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First Person!


I grunted when a mass of about 110 pounds of teenage girl crashed into my back with more force than was socially acceptable. If any person other than the girl in question tried this shit, they would have been eating their own teeth.

I don't like being touched.

"If anyone other than you tried to do that, I'd have killed them," I said, glancing over my shoulder to see my taller than average best friend. Her name was Kathryn and she had been my best friend since I was three and she was one of the few people that I could tolerate acting like a complete moron.

She smiled at me and wrapped her long, bony arms around my shoulders. She rested her head on top of mine. "That's cause you love me."

"You're lucky I do," I replied, yawning and shrugging her off of me. "So what'd you want?"

"You're up to hanging out this weekend, right?"

"You need to ask? We hang out every weekend."

Kathryn quickly caught up with me as I continued down the hallway and she looked down at me like she always did since she was about five inches taller than me. "I know that, dork. But Bee and Louis are leaving this weekend, right?"

"They're going up to Canada, yeah," I said. "That doesn't change anything though. They still expect to see you every weekend. I think Brett would cry if you didn't come over."

"Well we can't have that," she said seriously. "I'd hate to make Bee cry."

"You're damn right we can't have that. You make Brett cry and I kill you," I replied. "That is, if Louis doesn't beat me to it."

"So where are you going? Are you leaving?" Kathryn asked, pulling her phone out of her pocket to check the time.

"Yeah." I stifled a yawn by covering my mouth with one of my hands. "I have to sign out first and then I'll be heading out."

"Where do you go after school? Straight home?" Kathryn asked.

I shrugged. "Depends. Usually I go home, but I have to go to the library today and drop off the books Brett and I borrowed."

"What books?"

"Does it matter?"

"Not really. I'm just curious."

"There are seventeen total. I'm not listing them all off."

"Hot fucking damn!" Kathryn said. "That many? When did you get them?"

"Two weeks ago."

"… Did you read them all?"

"Why would I return them if I didn't read them all? I'd have taken them back last week if Brett would read faster," I said.

"You are insane," Kathryn told me seriously. "Certifiably insane."

"I'll take that as a compliment. Don't you have class?" I asked.

She waved off my question. "Yeah. But it's Anatomy with Walker. You know he doesn't give a shit what I do. Besides, I tell him I was with you and he'll probably give me extra credit."

I smiled slightly. "Ah, Mr. Walker. Good man."

"I don't understand why he likes you so much. You've never had him as a teacher."

"No, but I did basically act as his team manager and secretary during wrestling season for like seven years," I said. "That guy owes me his soul. You have no idea how much paperwork coaches have to do until you do it yourself."

"Why did you quit doing that again? I thought you liked hanging out with the wrestlers. Was it too stressful?" Kathryn asked.

I glanced at her. "My brother graduated. I stopped doing it like two years ago."

"Oh. Yeah," Kathryn said. "Have you talked to him at all?"

"Nope," I said. "He's too busy living the college life."

Kathryn sighed but nodded when we finally reached the office. "Alright. Well I'll see you after school, Alice."

"Hn," I replied, entering the office to sign out for the day. "Toodles, Kat."

Third Person!


Louis almost dropped his sandwich when a bloodcurdling scream sounded through the condo. He looked up at the ceiling above him, worried about the source of the scream. "Brett! What's wrong?"

"Help me!"

Louis tossed his uneaten sandwich on the table without a second thought before he sprinted out of the kitchen. He hopped over the coffee table and leapt over the beanbag in the living room before climbing the stairs at record speed.

Louis ripped open the door to the bedroom he shared with his boyfriend before darting to the bed. He pulled his meat cleaver out from under his pillow before racing to the bathroom.

Louis barged inside and looked around, finally locating the tall, lanky form of his boyfriend standing on the bathroom sink. "Brett! What's wrong? What happened?"

Brett looked around at the sound of Louis' voice and he gasped with relief. "Oh, babe, thank god you're here." He pointed towards the shower from his place on the sink. "It's over there."

Louis looked around for what would dare threaten his boyfriend, expecting to see a giant murderer, only to find a tiny centipede crawling up the side of the bathtub.

Louis stared at the centipede for a moment before looking at Brett. "You nearly gave me a fucking heart attack. I come busting in here, expecting you to be fighting off a rapist, only to see you hiding on the sink because of a fucking bug."

"It might try and rape me!" Brett said desperately. "You don't know that bug! You don't know what he's into!"

"I seriously doubt it has anything to do with raping gothic homosexuals," Louis said in a deadpan tone. He stomped over to the tub before Spartan kicking the centipede with his thick boots. "There. I took care of the rapist centipede."

Brett hopped down from the sink and draped himself over his shorter boyfriend dramatically. He seductively ran his fingers through Louis' dyed hair that was currently black and blonde. "You saved me."

"What were you doing anyways?" Louis asked. "You went piss like fifteen minutes ago downstairs. Are you sick?"

Brett shrugged. "I was doing my makeup."

"You're such a queer." Louis rolled his eyes with a sigh.

"Because you have a lot of room to talk," Brett replied, narrowing his eyes at Louis.

"I do. I don't do my fucking makeup."

"I know. You make me do it," Brett said.

Louis grinned. "There's a difference, babe."

"Whatever," Brett said. "Asshole."

"Hey!" Louis scowled at Brett and tugged on Brett's skinny jeans in warning.

Brett simply walked away from him.

Louis grabbed Brett's hand before he could walk too far and he pulled him back. He placed a gentle kiss on Brett's nose. "I love you."

Brett smiled, his sky blue eyes softening with the gesture. "I love you, too. But you're still an asshole."

"I'll show you an asshole."

"Please don't moon me."

"Who said anything about it being my asshole?"

Brett made a face and shook his head, his black and blue hair falling into his eyes. "Ew."

Louis laughed and let Brett go. "Have you talked to Alice?"

"Yeah. She's taking the books we borrowed from the library back after school," Brett said. He looked at his watch. "She should be home anytime."

"Well, hopefully she hurries up," Louis said. "Unless you have any other rapist centipedes for me to take care of, I'm going to go and finish my sandwich since you interrupted me."

"Sorry," Brett said.

"Make it up to me."


Louis grinned. "Let me eat you."

Brett shook his head. "No sir, nothing naughty for you until tonight. I thought I made it clear to you that you were being punished."

Louis scowled. "Brett. It's been almost a week since then."

"Nope. This is what you get for trying to stab your therapist last week. I told you that you weren't getting any for a week and it's not a week until tonight at midnight," Brett said. "Now go eat."

Louis sighed dejectedly as he left the bathroom, heading for the kitchen to go and finish his lunch.

First Person!

I yawned as I drove into the typical neighborhood with the stereotypical cheesy name broadcasted on a fancy sign. It was complete with a giant fucking tree right in front of the sign so you couldn't even read what was on it.

Taking care not to hit anyone while driving at least twice the speed limit; I made my way through the neighborhood until I reached the condos. I drove down to the very end of the parking lot before parking my Hummer beside a shiny blue Corvette with the license plate: "B1TCHE5".

I got out of my car, locking it with the clicker, and started for the second-to-last condo in the complex before you reached the woods. I had just reached the sidewalk when I noticed something out of the ordinary.

There was a box in front of my door.

So much new.

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