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Parker's POV:

"You had the safety on."

"Huh?" I looked down at my revolver and the safety was in fact on. "Shit."

Ellie started laughing her ass off. "Y-You... YOU HAD THE SAFETY ON!" She fell on the floor or as my dad used to say, she ROTFLOLed. I felt heat on my cheeks.

"H-Hey! Stop it! It was my mistake! The last person to use this gun was my broth-" At the accidentally mention of my brother, I started crying. Tears streaming down my face.

"Ellie, that's enough." Joel finally said. He sighed before going on the ladder. "Let's go. The longer we're hear, the more of them can wonder into the area." Ellie and I both nod. We start our way up the ladder, first Joel, then me, then Ellie. Joel lifts the door and we all ran out. All the infected have seemed to wander away fromthe area. We followed Joel away from the house and out of the area. We were safe... for now.

Ellie's POV:

I'm becoming curious about Parker. She said something about a 'brother' and then started crying. Did her brother die or something? I don't know. She really seems to not know how to use a pistol, too. Maybe I could teach her and in return, she could teach me guitar. I've always wanted to learn, but because of everything having to do with these fucking hunters and clickers, I never got the chance. It would cool.

We sneaked our way passed the clickers until we were now 2 miles away. We all kept quiet and it felt so fucking awkward. We were now a few miles from the town where Bill is. We all calmed down a bit and I finally said something.

"Man, I'm glad that's over. Are we almost to Bill's?" I whined. Hey, don't look at me like that!

"We are only 3 miles away." He said, walking next to me. I decided to talk with Parker who still seemed a little shaken up.

"Hey, Parker, wanna hears some jokes?" Joel rolled his eyes. "Here we go..."

"Shut up! Wanna hear some?" I said, pulling out one of my many pun books. "Sure..."

"Ok!" I cleared my throat and started.

"What do you call it when Batman skips church?"

"Um... I don't know. What?"

"Christian Bale. I don't get it. Who's Christian Bale?"

Joel started chuckling. "Christian Bale was the actor for Batman. I gotta admit, that one was funny."

"Ok?... Anyway..."

I skimmed through the book until I found another one.

"Ok, ok! What do you call a group of unorganized cats?"

"I give up."

"A cat-astrophe!"

We both started giggling even though the joke was super terrible.

"Alright, alright! Here's another! What disease do you get when you decorate for Christmas?"

"Hm... I don't know."


We both laughed hard. Joel just rolled his eyes. "You really have no sense of humor, Joel." I looked him dead in the eye before continuing.

"I got another! Why did the stadium get hot after the game?"

"Hm... I give up."

"Because all the fans left!"

Now, it was me, Parker and Joel laughing our asses off at my terrible jokes.

"Oh! Oh! Why didn't the toilet paper cross the road?"

Parker's smile turned into a frown. "Clickers!"

"Hehe. No, it's because it got stuck in a cra-" I got pushed by Joel.

"Ellie, we need to run!" I looked back to see a herd of clickers, runners and a fucking bloater...

We are surely fucked.