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Yuuki's POV

Whatever this thing is, I hope Roka knows what she's doing. Oh well. Let's see what she has to say about this.

"Read this note. From there, you should understand how Tomoko-chan did the deed, and how the impossible became possible," Roka said. We all checked the evidence. We all had mixed reactions; some were displeased, others were shocked and most were just dumbfounded.

"Step One: Get some sleeping pills. Step Two: Crush all the pills and turn them into fine powder. Step Three: Invite someone to tea and pour their tea with the powder. Step Four: Just in case, prick them in their vein with a needle dipped in the drugged tea so that their sleep will be prolonged. Step Five: Prepare the plastic bag with all the materials in the fridge. Hopefully no one touches it. Step Six: Get the two short, cut ropes connected by ice and the knife with a thick ice cube at the bottom of the handle. Make sure the knife can stand upright. Step Seven: Make sure the victim's body is leaned forward while both of their hands are fastened with the rope connected by ice to the back of a chair. Place the knife below and in front of the chair. Step Eight: Leave the scene immediately. The ice in the rope should melt first; and without anything to support the victim's body, the body will fall to the still-standing knife and stab the victim in the heart," Satsuki read aloud and finished with a small gasp.

"N-no way... She really planned all of that!?" I gasped, horrified at thought that Tomoko planned a murder. "W-who would've thought that she would plan all that...?"

"It seems that the video motive got the better of her. I mean, she did act strangely after the video. She even refused to show it to anyone and then threw away," Hachiman explained calmly. How can that he still act that way, after hearing what really was her plan?

"But wait. In Kuroki-san's position, it would be impossible for her to kill herself that way. This means that there was a third party in the midst of the crime!" Seitenshi said.

"Then... this changes a lot of things. This note doesn't just prove that Tomoko really wanted to kill Seitenshi-san, but it also makes sense with the time of death," Yukio says. "The third party... the culprit planned this. This murder was a delayed one... In order to keep us off track!"

Suddenly, the courtroom's aura became much more heated. Even Akihisa is starting to look a little bit serious.

"If that's true... Then the culprit never even had to wait until the morning announcement!" Akihisa exclaimed.

"Humph. They were able to sleep without their conscience bringing them down, I see," says Hachiman.

"Hey... So that explains why the mops and chairs were scattered then," Satsuki says and presents another Truth Bullet, this time the "Scattered Mops and Chairs" one.

"Based on the procedure note, the killer must have arranged the body that way using the chairs and mops!" Popura concluded.

"And when the rope's ice melted, the body fell, resulting in the messy state of the mops and chairs," Yukio added.

"But wait... There's something I want to know. Since we now know that Seitenshi-san was telling the truth, there still remains the question of how was she able to wake easily," Rikka asks, looking much more serious than before.

"Well, she did say that she was a bit used to drugs... So maybe she woke up a bit faster than Kuroki-san expected, and then she was able to escape?" Roka suggested.

"Yes, that is correct, Shibasaki-san. I woke up and defended myself. After that, I ran away and bumped into Amakusa-kun and Yoshii-kun," Seitenshi added.

"Ah, great! We're going around in circles again!" Tatsumi growled in annoyance. "Whoever the culprit is, they sure are damn sneaky!"

"We're never gonna be able to catch the culprit, huh..." Kanade sighed in sorrow.

"Everyone. Calm down for a moment," Victorique said, catching everyone's attention, including mine. "Let's look at this case in another angle."

"Huh? Whaddaya mean "another angle"? We've tried a lot of stuff already!" Tatsumi boomed. Victorique closed her eyes for a moment, and opened her eyes again.

"We have already found out that the victim planned a murder, because of this evidence," Victorique started, showing the "Procedure Note" Truth Bullet. "Also, it also proves that the murder is possible to perform even without staying in the cafeteria. This solves the "Loop-holes in School Rules 2 and 3" Truth Bullet."

"So, what are you trying to say, Little Miss Smarty?" Hachiman said snarkily.

"What I'm trying to say is that everyone who was outside of their rooms just before Night Time is a possible suspect, assuming the victim was alone in the cafeteria when she was unconscious." We all began to look at each other. I can feel the tension rising, and I briefly make eye contact with Roka. We both had the same expression on our faces; one of determination. This is it. We've reached another step to solving this case. We have to pinpoint who was the one who entered the cafeteria after Seitenshi knocked out Tomoko.

"Tomoko-san... I swear I will find your killer..." I say to myself before joining in the discussion again.

"Before ya' all pin the blame on me, I'll have ya punks know that I was in my room, snoozin'," Tatsumi explains.

"Idiot. We can't just state where we were at that time! That would be a waste of time. For all we know, someone among us might be lying, and sleeping is not a reliable alibi," Hachiman snapped. Tatsumi just crosses his arms and looks away from Hachiman.

"Hmm... How about you two, Yoshi-kun and Amakusa-kun? You two were the last ones who met Seitenshi-san," asks Tatsuya. Both Kanade and Akihisa flinch a bit.

"H-hey! I'm not the one who did it! Honest!" Akihisa stated, looking scared.

"Don't worry, we're not blaming you. We just want to know what happened before you bumped into Seitenshi-san," Yukio said, reassuring Akihisa.

"Oh. Okay!" Akihisa grins before fiddling his touch screen. He then shows us a Truth Bullet called "Akihisa's Account".

"You see, me and my buds Yuuki-kun, Raku-kun and Kanade-kun were all playing a board game in Kanade-kun's room!" He then showed everyone another Truth Bullet, this time a board game called "Scramble for Porn Mags in Space". Oh, that game. It has such a weird title, people will be giving us weird looks when they realize we played it.

"Space porn? What the fuck, man? You sure got a weird fetish there, man," Tatsumi criticized me. Geez, I knew someone would point that out.

"Filthy pig," Satsuki added. Even her!?

"H-hey! Why am I the only one being criticized here?" I yell in slight annoyance. If anyone should be criticized, it should be the one who invited me to play the game in the first place!

"Anyways, yeah. That's right. The four of played this game until Yoshii-kun here wanted to take a dump," Raku explained, and Akihisa nodded.

"So, I asked Kanade-kun here to bring to my room! Since I needed to go, after all..."

"Then, I presume that while you were escorting Yoshii-san at that moment, you bumped into Seitenshi-san?" Satsuki asks. Akihisa and Kanade both nod.

"Why didn't you just dump your shit in the luckster's comfort room?" asks Tatsumi.

"Well, Kanade-kun couldn't open the door! It's broken!" Akihisa exclaims.

"What? Amakusa Kanade, didn't I tell you the technique on how to open the door to your comfort room?" Kyubey states. What? Kyubey told something to Kanade? I wonder what it was.

"O-oh! R-right... I wasn't listening that time. Sorry!" Kanade states, looking a bit flustered.

"So, there's a technique to opening his comfort room door? Then that means that Yoshii-kun could have dumped in Amakusa-kun's comfort room!" Raku declares. For some reason, I feel like this discussion has become too inappropriate, so I just hope someone stops this from going too far.

"I don't give a shit about all this talk about shit, but I so want to make the culprit shit their pants!" Tatsumi growls furiously. "When is that little shit going to fess up!?"

"You can't just force people to fess up, retard. That's about as useless as trying to teach a fish how to walk on land," Hachiman said in a sour tone. He really likes to berate Tatsumi. They really like to argue, those two.

"Instead of constantly ruining Oga-san's reputation, why don't you use that talent of yours and try to contribute to our current dilemma?" Satsuki suggested with a sigh.

"I'll only contribute something when you stop lecturing me and start contributing to the case as well, Kiryuin-sama," Hachiman shot back, earning a glare fron said Student Council President. I just wish Hachiman would stop being such a stick in the mud.

"Anyways, care to explain the technique, Kyubey?" Tatsuya asks, sighing as he did.

"If you push the top of the door while you twist the handle, the door will open easily. Simple as that," Kyubey explained. I then look at Kanade's face, and he looks embarrased.

"Eheheheh... Looks like I wasn't listening that time... Sorry, buddy..." Kanade says apologetically to Akihisa. Akihisa smiles as Kanade said that.

"Aw, no worries brother! It couldn't be helped, right?" Akihisa reassures Kanade while giving him a thumbs up. Good friends alright. But something occurred to me. Is Akihisa's sudden urge to defacate really just a coincidence?

"Wait a second..." Hachiman interjected. "I just thought of something."

"No one wants to hear your opinion, dumbass!" Tatsumi shouts. "Now shut up before I shut your trap up myself!" Hachiman suddenly glared at Tatsumi.

"For once, can you shut your loud mouth!?"

Tatsumi just blinked once and never spoke again. It was pretty out of character for Hachiman to shout. Everyone in the courtroom looked stunned, with Kyubey being an exception of course. I lean on my podium and focused my attention on Hachiman.

"As I was saying... There's a possibility that you were planning something during that time, right Amakusa-san?" Upon hearing his words, I noticed that Kanade wore a worried face... Was it just my imagination or what? What could be he be hiding?

"What do you mean...?" Yukio asks, suspicion evident in his voice.

"Allow me to explain. By lying to Yoshii-san about his room being out of order, Amakusa-san could have easily sneaked in a plan of some sorts." Hachiman starts. "And what plan is that? I'm theorizing that he planned to kill him. See, why would the Lucky Student lie to his own friend about his own comfort room? Now, Hase-san. Tell me, who cooked the food for you during the time you were playing that board game?" I try to recall the events during that night, then I hit my open palm with my fist, remembering it.

"I remember! It was Amakusa-kun!" I declare. Kanade looks visibly frightened now. I really don't want to condemn him. He was easily one of the friendliest among the group, and also the one who I became friends with easily.

"H-hey, so what if I cooked it? No matter how bad one's cooking is, it can't be that fatal!" Kanade argues, but is batted away by Hachiman.

"Perfect. Next question, was it Amakusa-san the one who individually gave the three of you your food? Or did you just get it randomly?" Hachiman asks, looking very smug. Akihisa looks like he really wants to answer, judging by the way he was raising his hand.

"I know the answer to that! He did give us the food! By his own hand!" By now, Kanade looks really worried. He looks like he's trying to say something, but he doesn't.

"Next. I would like to show you guys this piece of evidence, or should I say 'Truth Bullet'?" Hachiman says as he clicks something in his podium and swipes it, showing a Truth Bullet.

[NEW!] Empty Ingredients in the Kitchen (A bottle of Strong Laxative is empty)

"Ahh! I remember now! I did notice that a bottle of strong laxative was empty!" Popura said aloud as she read the new Truth Bullet.

"Why did you not report this then, Grand Waitress? This is important evidence!" Rikka exclaims, pointing an accusing finger at Popura.

"Well, I didn't think that an empty bottle would be relevant to the trial," Popura admits.

"Actually, it is. Now, on to the final question. Who was the last one to cook in the kitchen?" Hachiman asks. Yuuki then looks at Kanade, who is sweating profusely.

"No way… Kanade-kun!?" Yuuki exclaims in shock.

"You put an entire bottle of strong laxative in Akihisa-kun's food? What the hell, man?" Raku yells at Kanade, mortified at the idea that someone would pour an entire bottle of strong laxative on someone's food. Well, pouring a small amount should suffice, but an entire bottle? I wonder how many hours did Akihisa stay in his comfort room...?

"You little fucker! Why did you do that!? The idiot must have been shitting for a full hour or more!" Tatsumi growled, to which Kanade recoils in fright.

"O-okay! So I put an entire bottle of strong laxative on his food. So? What if I-I just wanted to prank him!" Kanade explains between stutters.

"Not a cool prank man! Do you know how LONG I stayed cooped in in my bathroom?" Akihisa growls in slight annoyance.

"That may be true, Amakusa-san," Tatsuya started. "But after that, you escorted Yoshii-san and headed to his room. Then, you bumped into Seitenshi-san, who just escaped from the victim. You then left Yoshii-kun to do his business while you went to check on Seitenshi."

"The timing seems rather convenient to me, at least. The timing, I mean," Satsuki added.

"Wait up. It just occurred to me that Kuroki Tomoko's method of murder is nearly impossible to do," Victorique said, interrupting everyone. She then shows the Truth Bullet I got, the procedure note. "As you can see here, the notes says that the death will be caused by the ice melting in the rope, causing the body to lose it's only support and fall, which then the body will get stabbed by the knife that is placed upright."

"What's wrong with the procedure? Seems legit, given the way how the crime scene looks like," Popura said. Victorique then shakes her head in disapproval, then faces us again.

"Actually, when you take a look at the procedure itself, it's near impossible to pull off," Victorique finished as she smirked like a detective solving a case. Upon hearing this, Yukio suddenly snapped his finger.

"Yes, you're right, Victorique! I mean, I was wondering how the knife was able to stab Kuroki-san's heart if they weren't there! If we read the procedure, the killing blow would happen after the killer left, so I say that the culprit was lucky that Kuroki-san's body was stabbed directly through the heart!" Yukio explained rather quickly. Seems that he's proud of himself for thinking up of that one. But I still don't get it.

"Um, Okumura-san, can you explain it to us in a simpler way?" Because I didn't quite catch his drift.

"Okay, let's have for example two scenarios. One, the murderer was with the victim. He then stabbed the chest of the victim. The second one is that the murderer will put a knife upright and then push the victim so that the victim will fall down and the knife would pierce the chest," Yukio started. "Now, which scenario would have a higher chance of the knife stabbing the heart?"

"Obviously the first scenario. For the second scenario to actually stab the heart, the murderer would have to put a very complicated trap, or…" Seitenshi said before trailing off in deep thought. Wait… It's coming to me… Aha!

"Or luck, right?" I say triumphantly.

"Luck? Well, it is very hard for the knife to stab the heart directly, let alone the scenario mentioned," Roka said. "Are you saying that the culprit was lucky? In murder?"

"It seems that we're getting closer to the truth. Fellow classmates, there is but one person here who's very talent relies on luck," Hachiman states. "Care to guess?"

"Amakusa Kanade! Of course!" I announced out loud. "I remember what you said to me before we ate breakfast yesterday. You said that Victorique and Tatsuya tested your luck to see if it was 'geniune'." Kanade, sorry for this...

"Yes, that's correct. We did that right you parted ways with Hase-san, right Amakusa-san?" Tatsuya stated, glaring at Kanade while he was at it.

"W-wait, I'm not the killer! What kind of deduction is that!? If someone's lucky, they're the killer!?" Kanade screamed. "Anyone else can be lucky! Besides, you don't have any PROOF that I was at the crime scene!" Oh no, and we were so close to proving it was him! In court, evidence is everything.

"Haha, it seems that the luckster is breaking down. But alas, without the proper evidence, we can't condemn him. Unless we do have…" Hachiman suddenly stares at me, as if expecting me to do something. I then look at Roka, who is deep in thought.

"HAH! As I thought, you DON'T have proof! Don't just blame me, guys! Besides, Seitenshi could have done it! What if after I went to Seitenshi's room, she came back to finish Tomoko off!?" At this point, I'm completely convinced that Kanade is the killer, as much as I hate to admit it. But there's got to be proof. Proof that he was in the cafeteria!

"Wait. Before we start doubting Seitenshi again, Yuuki-kun has a very decisive evidence." Huh? What's Roka trying to say? I don't have any idea! I look at all the Truth Bullets I got, but I can't find anything.

"Well!? What is it, dude!? We gotta punish this laxative sicko!" Tatsumi demanded. I think hard and try to remember.

"I'm trying to remember…" I say as I furrowed my eyebrows in concentration.


"Well, nothing much, but there is something I would wish to share," Hachiman stated. "First of all, don't step on that step-stained handkerchief. It could be important evidence."

"A handkerchief that's been stepped on? What use will it offer to the investigation?" Roka asks Hachiman, tilting her head in confusion.

"Just don't step on it. Look, it has a step stain, so presumably the culprit stepped on it while getting away," Hachiman said. The E-Handbook lighted up again, and it says that I've gotten a new Truth Bullet. I guess every little thing has its use, even a handkerchief.


"Wait a second… I remember now!" I beamed and looked up at everyone. I then search for the last clue… The decisive evidence!

PRESENT TRUTH BULLET: Step-Stained Handkerchief (Found in the cafeteria)

"W-wha… What's this?" Satsuki asked, dumbfounded at the evidence I gave out.

"This evidence will prove the culprit's guilt!" I yell triumphantly. Roka gives me a thumbs up, and Hachiman smiles at me, and then clears his throat.

"Finally, the evidence I was waiting for. Seitenshi-san, do you recognize this?" Hachiman asked. Seitenshi took a good look at the Truth Bullet, and then gasped.

"This is my handkerchief! Why, where did you find it?" Seitenshi asks in a gentle voice.

"In the crime scene. Hachiman showed it me and Roka-san during the investigation," I answered the question with a collected voice.

"What!? What's that going to prove!? Nothing, that's what!" Kanade screams in fury, totally different from his usual self. I really don't want this... But I must, since all of our lives are stake. But, I don't know where to go from here. Luckily, Hachiman looks more than willing to explain.

"When did Seitenshi-san drop this, is the question you may ask. Well, when did you drop it?" Hachiman asked Seitenshi.

"I don't remember exactly when I dropped it, but maybe it fell after I drank the tea. Before I fainted, I was holding my handkerchief and my teacup. Also, I only noticed that my handkerchief was gone when I in my room last night," Seitenshi answered almost immediately.

"This mean that Seitenshi dropped it after she drugged," Hachiman said.

"Hey, this handkerchief looks like someone just stepped on it! Looks like you're gonna have to to some laundry, Seitenshi-san," Roka said cheerfully.

"Now, for the last part of this trial!" Hachiman announced proudly. "I would like everyone to remove their shoes and show them to us."

"Huh? What for?" Raku asked, looking a bit displeased.

"Just trust me. We'll find the culprit this way," Hachiman retorted. After that, everyone complied, even Kanade. We all removed our shoes and put it up on our respective podium.

"I think I know where you're going with this, Hikigaya-san," Victorique said solemnly.

"Then, would you like to take over?" Hachiman offered, to which Victorique nodded.

"Everyone, show everyone the sole of your shoes," Victorique ordered and she showed everyone the underside of her shoes. Looks clean to me. I then show mine, and then everyone follows suit. Suddenly, I noticed Tatsuya narrowed his eyes on the sole of Kanade's shoes.

"Amakusa Kanade. There is a medicine stain on the sole of your right shoe. Did you perhaps step on some medicine?" The ever-observant Tatsuya interrogates the now shivering Kanade. "Maybe perhaps... Sleeping medicine?"

"H-huh!? Hey, I don't know what you're talking about!" Kanade yells defensively.

"Hmm, well this stain on your shoe certainly does prove that you have a connection to the crime scene," Yukio says while rubbing his chin.

"W-what the hell!? How can you prove that it was sleeping medicine that soaked that handkerchief!?" Kanade seems very desperate now. It's sad to see him acting like this, especially someone who I trusted a lot...

"Easy. We have this Truth Bullet." Victorique then showed us another Truth Bullet. It was the "Broken Teacup" Roka and I found in the cafeteria.

"Remember, Seitenshi-san just testified that she dropped her teacup and her handkerchief when she was drank the drugged tea. Because of that, the teacup fell, spilling the contents and soaking the handkerchief," Victorique explained with what I am pretty is superhuman intelligence.

"Oh yeah!? How the hell can you prove that I did the procedure!? How would I know that if I just the damn note just now!?" Kanade argued.

"You could have picked it up from Tomoko-chan's possession. Since I found it in her room, you must have placed it there," Roka retorted.

"You damn pipsqueak! Your logic is stupid! How could I have entered her room then!? I don't HAVE her keys!" I know Roka is more like an elementary student than a high school student, but that still isn't a nice thing to say to any girl.

"OBJECTION!" Roka yelled with conviction, and even pointed her index finger at Kanade like a defense attorney. "You don't even need her keys. I noticed that the room was open when I went there, so that means it was left unlocked by the victim. So it's possible that you could have entered her room after you left the cafeteria." Wow, Roka is actually debating pretty well in court! Maybe she plays courtroom drama games?

"Looks like that mystery is solved. Now, since you are the only one who has a stain on your shoe, we can safely say that you were the one who entered the cafeteria that night and arranged the victim's body," Satsuki says sternly. Kanade's face is now contorted into a mixture of many primal emotions. Fear, anger, sadness...

"No... NOOOOOO! FUCK IT! IT AIN'T ME! YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ME!" Kanade screamed at the top of his lungs, and even cursed. I breathe in deeply and recall all the events that has transpired in this trial. I'm ready now. I will now accept the fact the Amakusa Kanade, a good friend, is the murderer. This was Kyubey's ultimate goal all along; crush all hope.

"Victorique. Can you please summarize the entire case? We need to finish this now," Tatsuya said in an emotionless tone.

"Very well. I guess it's time for me to 'reconstruct the fragments of chaos'..." Victorique closed her for a few seconds, and then opened them up dramatically.

"This all started with the victim, Tomoko Kuroki. She was so horrified of the video motive that she plotted a murder. She gathered the tools needed for her plan. The sleeping pills, ice cubes, multiple knives and the ropes. She put everything in a plastic bag that says "Do not touch" and placed it in the fridge. At night, just after Tatsuya-kun and I left the cafeteria, she made tea for Seitenshi-san and added it with the pills, most likely crushing it into powder. Preparing her plan while Seitenshi-san was asleep, something did not meet her expectations. That is, the sudden awakening of the Ultimate Presidential Heir. Seeing the knife Kuroki-san had in her hand, Seitenshi-san's instincts kicked in. She hit the victim in her solar plexus hard enough to knock her out cold. Out of fear, Seitenshi-san ran out of the cafeteria."

"While all of that was happening, the killer planned to kill someone as well. Intentionally pouring an entire bottle of strong laxative in one of the plates, he gave it to Yoshii-san. While escorting him to his room, Yoshii-san and the victim bumped into Seitenshi-san, who was too scared to speak given the fact that she was nearly killed. Curious, the killer left Akihisa to his room while he went to the cafeteria to check out the scene. There he saw the victim's unconscious body. The killer decided to change his plan and murder Kuroki-san while framing Seitenshi-san. Reading the note Kuroki-san wrote, the killer setted up the scene to kill her, and then left the cafeteria and headed for the victim's room. He placed the note there, but forgot to lock the door. To make sure he had an alibi, he knocked on Yoshii-kun's door and talked to him just before the Night Time announcement. At 1 AM, the ice in the rope melted, killing the victim. Normally, this would be nearly impossible to pull off, but the killer in particular had a very special talent that somehow made this seemingly impossible plan work out fine. Well, too bad for the mastermind of this crime. Lady Luck wasn't beside them today, and that mastermind is Amakusa Kanade, the Ultimate Lucky Student!"

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