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Chapter two: Disastrous Love

Many knew the of the Ancients, or more well known as the Original family that dominated Europe for centuries until their arrival in New York City not too long ago. It was strange that they arrived separately, but the community that dwelled there could only suspect that they were looking for something judging how they questioned both the witches and vampires.

But it didn't matter for them, they would remain hidden until they had the numbers to overwhelm both communities and be done with it. That was what Caroline Forbes was hoping, even though she didn't really have a claim to the community she was in right now.

Werewolves (also called Lycanthropes, Loup Garou, and Beasts)

are a near-extinct supernatural species of individuals who unwillingly

transform into fearsome and extremely hostile wolves on the night of the full moon .

Even in their human form werewolves possess superhuman physical prowess,

but not to the same level as a vampire and not as powerful as on a full moon.

These creatures are the most dangerous enemies of vampires, due to their bite which

can kill a vampire. Werewolves are also hardwired to kill vampires on sight in their

wolf form, though they still hunt human prey whenever there are no vampires to kill.

- The Vampire Diaries wiki

Unlike her other friends, she never killed anyone to unleash her other side; a wolf. But they still accepted her like their pack mate and protected her whenever a vampire got too close to her whenever she walked home at night.

Caroline pinned back her blonde locks and frowned as she looked at the mirror. Was that a mascara smudge? She let out a huff as she grabbed a tissue, wetting the corner slightly before rubbing the smudge off.

She had to be presentable.

Her eyes lowered at the thought. She missed the quiet life that she had when she was young, and living back in Mystic Falls with her best friend Elena Gilbert. Caroline always regretted leaving the small town without saying anything to Elena, although she couldn't say the same for her twin sister Katherine…

'I definitely don't miss her' Caroline thought before she held up a sapphire blue dress to herself and then a ruby red dress. Settling for the ruby red, Caroline threw the sapphire blue to the attendant next to her and took out her Samsung Galaxy phone to take a quick selfie of herself before sending it to Tyler.

The attendant gaped as she watched Caroline take more pictures in different poses, even provocative ones that made the blonde lean against the mirror to flash another pose from the air.

"Sorry, I just wanted to make sure my boyfriend liked it before buying it" Caroline apologized, smiling sheeplishly as she watched the attendant dumbly nod before placing the sapphire blue dress she rejected before back on the rack.

Caroline smiled to herself as she thought of her boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood, the ever so popular son to Mayor Lockwood and quarterback on the football team. He had his ups and downs, but Caroline would never dump him for anything. She promised that ever since she left with the Lockwoods to New York and she wasn't going to break it now.

Mason Lockwood, Tyler's uncle was the alpha of the pack and helped Tyler with his… anger issues ever since he killed a prostitute by accident when he pushed her away, where she cracked her skull and bled out on the street.

And ever since that incident, Tyler refused to have Caroline go through the same experience of shifting into a wolf during the full moon. At first it was nice to be treated like a princess, with constant supervision and importance of one but…

She felt trapped.

Caroline Forbes was anything but a caged bird when she was in Mystic Falls, she was a free like the wind who went wherever she wanted to go. She asked herself why she followed the Lockwoods, but she couldn't remember exactly why…. her eyes glazed over the necklace that draped her chest, the last gift her father left her.

Her fingers curled around the gold that surrounded the circular cut emerald that dangled on a gold chain, sighing as she let it go. There were more important things to worry about, like planning out the dance that was coming up in a couple of days!

She hoped that Tyler and everyone else was going, except that the full moon was coming up during the dance… And Caroline couldn't help but feel left out whenever the pack went upstate during the full moon, leaving her alone waiting for them to come back.

Jules, a close friend of Mason, apologized to Caroline about having to leave her behind again before most of the pack were heading out. But the blonde had her suspicions of the brunette, fully aware how much Jules cares for Mason- and not in the friend department.

"Excuse me! Can I have this" Caroline motioned to the dress, "and that pile over there rung up?" and pointed to the pile on the chair while she saw the same attendant return. She could feel the attendant smile behind her, and smiled herself as she returned to the dressing room to retrieve her bag.

Before she reached for her bag, Caroline pause as she saw a dead rose placed next to her bag. Cautiously she looked around before she picked up her bag, careful to not touch the thorns that the stem still had. It was weird though, no one else was in the boutique…

Blue eyes narrowed as Caroline clenched her fist, the witches were overstepping their boundaries again by leaving her a gift at a boutique she frequently shopped...and they were fully aware most of the pack went upstate to transform without hurting anyone.

But it still didn't add up.

If anything, the witches were willing to ally themselves with the pack than to help the vampires… so why would they send a dead rose to her? Caroline looked at the rose again before she closed the dressing room curtain and flashed the attendant a smile before she picked up her bags.

"I'll be back on Thursday, Sarah!" Caroline called out before she pushed the door open, waving while doing so and promptly left.

Her heels clicked the floor as she walked through the busy streets of Manhattan, avoiding tourists who were taking pictures or even people who walked considerably slow during one of the busiest times of the day….

Even though it was another school day for her, she opted to skip for the day to shop and even made sure to tell her teachers that she'd be out due to family matters. Of course they all bought it after she smiled, except Mr. Fell, who told her to bring proof when she came back to class. It was weird how the young teacher didn't fall for charm like everyone else, but that didn't stop her from trying.

"Caroline Forbes" a voice rang out, causing the blonde to smile before she turned around. "Did you receive my gift? I wasn't sure if you'd like it or not" the voice said smugly, and finally Caroline saw her in her line of sight.

The blonde silently cursed as she followed the other woman in the coffee shop nearby, dumping her shopping bags to the seat next to her before raising an eyebrow at the coffee placed in front of her. It was a cozy looking coffee shop, not too loud and everyone had their own privacy. Perfect.

"Hayley, what do you want? I thought Jules told you to leave New York" Caroline said with disdain, snorted with the other werewolf shrugged her shoulders. "Can you blame me if I wanted to stay because the witches heard something interesting?" Hayley asked, groaning when she saw the blonde across from her snort.

"I would have told Mason but he isn't here, so I thought the next best person to tell is you" the brunette continued. It was only a couple of months ago that she learned about being a werewolf after she killed a man who attempted to rape her in an alleyway. And also when she decided to sell out her friends to find out who her real parents were…

Mason was lenient, he allowed her to leave New York without harm and ensured her that if she returned he'd make sure she regretted it. And she was thankful that the Alpha spared her life after she endangered the whole pack, but she couldn't leave now after hearing what she heard.

"Really? That's not going to work on me, try harder" Caroline snapped, disgusted she pushed away her cup of coffee after realizing that there was too much sugar in it. She usually liked sweets but for some reason the coffee tasted funny…

Hayley sighed. "I really don't have time for this Caroline but when you see Mason or Tyler, tell them the vampires are planning to strike you guys down hard and fast". After spending some time with the vampires, she heard them talk about tipping the power over to their favor even if their leaders didn't agree to it.

Enzo and Anna led the vampire community in New York, but it wasn't their style to take offense after they settled a mutual agreement with Mason and Jules just last week. "And why would that ever happen?" Caroline asked, snapping Hayley out of her thoughts. "I was there when they signed that treaty Hayley".

The werewolf snorted. "It's just a piece a paper, Caroline" she said softly, amused that the so called princess of the pack was so naive. "So that doesn't mean anything unless there's a hitched wedding or they decide to have the witches involved".

That was another thing Hayley never quite understood when she in the pack for a short period of time, why Caroline was treated like some princess that dominated over the pack. She thought it was because she was dating Tyler, but that wasn't it either… Mason wouldn't treat Blondie like a princess, even if she was dating his nephew. So what was it?

Hayley bit her lip. "Caroline, I know we aren't close or anything…" she trailed, hoping to catch the blonde's attention. "But I'm warning you guys because no one else wanted to take in, you guys were the closest thing to a family that I ever had but I ruined it when I tried to look for my birth parents". She sadly smiled at the blonde before she scribbled down her number on a napkin, and pushed it with a finger to the blonde before leaving.

The blonde hesitantly grabbed the napkin before tucking it away in her bag. If anything happened to her pack, and if Hayley took any part… there would be another werewolf running around New York City hunting her.

'There all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.' - F. Scott Fitzgerald

"You're really testing my patience little witch" snarled a voice, the hand gripped on the woman's hair even harder as the man nuzzled his nose into her neck. "Be a dear and tell me where your coven is darling" he talked as if he was speaking to a lover, grinning as the woman in his arms cringed.

There wasn't anyone out in these parts for miles. Just the insects and animals that already fled the area when they heard him approach the area with the witch.

If anything, Kol Mikaelson was getting annoyed on how annoying these reject witches were becoming, much like the one in his arms trying to escape. But he wouldn't change it for the world! Afterall, centuries ago they were the ones hunting down Banshees to near extinction…

Like Tatia.

He remembered it as if it happened yesterday, seeing her running through the forest from rogue witches and tripping on a fallen branch… Kol never saw her more beautiful, even though Tatia bashfully said she probably looked like a toad that crawled out of the swamp.

Rebekah, being the little prat she was, agreed with how Tatia described herself and resumed to playing with her new baby vampires. And oh how she enjoyed playing with them, being brothers and complete opposites… he pitied those Salvatore brothers, they had no idea what they agreed to when they invited dear old Rebekah into their lives.

But as usual, Rebekah played rough her her new toys. He warned her about playing with the Salvatore brothers, but she refused to listen and look where it got her. Daggered by a baby vampire, hidden away in some location and her baby vampire being a complete slob. Typical Rebekah.

"I'd rather die!"

"That can be arranged…", Kol loosened his grip on her neck and watched as the witch try to sprint away from him. It was amusing how humans thought they could outrun the ultimate hunter, but at the same time he allowed these witches to run through this very forest before killing them to have them feel what Tatia felt all those centuries ago….

Pulling up her dress again, Tatia continued to run through the forest, gasping for air as she begged for anyone to save her. She blew at the hair that clung onto her sweaty face, ignoring the tears that ran down her cheeks and increased her speed.

All her life she ran.

Ran from death.

And she never felt safe at night.

She let out a sob as she tripped over a fallen branch, falling down as she clenched her fist to ignore the pain that came from her feet. For days she ran without anything protecting her feet, let it bleed as she ran so she wasn't slightly surprised…

But it hurt and she was so tired of running.

Tatia closed her eyes and hoped for a quick death. Didn't she deserve that at least? A quick death after all those years running….

The witch bit her lip as she ran through the forest, ignoring the glass and rocks that tore at her feet as she hoped that one of her sisters would find her. Pausing, she looked to her left and right, why did those trees look so familiar?

She rested a hand on the trunk of the tree as realization hit her.

"I've been running in circles…" she breathed, and let out a laugh. How could this have happened to her? She was Clara Summerlin, one of the greatest witches of all time! But she couldn't concentrate with the pain that the Original vampire inflicted upon her, a tactic that he probably learned from other witches.

Clara let out a sob. Was this how she was going to die? Running continuously through a forest and die hoping someone would find her? She shook her head, laughing hysterically as she resumed running. She'd find a way out, she was Clara Summerlin!And after she got out, she'd make them pay…. she'd make sure her services were rewarded and even ask for the Originals to be killed!

She let out a laugh again, shaking her head as if she was arguing with herself.

Watching the scene with amusement, Kol couldn't help but have a Cheshire smile, the little witch just realized she was running in circles! But he couldn't help but wonder if Tatia was the same when she was running through the same forest….

Tatia told him how she ran away from the coven a child, unable to find a home for herself until she met his family. And that was the best thing that ever happened to her… even if she never told them everything about her past.

But he was fine with that, as long as she stayed with them until she expired. Except she took her own life before her natural death, and he found her body swinging in her room. It was devastating to see her like that, almost like a remembrance of how he first found her in the woods.

Tatia waited for her death but froze when she heard a sharp snap and a body falling down with a thud nearby her. She heard five more thuds and shivered when she felt a foot nudge her waist, almost as if to alert her that the danger was gone.

Hesitantly, Tatia lifted her head and gasped when she saw the fallen bodies of the witches who were chasing after her. Their necks… it didn't look right at all and they had terror in their eyes!

"Mind to tell me why witches are chasing after you?"

The Banshee subconsciously bit her lip. "I… I don't know" she said, flinching when she saw the man appear before her. Oh how he reeked of death! "I've been running all of my life from them… not knowing what they wanted from me. I just wanted to live" she said passionately, ignoring the intense glare that he gave her.

"Thank you for helping me but-"

"My name is Kol"

Tatia froze, but quickly fell apart when she grabbed onto clothes and cried into his chest. Even if it was just one moment, just one moment of being able to cry in someone's chest for five minutes she'd take it. She felt him stiffen against her, as if almost accepting it but didn't make any motion to move.

When Tatia felt she couldn't cry anymore, she slowly removed herself from Kol and smiled. "My name is Tatia, and I am a Banshee".

Kol strolled down the path that the witches tramped on during the last couple of centuries, reminiscing his days with Tatia and planned how to execute the witch's death when he reached the endpoint. He usually snapped their necks whenever they tripped, but that grew outdated after a century or so. Then he was reminded how Tatia passed, she hung herself.

And that's how he ended their lives.

Finn never agreed with his methods, but never moved against him. And Kol suspected that even though he couldn't dare to torture anyone before their death, felt satisfied knowing the coven that chased Tatia all her life was being punished the same way.

And Kol ended that night listening to a scream.

All is fair in love and war,

But love is peace and uproar is war,

Love is beginning and end is war,

Love is start and quit is war,

Love is true wrong is war,

Love is affection, abhor is war,

Love is pleasure, grief is war,

Love is serenity, bustle is war,

Love is passion, oppression is war,

Love is calm, chaos is war,

Love is solace, turmoil is war,

Love a summit, ebbing is war,

Love is comfort, terror is war,

Love is friendship, enmity is war,

Love is sodality, outcast is war,

Love is smoke, fire is war,

Love is fruit, ash is war,

Love is life, Death is war,

Love is everything, Futile is war,

Love is Love and War is War,

So love is fair, but not war.

-Shahid Hussain Chouhdry

Hayley Marshall never quite understood why the vampires, werewolves and witches all decided to create their communities here. But everyone did have their own personal preference, even if that meant splitting up territories to short term alliances. And maybe that was the sole reason why she couldn't live in New York, it wasn't safe.

It wasn't safe for any of them, having to live near your enemies and have no idea if your current alliance would break apart today or tomorrow. She couldn't say she regret betraying the pack for information about her birth parents, but she found out a lot of things in that day alone.

Apparently Enzo was having a hard time being King, always having to sacrifice a portion of his little Night community to go after the Original family. And Pearl, Anna's mother didn't agree with his leadership to sacrifice their members just to fulfill a promise that potentially endangered all of them.

The werewolf shrugged as she sipped on her latte while she strolled around Central Park without a care in the world. So what if she was lone wolf? Every other werewolf she met made it sound as if it wasn't possible, but she lived like that all her life. Alone.

She hitch hiked most of the time, worked time to time, and joined packs every once in a while. But her only goal in life was to find her birth parents, the ones that dumped her on some her parents doorstep in the middle of the night. But she couldn't really call them her parents anymore after the incident. They kicked her out when she transformed by accident in the house and didn't want to see her again…

As she took another step, the werewolf paused when she smelled the heavy scent of blood in the air. It smelled freshly split… mostly like a large group.

Hayley walked faster, frowned as she looked around the trees and paused when she looked at the clearing. Her heart ceased to beat for a second when she looked closer to count how many bodies were scattered across the field, there had to be at least a dozen…

Her heart pounded against her chest as she drew closer to one of the bodies, gasping when she saw one of their faces amongst the bodies.


She looked as if she was mauled by a wolf before she was staked, but that wasn't possible…. the full moon was in 2 days. But the vampires wouldn't see it that way, they'd blame the werewolves for this. Hayley let out a sigh as she walked over to the other bodies, and kneeled over to one body. "Jackson…" she said softly, "what did you do?".

Hayley brushed his hair away from his face to leave him one final kiss on his forehead, shaking her head as she slipped her hand around the necklace that hung around his neck. "It seems like you don't deserve this either" she whispered, and tugged the necklace off to place it next to his body.

The necklace they all shared was precious to the pack, recognizing the wearer as a valuable member of the pack. Clearly she and Jackson didn't deserve to wear it, not anymore.


Hayley froze when she heard that scream echo the park, and she instantly knew everything was going downhill from here. She watched as the vampire run towards her mother's body, sobbing into her chest as other vampires, werewolves and witches enter the clearing.

"Care to tell me what happened here?"

Hayley gulped. "Would you believe me if I said I don't know?". She tilted her head at Enzo, who gripped her shoulder to spin her around to face him. "I'm going to say you're lying sweetheart" he drawled, inclining his head as he motioned for the vampires to tear out the hearts of the wolves nearby.

"This is your fault…"

Enzo froze, loosening his hold on Hayley. "This is your fault Enzo!" screamed Anna, she stood up shakily. "I told you something like this would happen, but you didn't listen to me" she sobbed, shaking her head as if she was trying to deny what was in front of her. "And now momma is dead, you killed her Enzo!"

Henry stepped up behind Anna, distraught as he slowly removed Anna's hands from her body and lifted the desiccated up. "I think its time for us to leave " he murmured, motioning for the other vampires set out.

"And where do you think you're going Anna? We're not finished here!"

Agnes, an Elder asked, as she motioned for her coven to part to let her through. "For all we know, your vampires slaughtered our brothers and sisters tonight. Don't deny it." Almost musing to herself, she raised out her hand as both vampires and werewolves alike dropped to the ground holding their head in agony.

Anna huffed. "Really? Is that why they look as if they were mauled by a wolf?" she inquired and motioned to the witch closest to her. "See that? Looks like a wolf tried to bite Sabrina's throat out, must of hurt like hell" she chuckled. She nudged the corpse with her foot to show the Elder witch a better view of the throat.

The throat was savagely ripped out, unlike how even a Ripper vampire tore a human's throat out… it was definitely the work of a wolf. "I suppose you're right…" Agnes released her hold, ignoring the sighs of relief she heard throughout the field. "But that doesn't mean you won't be doing this later on" she threatened arrogantly and choked as Anna appeared before her and gripped her throat.

"Try to fry our brains and I'll snap your neck" she hissed, smiling as she brushed her mouth against Agnes' ear. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this, to find some excuse to get rid of you" and lifted the witch into the air.

Her tears trailed past her chin. "I just wanted my momma and I to leave peacefully… do you know that?" she sobbed hysterically. "I would have picked him over my mother but he just had to choose that manipulative bastard over me. I would have chosen him!" she screamed before she plunged her hand into Agnes' chest and gripped her heart.

"Now I have nothing" her voice grew hollow, alarming Henry who tried to reach over to his mistress' shoulder. "But you wouldn't know anything about love would you, Agnes?" and pulled her hand out with Agnes' heart.

Enzo closed his eyes.

Hayley shook her head.

And chaos erupted the clearing as Annabelle couldn't help but laugh at her misfortune before ripping out another witch's heart.

And that concludes chapter two!

I wanted to write out the whole situation with Enzo in New York along with the other communities that are there, along with the problems they're all facing. I was sad to see Pearl go, I think shes an amazing character but I didn't see what she could bring to the table except her death would jumpstart a lot of problems.

Clara Summerlin is a witch from The Originals. I didn't want to create a character just for that scene, so I wrote in Clara. Mind you do not need to have watched The Originals for this, as their stories are very different. I hope you guys enjoyed Kol! Because I really miss him from the show… I wanted to outline his relationship with Tatia, as it was mentioned in chapter one with Klaus.

Jackson. Another character from The Originals, I'd have to say his character in The Wailing is similar to how he is in the series but it'll be different as well. Agnes is an Elder witch that was seen from the Originals. Roles will definitely be different. I'll definitely be writing a flashback or some sort of explanation sometime in the future.

Caroline being a werewolf. I know its a bit odd since everyone is so used to Caroline being a vampire and that when she turned into a vampire she became a better person apparently? I felt that in the series that her character barely gets any change in role, which is what I aim to do here. Who Caroline will end up with? Not sure myself.

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