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~Matthew's point-of-view~

"Maple, maple, maple," Matthew muttered beneath his breath distastefully, switching on his bedside lamp and logging onto his laptop. He winced as the bright light reflected painfully off his glasses, temporarily blinding him given how adjusted his eyes were to the darkness that he was previously surrounded by.

He had returned home from a particularly-stressful day working as a medical assistant, only to spend the next few hours cramming for his online mid-term starting next week. The Canadian practically collapsed into bed when satisfied with his mental trauma, yet was unable to stop tossing and turning beneath his red and white-themed blankets since he could have sworn he was forgetting something.

Maybe I left my keys in the car? Maybe I forgot to feed Kuma-something? Ugh, it feels like my frontal lobe is exploding-OH MAPLE, MY MEDICAL PAPER!

He suddenly lunged forward from his bed, thoroughly scaring his fluffy white cat hogging his covers in the process, as he pulled on his glasses and reached for his computer.

"Sorry, Kuma," Matthew apologized to the cat sprawled on the floor when he recovered from temporary blindness, quickly creating a Word document to begin typing his medical research paper on, as well as opening up an internet tab for the official website for Hetalia Univeristy.

Let's just see when the paper is due, He thought, repressing the urge to panic. A few more clicks of his mouse resulted in his violet orbs widening behind his wire-rimmed glasses, as he had stumbled across the webpage pertaining to one of his many online medical classes.


-Prepare a 10-page research paper regarding the three main parts of the human brain and their functions. Please include diagrams and a bibliography of reliable reference material. Due date: xx/xx/xx

"Reliable reference material is a matter of opinion," He murmured sourly, successfully face-planting into his keyboard while mentally cursing in a mixture of English and French given how the paper was due the next day.

Can't believe I forgot about it, The bespectacled blonde reflected as he began feverishly typing, the metallic sound of his keyboard echoing throughout his bedroom. I mean, I literally just finished cramming for my mid-term regarding the layout and functions of the human brain!

To be honest, Matthew Williams had assumed that when he applied for an online university, it would be easy to manage classes, turn in assignments, and get his bachelor's degree while balancing a job to pay rent for his apartment.

Sadly, since he was striving for a bachelor's degree in medical science (histotechnology to be precise), not to mention he was attending Hetalia University, of all places, that was not the case.

It wasn't the material in the class that was particularly difficult. Matthew's interests in the medical field had been piqued when he was experimenting with microscopes in elementary school. After that, things like biology, chemistry, and anatomy were easy to understand for the Canadian.

If anything, the amount of work established by the online professors was the cause of his stress. Along with the immense pressure to keep his GPA at a 4.0, as to maintain his online scholarship at Hetalia University.

Then again, Hetalia University is very prestigious school, Matthew mused as he typed away on his research paper, the university website, along with a few internet tabs dedicated to references and fact-finding, visible in the upper left corner of his computer screen. It makes sense that the professors would take their jobs seriously and pile on the work to prepare us for real-world jobs and situations.

Even though the institution was founded a few years ago by Romulus Vargas (a middle-aged Italian man who made his fortune in the oil industry), it had already become one of the most distinguished schools in the world. The key to its success was probably because there's no physical campus, instead based entirely through the internet, allowing pupils from various parts of the Earth to attend and connect with other pupils without leaving the confines of their own homes.

In an age where technology has been integrated into everyday life, Hetalia University embodies the future of ideal educational facilities.

The only flaw in the system is how hard it is to be accepted into the school.

Unlike other schools where money comes first and intelligence comes as a close second, Hetalia University accepts only the best and brightest of its many applicants, regardless of wealth or influence.

However, what with the campus being located on the internet instead of being embodied as a physical campus, it's pointless to try applying for any form of sports' scholarship or the like, given, as mentioned before, the school is accessible entirely through the internet instead of being embodied as a physical location, therefore limiting the amount of scholarships one can attain.

So, on the day in which Matthew opened up his email account and saw a message telling him he was accepted into the university (even though he actually submitted his application as a dare from his American twin, Alfred), the bespectacled blonde considered himself extremely lucky.

After a few hours of typing, researching, crying, with the occasional Red Bull to keep him awake, he finally saved his paper on Microsoft (once, twice, three times), deciding to send it to his professor via-email when he was mentally stable and not surviving off the sugar-high one receives from energy drinks.

A sigh of content escaped from his mouth, replaced by a groan when he glanced at the clock on his laptop and saw it was six in the morning, and his medical-assistant-job at the hospital started at seven.

The Canadian then proceeded to face-plant into his keyboard once again, spending the next few moments staring into the miniscule spaces between each key. He glanced up wearily from the keys and smothered a laugh when seeing his three-times-saved medical paper now read 'the dorsal surface of the medulla oblongata is formed by the fouryuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtgyhuik'.

"Lack of sleep never bothered me, anyway," Matthew sang lightly (delirious due to exhaustion) in a 'Let it Go' fashion, closing out of Microsoft and checking the assignment-section of his other classes to see if he missed anything else.

*Recent Update*

Check your email accounts for the latest project.

He groaned again, ruffling his hair (going out of his way to avoid touching the strange curl that kept hanging in his face all the time, since it made him feel weird when he touched it) in aggravation. "What could they want now? I don't have enough Red Bull to attempt another all-nighter!"

After a few minutes of silent fuming, he created another tab and opened up his email account to see what the latest assignment was.

He couldn't help but be surprised at how recently he had been sent the task, considering it had been sent a few minutes prior to his discovery.

To: Matthew Williams

From: Hetalia University Staff

Subject: Foreign-Relations Program.

Dear sir/ma'am,

As you are well-aware of, the purpose of Hetalia University is to broaden the horizons of pupils located overseas, along with encouraging peace and worldwide exchange for the next generation.

However, a recent survey showed that 75% of Hetalia University students do not interact with their peers outside of the online classrooms through email or any other means of communication, therefore inhibiting international exchange.

To encourage foreign contact, Headmaster Romulus Vargas has required that each student is given a Skype account and assigned to another student in a different country.

Your Skype account login information is enclosed in the attached document, along with the username of your partner.


Hetalia University Staff.

Matthew sighed, glancing over the email a few times.

'Sir/ma'am'? Should I be offended by that?

He closed his laptop shut and unplugged the power cord. He rubbed at his eyes, only now realizing how tired he actually was.

"I'll set an alarm for six-thirty. That gives me a little bit of time…" He whispered, setting up his phone as to ensure it would wake him at the specified time.

When the deed was done, he promptly collapsed with his glasses askew on his face and surrounded by energy-drink cans.

Author's Note: So that's chapter one~! Sorry if I made Matthew OOC or if I painted an inaccurate picture of how online universities work. I don't really know how they work, but I tried to make it seem realistic. If any of you readers do attend an online university (or take online classes for that matter) please feel free to comment about how they actually work so that I can revise and edit. As for Matthew's career choice, I can picture him being in the medical field. Though I picture him being in more of a lab-setting as opposed to a hospital setting. Sorry that I spent so much time focusing on what Matthew wants to do, I figured that it would make him more realistic and, since this is a college AU, it would be a major thing to know about him.

Here's some tidbits of information to clarify:

*A Bachelor's degree is the standard college degree, earned from four years of work and education. There's two main categories of a Bachelor's degree: a B.A (Bachelor of Arts) and a B.S (Bachelor of Science). Yes, it is actually called a B.S. And yes, when I found out, I snickered like you did just now. In Matthew's case, he's pursuing a B.S. *snickers*

*Matthew wants to be a histotechnologist. Histotechnology is the science regarding the structure of cells and their manifestation into organs and tissues. It's similar in those regards to a pathologist, which is what I wanted to be when I was four. Histotechnologists, however, focus on tissue abnormalities and treatment for those abnormalities. They require at least a B.S.

*The Medulla Oblongata is my favorite part in the human body, mainly because it's fun to say (alongside a hairy weenis. Good God, that's hilarious). It's located in the brain and is the controller of the heart and lungs, so it's extremely important.

*In this fanfiction, Hetalia University is a virtual school. It doesn't have a physical location in the real world, only an online campus. Because of that, it's kind of pointless to pursue any sport-related scholarships since it's…kind of on the internet. Therefore limiting the various scholarships you can get. You can get other scholarships like music scholarships or art scholarships (in Matthew's case, he got a regular scholarship because he did well in high school), but we'll go into that later.

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