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Deeks woke up next to an egg.

Not the standard raw egg in a shell, but a bright pink easter egg… where his wife's pretty little head should have been. Interesting. He yawned as he sat up, glancing around the room and noting a cup of coffee on the bedside table. He smiled and grabbed it, happy it was still somewhat warm. Deeks couldn't help but feel a little thrill. He knew where this was headed.

One of their favorite past times was scavenger hunts. It was actually what caused the change in their relationship years ago. Deeks had been going on an undercover mission for LAPD and knew it was especially dangerous. He also knew he and Kensi's thing was very much alive and well. Kensi never took it well when he had to go back to LAPD for assignments, mainly because he was usually left to his own devices with not much of a backup plan. She was a fiercely loyal partner, and even without the inkling of feelings between them, she didn't trust anyone outside of their NCIS unit to have his back.

So, like the good guy he was, he left her notes and things to make her smile while he was gone. And while he was working on the notes and the logistics of when and how to get them to her, he knew he couldn't leave her something not telling her how he felt. Well, telling her as much as he could without actually saying it. Because that's what they did - they acknowledged that they didn't acknowledge their thing. So he left it in the one spot she would only go if she was desperate.

She had found it one night after a particularly rough case. When he came home from the mission with LAPD she had turned the tables on him, surprising him with his very own scavenger hunt… ultimately for her.

The memory of it made him smile. Another sip of coffee and he grabbed the egg, shaking it.

"Well, no rattling. She could have at least left something in it."

As he opened the egg, an empty chocolate wrapper fell out, causing him to laugh. Of course.

He picked up the wrapper and turned it over, her messy handwriting spelling out CRAVING. Pfft, like he hadn't already figured out she didn't have weird cravings for things, especially sweet things.

But what the hell was she trying to tell him? She'd already had her craving, right? Chocolate was -

The lightbulb went off. He hopped out of bed and headed to the kitchen, coffee still in hand. He needed the caffeine to keep his wits about him on this hunt. His wife… she was crafty. And much smarter - not that he would ever tell her that. Part of his charm was his ego, which she single handedly kept in check.

He opened the fridge and saw the leftovers of last night's dinner: bacon. Pounds of bacon. He had made some about a week ago but the lingering smell of it had made Kensi sick. Last night, she had wanted bacon and cheese omelets. So Deeks, in all of his infinite wisdom, had cooked three pounds of bacon outside on the flat-top grill so the smell didn't linger. He didn't want to run the risk of running out. The leftovers he had placed in a plastic container for safe keeping.

Grabbing the tupperware, he saw a poorly drawn dog on a piece of purple paper. At least he thought it was a dog, but only because she had written Woof on it. "Come on Kens, you need to work on your skills. This is terrible," he mumbled, lifting the box up to see if there was something else he needed for the clue.


He stood up and scanned the area, using his spidey senses. Nothing on the tables.. Wall.. couch.. next to the TV was a small stuffed dog, looking fairly similar to Monty.

"Ba-da-boom." He smiled wide as he strode over to it, seeing DEEKS embroidered on one paw and 2018 on the other.

He'd told her one night that his mom had given him a bear with his name on it for Christmas. He had lost it during one of the moves and he had been heartbroken. So this… this was special to him. Adding the fact that it looked like their beloved dog, and it was nothing short of perfect.

Deeks stood there, holding the dog and thinking back on the memories of his bear. They'd had a lot of good times, and made it through a lot of scary situations together. That bear had been the friend that Deeks hadn't had. And it meant the world that Kensi had given this to him.

But where was the next clue? He looked all around the stuffed dog, thinking there was something on it that might help him out, but nothing. Then an idea struck him… maybe the dog was the clue?

It wasn't much, but it was all he had to go on right now so Deeks started looking at everything related to Monty. The bowls for his water and food were clear, and he already knew the leash would be gone since there was no sign of him at the house. Obviously the traitor had gone with Kensi. But Deeks kept looking, checking the actual bag of dog food, Monty's bed and where he kept his stash of bones. Nothing.

Deeks was stumped. If the clue wasn't the dog, what the hell was it?! He started walking back to the living room when he froze. There was a new floor mat by the front door.

Please Wipe Your Paws.

The mat was personalized, a picture of Monty on the beach looking out towards a sunset. He shook his head in wonder, loving it.

As he flipped it over, he saw the purple paper.

Look at you, sMarty pants. See what I did there?! You love it, don't lie.

Smile Sunshine!

Deeks smirked. "I didn't know she could get any more corny. But she's right, I love it." He hurriedly put his flip flops on, picked up his Easter gift to her and headed out. Monty sitting on the beach was his clue. He knew where to find them and he couldn't wait to see her.

Kensi was a ball of nerves. She'd done her homework with this Easter gift. But when something else had popped up, she'd had a hard time keeping her mouth shut. Deeks was entirely too good at reading her thoughts, but she hadn't made it this long at NCIS for nothing. She had put her entire professional persona to the test with this, and she was confident she had nailed it.

She had left everything for him this morning, grabbing Monty and heading to the beach to relax for a little bit. Deeks did so much for her and she loved being able to reciprocate that. She and Monty had walked a little, done some yoga, and now they were onto a riveting round of catch. Deeks was going to be ecstatic that she was throwing the ball into the water.

She grinned, knowing full well Monty was going to be riding home with daddy. Clicks of incoming flip flops met her ears as Monty splashed into the water.

"Kens," Deeks whined, "do you have to throw it into the water? You can't throw it over there?" He pointed to the sand dunes. "You know what salt water does to his fur."

"He's having fun." Her voice started mimicking baby talk. "It's okay Monty. Don't listen to daddy." Monty came over and started jumping before shaking the water off, most of it hitting her, making Kensi squeal. "Monty, do that to daddy, not me!"

Deeks was laughing. "I love it when you squeal."

"I'd kill you if you didn't," Kensi mumbled, grabbing a towel and sitting down.

"Maybe five years ago you would have killed me. But now? You love my scruffy ass too much." He sat down next to her, leaning over and kissing her cheek.


Deeks gasped loudly, falling over into the sand. "Well Princess, if killing me was your end goal, using 'touche' properly will do the trick. I think my heart just stopped."

She hit his arm as he sat up, laughing. Well, that might not have stopped his heart, but this sure as hell could. She took a deep breath. Now or never.

Sobering up a little, she grabbed the small box out of her bag and stared into those blue eyes she loved so much.

"I love you more than life, Deeks. I am so damn glad we get to take this journey together." She kissed him, savoring the taste and feel of his lips as his hand came up and cupped her face.

Monty barked, signalling the end of the moment. "Hold your horses Monty." Deeks started laughing at her phrase as he took the box from her.

"Sunshine, we really need to work on your phrases if that's all you've got." His eyes sparkled and he looked at the box.

"What's in the box, Kens?" He wiggled his eyebrows at her.

"Something you've always wanted."

He became serious, seeing the look in her eyes. He pursed his lips and looked down, slowly opening it.

What stared back at him left him speechless.


Kensi watched the emotions on his face. Confusion, shock, fear… she waited for it to fully register in his mind.

And there it was. Happiness. Pure and simple giddy happiness overtook his face. For a minute he couldn't get words out, his mouth puckering and closing.

"For real?"

"For real, Deeks."

"But.. how did.. when.."

"You're a little old for me to be explaining the birds and the bees, sweetcheeks. As for when - I'd say about eight weeks ago."

"Eight weeks?! Already?! How long have you known? Are you feeling okay? Do you need to rest? Obviously we need to start baby proofing the house. Are you taking vitamins yet? We need to make an appointment with the doctor ASAP."

When Deeks finally took a breath, Kensi, who was laughing, put her finger up to his lips.

"I took the test two days ago. I was about a week late starting my period when I noticed my sense of smell was off the charts. It still is… Deeks I can smell everything." She cocked her head to side, scrunching her nose up in disgust. "And in this case that's not a good thing. I never noticed garlic before, but I swear to God everyone has to be bathing in it."

Kensi scoffed, hearing the seagulls squawk. "If a seagull pooped 100 yards away I feel like I'd be able to smell it." She turned to him, now confused. "Does seagull poop smell?" Deeks stared at her for a second before shaking his head to clear it.

"Kensi, you need to focus. Are you feeling okay? Is there anything I can get you?" The concern was there, but happiness overshadowed everything.

"A little nauseous every now and then, but for the most part I feel okay. Well, I'm tired, but all of this is normal."

Deeks laid his head on her lap, his hand gently rubbing her flat stomach.

"Hi baby Deeks. I know you're warm and snuggly in there, but I already can't wait to meet you. Be nice to your mama, because I don't want to get beaten up all the time." Kensi thumped his head. "Ow - see what I mean little one?"

Kensi rubbed the spot she'd hit and then started running her fingers through his hair while he talked to their child, already loving this new side to him. She had seen Partner Deeks, Friend Deeks, Goofball/Surfer Deeks, Boyfriend and Fiance Deeks and her current favorite - Husband Deeks. Each one showed her more wonderful and thrilling things about him. But Daddy Deeks… she knew it was going to be the best one yet.

"Kensi, you're going to have to help me through this pregnancy thing."

"What?! I had planned on you helping me. I don't know anything about this." The panicky feeling she had been keeping in check was bubbling up again. They were going to have a baby. Deeks sat up, taking her hands and looking at her with reassurance in his eyes.

"Hey, hey, we are going to rock the shit out of this parenting thing, okay? But pregnancy?" He made a funky face, his mouth turned in different ways, "That's all you sweetheart. I don't have the right parts to grow a tiny human." He kissed her quickly, bringing a smile back to Kensi's face. "Whatever happens, we face it together, just like we always have," he said, his words bringing the comfort and reassurance she needed.

Her heartbeat started to return to normal. They could do this. They would do this.

"Dear God, Deeks. I've got a tiny human in my body." Her eyes got a little big. Now that he knew, the reality of it was much more real.

"I know! Itty bitty Marty or itsy bitsy Kensi. This is going to be amazing, Princess." He let out a loud 'whoop' and Monty started barking excitedly, seemly knowing the reason for the excitement and wanting to share it, too.

"Are you ready to be a brother, Monty? Huh? You're going to have to help us you know. You've got a big job coming up." Monty moved in, all but sitting on Deeks' lap now.

"I think he's ready for it. If you hadn't noticed he's been glued to me for a couple of weeks. It makes sense now. I read that animals can pick up on this kind of stuff." Deeks just stared at her.

"I can't believe you've known for two days. How in the actual hell did I not know something was up? Because let's be honest here sunshine, you aren't the best secret keeper from me." He was baffled, but smirking at her.

"Hey, I can keep secrets from you if needed…" Deeks gave her a dubious look. "Don't look at me like that. I managed this one, didn't I?" She stuck her tongue out at him, her point made.

"You got lucky."

Kensi winked at him. "Yeah I did." She laughed at her own joke, making Deeks shake his head at her.

"I hope our kid gets my humor. And wittiness." He wasn't disappointed as Kensi rolled her eyes.

"Don't forget modesty."

"That's a given."

Deeks stood up, taking Kensi's hands and pulling her up with him. Slowly, with the waves crashing around them, they danced. Kensi laid her head on Deeks' chest, swaying to the song of nature. This moment in time, it was beautiful and perfect and held some much wonder that neither wanted to ruin it.

"I love you, Kensi Marie Deeks."

"And I love you, baby daddy." He chuckled, kissing the side of her head. Suddenly, he pulled back, remembering his Easter gift to her.

"So, obviously nothing can compare to what you gave me, but..." He pulled the box out of his pocket and handed it to her.

Kensi opened it up and gasped. "Deeks, this is beautiful!" Inside was a necklace. Three sea glass stones were framed and wired together. Each stone was unique in shape and color, the blue hues all different but complementary.

She took it out of the box, handed it to Deeks and turned around so he could hook the clasp. Once it was secure he wrapped his arms around her waist so Kensi could lean back against him as they watched the pelicans dance over the water.

"I was walking down by the pier the other day and there was a vendor set up selling sea glass pieces. He told me the history of how it's made, and it clicked. It starts out as broken glass in the ocean, and over time the salt and sand smooth it out, leaving this distinctively original piece of art. Kind of like us; starting out with rough pasts that over time we have made somewhat smooth and precious."

"Who knew when I picked this piece that it would be representative of a lot more. 3 pieces of sea glass, three Deeks'." Monty barked, objecting. "Okay buddy I hear ya.. three 'human' Deeks'." The dog's tail started wagging, giving his approval.

Deeks suddenly grinned wickedly at her. "Hey Kens... smell it yet?" She just looked at him, her eyebrows lifted. "A seagull just pooped."

He laughed at her as she hit his arm, taking the glare she was giving him with a grain of salt. She grabbed her stuff and called for Monty.

"You're the worst."

"Not what you said last night." He was rewarded with Kensi flipping him the bird.

Deeks threw his arm around her shoulder. "And who said romance was dead."

The next day, the duo walked into work hand in hand. They had decided to wait a few days before letting the team know, but both had agreed no more field work for Kensi.

"Congrats you guys!" Eric yelled, coming down the stairs. Confusion met everyone's faces.

"What are you talking about, Eric?" Callen sat back in his chair, looking around.

"What… what do you mean?" His smile faded as he looked at Deeks, then over to Kensi. "Isn't… Kensi… pregnant?" He pointed at Kensi the whole time, stuttering a little as he realized no one knew what he was talking about.

"Eric - start talking." Sam stood up, folding his arms and cocking his head a little.

"I just… the stuffed dog… no?" Eric wasn't able to talk in full sentences now. He looked over at Nell, who just shrugged at him.

"What stuffed dog?" Callen's eyes had narrowed a little, trying to figure out what he was talking about.

"I saw Kensi at the toy store last week with a stuffed dog that had writing on the paws, so I just thought…" Eric's voice trailed off before he looked up, thinking. Then the realization hit. "And that dog looked a lot like Monty. Wow. I should have thought about that a little more before opening my mouth."

"Eric, if Kensi was pregnant I would know. I've got kids, I've been through it a couple of times." He looked over at Kensi and stared. She managed to somehow keep her face blank, but after a minute Sam looked at Deeks.

"What have you done?!" Callen started laughing at Sam's question, already having put the pieces together.

"Come on Sam, you have kids, you know how it's done." Callen said as he walked over and pulled Kensi into a hug.

"Can we just hold on for a second and back up? We haven't confirmed or denied anything yet. In fact, Eric here has backed out of the earlier statement." Deeks threw his hands up, looking at everyone.

Kensi's hand had gone to her stomach while everyone was talking, and it seemed someone had noticed.

"So Kensi… is that confirmation?" Nell slyly pointed to Kensi's hand, her mouth turning up a little.

Kensi sighed and looked at Deeks who winked at her.

"Seems like Eric was the one who spit it out first -" Kensi's head tilted a little - "which is completely shocking - but yes. We're having a baby." As soon as the she said the last word, the entire Office of Special Projects broke out into cheers.

Appearing out of nowhere, Hetty walked up and handed something to the daddy-to-be.

"It would seem congratulations are in order."

"Hetty, how-" Kensi gave her an incredulous look.

"Come now, my dear. I've been waiting a few weeks to give this to you both."

Deeks looked down at what was obviously a book wrapped up and then back at Kensi, who just shrugged one shoulder at him.

"You're no help, Kens, "he muttered, unwrapping the gift.

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being A New Dad." He read the title out loud as everyone started laughing, Deeks shaking his head and chuckling.

"Okay Hetty, I see what you're trying to do here, but I happen to know -" Kensi shook her head, cutting him off, "He knows nothing." Hetty gave Deeks a knowing as he scowled.

"Well thanks for throwing me under the bus. I thought we had each others back." Kensi kissed his cheek. "We will take all the help we can get, Deeks." Deeks couldn't help but agree.

Sam walked around and gave Kensi a gentle bear hug before he shook Deeks' hand, crushing it in his grasp. Kensi saw the wince on her husband's face before she turned and hugged Nell.

"Sam, don't break it, I need him to be able to rub my feet and make late night food craving trips."

"He doesn't need both hands for that." Sam smiled at him, taking the heat out of the words.

Deeks looked over at Kensi then. "Well glad our lifestyle won't change much. I already go on late night food craving trips for you."

She rolled her eyes at him before Hetty cleared her throat, causing the group to quiet down.

"Mrs. Deeks. I have something for you as well." She handed Kensi her gift.

"Oh Hetty -" Kensi stopped talking and pulled out a coffee cup, the words Mother Bear on it. Tears filled her eyes for a minute before she looked back at her. "It's perfect, thank you so much."

They all knew it was going to be a wild ride with pregnant Kensi, but everyone at OSP was ready. Family was family, no matter the blood… and they couldn't wait to bring another one into the mix.

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