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Banshees, a female death omen spirit that manifests to herald approaching death with wailing. The word is derived from the old Irish sin sidhe, a woman of the fairy mound, or woman of the of the fairy mound, but it is translated by different scholars in a variety of ways, including Female Fairy, Angel of Death, Lady of Death, Woman of Peace, White Lady of Sorrow, Nymph of the Air and Spirit of the Air (Source: Supernaturalwiki)

Chapter One: Playing with Death

Elena Gilbert was never fond of death ever since she encountered it years ago as a child. It was a moment that she wanted to wish away while others would wish for riches, immortality, or even love that wasn't theirs to hold.

But strangely she never feared death like most, because she would never be able to sense her own death.

It was strange how it worked out. She was able to sense death approaching for others if she touched another briefly in the passing at times, but she would never be able to know her upcoming death if she wanted to.

Elena brushed back her short loose hair from her face as she held a charcoal pencil in her other hand, biting her lip in frustration when she looked at her recent masterpiece. Usually after blindfolding herself as she sketched, she'd brush up on small areas before she was satisfied.

But the outcome was grotesque. It was the very image of death that she saw years ago as a child, and as she traced every line that Elena whimpered in remembrance of her past. Suddenly her fingers paused at a spot and she forced her hazel brown eyes to open to see the spot that her hand stopped at.

Raising an eyebrow, Elena frowned when she saw nothing. It wasn't clear, but it reminded her of a treasure box that her mother used to show her. She traced the vines that she drew until she reached the edge of the paper.

"Definitely not supposed to end like that, but I guess this works." Elena said to herself before she shrugged her shoulders, smiling as she tucked her new piece away safety in her closet until she could move it somewhere else.

Closing her closet door, Elena leaned back against the door and slid down to the floor. Lately her mentor asked about her recent master pieces for the last 4 months, but Elena couldn't bear to proudly show her any of them as they were tucked away in her closet.

Every single image were from her dreams, from death to weird doors that'd make any person question her sanity. And she definitely didn't need anyone questioning her sanity or force her to sit through more sessions with a therapist…

Speaking of which, her last session with her therapist was today with Meredith Fell in the afternoon at 4pm… and that was in 20 minutes.

"Elena we have to go now! Your appointment with Dr. Fell is in 20 minutes and we can't be late!"

The brunette let out a sigh. Her mom insisted that she accompany her to her sessions ever since the accident that took place 12 years ago involving herself and…. Elena shook her head, a smiling tugging at her lips when she stared at the black and white abstract art that hung above her bed.

Elena fell back on her bed, smiling as her fingers reached out for the painting that was so close yet so far from her reach. It was something they both created long ago, two different perspectives on what life was by using charcoal to guide them.

Drop. Drop. Drop.

Before letting out a scream, Elena quickly covered her mouth as she watched the painting above her melt as it pooled around her. The ink splattered onto her arm, legs, torso and face as the painting continued to curtain around her like a protective cocoon.

"This can't be happening... can't be," she murmured to herself. Elena forced herself to look up again and couldn't help but scream silently when she saw the very image of death staring back at her. Describing death was impossible as people always perceived death differently, and it affected how people lived their lives.

How she saw death was positively grotesque but also childish to others if Elena confided to others that she viewed Death as utter darkness. But that was how she saw Death, as utter darkness that didn't have a speck of light to lead her away from it. And right now she felt Death gripping her as she breathed out cool air.

"Elena we have to get going!"

It was her mother's voice that made her blink, and Elena let out a soft sigh as she tried to look for any sign of the ink being on her skin. Thankfully there wasn't a sign of it but she just had to make sure….

Elena tiptoed on her bed as she leaned towards the painting, trying to find any sign of change in the painting and nearly scoffed when she saw a slight change. "Of course, this painting has to change every time. I should just find another painting to replace you," she began as she touched the side of the painting with longing.

"I don't think I deserve to have peace just yet," Elena finished and climbed off her bed. She didn't deserve to move the painting after all this time even if it brought her pain every once in a while near the time of the anniversary…

And during that time everyone acted as if they were walking on eggshells. Especially her mom and Jeremy… but it was expected after her numerous suicide attempts afterword at the tender age of 4.

It seemed so easy back then when she didn't know Death existed. But now it was different, she couldn't bear to face it again by herself. And she desperately wished she was ignorant again, if only for five minutes of life to give her some sort of peace.

Jeremy never looked at her the same ever since he found her submerged in the tub on her 14th birthday, in fact he treated her like some sort of porcelain doll that should be playing on a shelf than being placed at the window for display.

Her eyes glossed over at the idea. When they were children, all of their neighbors would always call them the porcelain dolls of Mystic Falls. Her and twin sister, Katherine.

Everyone would always dote on Katherine, the energetic twin who always managed to get in trouble and drag her into them. But she never regretted following her older sister everywhere, in fact she welcomed it whenever Katherine would peek her head in her room with a smile before throwing Jeremy in the pool or even dress Jeremy up.

But she wasn't here anymore to drag her into trouble. Katherine wasn't here anymore to ask Aunt Jenna for Barbie dolls or ask Uncle John to read her bedtime stories at night.

And it was all her fault.

"So Elena, how do you feel?"

"Same as always Meredith. Feeling a bit bored".

Meredith frowned, "Elena I know you're frustrated with all of these sessions but you need this release. You can't always rely on drawing in your room to let your emotions out, you know that".

The brunette looked up from her sketch pad briefly, before she resumed her sketch of the potted plants that Meredith had placed in her office. Meredith decided to have them in the room when Elena said the room was a bit lifeless for her, but Elena had a sneaking suspicion that Meredith only bought them to keep her somewhat focused during their sessions.

Elena couldn't help but draw whenever she had to see the good doctor. It was a boring and wasted an hour of her time what could have been used for other things….

'But I guess I asked for this after the last attempt' thought Elena, pausing as she stared at the image looking back at her. She squinted her eyes before shaking her head at the image that haunted her dreams for the past month.

"Elena? What's wrong?"

She barely heard Meredith's voice, but hesitantly nodded at the question. "It's just…. I was hoping to make the contrast a bit darker". Elena gave a small smile before she reached out for the eraser on the table.

"I don't believe that Elena. In fact I think you're hiding something from me" Meredith said with a cool tone before she snatched the eraser away from her reach. She tucked her loose hair behind her ear and gave Elena a smile.

"I'm tired of waiting Elena, so don't waste your breath and say it's nothing" hissed Meredith, as her pupil's turned yellow.




Elena stared at the table where Meredith placed her hand, watching as water dripped from the table and onto the carpet almost soundlessly. Her eyes darted back towards Meredith who dragged a chair closer to her, almost amused at her reaction before chuckling under her breath.

"So the rumors are true… I didn't think your kind was that perceptive except that one area you specialize in" mused Meredith. She leaned forward, taking a strand of Elena's long brown hair and slightly twirled in her finger. "But what would I know," she said nonchalantly, "I never really bothered to care and I'm just always hungry. That's why I just had to drown this pathetic meat bag and devour her from the inside while wearing her skin" she growled.

Kappa are typically found in Japanese folklore and considered a water deity in Shinto. They are typically depicted as humanoid in form in the size of a child. Their scaly, reptilian skin are usually green or yellow in color and smell like fish. Kappas tend to drown women and children before
devouring them from the inside and wear their skin for a short period of time.

Elena subconsciously bit her lip. Out of all places, they just couldn't stay as folklores could they thought Elena before she flexed her grip on her pencil. People saw different creatures associated with death, depending on how they viewed it when they didn't want be seen. But this Kappa wanted to be seen….

"You see, Meredith Fell was always fascinated with the supernatural long before you came into her office" drawled the Kappa, speaking perfectly with Meredith's voice. "She was actually interested in Kappas and I have to say I was so giddy when she had the galls to tempt me with a child".

Kappas loved drowning young children when they got too close to the water, devouring them from the inside out in search for their liver. But it was rare that they chose to wear the skin of a woman, or to even parade around in it for months.

The scaled creatures smelled of constant death and despair, much like how most of her paintings described whenever she sketched by the lake. They adored water, in fact they couldn't survive for long without a constant source….

"Unfortunately for her I was still very hungry after I ate that delightful child. Maybe it was her own because they certainly tasted alike!" the Kappa exclaimed, grinning like a cat that caught a canary with its paws. "But I suppose that's what sacrifice is, even if she didn't expect her own

The Kappa remembered it as if it happened the other day, when the foolish therapist decided to sacrifice her own child to see if she existed. But it was like a homemade movie where the mother watches their child roam around until they got into an accident waiting to happen… and she was the one to pop the piñata and steal all of the goodies….

Elena hugged her knees to her chest, watching the Kappa that paraded in her therapist's corpse carefully. "If you know so much about me" she began, her voice breaking when she met the Kappa's eyes, "what am I?"

It was a question that Elena asked herself for years. A question that she couldn't find an answer to despite her hours of researching. A chuckle lost her trail of thoughts as she watched the creature let go of hair, "I don't know whether or not you're that naive or whether you're playing with me Elena".

Meredith let out a soft sigh, her yellow pupils turned back to hazel brown eyes and moved to lock the door. Leaning back, Meredith pulled out her hair pins and shook out her hair before she threw the hair pins into the trash.

"But seriously Elena, you really have no idea what you are? Because I can definitely help you in that department if you need me to." Meredith smiled smugly before she knelt down and tugged the small cabinet door open, revealing two small children.

Elena watched Meredith motion for the children to climb out, tugging on the ropes that bound them before her eyes darted at her sketch book again. Without even knowing, she drew a blood soaked aquarium…. the very same aquarium that she sat next to. Her fingers trailed at the sketch, almost drawing more detail into it before it settled at the teddy bear that was hiding in the corner.

Her eyes darted towards the same corner and watched as the bear cried blood.

"Come now Elena, I think you should know what you are by now" Meredith exclaimed, she threw the children to the floor. "You can't be that stupid, seeing how you're so in tune with death…." she paused before she drew closer to Elena as if she was about to whisper a secret. "We can all smell it on you," she finished.

The blood pooled around the bear now, stretching across the wooden floors as Elena shook her head as if to disperse the image from her head.

"Stop it…"

"Elena if you don't say it, I will kill them" sung a voice.

"Stop it...stop it… stop it…"

Yellow pupils gleamed again under the fluorescent light, almost amused at the answer. "You're not answering my question Elena, so I'm afraid poor little Hansel and Gretel are going to die here without seeing their parents" cooed Meredith and laughed with delight.

Meredith tilted the neck of the girl first before she leaned closer to smell her fear. How she missed smelling this as she hunted… it made her feel all tingly inside the corpse. Maybe she'll even have fun with the woman's mate before leaving…

Elena sniffled as she watched the creature intimately smell the girl's neck, almost as if she was going to make a meal out of her. She couldn't stand hearing the dripping water around Meredith's body or the smell of blood that was started to pool around her….

"Well times up Elena, it seems like Hansel and Gretel won't get to push the witch in the oven today," Meredith said before she nibbled on the child's neck.


Meredith paused, smiling smugly before she shoved her potential meal from her face. "What was that darling?" she held her hand closer to her ear, motioning that she couldn't hear her soft whisper. "Can you repeat that? I almost didn't hear you say anything, I mean hunger really dulls the senses" she mused.

"Banshee. I'm a banshee" Elena said softly, and turned to look at the two children that Meredith named Hansel and Gretel. "Are you going to eat them? Is that why you brought them here?" she asked defiantly, and put aside her sketch pad in her bag.

Over the past couple of years, Elena always avoided the very idea that she was a banshee for what they stood for. But it was the only logical explanation….

Meredith snorted. "To be honest I was going to drown them until you admitted it but… you did admit it, unfortunately" she remarked, clearly annoyed that her game was cut short. But then again she didn't have much time anyway…

"Let's skip over the conversation of what I am Elena, I'm sure you're smart enough to figure it out" Meredith purred and motioned for Elena to move closer. Yellow pupils gleamed as she watched the young Banshee lean over hesitantly, "I'm not going to bite Elena. I just want to make sure you're genuine, get a good sniff of you".

Elena felt her nose brush against her neck, and she couldn't help but blush at the intimacy. It was an odd feeling to have someone so close…

"Yeah… you definitely smell of death, how exquisite!"

Meredith pulled away, clearly pleased as she crossed her legs in her seat. "I haven't seen a Banshee for years now" she pouted slightly, "but I can see we'll have so much fun together!" and squealed with delight as she watched Elena frown at her words.

Of course every Banshee thought the same, but they couldn't say the same after spending a week with her! Humans were so pathetic, thinking they were on top of the food chain… but they had no idea what was actually hunting them for centuries…

Meredith Fell was a curious one, spending her life becoming a therapist because the human mind interested her until she ran across something even more challenging… Elena Gilbert opened another door for the knowledge thirsty human, and she spent endless nights researching every possible book she could get her hands on.

It was unfortunate for her to find the very information to find a Kappa, having the very intention of asking endless questions to satisfy her newfound hunger…. to even sacrifice her own child to do the deed. Maybe that was the very reason why she chose to continue wearing Meredith Fell's skin…

"Wash off that horrid look you have Elena" she waved her off, "I wouldn't dare harm a messenger of Death!" hissing before she pointed at the clock.

Elena's session with Meredith Fell was over. And Elena couldn't help but feel relieved until she remembered the two children that were sobbing on the carpet floor….

"You were going to eat them with or without my cooperation, weren't you?" Elena asked softly, as she turned to look at the aquarium. She knew that the Kappa wearing Meredith Fell was going to drown them in the aquarium, and possibly wear their flesh after.

"You know me so well Elena… see you soon". Meredith opened the door, gently ushering Elena out before she closed the door with a click.

And as Elena left the building, she couldn't help but attempt to cover her ears to block out the screams of the two children she left with Meredith… but she didn't stop herself from staring at the once pure white teddy bear now soaked in blood.

It was many and many a year ago,

In a kingdom by the sea,

That a maiden there lived whom you may know

By the name of Annabel Lee;

And this maiden she lived with no other thought

Than to love and be loved by me.

I was a child and she was a child,

In this kingdom by the sea,

But we loved with a love that was more than love—

I and my Annabel Lee—

With a love that the wingèd seraphs of Heaven

Coveted her and me.

And this was the reason that, long ago,

In this kingdom by the sea,

A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling

My beautiful Annabel Lee;

So that her highborn kinsmen came

And bore her away from me,

To shut her up in a sepulchre

In this kingdom by the sea.

The angels, not half so happy in Heaven,

Went envying her and me—

Yes!—that was the reason (as all men know,

In this kingdom by the sea)

That the wind came out of the cloud by night,

Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.

But our love it was stronger by far than the love

Of those who were older than we—

Of many far wiser than we—

And neither the angels in Heaven above

Nor the demons down under the sea

Can ever dissever my soul from the soul

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;

For the moon never beams, without bringing me

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;

And the stars never rise, but I feel the bright

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;

And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the

Of my darling—my darling—my life and my bride,

In her sepulchre there by the sea—

In her tomb by the sounding sea.

-Edgar Allen Poe

Elijah Mikaelson frowned as he watched another baby vampire attempt to kill him, another vampire that wanted to boast about getting the better of an Original. He punched through the chest of the female baby vampire, gripped on her heart before ripping it out of her chest and carelessly threw it on the floor as the desiccated body followed.

Not many vampires knew about his existence, much less his family unless they wanted to, but lately word had spread about the Original family arriving to the U.S. It was flattering at first, but now it was anything but flattering… it was an annoyance.

His brother Kol might enjoy such… savage behavior, even from vampires but he didn't have the time or patience to deal with them anymore. He had more important things to attend to…

"Is that all? Because quite frankly I'm quite disappointed"

The vampires in the vicinity hissed as Elijah's voice echoed the alleyway. They were so sure that they'd overpower him by sheer number but it wasn't the case at all! By mere minutes the Original either ripped out their hearts or tore heads from their bodies like a mere chore.

Lorenzo raised an eyebrow as he looked down from the fire escape, watching as the baby vampires he helped make go down like fruit flies… but it was expected, coming from an Original that fathered their race.

"Why the hell did I agree to this" murmured Lorenzo. The vampire community in New York were growing restless ever since the Originals decided to jump ship to the U.S from their humble home in London, and it didn't seem like the rumors he heard of the eldest Original was wrong…

Apparently Elijah Mikaelson was the noble one in comparison to his other siblings, who always valued his promises to the word. But that was the problem, Elijah acted too much of a human with the abilities of an Original. Elijah rarely showed his true face to others, even when he fed he showed no sign of his true facade.

How curious...

After the last body fell, Elijah whipped out his handkerchief and wiped the blood away from his hand in disgust as he stepped over a beheaded body. Perhaps coming to New York wasn't the solution to his problems, but a rather famous witch was rumored to live in the city that never sleeps…

But unfortunately after countless weeks, his search for the witch was in vain. Lucy Bennett seemed to have evaded him and left the city without a word to her coven, who were so intent to keeping her away from him. Fortunately for him, one of her coven sisters mentioned another who could help him and he was sure another witch told his brother as well.

The centuries passed slowly since Nikklaus and himself discovered their beloved younger sister Rebekah, daggered by her prodigy and taken away before they could reach her. His brother Kol warned her countless times to not tease her plaything, otherwise it would bite her in the end. Rebekah laughed at the thought, she trusted her little prodigy with her life and she paid for it
in the end.

Perhaps he should have stepped in after Rebekah overstepped her boundaries as a sire when she killed anyone who had her prodigy's attention, even if it was for a while, from hers. But even then, Rebekah refused to let go of her prodigy for centuries without doubt that he was her mate.

"We are the strongest creatures in the world, and yet we are damaged beyond repair. We live without hope, but we will never die. We are the definition of cursed…. Always and forever." Rebekah was always conflicted living the life of an Original vampire, never being able to die as she wanted to live a normal human life and start a family of her own. And that was the simple reason how she got into her mess with that miserable baby vampire she turned.

"Elijah, it seems like we're going on a Banshee hunt"

Nikklaus Mikaelson smirked as he watched his brother scowl when he mentioned Banshee. "The witches said only a Banshee would be able to locate our sister, after being daggered by Stefan" Klaus growled, just the mere memory of Stefan Salvatore made him want to rip out someone's throat… "Something about them being able to sense death".

The eldest of the Original siblings wasn't fond of Banshees at all. He actually found them to be a nuisance if anything whenever they mumbled about someone dying… particularly because of one of his siblings. But strangely Elijah noticed a drop in their number over the past century, almost as if they were being hunted down.

Kol, his youngest brother, found Banshees to be amusing in their own way whenever he pursued one. At times he considered Banshees better than witches at times, considering they weren't servants of nature and freely embraced the life of a vampire. But his interest dimmed after Tatia, who wouldn't stop murmuring about Death coming after her.

Tatia Petrova was a famous Banshee of the 15th century who willingly followed the Original family in Europe before she tragically hung herself in her room. Although it was a bit strange, Banshees were not able to predict their own death in any circumstance yet Tatia was able to… nevertheless Kol moved on after a decade after her death, and intent to watch over her

"I didn't think they were still around Nikklaus,"Elijah paused as he watched his younger brother raise an eyebrow. "You did try to hunt down Tatia's descendants after Kol relinquished his humanity, or am I wrong?". The topic of Tatia always stung Nikklaus after she promised him she'd make him happy with what he was, a Hybrid.

The Banshee always saw Nikklaus as another lost soul, one that she wanted to save while she traveled with the siblings all over Europe. After one touch she knew instantly what he was, and promised him he wouldn't be so lonely anymore as long as she was there. Elijah didn't see Nikklaus that happy for centuries, and it changed after Tatia's sudden suicide in her room.

Elijah never quite understood the Banshee they chose to protect, she always had some sort of charm that his siblings couldn't resist and pampered her to their hearts content. But it didn't seem to impress the Banshee, as she defiled their home with her suicide and left Klaus to find her corpse swinging.

"Tatia's descendants aren't the only Banshees around Elijah, I think we both know what" Klaus snapped back, smirking as he dangled a piece of paper. "Apparently the witches saw our lovely Ripper here about a month ago Elijah, they were nice to procure a picture of him while he stayed". If anything the witches were reluctant to give him any information about the Salvatore brother that savagely ripped about their brothers and sisters while he was passing through, but with the promise that he would destroy Stefan Salvatore sealed the deal.

The Ripper.

Rebekah always had a hard time trying to tame the Salvatore without compelling him, but allowed him to feed without constraint. Sometimes she'd let him do whatever he desired, if he satisfied her enough. But quite frankly none of them had the patience to look after a newborn vampire.

"I can assume that he left quite a mess for the witches to willingly help you, Nikklaus". Elijah said nonchalantly, amused that the servants of nature were willing to help them this once to avenge their fallen brothers and sisters. "But Stefan wouldn't dare to have Rebekah's coffin with him, he knows we'll be hunting him".

Their brothers Kol and Finn, were finishing the business left in London before arriving to help search for their missing sister. But Elijah had suspicion that Kol wanted to do more than just find Rebekah, such as meeting the French Quarter witches in New Orleans…

"It doesn't matter as long as we find Rebekah," voiced Klaus before he peered over his shoulder. "And maybe we'll even let Kol have a go at him when we find Stefan" he finished and stepped over the bodies and headed towards the parking lot.

Elijah scoffed as he shook his head followed his short tempered brother, but paused mid-stop as he looked at the fire escape to see two dark figures watching him. Elijah looked back down to the bloody massacre that he surrounded himself with, smiling as he resumed his pace towards his brother.

The Original was sure the two vampires that watched from afar understood his gesture, after all, they were the ones to send baby vampires. He'd let them live, if only for a fleeting moment until after he dealt with Stefan Salvatore.

A person who deserves my loyalty receives it.

- Joyce Maynard

Lorenzo watched the brothers leave, scowling as he ran his fingers through his hair to take in the massacre. More than half of his vampire community was gone trying to delay the brothers from finding Stefan Salvatore, all because Damon Salavatore asked him to look out for his younger brother.

"I didn't think he'd let us go, did you?" Anna raised an eyebrow as she placed her hand on her hip, as much as hanging around Enzo was it wasn't worth the risk of being killed by an Original.

Enzo shook his head before he laughed. "You have to admit, seeing them in action was a turn on" he smirked, leaving a quick chaste kiss on the other vampire's lips.

A groan left Anna's lips as she sat down at the fire escape, letting her legs dangle in the air as she leaned back. "It is but it's a suicide mission to try to save Damon's brother at this point," she paused to look at Enzo shaking his head. "I know you have some sort of loyalty to him, I
get it, but you have to think about us" Anna said tiredly. She refused to risk her neck for the Ripper who pissed off the Originals just for Damon Salvatore.

"I know that, you don't think I know that?"

"I don't think you do Enzo! We can't sacrifice our community for your loyalty to Damon" she shot back and shook her head. "They're already talking about leaving Enzo, including my mother" Anna whispered softly, almost too softly for Enzo to hear.

Anna spent a great deal with Enzo in New York, and confessed that she was separated from her mother for centuries running away from the Hunters that came too close to their trails. But it didn't seem to faze him as much as she thought, and he even helped her find her mother.

"Enzo, don't make me choose between you and my mother"

"Just go Anna, I'm not forcing you to stay"

The female vampire frowned. "You're really going to do this suicide mission, aren't you?" she spat, snarling as Anna ran her fingers through her hair. "What kind of hold does he have on you anyway for you to give up your life for his? Or are you just doing this because he sired you?"

Enzo closed his eyes. Sometimes he wondered himself why he continued to help Damon to protect Stefan from the Originals. But he promised the older vampire after he heard about his younger brother running from the Originals, and he didn't want to break his promise.

"Damon is one of the few friends I have Anna, you know that" he stressed, and frowned when Anna laughed.

"Friend? If he was your real friend he wouldn't do this to you" Anna poked him in the chest. "The community we created together, we're your friends. No we're your family Enzo and you're throwing that all away for him?" she cried, shaking her head as if she was trying to get
rid of the thought from her head.

Anna was tired of running away and looking after a vampire that couldn't control himself after centuries being one. She had an eternity to live through, and she didn't want to spend her days babysitting.

Enzo scoffed. "Family? Friends? You people don't even understand me!" he roared, startling Anna as she took shook against the railings. "Don't think just because you've been with me for a century that you know anything about me Annabelle, because I will rip your heart out if I have
to and maybe I'll show it to mumsy Pearl".


Anna sat up carefully as she placed her hand on Enzo's cheek. "I won't stop you then," she paused. "Just do what you've done for centuries and continue this suicidal mission. But we won't be here anymore, I won't be anymore" she emphasized at her last statement and slid her hand down to his shoulder to grasp it.

"After all this time, I thought we'd spend eternity together" Anna said softly, meeting Enzo's eyes as she smiled. "You know if I was forced to pick between you or my mother to spend my eternity with, I'd always choose you. But I refuse to be the third wheel in your relationship to Damon" she shook her head, "I can't spend my eternity loving a man who doesn't even love himself".

Anna left Enzo a quick kiss on his cheek, her gaze lingering on him before she jumped down the fire escape and disappeared into the night without looking back.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. - Lucille Ball

And just like that, Enzo watched the only woman in his life walk away from him because of his unwavering loyalty to Damon Salvatore. He wanted to blame Damon for all of his troubles, his pain, his weakness- but he couldn't blame him at all.

It was his own fault of being unable to love himself.

He chose to willingly sacrifice himself to save Stefan Salvatore by delaying the Originals every time they caught his scent through newborn vampires eager to show off their power… and he willingly let Anna leave with his heart in tow.

"The Italians call them Strega. The Yoruba of West Africa call them lya, meaning mother. Where my mother was from, they called them Häxa. And here, we call them witch. Over the centuries vampires have fought them and fought beside them, bedded them and burned them. Whether adversary or ally they have been a force to be reckoned with" - Elijah Mikaelson

Bonnie Bennett calmly watched the vampires disperse, frowning as she looked at the massacre that the two brothers left behind after she made the Hybrid promise to avenge her fallen brothers and sisters.

At first she didn't want to get involved, but the Ripper left her no choice after she watched her Grams have her throat torn out. If anything, she was willing to side with vampires to avenge those savagely murdered and even tell the Hybrid how to find his daggered sister by revealing that only a Banshee would find her.

Banshees were just like vampires, simply unnatural and upsetting the balance that witches strive to keep. But that didn't mean Bonnie hated them, if anything she and her coven tolerated their existence until they lived out their mortal lives.

But lately the balance shifted negatively since the Banshees started disappearing over the years, in an unnatural rate that made the witches worry. They couldn't rule it as old age, but that someone was purposely diminishing their numbers for their own goal.

Her Grams told her that Banshees served as the neutral party, standing in between the witches and vampires or any other creature that disrupted nature. So it was her duty to find and protect any Banshee she came across even if she had to ally herself with the vampires…

"Are you really leaving?"

Bonnie struggled to smile as she watched her sister, Davina take a step forward into the light so she could see her. The young brunette witch sobbed before running into Bonnie's arms as she wrapped her arms around, almost holding her like an anchor.

"But I don't want you to leave! The Harvest is coming up soon and I don't know if I'm ready for it Bonnie" Davina cried, shaking her head at the thought of her mentor leaving her in her time of need.

Davina Claire was chosen to participate in the Harvest, a ritual performed by their coven every three hundred years to maintain the flow of magic to the living witches from their decreased ancestor due to their practice of ancestral magic. She along with the other girls chosen would be put into deep sleep until the Reaping and be "reborn" to continue the flow of magic.

Bonnie grasped her shoulders and pulled away. "You have to be strong Davina" she looked at her mentee in the eyes, "to be honest I don't want to do this either. But it has to be done, we all have our part to play to balance nature".

The younger witch nodded as she struggled to stop crying. Bonnie Bennett was still young, 17 and had near to perfect control over her powers that the Elders approved Bonnie to mentor her. Her friends were jealous, but Davina could only feel pressured to have someone two years older mentor her.

At the same time, Davina felt proud that she was selected as both Bonnie's mentee and Harvest girl. Was that what Bonnie meant by having a part to play to balance nature?

"I'll keep in touch Davina, take care" Bonnie said softly. Her hand squeezed Davina's shoulder one last time before Bonnie hailed down a taxi and felt the young witch by herself, to wait for the Harvest that was rapidly approaching.

"The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely."

- C.G. Jung

Elena sobbed quietly in the corner of her room, hugging her knees to her chest as she refused to open her eyes. Scattered sheets of paper covered her floor, some were pure white while some were pitch black.

But she could still hear it move across the floor, branching out like vines as they tried to reach closer to her.

It was growing worse as she was nearing her 18th birthday, she saw so much more than she wanted to and she hated it so much! She didn't want to see, she wanted to be like every other teenager with a life… Instead she was stuck seeing the supernatural, or more specifically Death itself in its various forms.

Reluctantly, Elena raised her head when she couldn't hear anything. Her hazel brown eyes blinked as she took in her surroundings, speechless when she saw blood splashed on her once pure white walls as if someone used a paintbrush to splash it on.

Unconsciously, she reached her hand out to one of the stains that stood out the most and pressed her cheek to it. A smile reached her lips as Elena closed her eyes and dragged her hand up to another blotch.


Her eyes snapped opened and Elena pushed herself away from the wall, shuddering as she looked back to look at the wall to only see a pure white wall. There was no sign of any marks, just like every other time, and Elena couldn't help but feel relieved.

Everytime she saw splashes of blood on her walls… someone would die. Elena paused, she remembered seeing multiple splashes of blood on her wall. "Death, you're doing to do something utterly horrible… aren't you?" she breathed out.

Elena hiccuped as she dragged her feet towards her bathroom and grasped onto her sink tightly. She pulled her face up to stare into the mirror and smiled weakly at the sight. If anything, for the past couple of months she grew paler in complexion and her black bags darkened due to her lack of sleep…

And then she wailed.

And that concludes chapter one, Playing with Death.

I can't really say that I'm trying to rewrite The Vampire Diaries so it'd have another angle of the supernatural world, but I'll admit that I am. I grew interested in Banshees after I started watching Teen Wolf season 3B, where Lydia Martin is a Banshee. I was going to just have Elena be like Lydia, but I wanted Elena to be completely different from how she is on the show and Lydia's character. I'll have to admit, Elena's character is completely different and other characters will too but I'm committed to have character development for all of them. I will NOT have doppelgangers in this story, I'm tired of that concept x.x

Pairings wise I honestly have no idea. But one thing for sure, I want to show different types of love that people can have. Both the healthy and unhealthy. There are pairings that I favor but that can quickly change over time as I write.

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