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Yuuki's POV

"Excellent debating there, students. You have impressed me. Is this truly your first time debating in court?" Kyubey asked but got silent looks of a mixture of hatred and sorrow. "Well, no matter. Let us begin the voting, shall we students?"

The screens in our podium suddenly shifted into a screen with an array of icons reminiscent to that of a character selection screen in a fighting game, and when I hover my finger over it, it shows pictures of us in battle stances. What a sadist, thinking this is all just a fun game. And where did he get these pictures? As I look around the screen for the icon of Kanade, I noticed there's an icon at the center that has question mark. Now who the hell would want to vote at random!? Spotting Kanade's icon, my finger hovers above it. I touched it with my finger, resulting in Kanade's full body picture of him in a fighting stance appears on the upper part of the screen, complete with an announcer's voice saying "Kanade Amakusa". Then, an option appeared on the screen.

"Condemn Kanade Amakusa? Yes or No"

I sigh deeply, then close my eyes for a while. Must we really sacrifice one life for the lives of the many? Sure, Kanade killed Tomoko, but in the end, it's all Kyubey's fault. With my heart still heavy, I steel myself for whatever was next and tapped "Yes". I looked around, and everyone seems to have finished voting.

"Okay, it seems that the voting has finished. Now, shall we begin tallying the votes?" No one answered back, but Kyubey took it as a sign of approval and pressed a button on his marble throne. I heard some slight rumblings, but it resolved quickly as a roulette machine opened up in the center of the circle of podiums. It spun, and finally stopped as the three slots on it showed the face of Kanade Amakusa. The machine spitted out confetti and cheering sound effects, as if we cleared a level in a game or something.

"Congratulations. It looks like you got it right," Kyubey said, wagging his tail from side to side as if he was happy. But more importantly, everyone looked at Kanade with shocked faces. Kyubey then looked at Akihisa and tilted his head to the side.

"Akihisa Yoshii… It was almost a unanimous vote, but you voted wrongly," Kyubey said.

"Akihisa-kun…" I said in sorrow.

"Who did you vote for…?" Yukio asked quietly, still shocked at the turn of events.

"I voted for myself… I never would have thought he killed someone. Sure, he poured an entire bottle of strong laxative in my food, but that doesn't mean he could kill someone in such a cold-hearted manner!" Akihisa yelled at the end, defending his friend.

"You know, you're lucky that Kyubey does not execute anyone who votes wrongly. You should just be happy that we're safe without a killer around," Hachiman said harshly.

"H-hey! You can't just say that! Sure, he killed someone, but wasn't the victim gonna kill too!?" Raku exasperates, defending Kanade as well.

"Yeah! If anything, that girl is to blame!" Akihisa butted in.

"No! Tomoko-chan is not to blame, and neither is Amakusa-san! We all had to go to the same experience; I even fainted when I saw my video!" Roka yells, clutching her skirt while trying to hold back the tears. "I will admit; I contemplated murder!" I look at Roka with an open jaw and a wide mouth.

"W-what…? Roka-san, that's crazy!" I say, aghast by her confession. She stopped clutching her skirt and wiped her eyes.

"It's just that… Kyubey is the one who started all this, darkness! He's at fault! M-my parents… Even Tsutsuji…" I couldn't bear to speak up, and it seems that the situation took a turn for worse. And I fear it will only become worse…

"You bastard…" Tatsumi began. "If only you didn't exist, fucking rat! I'll make you wish you were never born!" Tatsumi was going to jump over his podium and smack Kyubey into the ground. This is very bad. Didn't he learn his lesson? Standing next to him, I decided to stop him, but he's too strong for me. Satsuki was about to intervene when Tatsuya stood in front of Tatsumi, blocking him off.

"God damn it! MOVE!" Tatsumi yelled and did a roundhouse kick to Tatsuya's left cheek. Aside from wincing a little, Tatsuya didn't move an inch, and just took the kick and continued to stare at Tatsumi, as if giving him a silent warning. Tatsumi, visibly surprised (Considering he kicked someone in the face and got away with only a wince of pain), just clicked his tongue and went back to his podium, still visibly annoyed.

"I guessing… You want answers right? Why I killed her?" Kanade spoke, not even bothering to look at us. "I-I'll tell you the whole story…" We all looked at Kanade in silence, and decided to let him talk.

"You see, when Kyubey showed us that video motive, I really got freaked by that video, you know. I mean, sure I live alone and my parents don't really stay with me… But even my friends!? The only other people I could call family!? It was just too much, damn it!" Kanade hit his podium with his fists after finishing, his eyes starting to tear up. "So I decided to kill someone. I was planning to kill… you, Akihisa-kun." Akihisa looks shocked and betrayed, and couldn't even talk.

"B-but I never expected that there would be trial and that the culprit will be executed! I was so scared inside… And now, here we are…" After finishing, Kanade just stood there, quietly.

"Why, I never…" Satsuki trailed off, considering she just heard a confession, I'm not surprised.

"So are you trying to say that if you knew there was trial beforehand, you would have not killed?" Tatsuya inquired sharply, rubbing the area of his face that got hit by Tatsumi's kick. Maybe it did hurt a lot more than he expected.

"Yeah…" Kanade answered. He then chuckled weakly. "How selfish of me, huh? And naïve as well…"

"But we could have talked this out! We are all here for you, Kanade-san!" Seitenshi said, and I noted her use of his first name.

"Hmm, you say that, but you were the target by that otaku. Don't tell me you wanted to talk it out with her, even in the moment when she tries to kill you?" Hachiman says with disdain.

"Damn it, Hikigaya! You know the situation we're in!" Yukio said, slamming down his fists into the podium, his glasses fall down and hitting the ground with a clattering sound. He's so angry, he even dropped out the honorifics. "Yet you are still like this!? Are you trying to keep everyone wallowing in despair!?"

"I am a realist. We don't need to busy ourselves with fake personalities, instead let's get busy with getting real," Hachiman starts. "Are we all truly good friends? Or are we just hiding behind a plastic mask to repel our fears of being murdered? I mean, look. You just witnessed what happened. Someone got killed, and it was one of us, not Kyubey." Yukio still looked angry, but he decided to play the smart guy and stopped questioning Hachiman's way of thinking. He picked up his glasses and dusted them off before wearing them again. Good thing the lenses weren't ruined.

"As expected of the Ultimate Philosopher, bravo! It seems you are fully aware of the current situation," Kyubey praised Hachiman, but Hachiman glared at Kyubey with disgust.

"I don't need your praise, you sadistic freak," Hachiman retorted.

"Anyways, it's time for the execution. Are you ready, Kanade Amakusa, for your ultimate fate?" Kyubey asks, preparing his mallet. Kanade suddenly became pale from fear.

"W-wait! No, I don't want to die! Please, you got to give me another chance!" Kanade begged, kneeling on all fours.

"I am truly sorry, but I cannot do that. For this is the absolute law of the Mutual Killing Game." As he said that, Kyubey slammed his mallet on a button in his podium, and suddenly, the giant screen from his podium lighted up, and words saying "GAME OVER. KANADE AMAKUSA HAS BEEN FOUND GUILTY. NOW COMMENCING EXECUTION." There was even an 8-bit sprite of Kanade being dragged by Kyubey. The screen then shifted to us, and suddenly, everyone except Kyubey and Kanade got chained. Tatsumi tried to break the chain, and so did Tatsuya and Satsuki, but whatever material it was made of, it couldn't be broken even if a bomb was detonated on it.

We were all chained to the wall, forced to look at one direction; at Kanade Amakusa, the Ultimate Lucky Student. Kanade was crying, desperately screaming for help. I have never seen someone scream in despair so loudly before… Its heart wrenching.

"PLEASE! SPARE ME!" Those were the last words he said before he fell from a pit-hole trap installed under him. We all stared at the horror unfolding before us, when the giant screen from Kyubey's podium lighted up, apparently showing Kanade as he was falling, presumably to his death. We may have witnessed a lot of horrors, but nothing prepared me for what we were about to witness.

Third Person POV

"AGHHH!" Kanade screamed at the top of lungs, desperately trying to cling to dear life. The way down was very dark, but he could see a bright light from below.

He fell down to a surprisingly soft cushion, unharmed for the most part. Looking around, he looked at his surroundings. It looked similar to a game show, and Kyubey was the host.

"Welcome, Kanade Amakusa! To your execution!" Kyubey said gleefully, yet without changing his face.

"Let me out! I don't deserve this!" Kanade shouts, hoping to make him change his mind. But all his efforts are in vain, as Kyubey didn't budge.

"Of course you deserve this. You killed someone. Now, for your execution!"


The stage then lighted up, and Kyubey grabbed a microphone and started to speak.

"I will give you three questions. If you manage to answer them all, then I might just let you out. If you don't, well see you that pool of acid below you?" Kanade looked below him, and almost fell over in shock. If he fell down there, he would definitely die.

"Now, are you ready? Question 1! Who did you murder? A, Tomoko Kuroki? Or B, Kuroki Tomoko?" Kyubey announced.

Kanade was suddenly hit with a wave of regret. He held no ill bearing towards the otaku, but she just happened to be the most vulnerable person for him to kill.

"What's with these choices? They're both the same!" Kanade shouts in annoyance.

"You will answer in 10 seconds, or I shall drop you immediately!" Kyubey commands intensely, threatening to press a button with the words "Loser" in it.

"U-um, A!" Kanade says abruptly, in fear of dying a horrible acid bath. A sound of a bell reverberates across the stage, signaling he is correct.

"Correct. Now on to the next question! Who did you originally plan to kill? A, Akihisa Yoshii? Or B, Yoshii Akihisa?"

Now Kanade was in tears again. Even he can't believe that he actually had it in him to kill a friend of his. His heart was now filled with despair and regret, yet he still had to answer, or else he would fall and die.

"A-A… I choose A," Kanade answers sorrowfully, all traces of hope erased from his blank eyes. He has started to break down. The bell rings yet again, and Kyubey applauds him.

"Wow, I didn't think you had in you. Correct! Now, for the final question! This time, this will decide your fate. Choose wisely." Kyubey said in what can be interpreted as in a mocking voice.

"A, Be free from this game. Or B, Accept death and get executed. Choose!" Kyubey says aloud, leaving Kanade with a hint of hope.

"No way… Can I really choose A?" Kanade says, brightening. He couldn't believe his own luck. Was the mastermind really giving him a chance?

"Go ahead. Choose," Kyubey repeated, wagging his tail back and forth.

"Then I choose-" Suddenly, Kanade was hit with a powerful headache.

"Oh no," He thought. "Not now!" Kanade was a curious one. He has someone controlling his action and choices before, and was glad that there hasn't been an "Absolute Choice" yet, but this was the worst timing ever.

"Choose. A, ask Kyubey to kill you. Or B, choose option B," The voice inside said.

"I'm screwed. Right at this moment?" Kanade said to himself and suddenly got a massive migraine. "Agh! My head!" To this, Kyubey's mouth formed a smirk, as if relishing in his despair.

"Sorry, Amakusa Kanade, but your time is up. I'll have to drop you now," Kyubey said, suddenly removing his smirk and pressing the button with "Loser" in it. The cushion split in half, and without anything to support Kanade, he fell.

"W-what!? NOOO!- OW!" Kanade screamed, still having a massive migraine while falling to his death. With a large splash, Kanade landed in the acid. Kyubey then sealed the pool of acid with a giant lid. Looking up at the remaining students, Kyubey hopped up to an elevator and came back in the courtroom. He then released the remaining students from their chains, but none could speak.

Yuuki's POV

"Oh my god. What the hell did I just witness!? God, no one deserves that! No one!" Raku yelled in fear. He's right. What did we just witness? That was too cruel… I can't believe that he really died! And all that acid... I can't even bear to look at it, but we were stuck to chains, so I could not see it closing my eyes, but I could still hear his scream. That was the scream of someone dying...

"Well, what do you think of my execution? Pretty well planned out, am I right?" Kyubey asked at no one particular.

"That was horrible! You can't just kill him like that! You even toyed with him!" Rikka cried out in both sorrow and anger. "You bring him back right now!"

"What the fuck, man!? You RELISH in this kind of stuff!?" Tatsumi screamed, clenching his fists tightly, trying to hold himself back.

"He was about to choose freedom, but then you did something to him, you foul fiend!" Satsuki shouted, looking very pissed.

"I didn't anything to him. He really did just stop making the choice all of a sudden," Kyubey explains, but I don't buy it.

"This is all just too much…" Popura said weakly as she fell on her knees, crying. "I want to go back home!" Rikka notices this and dashes towards her friend, presumably to cheer her up.

"Popura-chan… It's alright. I assure you that this won't happen again," Rikka said with confidence.

"P-people will definitely be looking for us, you know. T-this is insane! Soon enough, the Military will attack, right Shiba-san!?" Akihisa shakes uncontrollably, obviously shaken by what we had just witnessed. Shiba was just silent, and he's apparently in deep in thought.

There was no other word to describe it other than "horrifying". Is this how our lives will be from now on? Murdering, then executions? Why are we all here? What is the mastermind's goal? There's just so many question left unanswered.

"Before we all go back up, I would like to ask you something, Hikigaya-san. And everyone needs to hear your answer," Victorique says, breaking the otherwise sorrowful atmosphere. Hachiman turns around and faces the smaller girl.

"What is it?"

"About this murder… It seems you know too much. Did you, perhaps, witness the murder?" What? Collective gasps are coming from every direction, mine included. If he did witness the murder, then why didn't he say something?

"What!? You knew something!?" Roka inquires him sharply, understandable considering the victim is her friend.

"How should I put this into words…?" Hachiman thinks for a while before speaking again. "You see, I was on my way to go to the laundry because I wanted to get my clothes. On my way, I heard some stuff in the cafeteria, so I hid before one of the vending machines. There, I saw him do everything. He was tying Kuroki-san with the ropes, arranging her body similar to way we were discussing a while ago. He was finishing up when I spied on him, so I had to conceal my identity behind that vending machine until he went back to his room. It's a good thing the light around the corridors are turned off when it's nearing Night Time. I wanted to save her, but the announcement rang and the cafeteria was instantly locked. Even until this day, I still regret my incompetence…" Everyone was silent, after he gave his explanation. Even Tatsumi Oga, the same man who usually butt heads with him, is not saying a word.

"I see. So that explains why you knew so much," Victorique said calmly, but still didn't looked convinced. "Why didn't you just tell everyone then? That could have saved us a lot of time." She's right. All that debating could be avoided if he just spoke up in the beginning!

"My reason? Well in my defense, I was supposed to tell everyone. Even before the trial," Hachiman says, his expression looking solemn. "But I had to confirm if Kyubey would release Kanade if he killed someone. When Kyubey said we will be holding trials, I decided to keep my mouth shut."

"Why would you do that though? We could get killed if we guessed wrong!" Raku says in fear.

"Well, if trials were going to be held, then we might as well get experience, right?" Hachiman said. "Besides, I knew you could have gotten it right. But in the scenario where you don't, then I'll have to speak out." Surprisingly, Roka reacts pretty strongly to Hachiman's reason and stomps over to him.

"What do you mean, experience!? It's not like anyone's going to kill after this!" Rikka growls aggressively.

"Takanashi-san. Please understand. Amakusa-san did confess that he killed someone, so it is entirely poss-"

"No way am I buying that reason! I believe that this was all Kyubey's plan!" Rikka interrupted Hachiman, and pointed at Kyubey. "Who knows how powerful this demon could be? If you want possibility, then it's highly likely for that monster to brainwash all of us!"

"I agree! Rikka-san has a point!" Roka joined in.

"That's a rather reasonable way of saying it! No way did my buddy ever have it in him to kill!" Akihisa butted in, joining in the crusade against Kyubey.

"Oh? Why do I feel like I'm the main topic again? Like what I told, this was all freewill. He chose to kill," Kyubey declares.

"It's only a matter of time before one of us snaps. And I'm not taking any chances," Hachiman says. Rikka was really looking pissed, so Popura goes to her side and calm her down.

"Rikka-chan… Please calm down. If you're always on the edge, then we're all going to feel uncomfortable," she says, while I'm silently hoping she calms down. Her temper is truly a force to be reckoned with. She does calm down, but I still feel this dark atmosphere of a mixture of sadness, anger and fear. We were all on the edge when we saw Tomoko's corpse… And now that we all saw Kanade pass away, that fear grew even larger.

"Come now, everyone. We need to rest. We should be ready for tomorrow," Seitenshi's firm yet serene voice sliced the quiet atmosphere with authority, and then turned to Kyubey. "It is about time we left, don't you think so Kyubey?" As if obeying her words, Kyubey nods, and then jumps down and runs toward the elevator. He presses a button, and he leads us all into the elevator, but not before giving us one last wave.

"Now, this Class Trial is officially over. I hope all of you have a great time!" Kyubey said in great joy, pissing off Tatsumi, but thankfully he was held back by Satsuki. As the elevator door closed, the elevator went up, back to the main campus. Sobbing of various students filled the air in the elevator as I wrapped my left arm over Roka's petite frame to comfort her and looked up with sorrow. We just witnessed another death, the death of a friend. So many revelations were unveiled throughout the trial, and right now I'm honestly scared. I think the execution scared off most of us from committing such a horrifying crime, but who knows what other horrors Kyubey has in store. But if there's one thing I learned, it is that it will be very hard for all of us to band together and stop Kyubey. But I believe in hope. I know we'll be able to team up and take down the monster that is Kyubey.

"But then again, that trial took out a lot from me. Now I'm exhausted," I say to myself, sighing as I prepare for another day in this academy of Despair.



"This is super-duper amazing!" Said the mastermind in glee. "So, what did he think? Was good enough for him? I bet he thinks it's awesome!"

"I am not too sure what he thinks. But what I'm of sure is that he is proud of you, master," Kyubey answered. The mastermind then twirls their pen, and then writes something down. After finishing their writing, they gave it to Kyubey and laughed in insane glee.

"This should will be the next motive, so prepare in the next three days! Give them some time to bond… And when they think that have hope, I'll crush it along with their delusional expectations of hope!" The mastermind exclaimed maniacally. Kyubey just nodded, and then disappeared. The mastermind then stretched their limbs and yawned loudly.

"Okay, now let's see how the students will react to this new motive in the next three days…" The mastermind said, chuckling to themselves as they did. "Despair is so sweet... Hehe. I'd like some honey with it! Hahahaha!"

kyubey theater

I wonder, how can such an insignificant choice affect a significant choice so effectively? Well, if you know your physics, then you must know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So this means that no matter how insignificant one choice may seem to be, it may affect something severely. Besides, every choice we are offered makes another branch of universes. In one universe, you may have chosen cereals as your breakfast, but in another, you chose bread. Or even something significant, such as wars, elections or even the extinction of the entire universe. The multiverse is full of what-ifs. If only I could see them all…


Chapter One – Despair Is So Sweet END

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