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The alarm was sounding through the entire complex, warning everyone inside that they had intruders.

"They're here! Protect the device!" Dr. Drakken shouted.

The doors at the opposite end of the long hall swung open.

"Kim Possible and her sidekick...uh...what's his name"

"After all these years, and he still doesn't know my name!" Ron Stoppable shouted.

Both Kim and Ron had been busy working to stop the schemes, and on top of that, Kim was going through the whole, induction to GJ while Ron was pursuing his culinary career at Upperton University.

"Ron, you know the drill" Kim yelled as henchmen started to fill the area and as Shego dropped down in-front of them.

"Hey Princess, fancy meeting you here" she said, glancing around.

"Alright Kermit, let's speed this along" Kim said, dropping into a fighting stance.

Meanwhile, Ron was dodging blows as he started to make his way to the large red button, plainly labeled 'Self Destruct.' He was surrounded at one point, until he brought the fighting style Tai Sheng Pek Kwar into play, and floored all those around him.

That was, until there were too many and they were funneling him back to where he started. Back to where Kim was still fighting Shego.

The fight had been progressing rather well for Shego. Something about Kim seemed to be off, and that was affecting her abilities in the fight. She didn't even respond to the verbal jabs that were thrown her way. She was slowly, and steadily being pushed back towards Ron.

A staff caught Ron below the legs and he took a spill on the hard cement floor, a second later, a new weight was on top of him. It belonged to the angry redhead that was his girlfriend for the past two months.

"Dammit Ron, do you always need to be so useless?!" Kim shouted furiously at him.

Then it was totally silent. Drakken stood there with his mouth agape, Shego let her hands drop and her plasma shut off with wide eyes, several of the henchmen audibly gasped, and Ron just sat there with a hurt look on his face and emotional pain going through his eyes.

Kim quickly scrambled to her feet, spun towards him, hands on her hips, and continued to look down on him angrily.

"What?" Ron asked, in almost a hoarse whisper.

"I said" Kim shouted, ready to continue her tirade "Why do you always need to be so useless? We've been working together for years now, and somehow, you still can't comprehend the basic instructions. You, distraction. Me, leader. God, one simple task and you can't even do that properly. Maybe Bonnie was right to call you a loser for all those years. Maybe she was right about dating you. Maybe-"

"ENOUGH!" Drakken shouted from the control console. He descended the many steps and pushed through the group of henchmen that had surrounded them until he was up beside them.

"Kim Possible, I think you've overstayed your welcome here."

Kim opened and closed her mouth a few times. "We're here to stop you from taking over the world."

"With what? The plan I've got that would've failed anyways?" he said, waving his hand dismissively "I got this idea yesterday and built a lame thing that I don't even know what it does. We'll continue this fight next week when there is actually something I can use to take over the world" his voice dropped after that "Come back when you're not such a monster."

Drakken looked around at the gawking henchmen and shouted "Get back to work!"

Kim, without another look back, stomped to the door they had entered, passed through, and slammed it as she left.

Ron just sat on the floor, unmoving, until a single tear dropped from his eye. That was all he allowed to escape as he stood up with the hand that Drakken offered him.

"Come on, let's get some coco moo. It always makes me feel better" Drakken said, as he led him into the lair towards their kitchen.

Shego stood there for a moment longer, not knowing what to do, until she snapped out of her trance and headed to her room in the lair.

Opening the door, entering, and then quickly closing it, she wandered over to her bed and flopped down. "Damn, Kimmie was harsh on the buffoon today. Not even I would say anything like that to him."

Anger started to run through her body thinking about the exchange that had gone on between the two people. Reaching under her bed, she pulled out a box marked Private, Keep out. Opening it, she began to take out the few contents that were inside. Most of them were pictures. But there were a few other small mementos from various times in her life, but there was one picture she wanted.

Shego pulled the wooden frame from the box and looked at it. It was a photo from a few months back, taken by one many security camera's they had in an older lair. It was Ron, sneaking down a deserted hallway, looking around for any henchmen. Fortunately, he was facing towards the camera, so there was a shot of his face.

Shego started to unconsciously trace the details. His face, his jaw line, his chest, his hair. "Stoppable, don't you see how she treats you? How can you love someone who does that to you on a nearly daily basis? You could do so much better if you opened your eyes, you'd be able to see that someone was around who would actually treat you like a person, rather than a pet. Someone like me."

Shego had fallen hard for Ron. Very hard.

"Wait a minute, he's in the lair! I can talk to him!" she thought to herself, a smile spreading across her face, and her emerald eyes shining with excitement. She quickly put the picture back and shoved the box under the bed.

Pausing at her door to wipe the expression of giddiness from her face and turn it back into an impassive mask, she opened it and calmly walked down the hall towards the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, Ron sat unmoving at the table as Drakken brought two glasses of coco moo and set them down.

Sitting in the seat across from him, he studied the younger man. An myriad of expressions were present on his face an eyes. Hurt, pain, anger, sadness. "You want to talk about it?"

"What is there to talk about" Ron said, looking down and closing his eyes. "I've been called a loser for years. Needless to say, high school wasn't a good time for me. I do the same work that Kim does, and she gets all the credit. Sure, she fights with someone like Shego, which isn't an easy task all in itself, but that's really all she does. Most of the time, I'm stuck as a distraction, until I get to you or the self destruct button."

Drakken looked thoughtfully at Ron. "I noticed your voice change a little when you mentioned Shego, something there?"

Shego had made it to the kitchen, but stopped short of the door to stay out of sight. She had caught most of the conversation that was echoing down the halls from the open door, but paused when Drakken brought that up.

Ron briefly glanced up with a new emotion running across his face. Fear. But he got it under control. "It did? I didn't notice."

"I call bull."

"Fine" Ron sighed, placing his hands on the table. "She's an enigma. One of those beautiful, interesting, challenging people. I don't know what attracts me to her, but ever since I saw the wanted poster in Kim's locker, I've always felt a sort of attraction to her. Something I can't explain though."

"Good and evil aren't supposed to mix though, if you've forgotten" Drakken reminded him.

"Good and evil are just opinions. Sure, I've done a few things myself that I'm not proud of, but that doesn't constitute me as evil. And you" Ron said, gesturing towards Drakken "you helped stop an alien invasion. That was good, but people don't constitute you as good. Personally, I don't think you're evil. You've never really tried to do anything that painful to me."

"Then what do you think of me?" Drakken asked, sipping his drink.

"A friend" Ron replied, shrugging his shoulder and drinking some of his coco moo. "Kim might be your enemy, as well as Shego, but to me, you're just another guy. Nothing like Monkey Fist, who has tried to kill me. Several times."

Shego took that moment to enter after quelling a blush that Ron had given her from his small description. "Stoppable, you alright?"

"I guess" he said as Shego slid in the seat to his right "Nothing can really prepare you for your best friend since Pre-K calling you a loser and a useless person. It's happened from other people, but it never affected me. Now, I just don't know. And with the three month relationship anniversary looming, I think I might just break off with her. Stay friends, but that's about it."

Shego's heart jumped at this prospect. "Ron is going to dump the princess, then he'll be free for me."

"Anyways, thanks for the coco moo. I'm feeling better after talking it out with you. But soon enough, it'll be back to the regular work of trying to stop you from world domination" Ron stood up and took his glass to the sink.

Drakken let out an uncharacteristic chuckle "Quite right you are lad. It's not the end of the world. Yet."

Ron could only smile at the pun that was in there, as Drakken walked out and left him alone with Shego.

"Come on Stoppable, I'll take you home" she said, getting up from the chair.

"You really don't need to Shego. I'm pretty sure I can get back on some cargo plane" Ron replied.

"No, I offered, you're taking the offer. End of discussion. Follow me" she said, leading him out of the kitchen and towards the hanger where the hovercraft was. "Besides, it should only take half an hour whereas a plane would take upwards of an hour."

They got into the hovercraft and entered his address into the GPS that was there.

"Huh" Shego said as they took off.


"You live like a block away from my house in Middleton."

"So why don't you come and visit sometime?" Ron asked.

"I thought you didn't like me" Shego responded, dropping her eyes a little.

"I'll tell you the same thing I told Drakken. You've never tried to maim me or actually harm me in any way, and if you did, you never succeeded, so I hold nothing against you. I consider you a friend" Ron said, looking out the window at the ocean.

"I don't really have any friends though" Shego replied, her voice going a little cold.

"Well then, I'm your first" Ron said, with a big smile on his face.

"Thanks Stoppable. That means something."

"No problem. Anyways, here's my cell number. If you want to talk, or come over for dinner, or anything, just text me and I'll see if I'm free" Ron said.

"Fine, if we're exchanging numbers, I'll give you the one for my personal cell, but if you over contact me, I will melt you" Shego replied, rather lightheartedly.

Ron let out a nervous laugh as he entered the number into his phone and locked it.

During the flight, Shego called Drakken and took a week off, so that she could relax in her own house and actually do something other than evil.

"Alright Stoppable, here we are. Now get out" Shego said, landing in his yard.

"Thanks for the lift Shego. Talking with you made me feel a whole lot better " Ron replied, jumping out onto the ground.

"Yeah, yeah. Just don't go spreading it around" she said, taking back off and flying to her house.


"Well, three month anniversary is tonight. Time to shine" Ron thought to himself.

In the past three days, Kim had apologized for acting the way she did in the base, Ron and Shego had exchanged a couple of messages, mostly seeing how the other was doing, and Ron's classes had been full of learning new tricks for working in the kitchen.

Now that he was 21, he had more money at his disposal with the naco royalties, so he had bought a black Mercedes sedan for going to higher end places, and he got rid of the scooter and upgraded to a motorcycle in a red and white paint scheme.

Trading in his turtleneck, cargo pants, and sneakers in favor of a dress shirt, tie, dress slacks, and leather shoes, he grabbed the key to his Mercedes and drove to Kim's house.

There were no cars in the driveway and all the lights were off. "Huh. Not like KP to forget something like this. I'll check inside to see if everything is alright."

The door was slightly ajar, but it looked closed. Pushing it open, he silently crept into the house. Getting to the bottom of the stairs, he heard a moan come from upstairs.

Grabbing the nearest weapon, which happened to be a vase, he tiptoed up the stairs, avoiding the parts that would creak, until he arrived at the door to Kim's room, where the moaning was coming from.

Turning the knob and opening the door a crack, he saw someone leaning over Kim's naked form. He heard her mumble "Yes Josh, yes."

Ron crouched behind the door, heart shattered into millions of pieces by one cheating whore.

With a look of pure hatred, he stood up and shoved the door open, causing it to hit the wall with a loud BANG. Both Kim and Josh looked towards the door horrified at who discovered them.

"RON!" Kim screamed.

Josh rushed to grab his clothing and ran past Ron who stood stock still beside the doorway. He mumbled something about being late and bounded down the stairs.

Ron just turned around and slowly descended until he was in the main hallway. By then, Kim had wrapped a sheet around herself and had come running down after him.

"Ron, it's not what it looks like!"

He turned around with fire burning in his eyes "Oh really? Then what is it? It sure as hell looked like you were fucking Monkey boy on your bed when your boyfriend just happened to walk in on the night of our three month anniversary. So if that's not it, what is it then?"

Kim couldn't do anything but look guilty until Ron spoke again.

"How long?"

"How long what?" she replied, tears starting to well up.

"How long have you been fucking him?"

Kim knew this wasn't the time to lie "Two and a half months."

Ron raised his voice again "So, you couldn't just break up with me? You would've at least had a friend in the mix, but noooo, you had to lead me on. Pretend like I mean something to you-"

"Ron you do mean something to me!"

"Quiet Kimberly! If I meant something, this wouldn't have happened. So all those nights you went solo on a mission, or had plans with friends, I can see what you were doing instead" he chuckled humorlessly "Honestly, I'm glad I found out about this. Now I can have someone who cares about me. Maybe for the hell of it, I'll get together with Shego! Or maybe Tara! Thanks Kim! You've really opened my eyes to what kind of a person you really are. A cheating, backstabbing, lying bitch" he huffed, before quietly saying "So long, you're on your own."

Ron stalked out of the house, got in his car, and left.

Kim stood in the doorway, tears running down her cheeks and said quietly "Ron, I'm sorry."

When Ron got home, he parked his car in the driveway, went into his house and fell face first onto the couch. The emotions he had been holding in, the hurt, pain, and sadness were unleashed as he dragged himself up from the couch. There was nobody to share his pain, Rufus had passed away last month, and his parents had moved to the Barbados.

Simply put, Ron stripped out of one set of formal wear, threw it in the laundry basket, pulled on a pair of pajama pants, and cried himself to sleep that night.