and dark blue hair with a cross-shaped hairpin suggested to the group.

"Now's not the greatest of times to start introductions, ya know!?" a tall guy with dark brown hair and dark eyes argued.

"But, before we discuss the problem at hand, wouldn't it be best if we come to understand one another?" the girl with light blue eyes and silky white hair stated.

"Yes, it would be for the best if we introduce ourselves. We can solve this mystery faster if we understand each other. You two should start, one on two," a small girl with long golden hair and green eyes said.

"True that! We might have problems, but need to be acquainted with each other first!" a boy with ash-brown hair and brown eyes added.

Looks like a "We have other pressing issues at hand, but first we must introduce ourselves" kind of situation, huh? If that's the case, now is my great chance. I already looked up information about almost everyone here on the Internet, but now I get to see what these guys are really like...

I was about to introduce myself, but then I noticed something strange about the room.

"W...What's with this huge metal bulkhead? It's like the entrance to a military facility..." I wondered as I looked around. There were also security cameras and television screens. This is the same entrance hall I've just been to, isn't it? I think I would have noticed it just now… Everything's just too weird.

"Is there something wrong?" Roka nudged me a bit as I snapped out of my thoughts.

"N-no, it's nothing. Let's just start introducing ourselves, alright?" I whispered back to Roka as I mentally readied myself.

I approached the girl who was in pure white. Now that I've seen her up close, I can fully describe how she looks. She has thin, white eyebrows and thick, superlative white eyelashes surrounding rounds eyes that encompass light irises. Her hair, which covers her forehead, leaves only several portions visible, and is kept in messy standard; moving to the center of her face. A pack of hair falls directly to her small nose, in between her eyes. She has a small neck and thin lips, as well as ears that are hidden under her white hair. Something about her feels very regal…

"Good day to you two. My name is Seitenshi. I' am the daughter of our prime minister. It's a pleasure to meet you," the elegant girl in all white introduced herself. I gasped.

Ultimate Presidential Heir - Seitenshi

"S-so you're THE Seitenshi-sama!? The next prime minister!?" I almost yelled in shock.

"No way…" Roka started. She was visibly stunned as well. Seitenshi giggled a bit.

"Almost everyone's reaction is like that. It's alright, just think of me as your classmate within these walls," Seitenshi said while smiling at us. She really was worthy of being the next prime minister! Seitenshi-sama was an excellent student, but couldn't really focus much on studying. Looks like she finally managed to choose a school she can focus in.

"So, Shibasaki-san and Hase-san, right?" Seitenshi asked us.

"Yes. He's 'The Ultimate Comrade' and I'm 'The Ultimate Gamer'," Roka stated. Seitenshi looked at me and smiled. I blushed a little as she did that. She was a very pretty girl, and very well-dressed, no less!

After introducing ourselves to Seitenshi-sama, we then moved on to the next person. She was the woman whose voice stopped all the other voices in the room. She is a tall, slim woman with an angular face with long dark blue hair and blue eyes. She has rather thick eyebrows and a rather large bust. She wore an outfit that looked like a cross between a military outfit and a sailor fuku. As we approached her, she motioned us to stop.

"Halt! You two were the ones who came late, right?" the tall woman thundered.

"Y-yes, we are mam!" Roka and I replied to the commanding woman.

"Humph, I'll let this slide for now. Nevertheless, I shall state my name. I' am Kiryuin Satsuki of the Kiryuin Conglomerate!" the woman introduced herself.

Ultimate Student Council President - Kiryuin Satsuki

Kiryuin Satsuki… According to the Hope's Peak Academy thread, she was always top of her class at a certain famous school, without even the slightest spot on her record. That's why she was voted as the Student Council President in her past school. In fact, she held so much power that even her Conglomerate thinks highly of her. She is the daughter of the president of the Kiryuin Conglomerate, a multi-national conglomerate. These feats gave her the title of "The Ultimate Student Council President" who values law, order and power above all else. She has enough power to match even Seitenshi-sama's power.

"So, Mr. Hase Yuuki and Ms. Shibasaki Roka, was it?" Satsuki asked me and Roka.

"That's correct, Kiryuin-san. I'm Roka, 'The Ultimate Gamer' while he's Yuuki 'The Ultimate Comrade'."

Satsuki then gazed at me intently with her fierce eyes. Was there something on my face…? She then looked away and began to speak.

"Alright, to make this quick, everyone will introduce themselves to you two," Satsuki stated as she then looked at the others. "Listen well, my fellow classmates! This young girl is "The Ultimate Gamer", Roka Shibasaki. The boy at my right is "The Ultimate Comrade", Yuuki Hase! Say hello, everyone," Satsuki continued. Everyone else moved towards us. The first to approach us was the short girl who had reddish brown hair.

"Hello, Shibasaki-san and Hase-san! I'm Popura Taneshima, a waitress! I hope we can be friends!" the short girl beamed at us.

Ultimate Waitress - Taneshima Popura

Taneshima Popura… From the information I gathered, Popura is a very popular waitress at a certain restaurant. She is said to be so charming, her customers don't mind if her orders are late. But even though she is very short, she is actually very talented at serving dishes; talent worthy for the title "The Ultimate Waitress".

"Nice to meet you too, Taneshima-san," I replied while bowing my head.

"Likewise," Roka said in response. Next up to introduce themselves was a tall guy who possesses brown hair and dark eyes. He is also rather muscular with a widespread build, and his attire consists of a worn-out shirt, a brown leather jacket, and plain pants. If anything, he emitted a scary delinquent-like aura.

"Yo. The name's Tatsumi Oga," the tall guy introduced himself in a rough tone.

Ultimate Juvenile Delinquent - Oga Tatsumi

Oga Tatsumi… This guy is a beast. I heard he was able to defeat hundreds of delinquents unarmed. It seemed far-fetched to me, really. But now that I've seen the guy, the bit about him beating up numerous delinquents didn't seem too farfetched… I better be careful near him…

"H-hi…" I stammered. Roka just nodded her head at Tatsumi. Tatsumi then left, making way for the next person to introduce themselves. It was a fairly short girl. She had a small, pale face and a very delicate and slender body. She has long, messy, black hair that she wears down on her slender shoulders. She is also very pale skin with slender shoulders, legs, and arms. She has green emerald like eyes with visible purple shadows under them. She appears to be wearing her school uniform that consists of; a white buttoned up shirt that comes with a collar and a dark red necktie, a pale, light, yellow jacket that comes with light blue buttons, and small skirt the same color as the jacket she wears, and jet black knee length socks with brown tied up shoes. Something about her feels… off.

"H-hello there. I-I'm Tomoko Kuroki… Keehee…" the slender girl introduced herself hesitantly.

Ultimate Otaku - Kuroki Tomoko

From the way she speaks, it's obvious she doesn't talk to other people much. Kuroki Tomoko is actually the elusive "Otaku Queen". It took a long time to identify who this queen was. I heard from various rumors that she finished 8bit Skipper in the hardest difficulty. She was also the champion is a certain online card tournament. Now that I've seen her in person, I can conclude that she's a "mojo".

"Ah, so you're the girl who finished 8bit Skipper in the Chaos Infinity difficulty! It's a pleasure to meet you!" Roka beamed at Tomoko as she offered a handshake to Tomoko as Tomoko accepts. I smiled as they did this. Roka can now get along with a fellow gamer. After talking for a short while, Tomoko stepped aside for the next person in line. He was a tall boy with medium-short, dark blue and amber-yellow eyes. He wore a cream colored vest over a school uniform. He also wore a red necktie and grey pants. He seems pretty normal, at least.

"Hey there, Hase-san and Shibasaki-san! I'm Kanade Amakusa! Pleased to meet you two!" the dark blue haired boy introduced himself to us.

Ultimate Lucky Student - Amakusa Kanade

The Ultimate Lucky Student, huh? I guess that means that Amakusa Kanade got admitted to Hope's Peak academy by sheer luck. That's got to be one heck of good luck. But… Can luck really be considered a talent? I can't really say for sure.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Amakusa-san," I greeted Kanade in response.

"Alrighty then, see you later!" Kanade said as he stepped aside for three more boys to introduce themselves. The one in the middle was the tallest among them. He was the same boy who first spoke to us when I and Roka came in. He has medium brown hair, teal eyes, and three moles on his face and wears glasses. He wore a coat that he wears over a white dress shirt and black dress pants. He also has black leather shoes. The guy to his left was a guy with ash-brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a uniform, complete with a vest and pants. The guy to his right also had dark blue hair and blue eyes. He had a cross-shaped hairpin of sorts. He wore a black coat over his uniform and wore black slacks. The first one to speak up was the guy wearing glasses.

"I'm Yukio Okumura, an exorcist. It's a pleasure to meet you two," the guy with glasses said in a happy tone.

Ultimate Exorcist - Okumura Yukio

Yukio Okumura… I heard that he's an expert exorcist alongside his twin brother. I haven't seen an actual demon myself, but I know it's dangerous. Demons are capable of devastating things. Some possess people, while others outright murder them. They're scary creatures to deal, and I guess Yukio is unfazed when facing one.

"It's nice to meet you, Okumura-san," I replied to Yukio. Roka was too busy looking at the coat, however.

"Alright, my turn! I'm Akihisa Yoshii, the 'Ultimate Idiot'! It's a pleasure to meet you two!" the ash-brown haired boy beamed as he introduced himself. I was shocked when he said he was the coolest "idiot".

Ultimate Idiot - Yoshii Akihisa

Did I hear that right? This guy was admitted to Hope's Peak Academy for being the best idiot in the country!? And he's not kidding? What in the world were the staff in Hope's Peak Academy thinking!? And here I thought being admitted to Hope's Peak Academy was very difficult. On the contrary, it isn't. I can't believe someone like thus guy was able to enter this school! And to honest, being the best idiot is not a talent. It's more of an anti-talent. I guess some things in the world weren't meant to be taken seriously…

"H-hi there, Yoshii-kun…" I trailed off, still too shocked from discovering his talent.

"You're kidding, right? What is your real talent?" Roka asked Akihisa while folding her arms.

"I'm serious! I'm "The Ultimate Idiot!" That's what got me in this school in the first place!" Akihisa claimed. It's real. This guy's a total idiot. Who gets proud from being an idiot?

"But it's not like he's the only one with a… different talent, right Yuuki-kun?" Roka said as she looked at me. I blushed in embarrassment. My talent for being in this school was for making friends twice as fast as normal people. Of course it's weird!

"I guess it's my turn, then. I'm Raku Ichijou. Nice to you, Hase-san and Shibasaki-san," the boy with a cross-shaped hairpin said as he calmly introduced himself.

Ultimate Yakuza Heir - Ichijou Raku

Raku Ichijou… He's the son of the leader of the Shuei-Gumi, one of the largest yakuza gangs in the entire planet. They're a very fearsome group; each member is a hulking mass of muscle and anger. Despite this, they never harm innocent people unless enraged. And to be honest, I expected the son of the leader to be bit more like Tatsumi. Raku, on the hand, looks like your average high school student.

"So you're the heir to the Shuei-Gumi, right? So… do you, like… beat up people?" I asked Raku with a curious expression on my face. Raku looked at me with an unamused expression on his face.

"Nah, I don't want to inherit the Shuei-Gumi. I want to graduate and get a successful life, away from them. That's why when I was chosen to attend Hope's Peak Academy, I was so happy, you know?" Raku explained himself as he looked up at the ceiling. I guess he doesn't want to have to do anything with his yakuza gang. I can understand that.

"Heh, I think Oga-san would be better suited for the Shuei-Gumi!" Akihisa exclaimed as he slapped Raku's back.

"Okay then, later," Yukio said as the three boys left for another person to introduce themselves. She was a rather short girl, but not as short as Roka. She had cyan colored eyes, and wears an eye patch on her right eye. She has dark-blue hair and ties a yellow ribbon in her hair. She was wearing a purple and black gothic Lolita costume and a frilly umbrella of the same color. She apparently wears a pair of roller shoes instead of a normal pair of school shoes, since she rushed towards us.

"Listen up, you two mortals! I' am the Wicked Lord Shingen! I' am the greatest conqueror the universe has ever seen! Bow down before me, or be vanquished from the Tyrant's Eye!" the girl with an eye patch claimed.

Ultimate Conqueror - Wicked Lord Shingen

"W-what!? A-are you sure you're not joking?" I asked this "conqueror" with disbelief. Roka then nudged me a bit.

"Let me handle this," Roka whispered to me. I nodded and let her do the talking.

"So, you're Wicked Lord Shingen, huh? How brave of you to reveal your real name to me! I' am the Infinite Darkness Roka!" Roka exclaimed as she played along with the "conqueror".

"You're the I-infinite Darkness!? This can't be… Then I shall erase your memory of my real name!" the "conqueror" said as removed her eye patch. She was wearing yellow coloured contact lenses underneath the eye patch, apparently.

"Ugh… Huh? Who are you?" Roka said as she pretended to have forgotten to have heard what events have just happened.

"Um, hello there, Shibasaki-san and Hase-san. I'm Rikka Takanashi." the "conqueror" said as she introduced herself formally.

Ultimate Role-player - Takanashi Rikka

So she's the the "Ultimate Role-player", huh… I only saw her name, but not her achievements. I guess she must be a talented actress in her old school.

"It's nice to meet you, Takanashi-san!" Roka greeted Rikka with a smile. Rikka looked away, looking very flustered.

"I guess… She's just a chūnibyō patient. No actress would be that shy," I thought to myself as I waved my hand at Rikka as a sign of greeting. She then stepped aside for a guy with dead-fish gray eyes to walk by. He has short black hair and emits a very mysterious aura. He wore a standard school uniform. Something about him seems… very lonely.


"Um… can you tell us your name?" I asked as I looked at him intently.


"Hello? Earth to mister dead fish eyes?" Roka said as she tried to get his attention.

"My name… is Hachiman Hikigaya, the Ultimate Philosopher," the mysterious man finally spoke up.

Ultimate Philosopher - Hikigaya Hachiman

He sure is the quiet type. And then, there's his name… I didn't see it in the Hope's Peak Academy thread… Just who is he…? And he's a philosopher?

"So, umm… Why did you come to this school?" Roka asked Hachiman.

"It's… none of your concern… I'm leaving now…" Hachiman said as he left. He sure was a mysterious person, that's what I'm certain of. Finally, the last two people came by. One of them was a short girl, about as short as Roka. She is a small, almost doll-like girl with long blonde hair and emerald eyes. She wore a black Victorian dress which is full of lace and frills.

"Greetings, Yuuki Hase and Roka Shibasaki. I' am Victorique de Blois, an exchange student from Sauville," the small blonde haired girl said.

Ultimate Detective - Victorique de Blois

Victorique de Blois… She was a master detective in Sauville, having solved crimes with the help of a certain famous inspector. I heard that she was the one who solved "Sauville Greatest Unsolved Mystery". If she was able to solve that case, it's no wonder why she's in this school as a transfer student. I'm also surprised she was able to speak fluent Japanese.

"Wow, you're so fluent at Japanese! Are you sure you weren't born here?" Roka asked in amazement.

"Well, I have a friend who was from Japan too, so that's why I can speak Japanese," Victorique explained. "Shiba-san, introduce yourself to these two."

The tall boy beside Victorique was a well-built man. He has dark hair that reaches his clear blue eyes in several uneven cut bangs. He wore a green, white, and black school uniform.

"I'm Shiba Tatsuya. It's a pleasure to meet the two of you," the tall man introduced himself.

Ultimate Soldier - Shiba Tatsuya

Shiba Tatsuya… Even among the other talented kids here, this guy is a legend. He is truly the ultimate soldier, being called the "God of Destruction" by military groups around the globe. Unfortunately, that's about the only information the Hope's Peak Academy thread gave, since all other information was classified. In fact, the Hope's Peak Academy thread told us students to stay away from him if we value our life. Now that the real person is in front of me, I can't help thinking that wasn't an exaggeration...

"…N-nice to meet you too…" I stammered as I was intimidated by the "God of Destruction".

"Likewise," Roka replied to Tatsuya without flinching. How does she do that?

And with that, we're done with the introductions. Even though everyone here is a "The Ultimate" something or other, they're really nothing alike. Well, except some, but still.

"Alright, now that we are all acquainted with each other, we should go back to the topic at hand," Victorique concluded.

"True that. So, everyone here woke without remembering anything prior to this moment, am I correct?" Satsuki asked everyone in the room.

"Yeah, this situation is nuts! How did we even end up here?" Raku added as he looked around the entrance hall.

"So, everyone lost consciousness upon entering the entrance hall, and then woke up in a strange classroom we never knew?" Akihisa asked everyone.

"It seems so. That happened to me as well!" Popura exclaimed.

"B-but… Why did everyone collapse like that?" I asked everyone in room.

"That's why we're so fucking stumped!" Tatsumi yelled in annoyance.

"The strangest thing isn't the collective fainting, though. Did you all see the windows in the classrooms and corridors?" Roka said as she looked at everyone's faces.

"Almost everything is boarded up with barricades. I don't like the feeling of this," Yukio said with a concerned look on his face.

"Also… Does anyone know where did my luggage disappear to? I can't find my PSVita, too..." Tomoko asked everyone as she frantically checked her pockets.

"Now that you mentioned it, my cell phone is gone!" Kanade added as he also checked his pockets.

"And then there's this steel bulkhead… And I don't recognize this military-like facility either," Tatsuya said while rubbing his chin.

"Worst of all is the building itself. We aren't supposed to be the only class in here," Victorique said as she appears to be smoking a white ceramic pipe.

"Maybe… We've been mixed up with… some kind of criminal activity?" Raku suggested to the group.

"N-no way… You're saying we got kidnapped and taken away from the academy?" Akihisa said as he shivered.

"Everyone, please calm down. For all we know, this might be an orientation of some kind that the school is making us go through," Satsuki stated.

"T-that's probably it, r-right?" Rikka said as she lost her "conqueror" persona and shuddered.

"I'm gonna take a nap then. I gotta sleep more these days," Tatsumi said as he yawned.

And just as our nerves started to calm, it suddenly began.

Ding Dong Ding Dong

All of a sudden, the television screen lighted up. The reception was too weak for us to see the face of the announcer, though.

"Attention, everyone. This is an important announcement,"

It was a cheery, light voice that was very out of place. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but feel heavy discomfort upon hearing it.

"Everyone, please gather at the gymnasium as soon as possible. Thank you," the voice said as the television screen turned blank again.

"What...? What was that, just now...?" Tomoko asked, with a hint of fear in her voice.

"I'm going on ahead. Later," Tatsuya said as he proceeded to leave the entrance hall.

"Wait for me. I need to investigate what's going on," Victorique said as she left too.

"H...hey, wait up! Why are you leaving so quickly?" Raku asked as the duo vanished from sight.

"A ceremony… So this was just part of our entrance ceremony, right?" Akihisa said as he reassured himself.

"You know what, I'm going too. Can't wait to find out what they come up with next..." Kanade said as he left the hall.

"And just when I thought I was going to get a nap... Seriously." Tatsumi complained as he grumpily left the hall as well.

"I, Wicked Lord Shingen, shall proceed as well!" Rikka declared as she assumed her other persona again and left for the gymnasium.

"W-wait! I'm coming with you, Katanashi-chan!" Popura said as she chased after Rikka.

"I'm going ahead. All of you better follow!" Satsuki thundered as she left the hall.

"Hey, Yoshii-kun! Let's go too. I'm curious to see what's going to happen," Raku said as Akihisa went towards him.

"Yeah, sure! It's better than staying here anyways," Akihisa said as the two boys left for the gymnasium.

"You probably won't even notice, but I'm going too!" Tomoko stated as she left the hall as well.

I watched as many faces headed towards the gymnasium. As for myself, I stood there without moving. I had a bad feeling floating inside my head. As much as I tried, I couldn't let it go. But it seemed I was not the only one who was troubled...

"What do we do now, Yuuki-kun?" Roka asked me as I shook my head in response.

"No idea, Roka-san. It's just too… weird," I said as I looked at the television screen again.

"What could they be planning..?" Yukio wondered as he thought hard.

"We have to stay composed. For now, our best action is to follow the others," Seitenshi said as she tried to calm us down.

"Hmm… We can't expect to escape danger just by staying here, though. Besides, don't you want to know what's happening to us right now?" Hachiman spoke for the first time in a while as he went near to us.

"But still, what's with that announcement? There's no way that's normal..." Yukio declared as he adjusted his glasses.

"W...what was that thing? It must be some kind of prank, right?" I said as I shuddered a bit. I was getting really unnerved by now.

"Something... weird is happening, isn't it?" Roka said as she covered her head with her arms.

"I can understand why you're uneasy, but we must go see what's going on for ourselves," Seitenshi stated as she folded her arms.

"…As long as we do not proceed we shall forever stay engulfed in darkness. We must move on," Hachiman said.

"Let's go, then," Yukio said as we all left for the gymnasium.

After some minutes of walking around, we arrived at a little trophy room that serves as a lobby to the gym. We're stopping for a short rest here before going in.

"Huh, I didn't think Hope's Peak Academy would be such a depressing place..." I said as I looked around at the trophy room.

"And why isn't there anyone else around? Just now when we walked here, I couldn't see a single person..." Seitenshi added as she rubbed her chin.

"It seriously just gets weirder and weirder, doesn't it?" Roka said in concern.

"I really do hope they are just tricking us…" Yukio said with a hint of sorrow.

"Whatever the case may be, we must prepare for the worst," Seitenshi said as she entered the gymnasium.

"We have to go. I'm going in ahead," Yukio declared as he rushed in towards the gymnasium.

"Well… we should be going in too, right?" Hachiman asked us as he also left for the gym.

"Yuuki-kun… I'm worried…" Roka said to me. The poor girl was shivering the whole time.

"Don't worry… It's gonna be fine. Trust me!" I exclaimed as I tried to cheer her up. Roka nodded and then we finally entered the gymnasium. Engulfed in uneasiness and fear, we entered the gymnasium as instructed by the announcement. What waited for us inside was...

"It looks just like a... opening ceremony? Nothing seems to be out of place..." I said as I looked around the gymnasium.

"See, it's just like I told you, 'right? Just your ol' "regular" new school year opening ceremony," Akihisa said as he laughed a bit. And then, just after Akihisa said that, something happened that made it very clear how "anything but regular" our new surroundings were...

"Good day, everyone. Welcome to the entrance ceremony," the same cheerful voice said as everyone looked at the stage in disbelief.

Suddenly, a figure appeared on top of the stage. It was a small, cat-like creature. Its entire body is covered in clean, white fur. It has what appear to be four ears; two that resemble an average cat, pointed and up, while the other two appear as long tassel-like appendages that split into three sections at their tip. The tassels fade from white to pink and have three red dots horizontally before the splits. They also bear a pair of floating golden rings. The creature's face is its most distinguishing feature; two beady pink eyes with ark maroon irises and a tiny, sigma-shaped "cat mouth". Simply put, it was cute.

"Eh...? A cat…?" Popura said as she looked at the strange creature.

"I'm not a cat. I'm your headmaster," the cat-like creature spoke somehow without moving its mouth.

"H-headmaster…?" I choked out as I was too shocked to speak.

"Yes, Mr. Hase. I' am your headmaster, Headmaster Kyubey," the cat-like creature said as it tilted its head. "Welcome to a new semester in Hope's Peak Academy!"

Whatever it was that was happening right before my eyes was like nothing I've ever experienced in my life. And at the center of it all was... that freak of nature.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all," Kyubey said as it wagged its tail. A cheerful voice speaking in such a calm manner despite the atmosphere… It was definitely creepy.

"Uwaaaaa! That creature just talked!" Tomoko screamed in shock.

"Chimera!? Is that you!?" Rikka said in awe.

"Calm down! There has to be a speaker installed somewhere...!" Seitenshi stated, finally breaking out of her usual calm demeanor.

"Actually, it's really me talking. What's so surprising about an animal talking?" Kyubey asked us, completely oblivious to the disbelief of us students.

"Um, maybe it's because ANIMALS DON'T FRIGGIN' TALK!?" Raku yelled sarcastically.

"Just calm down already, will you? It might a machine shaped like an animal," Satsuki stated in annoyance.

"I'm not a machine or a toy, okay? My body is the real deal. I have blood circulating inside me," Kyubey calmly stated.

"A talking… animal…" Popura said as she was on the verge of falling.

"Anyway, we should be moving on. Let's begin the proceedings, shall we?" Kyubey said as he sat up straight. "Good morning, everyone. Now, please be quiet now."

We all quieted down for a while.

"I'd like to begin as soon as possible," Kyubey said. "To start, I have a short statement regarding you students' school life from this moment on. You students are most certainly all geniuses filled with overflowing talent. You bring hope to the world. In order to preserve and guard that hope... You will be living a communal lifestyle entirely inside this school's walls from now on."

"What...?" I said in disbelief.

"Oh, and one more important note. You are going to live here your entire lives. That is the school life we are assigning to you students," Kyubey added to his previous statement.

"What did it just say? Live here forever?" Tomoko blurted out in shock.

"Ah, there's nothing to worry about. We have plenty of money. All the luxury you need is here. A win-win situation, right?" Kyubey said cheerfully while wagging his tail.

"T...that's not why we're worried...!" Roka stammered.

"We just don't get what you mean by living here forever... It's just a joke, right?" Kanade asked Kyubey with a concerned look on his face.

"I'm not kidding. Another thing: you will be completely shut out from the outside world," Kyubey retorted as he stared at us.

"S-shut out…?" I trailed off. I then remembered all the iron plates and the steel bulkheads. "So the steel plates in the classrooms and corridors... They're there to... keep us in?"

"That's right. It doesn't matter how much you shout. No help is coming," Kyubey said while looking at me intently. "So, you should just make the most out of your life inside the school. It has all the resources you need."

"Hahaha! Man, this cat-ferret thing is hilarious! You're good at making jokes, you know that?" Akihisa exclaimed as he laughed very loudly.

"If you still wanna joke around about this, then you're in for a beating of your life," Tatsumi snarled at Kyubey as he looked ready to kill him.

"It seems you still very much doubt me. But I can assure all of you that I' am not kidding," Kyubey continued as he slapped his tail on the podium he was sitting on.

"B-but… forever? My parents will miss me, you know…?" Roka said as she sulked.

"But if you really want to leave, then there is a way," Kyubey suddenly perked up.

"R-really!?" Tomoko almost shouted.

"You have to graduate from this school. Let me explain in detail," Kyubey started. "As students of this academy, you're obliged to live your communal lifestyle in an orderly fashion... But in case someone breaks the order, that person alone can leave the school grounds. That is the rule called "graduation"."

"What exactly do you mean by "breaking order"?" Yukio asked Kyubey while staring him intently.

"If someone gets killed, then that's considered breaking order," Kyubey said while maintaining his usual face.

"K...kill!?" I blurted out in fear.

"Yes. You can kill anyone in any method you want. "Only a student who kills someone can leave". It's a very simple rule. That is, if you really want to leave this place, then sure," Kyubey said in response to our disbelief.

"W...what did it say!? Kill each other? What the hell...?" Kanade said as he looked like he was on the verge of snapping.

"Oh? Do you not understand the word "killing"? If you need a dictionary I have one right here," Kyubey said, unaffected by the stares everyone was giving him.

"We understand the meaning of the words! What we want to know is why killing is necessary...!" Roka almost yelled as she was on the verge of crying.

"You have to stop this nonsense! Don't you know who I' am!? I' am Seitenshi, the heir to this country! Release us this instance!" Seitenshi shouted as she demanded Kyubey to let us go.

"Sorry, but you have to deal with it. If you wanna leave, then you have to kill someone," Kyubey replied to Seitenshi's demand without batting an eye.

"Okay, how long are you gonna keep this up? The jokes are getting corny now," Akihisa complained as he tapped his foot impatiently.

"Explain yourself in detail, Mr. Yoshii," Kyubey said while staring at Akihisa.

"What he means is that I'm gonna fucking punch your shitty face away from the face of this ass-filled planet!" Tatsumi screamed as he clenched his fists.

Tatsumi, who stood in the back row, pushed Akihisa out of his way and rushed towards Kyubey while cursing with an earth-shattering voice.

"You fucker, you better apologize right now! The time for pranks is over!"

"Hmm? Are you referring to your uncivilized behavior?" Kyubey taunted Tatsumi without changing his facial expression.


Reverberating along with the cry of the alpha-male, there was a sound like something exploded. It was the sound of Tatsumi leaping from the floor.
His leaping body was like a missile, flying through the air.

"Now that I got you…"

All of a sudden, Tatsumi face changed to that of a demon; no scratch that, like that of Satan himself. The atmosphere somehow changed, and everyone but three people shook in fear. At this point, Tatsumi's rage could not be contained any longer.

"I'M GONNA TEAR YOU APART, LIMB FROM LIMB!" Tatsumi screamed as the whole gymnasium shook from his thunderous roar.

What came next was basically a slaughter. Tatsumi ripped apart Kyubey from his tiny limbs and then punched the lifeless body upwards until it hit the ceiling. The impact was so powerful; the body was squashed flat on the ceiling. There was blood all over the ceiling and the floor where Kyubey was once standing. Everyone was frightened, but relieved that Kyubey was dead. Just when we were about the cheer up though:

"Violence against the Headmaster will not be tolerated," the voice of Kyubey rang out through the gymnasium.

"Huh!?" Tatsumi grunted at the voice.

All of a sudden, a turret appeared from the ceiling. At a rapid speed, it fired numerous bullets at Tatsumi.

"Ugh! Is this… my end!?" Tatsumi yelled before he got pierced by multiple bullets…

…At least, that was what we thought. Oga was suddenly tackled by a figure, thus saving his life.

"…Hmn!? I'm… still alive!?" Tatsumi exclaimed as he looked around his body for wounds. He didn't have a single wound.

"W-what happened!?" I shouted.

"It's Shiba-san. He pushed Oga-san out of the way in the nick of time," Yukio said as he pointed the dust cloud in front of Tatsumi. As it cleared, we saw Tatsuya lying on the floor.

"That was too close. If I was 0.0009547 seconds later, then he could have died," Tatsuya said as he stood up.

"T-thanks… dude," Tatsumi said as he removed the dust in his shirt.

"Hey, another Kyubey appeared!" Akihisa exclaimed as he pointed the podium.

"Y-you bastard…" Tatsumi said before he trailed off in anger.

"Anyway, now that that's done with, let this serve as an example not to break the rules. There are security cameras everyone, so be careful," Kyubey said as he emerged from nowhere, good as new.

"Just how many of you are there?" Satsuki asked Kyubey.

"A lot. So the next time you break the rules, I will not go so easy on you next time, so be obedient," Kyubey said as he wagged his tail.

"T...this is absurd!" Popura blurted out as she shuddered.

"Now, to commemorate your arrival at this school, I'm giving you all your IDs," Kyubey said as cards materialized in our hands.

"ID? As in identification card?" Roka asked Kyubey as she looked at the card in her palm.

"It's an electronic student ID card. Try not to lose it," Kyubey started. "The Electronic Student ID card is necessary for your daily activities. When you first turn it on please confirm your own real name is displayed on the screen. It has many uses besides simple identification, though..."

"An Electro ID, huh…" I said to myself as I stared at the card in my hand.

"By the way, this Electronic Student ID card is completely indestructible. Well, a nuclear explosion can destroy it, but you get my point. You will find a full list of the school rules in it, so please read them carefully," Kyubey said as he finished his explanation. "Now that we're done here, I welcome you to Hope's Peak Academy. Enjoy your stay here… forever."

And then, Kyubey disappeared, leaving us standing there in blank amazement.

"H...hey, everyone... How would you define what happened here now?" Kanade asked us about the situation we just witnessed.

"I have absolutely no idea what's going on here..." Yukio said while adjusting his glasses.

"L...l...live here forever? K...kill...?" Tomoko said as she freaked out.

"How the hell did we get into situation like this!?" Raku howled in fury and confusion.

"Everyone, we have to stay calm. For the time being, let's go once more over what we know. According to what Kyubey said, we are presented with two options," Victorique said as she pulled up her white ceramic pipe. "The first, live peaceful communal lives inside this school with no time limit. And the second..."

"In order to get out of here, killing one of our classmates, is the other option," Tatsuya said while deep in thought.

"So, we're basically in a dog-eat-dog world," Hachiman said as he was also deep in thought.

"What the hell is going on!?" Tatsumi yelled in fury.

"It's all a lie! Such foolish talk can't possibly be true...!" Rikka said, with deep fear evident in her voice.

"The problem isn't whether it's a lie or not. The problem is..." Tatsuya suddenly spoke up again. "...if there's someone among us who takes it seriously."

Hearing that, we all fell silent again. Not saying anything, we looked around at each other's faces. We gazed around as if trying to search each other's inner thoughts. There were even traces of hostile feeling in the air. And then... I began to understand the true terror of the rules Kyubey presented. "Only a student who kills can leave this place..." Those words planted the seeds of terrible thoughts at the deepest corners of our minds. "Who will betray us". That dark demon called paranoia. That was how my new school life began. But the school I entered with such elated feelings...

...wasn't the "school of hope". This place was "The school of despair".

"Yuuki-kun…" Roka whispered to me in fear.

"Don't… worry. We'll find a way out."


Prologue – Hope's Peak Academy, the School of Hope END

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