Runa Returns

Summary- When Klaus' wife turns up out of the blue everyone is confused as to where she's been, who she is and why she's not trying to kill them like the rest of her family.

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The sound of the front door slamming open then closed again echoed in the room and all the occupants froze for a moment and looked up. They heard someone moving towards them the heels of the person's shoes confirming that it was a woman everyone looked confused as they weren't expecting anyone.

Klaus and Kol straightened up when they recognised the scent both had raised eyebrows when Damon grinned while Stefan's eyes widened, but the others still looked lost.

Klaus started looking very nervous shifting slightly while Kol smiled eyes bright. It was strange for them to see an expression that wasn't malicious or goading. Damon looked towards Stefan, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena and opened his mouth but words escaped him when he saw his brother everyone else was watching Stefan as well because for someone that was supposed to be emotionless he looked scared.

Kol was almost bouncing waiting for her to enter. As the steps got closer Klaus looked like he was going to be sick his eyes firmly locked on the ground. The woman was just outside the door now, it opened in one quick movement revealing the intruder.

She could not have been older than 22, 5'7, slender with an hourglass figure, pale peach skin that almost glowed as she stepped into the light. Her hair a caramel brown that flowed in curls to the middle of her back with bangs framing her face. Pouty lips coated in a clear lip-gloss making them more alluring, cheekbones were high and defined. Eyes shone from her face like stars in a brilliant, verdant green that were assessing the situation. Everyone looked stunned.

"Hello there, my name is Runa" she spoke softly her voice slightly husky it was beautiful. She smiled suddenly and everyone was captivated. Nobody spoke still in shock.

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