I do not own The Walking Dead, Lilo and Stitch or it's characters. Lilo and Stitch are in the Walking Dead universe, but it will focus mainly on the walking dead storyline and how Lilo and Stitch deal with both the humans and walkers in that world.
I hope you enjoy this. Lilo is 16 in this by the way.

boojiboo-loved one/romantic term of endearment
weirdlo-a cruel nickname given to Lilo by her bullies
Ohana -Family in Hawaiian

"L-Lilo?" The furry blue mutation loomed over his friend as her labored breathing hitched within her throat, at the sound of his voice.

With a groan, Lilo finally propped herself up to look down at her friend with a weak smile. She had been sick for a few days now, but she'd be damned if she would miss out on her family's movie night, even if Angel's stupid singing career made Stitch travel all around the world with her, forcing the blue mutation to be rarely seen by Lilo, unless she accompanied them on her summer vacation from high-school.

"Alright Stitch, I'll be there in a sec."

The teen watched as the bags under the little alien's eyes shifted along with his smile. Stitch was the proud lover of Angel, who was on her phone giving her agent grief about her tour. It was bad enough that she had to be the voice of a lip singing fake, but she also had to allow the pink-haired haired pop star to take her place during VIP tours and interviews. Angel's bruised ego needed consistent stroking by Stitch, who wanted her to follow her dreams in a judgmental world, that would never truly accept her like he did.

Even with the lip-singing star's crude attitude towards Angel's fans, the crowds still loved her voice and her concerts were always sold out, with no seat left empty; especially in the USA, where people loved her pretty in pink, bubbly lyrics.

'Instead of spending time with Stitch in Kauai, I'm stuck here with him in Atlanta... I always wanted to see what America looked like. But not like this!' Lilo thought as she finally stood on her unsteady feet.

"Lilo pick movie? Stitch already order pizza for scary movies, you eat with Stitch?" Stitch practically begged as Lilo nodded. Suddenly, she went into a fit of coughs, but as she waved her worried friend away, an unexpected visitor practically tore the door off of it's hinges. Literally.

"Stitch, we go now!" Angel asked before pulling her bugibuu away with her, despite Lilo's weakened state.

"But Lilo-" He tried to stop her from pulling him away from his friend but Angel was not having any of it.

"Naga. Angel need Stitch to help play guitar. Idiot cancelled on Angel- Stitch have to play backup guitar!" She yelled as Lilo nodded towards Stitch. He felt bad about leaving the girl but he needed to please his female companion first. Besides, Lilo would be here when he got back, if he avoided Angel's raving fans, he could even make it back to their hotel room for movie night.

"Bye Lilo, Stitch see yuga later!"

Finally Lilo had some peace to relax in her suite and go back to sleep. Her sudden illness robbed her of the ability to do no more than eat, sleep and watch TV. As Lilo prepared a bowl of instant noodles, she flopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. As she channel surfed, she quickly flipped past the news, not wanting to get too engross in this area's culture. However, the blaring red bulletin numbed away at her disinterest, as she switched back and saw a headline about a cop getting shot on the job about a week ago and a full investigation was still going on.

As Lilo hesitantly studied the male's features, she tried to gauged what type of person he was by looks alone; a slightly superficial attribute she picked up from people watching in her youth. Aside from Victoria and her numerous alien allies... she never was that great at socializing with others, who didn't have the same interests as her.

The only thing she could tell about this tired, clean shaven man was that he never took a day off in his entire life. His kind eyes made her feel bad for her earlier indifference for this Rick Grimes; a cop who was shot on duty.

'Was he a father with a wife and kids at home... would they be wondering where he was or if he even made it to the hospital in time-oh god.' Lilo suddenly remembered the day of her parent's accident, as she forced the memories away and turned off the TV in anger.

Once again Lilo was all alone. Her older sister's job kept her on the island and barely home. Stitch was traveling the word with the girl of his dreams and even her uncle Jumba and aunt Pleakley were off on another planet, educating the aliens about the mosquitoes and it's primary food source of humans. Apparently humans were as neglected in the universe, as she felt right now.

'Why am I even here right now, Stitch doesn't even need me anymore-'

Suddenly a knock on the door made the teenage Hawaiian girl, stir from her negative thoughts and slowly approach the door.

'Oh yeah, he ordered some pizza... dammit, where did he leave the cash?' Lilo frantically looked around as the delivery man knocked again, urging her to open the door.

On the other side of the door stood a slightly pissed off male of Asian decent. Both looked at each other with a hint of surprise before he cleared his throat and held up the pizza.

"Your pizza's here, that will by seven dollars and fifty cents-"

"Thanks and sorry, could you give me a minute to find the money, my friend ordered it and I can't find it-"

"It's okay, it didn't take me long to find this place anyway... if you want I can help you out. I'm Glenn Rhee by the way." Glenn offers as Lilo scratched the back of her head in embarrassment, as she decided to let the young man in.

Glenn placed the pizza on the counter before he walked over to the phone and pushed aside some pink envelopes, seeing as the money was right there in plain sight.

"Oh man, I didn't even see tha-" Lilo suddenly began a series of coughs, as the man watched her in worry. "You need some water or something?"

"It's okay I'm fine, I just have a cold. So that's seven fifty right?" Lilo points to the pizza as Glenn readily accepts the money and pockets it.

"So... " he begins as Lilo cuts him off with a friendly smile.

"Um... I'm Lilo. Sorry for the hassle."

"It's fine. Well I gotta go, these pizzas aren't gong to deliver themselves- oh, and I heard that there was some bug going around and making people sick... um, I hope you feel better Lilo. See yah." Glenn says with a nervous smile as Lilo nods back and says thank you. This was the longest she's went without a person looking at her like a weirdlo or being unnecessarily rude to her, it felt kind of refreshing. As she finally closed her door, she realized that there was a five dollar left on the table and rushed over to get it.

'The least I could do is give the guy a better tip.' Lilo opened the door and yelled "hey" down the hall, making him stop and turn around.

Lilo waved the bill in the air before walking out into the hallway to give it to him. "No it's fine, you not acting like an entitled asshole was payment enough." He joked as Lilo insisted yet again that he take it and he yet again refused.

'I guess I kind of owe him one.' She thought.

"Think of it as a get well present... " He began but stopped when he saw a man stumbling down the hall towards him. The male looked up before he glared at the odd couple, covering his mouth and coughing when was passing by them.

As Glenn begins to walk away, he stops and turns back to her with a shy grin.

"My shift ends soon, maybe if you're not busy we could hang out- I mean if you're up to it?" He says, worried about her cold and about her being comfortable with a perfect stranger; he didn't want to come off as too aggressive.

"I would, but I don't want you to get sick too."

"I've got a pretty strong immune system, so don't count me out just yet... I'll call you later okay?"

"Sure- hey, you like scary movies?"

"What, like werewolves and vampires?" He asked as he took off his baseball cap and fanned it out, before holding it against his side.

"No- I mean like the dead coming back to life and stuff like that-overgrown dogs and blood suckers are so annoying now a days." Lilo joked before Glenn gave an overzealous nod at her selection.

"Alright, I'm gone for real this time. Later Lilo." Glenn runs towards the elevator as she walks back to her room. She couldn't believe it, she actually made a friend and this guy seemed pretty cool too.

'Now I'm actually hoping Stitch and Angel don't come back anytime soon.'

Later that day as Lilo picked out a blue and white T-shirt for her hopeful movie night with Glenn, the phone rang, making Lilo stumble over her own feet as she rushed over to pick it up.


"What's a Glenn, this is Stitch?" Lilo heard on the other line before sighing out in frustration. 'So much for a movie with a friend. Figures.'

"Hey Stitch, how did the concert go, when are you coming back home-?"

"Stitch coming back soon, but Lilo have to leave the city- it not safe!"

"What are you talking about, you-"

"Stitch overhear army humans in tanks going there, they say it will be able to hold lots of people in city, but they not go there to help, naga, they want to to slow down the-"

The line suddenly cut off as the lights flickered in Lilo's room. The girl looked around her room as her world began to spin. This wasn't the first time Lilo had to deal with the government intruding on her happy little ohana. However, this would be the first time she had to go through this without Stitch.

Lilo shock her head and paced around a bit. 'It's not safe? Slow down the what- fine, I'll just get some stuff for a day or two and meet Stitch outside of the city... ' Lilo regained her composure as she went into the kitchen and opened the cabinets and took some jars of peanut butter, jelly and some loaves of bread.

"This should be enough... maybe Stitch was wrong, but just to be on the safe side." Lilo picked up a thick knife and wrapped it in some sheets of paper before placing it in her bag for protection.

As a last ditch effort to ease her doubts about the alien's warning, she flipped on the TV. The red headline said that there was an illness going around, which caused it's victims to display signs of a ravenous fever and aggression. Lilo placed her trembling hand on her head, to feel her high temperature.

The illness was spread through exposure to open wounds, and or exchange of bodily fluids... the virus resulted in death if left untreated.

"We have word that a safety zone will be designated for every large region. We advise that you keep calm and stay indoors until further notice."

'Oh my god... Stitch, what's going on?'

As a knock rapped against her door, she jumped up in glee.

"Stitch came back for me."

Lilo opened the door to see the male from earlier, as he came into her room without a word of consent, she closed the door and walked over towards the panting young man.


"We gotta go Lilo. Something's going on- I know this sounds crazy but you have to believe me!"

"I know! My friend told me to leave the city... he said it wasn't safe here." Lilo confessed making Glenn look her dead in the eyes.

"Your friend knows something that I don't, who is he... does he know what's going on- does he have something to do with this?" Glenn almost yelled but Lilo held his stare shaking her head no.

"He's just as much in the dark as we are. But the army... I think they cut off the phone line- I'm not sure what's going on, but I trust my friend... we should head out tonight." Lilo said to Glenn as he processed this information and drew his hands over his face with a low groaning sigh.

"Yeah, I get it... we can sneak out quicker that way... but what about the safety zones?"

"Just trust me on this okay... if you don't like what you see- if you don't believe me, than you can do what you want or come back here. This place is gonna be the safety zone Glenn, but it's not going to be safe." Lilo's voice lowered in fear, hoping that he would leave with her. If this thing was as serious as they both thought, she needed someone to help her get out of here and she didn't know the streets at all.

"Fine, I'll help you get out of here. I know every alley of this city like the back of my hand... if things get too rough, you have to trust me Lilo and do as I say... that includes coming back to the safety zone, if we can't make it on our own."

With a hesitant nod, Glenn drooped his backpack and told Lilo to fill it up with food and water. "Get some pills too, we don't know how sick you are Lilo, we can't afford to let you get worse-"

"You think I have it... don't you." Lilo murmured as Glenn headed towards the door.

"I... I don't know Lilo, just wait here until I get back... I need to straighten some things out before we go." He said before leaving Lilo alone with her thoughts. Was she really sick with that virus? Lilo want into the kitchen with the slow steps of a dead man. As she packed away some more food in the boy's bag, her vision became obscured in tears.

'Please Stitch... come back for me. I need you.'