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Sometimes I feel I've got to

Run away I've got to

Get away

From the pain that you drive into the heart of me

The love we share

Seems to go nowhere

I've lost my lights

I toss and turn I can't sleep at night

- Tainted Love, Marilyn Manson

Chapter 3: Bonds Part I

It was a battlefield, bodies littered Central Park as the survivors stared at their potential prey. For hours they fought and Annabelle shut off her humanity immediately after blaming her former lover, Enzo, for her mother's death and her unrequited love. But it didn't stop her from ripping out hearts from both witches and werewolves that came.

Anna let out a satisfying sigh as she dropped another heart. "You know, I wish we did this sooner" she giggled, "because wasn't this fun?". She placed her palm on her cheek, letting the blood trail down to her neck. Her mother would have disapproved, but she wasn't here anymore was she?

She never noticed how constricting mother was….always be elegant Annabelle, control your bloodlust Annabelle, or don't lose yourself Annabelle. But Anna didn't care anymore, she was free!

"Anna what the hell are you doing?"

The vampire smiled, letting her teeth show as she tilted her head. "Just having fun Enzo!" Anna cheered, and nuzzled against a dead witch's neck and drank deeply.

The former leader of the vampire community shook his head. For Anna to feed on a dead witch…. it wasn't like her at all. If anything it was something a starving vampire would do, but not his Annabelle… His sweet Annabelle wouldn't do this.

"I mean isn't that what we all need? Some sort of chaos after living together here for over a century?" she drawled. It was true though, after Enzo took over leadership in the vampire community everything got so quiet. It unnerved her and how she hated it.

Anna didn't understand why she didn't flip the switch sooner, it was so fun!

"I think chaos is quite overrated" mused a voice. "But I suppose what you're doing is anything but sane based on what you all agreed on before". A figure stepped out from the shadows, as the rising sun's warm glow forced some of the vampires without daylight rings to step back into the shadows.

Finn Mikaelson talked closer to the young vampire, interested that she still showed no sign of fear. But that was to be expected if a vampire like her decided to turn off her humanity and perhaps even her sanity….

"You're an Original, aren't you?" Anna breathed, she felt numb as she stood before an Original brother. But it was also her opportunity to feel nothing, her chance of being utterly free from everything that tortured her for centuries….

The former daughter of Pearl let out a tired sigh. "I won't ask for a merciful death" she murmured, as she looked into Enzo's eyes that were filled with remorse. "But I'll ask for a painful one" Anna finished as she stared defiantly at the Original.

"Take off your daylight ring, Miss Annabelle"

Finn watched as the vampire blink for a moment in surprise but letting out a laugh. "I suppose that is painful" she thought, it was actually one of the most painful ways for a vampire to die… but it didn't matter to her, she'd do anything to be free of knowing Enzo never loved her.

" I love you"

Anna beamed at the younger vampire, waiting patiently for the other to echo the same words that she just told him. But as she watched the sun wane, so did her hope of hearing three simple words die. She couldn't help but want to stay with him even though her friends warned her of a broken heart, her choice.

She watched him promise his sire that he'd do everything he could to delay the Originals, even if it costed him his life. So she helped him with everything, even forget to ask if he ever loved her from the start like she did.

Her mother found her alone again and she couldn't help but confess what she held inside of herself. How she would pick Enzo over her own mother…

But Enzo didn't care.

All he cared about was Damon.

His sire.

His former lover.

Anna couldn't help but be jealous when Enzo spoke so passionately about Damon whenever he had the chance. And it sickened her how much of an influence Damon had over him, their disgusting sire bond.

She could tell how Enzo loved Damon when he told her how Damon saved him by turning him, and she felt heartbroken for him. It didn't seem like Damon would ever say the three words she desperately wanted to hear from Enzo, and fate was cruel. Damon held someone else close to his heart, but never saw fit to tell Enzo anything about the person.

"Don't ask me to pick between you and Damon, Annabelle. You already know the answer"

And it'd always be Damon.

Anna stared at the daylight ring her mother placed on her finger centuries ago before she slid it off her finger, dropping it to the ground. She felt free even though she was compelled by the older vampire, accepting her punishment with pride as Enzo watched on. And thats how she wanted it to be.

The sire bond was terrible for Enzo. Always trying to please his sire to the very end, and she didn't want to be part of the neverending circle of being rejected by Enzo time and again. Anna closed her eyes, smiling as she felt the warmth from the sun even though it was burning her skin.

Enzo watched in horror as the only woman in his life was burned alive without the protection of her daylight ring. For centuries she stood by him and now…. she was gone.

"Did you love her?"

Finn raised an eyebrow at Enzo, expecting an answer as he stepped over Anna's remains and walked closer to him. He found vampires like Annabelle to be interesting, almost human for what they did for love.

He tried himself to be more human, but failed every time whenever he interacted with a human. Tatia was the sole exception, except she wasn't exactly human but a troubled Banshee that Kol decided to bring along. And Finn couldn't help but envy his little brother, for acting human when he met the dirty girl from the forest.

'Finn, I truly hope that one day you'll find what you're looking for'

Those were her last words to him before she hung herself, and how he despised her living with his family after. Her death destroyed the little humanity his family salvaged after their turn in their grief of a human who changed their perspective of the world, and he couldn't forgive her.

"I'm asking whether or not you love her out of my curiosity, it would be wise to answer". Finn grimaced when he saw a flicker of emotion behind the vampire's eyes, it all made sense now. And he pitied him. "I see you can't answer because it'd go against your sire bond…" he drawled, chuckling when he noticed another vampire near Pearl's body turn to look at him. "Would you like me to destroy it? I'm sure it's been a great hindrance to you for all these years… trying to please your sire."

Sire bonds were funny that way, the newborn always wanting to please their maker in whatever way possible. But it was a rare occurance that required some emotion between the two before the transition… how interesting.

There were so many ways to break the bond as well, such as an Originals interference if the bond bothered them or emotional stress. Perhaps this counted as one if this vampire did love delicate Annabelle with some extent, judging by how she easily relinquished hers because of him.

"Maybe I did, I don't know" Enzo admitted as he rubbed his temples as if he had a splitting headache. "But don't give me that shit that there's a sire bond between Damon and I" he growled, as he grabbed the older vampire's neck tie and pulled it down to meet Finn's eyes. The only reason why he ever helped his sire was because Damon saved him from death, that was it.

"And I thought humans were the only ones known to lie with a passion… but clearly I was wrong." Finn smiled as he took Enzo's hand off him and watched him cry out in pain. "You clearly have a troubling sire bond on you, more of an emotional one if anything…" Finn paused, "if you'd like I can break it for you"

Enzo heard a lot of things about sire bonds, especially the emotional ones. The sire would be able to affect emotionally, almost like love that couldn't be explained… but he didn't love Damon at all. He was just thankful was all… just thankful to sacrifice his own life to protect his sire!

Anna never approved of it, told him he should live his eternal life as a free man and not be bonded to Damon. She pleaded with him over and over again for them to flee and do whatever they wanted, but he ignored them and used her whenever he needed a release. Maybe that was why he stayed with Anna all those years…

"Go on ahead then"

The Original smiled as he placed his hand over the younger vampire's heart before he plunged his hand into his chest. "Everyone assumes breaking a sire bond is a simple task" murmured Finn, "but breaking it can either result in death or freedom… I wonder what you'll choose".

And he gripped Enzo's heart with controlled restraint.

Finn watched his brothers do the same to other baby vampires, most of them dying before they felt true freedom as a creature of the night. But if anything, he enjoyed breaking the bonds because most of the time it resulted in death. He didn't think it would be the same for this young vampire, and that was what he was counting on when he offered true freedom from his sire, Damon Salvatore.

The Salvatore brothers were always a thorn on his side since his baby sister decided to play with them before turning them. And how badly it ended for her, being daggered and dragged around like luggage by the younger brother while the older postponed his family from reaching Rebekah.

Lorenzo was known to help his sire to delay them constantly because of the bond he shared to the point of ignoring his potential partner in his eternal life. But that bond cracked as he watched dear old Anna die in front of his eyes without her daylight ring in her sorrow, leaving potential for young Enzo to hunt his former sire….

And if the son of Mikael remembered correctly, grief was a powerful weapon. Something he and his siblings all knew too well over the centuries they roamed the earth to find answers they could never find.

The body limped against his own, causing Finn to raise an eyebrow. His own method of breaking a sire bond wasn't kind, but putting one to near death such as this broke a bond. But what happened after was the vampire's doing, to feel true freedom after their birth and whether they could survive such a tragedy burnt upon their soul.

"Do you feel it, Lorenzo? A burden has been lifted from your shoulders, you are now free" Finn mused as he felt the vampire drop onto the grass. "But what comes after if all up to you, whether you still have that wonderful desire to live or die".

Ice blue eyes pierced through the night as they looked through a crowd, pausing as a brunette waved in his direction. A smile graced his lips as he pushed through the crowd, watching as the brunette he just waved to pat a stool next to her before giving back her attention to the bottle in her hand.

Damon Salvatore smiled as he plopped down on the stool and motioned the bartender to bring another round of shots. "You know K" he purred as he nuzzled against her cheek, "you're going to have to tell me your name soon…".

HIs hand trailed across her thighs. "But doesn't that make our little game more fun? You can pretend I'm a different girl every night. But I think you enjoy the name Kaelie way too much mister Salvatore…" she giggled, slapping his hand away. "Does it make me sound like a faerie?".

Kaelie was a present that he wanted to unwrap ever since he saw her, but also reminded him of a ticking time bomb that was Rebekah. The older Salvatore could never admit that he was in love with the Original, as she played with him and Stefan to the point that they desperately daggered her and towed her body away before her brothers found them.

And for centuries, they continued to run away from the Ancients in fear that they would catch them. So he decided to part ways from his younger brother in hopes of separating their attention.

"I haven't seen Enzo in a while…" Kaelie said, frowning as she watched the vampire shake his head. "Don't tell me you told him to basically sacrifice himself in New York". The vampire shrugged before downing another shot.

"You handsome bastard" she laughed, "you invoked that sire bond again didn't you?".

"Kaelie, you know more than anyone that Enzo is the only one to stall the oldies from coming close to Stefan again". And Damon never wanted his only brother to have another close encounter with them again, even if he had to sacrifice Enzo to do it.

The brunette smirked. "I'm glad that I don't love you like he does" she mused before downing a shot, "afterall its going to get Enzo killed one day". It wasn't a surprise to Kaelie when she saw how Enzo was around Damon, acting like a child who constantly needed attention to trying to satisfy his sire like a lover would. And it made her want to gag.

Damon rolled his eyes. "I never asked him to fall in love with me after I saved him, he did that all to himself. I don't play Prince Charming with anyone" he drawled, and leaned against the counter. He met far too many humans and vampires alike that wanted him to play some sort of prince to whisk them away to utter freedom.

But Enzo was another story, he was different from the others to the point that he had to use the sire bond to its fullest potential in order to keep his baby brother safe. And Damon knew Anna would follow Enzo everywhere, thereby indirectly helping Enzo to protect Stefan from harm.

Kaelie smirked. "But to use his feelings against him, how cruel" she cooed. She didn't dare to judge him on how she treated Enzo, in fact she would have done the same if she were in the same position as him.

"I can't wait to see how you juggle everything around, Damon Salvatore"

Enzo heaved the contents of his stomach as blood splashed onto the grass, his arms shaking under the weight of his body before he watched the remaining members of his community surround him in concern. They saw him as their remaining hope after Pearl and Anna were killed, him being the oldest in the group.

The witches and werewolves were mostly likely going to form an alliance against them, and they couldn't risk the chance of being driven off from the one place they called home.

"Why can't you see that I'm right in front of you?"

His body shuddered as he recalled Anna's voice, a sound he'd never hear again but just from his chaotic memory that struggled to untangle from the sire bond that he was under for centuries… And how he hated it.

"I love you, Enzo. I wish you'd accept it for my sake"

Annabelle found him in the dumps when he struggled with the life of being a vampire, after Damon left him with the basics of what it meant to be a vampire. The older vampire scoffed at his attempts to feed and correctly taught him after the proper way before leaving.

But he stopped her when he pathetically grasped her wrist like a child, and Anna gave him a knowing look as if she felt it before. After that, they were inseparable until she spilled what she really thought of him and their relationship.

Damon was the only person on his mind, even if he abandoned him, Enzo couldn't ever forget the person who saved his life.. a man that he loved without doubt.

"Knowing Damon Salvatore, I don't think he cares for anyone but himself. I wish you weren't so blind, Enzo"

At first he thought the same until Damon approached him to help protect his young brother from the Ancients, and promised to help the Salvatore brothers much to Anna's dismay as his sire disappeared once again from his life. But he was happy, and nothing Anna said changed his mind about Damon.

Only now he was free to do whatever he wished, like avenging Anna's death by bringing Damon Salvatore to the Originals.

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