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Sirius and Remus were excited when they got back to England. Kreacher, Dobby, and Winky had cleaned up the store that Sirius had bought with his compensation from the Ministry for his unlawful imprisonment while they were in France. It had once been a store that sold potions so there was a large lab in the back for them to work on products. But Sirius hadn't just bought the store; he'd bought the whole building. His intent was obvious; the twins and Harry and Hermione would need a place to live when they weren't at Hogwarts anymore and the building had two large flats above the store, both were identical. Two bedrooms, one bath, and a full kitchen, dining, and living room. To the two Marauders' minds it was perfect and would be a nice surprise for their new business partners.

They intended for Marauders' Mischief to open soon. Hermione already knew who excelled with what; she was best at charms and potions, Sirius was great at potions but outstanding in transfiguration. Harry was quite accomplished at transfiguration and charms, Fred was great at transfiguration and both naming products as well as designing the packaging. George was quick with potions and was the more inventive of the twins. Remus rounded out the list with his talent with charms and his ability to procure rare ingredients. With their strengths identified it'd be easy to work on products and make the great many they'd already created or needed to finish. The two Marauders were bursting with excitement about the business venture and couldn't wait for the grand opening. They decided to get some muggle products to sell too; there were many wizards like Arthur who were interested in muggle things.

The Marauders took the Grangers, Harry and Hermione, and the Weasleys to the store. The building looked decent enough. "We're going to have to work on the sign but we wanted your input with that," Remus said.

"This is awesome," Fred and George said at the same time.

Inside Hermione's brain was already working overdrive to organize the store and Kreacher appeared with a blueprint of the store and a pen. Hermione looked at the five men she was going into business with and they nodded. She proceeded to draw sections and write things like games & toys, personal care, sweets, pranks, fireworks, pets, muggle items, and (this one made Harry's eyebrow raise at the thought of testing them) sex & romance. "Did I miss the conversation where sex toys made an appearance? I reckon I'd remember that," Harry said.

"I'm thinking birth control potions and toys and things to help with romance. The only store that does that is in Knockturn alley. We could make a fortune just selling a few items and expanding the line bit by bit," Hermione said.

"We just can't let the Marauders help customers in that regard," Harry grinned, remembering how the two men had been tongue-tied at the topless beaches. Both of them stuck their tongues out at Harry while Hermione laughed.

Sirius pulled himself together, "Well arranging the store aside, there are two flats upstairs. You four will be living in them after you leave Hogwarts rent-free."

Harry, Hermione, Fred, and George were stunned before they grinned and hugged Sirius. "See Remus? I'm the favorite Marauder."

Remus rolled his eyes in response. "Come on, Dobby and Winky and Kreacher set up the whole building."

While the six business partners were talking Dan and Emma walked around the store to look at things and Molly wiped tears of gratitude out of her eyes. Sirius was giving her boys such amazing advantages. And with Hermione involved she knew the twins wouldn't do anything too outrageous. Arthur was amazed at the generosity of Sirius. He barely knew their sons and was offering them a place to stay after they graduated.

Ron, meanwhile, saw money. Yet again other people were getting what he deserved. He tried to work out he could get in on the free stuff.

They went up to the flats to see them. The two bedrooms had Ron thinking he could talk his way back into their friendship and then he wouldn't have to live at the Burrow with his mother demanding chores. After all, Harry and Hermione weren't paying rent so they couldn't ask him to. "Fleur and Viktor have a bedroom to stay in when they visit us," Hermione smiled at Harry. The red mist descended on Ron.

"WHAT? Why would you want to spend time with them when I'm here?"

Unfortunately for Ron, Hermione had a response, "Because unlike you, they're our friends."

There was a silent, tense moment that followed. No one moved. Suddenly Ron let out a roar and lunged at Hermione only to find himself on his back with Harry standing over him, his wand pointed between Ron's eyes, "You move and I hex you, you stinking git. I don't know why you seem to think that we owe you anything. You are a miserable arse. You're arrogant without reason, stupid beyond measure, and if it weren't for the fact that my future in-laws were here I'd blast you through this floor for trying to hurt Hermione."

"Don't hold back on our account Harry," Dan said. He felt like wringing the little bastard's neck for trying to hurt his daughter.

Ron shouted at Harry, "You lucky bastard you get everything that should be mine!"

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Ron you're an idiot. Harry didn't 'get' anything. He earned his position on the quidditch team, he earns his grades, he earned his friendship with me."

"He's got a vault full of gold!"

"BECAUSE MY PARENTS ARE DEAD YOU MORON!" Harry yelled, his wand's tip glowing. "You are so greedy, so selfish, you're immune to just how good you've actually got it. You take for granted that you have a family that loves you, that has always done things to help you out. You just can't be happy that you always had food on the table, that you are surrounded by people that love you. No you just have to have more than Harry Potter. The first time I've ever heard anyone say they love me is when Hermione said it you bloody weasel. But no, you'd take that from me. You are not and have never been my friend Ronald Weasley. You have had chances handed to you and you've pissed all over them. Whose fault is that? Mine? Hermione's? Your parents? No, it's your fault. You screwed your life up. And now you get to live with the consequences."

With that Harry put his wand back in the invisible arm holster Viktor had given him as an early birthday present and felt Hermione pull him into a hug. Ron lay on the floor. He'd pissed himself when Harry's glowing wand had been pointed at him. His parents were frowning at him and his three siblings and the Marauders and Grangers looked ready to all kill him. Ron could see he'd get no help from anyone. Potter had turned his whole family against him. Just as Ron was about to open his mouth Molly yanked him up off the floor, "You are going straight to your room and remaining locked up there until dinner. I'm sick of this behavior Ronald Bilius Weasley! You might be my son but don't think I won't kick you out of the house!"

"Here Molly, Kreacher can take Ron back to the Burrow," Sirius offered. Kreacher appeared and looking distastefully at Ron, grabbed his shirt and popped them away.

"I'm so sorry for his behavior. We thought showing him what applying yourself can lead to would be a good idea," Molly apologized.

"No harm done Mrs. Weasley," Hermione said, still holding onto Harry with his head buried in her neck. "Ron doesn't learn. Fleur and I used our allure to keep him away from us eight times over the course of a single week at one point because he kept coming near us. He never backed off."

"Thick is an understatement regarding Ron," Ginny nodded in agreement.

Harry let out a deep breath against Hermione's neck and then licked her. "Harry!"

He pulled his head back looked at her innocently, "What?"

"You know what," she said, fixing him with a glare.

"Really don't Hermione," he feigned confusion.

"You. Licked. Me."

Harry acted as though he was in deep thought before he spoke, "No I don't have a clue what you're talking about. I was just taking comfort by resting my head against my gorgeous girlfriend's neck."

"And then you licked me."

"I don't recall that," Harry said, a smile threatening to break through.

"Harry James Potter," Hermione's eyes were set and Harry flashed her a grin before he ran out of the room, "Come back here!" She ran after him.

Emma smiled, "At least they didn't let it get them down."

"I've got a galleon that says Hermione catches him in the store and is sitting on him when we get down there," Sirius said.

"A galleon that she corners Harry with her wand," Fred said.

"A galleon that her wand is aimed at his groin," George put in.

"I've got a galleon that says they're snogging on a counter," Dan said.

"Daniel Granger!"

"What? I'm not allowed to bet regarding my daughter?" Emma rolled her eyes.

Remus wrote down the bets, "Anyone else?"

Molly wanted to scold the twins for betting but then Ginny stepped in, "A galleon that Hermione licks Harry just like he did her."

Arthur chuckled, "Well then let's go see who won shall we?"

They arrived back in the store to see Hermione and Harry on the counter snogging. "Damn," Sirius cursed, pulling out the galleon to hand it to Dan. The three Weasleys grumbled about 'inside knowledge' as they handed over their coins but it was all good natured teasing for the dentist.

The couple on the counter parted and looked to see Dan being handed money, "Why are you giving my dad money?"

"He won the bet about what you two would be up to down here," George said.

"You bet on us snogging?" Hermione asked.

"I do know you both," Dan smiled smugly, "why not take advantage of that knowledge?" Hermione shook her head.

While the Grangers were at their practice during the day Hermione and Harry worked on the store with the Marauders and the twins. The elves and Ginny and Mrs. Weasley helped set up the store and stock the shelves once the products were made. Harry's birthday had been a small party at the store with the Grangers, the Weasleys minus Ron, and the Marauders. Harry got his wish of a pizza party and Mrs. Weasley made the cake.

The highlight for Harry, other than the food and company, was the presents. For a different reason than usual. These presents were perfect. From the Grangers Harry was given two pairs of indoor soccer shoes; a pair from Nike and a pair from Puma. He was surprised but grateful. Hermione got him a football with the Manchester United logo on it and he laughed. "Trying to tell me something love?"

"I would never try to influence you to make a decision," she said, smiling innocently. Harry laughed. "Daddy wanted to get you an Arsenal jersey."

"Way to throw me under the bus," Dan mumbled before winking at Harry.

From Sirius Harry got some books. Some were biographies of quidditch players and one was of the history of Puddlemere United (where Oliver Wood was playing) and he also got some biographies of footballers. "Thanks Sirius."

Sirius pouted, "Hermione vetoed what I wanted to get you."

Harry raised an eyebrow at Hermione who glared at Sirius, "You are NOT buying him a prostitute!"

Dan and Emma both glared at Sirius who hid behind Remus who moved away, "You're on your own with that one Sirius. I told you she'd be happy to serve up barbecued dog."

"Okay, okay," Sirius raised his hands in the air, "I'm sorry I suggested it."

Harry rolled his eyes. Sirius often joked about Harry needing to 'play the field'. True love didn't seem to mean much to Sirius and Harry hoped that his godfather would grasp soon that for Harry it was only ever going to be Hermione. No one else could compare. From Remus he got a new school bag and some notebooks that belonged to his parents. There were ideas for pranks and inventions within them and Harry looked forward to looking through them. From Ginny he got a box of chocolate frogs and a set of gobstones. George and Fred gave him two action figures. One was him, the other was Hermione. "Don't let them be near each other alone," George warned, "they go at it like rabbits if you do."

Fred nodded his head and added, "But if you put them with the other champion figures you get quite the entertainment. Especially with a ferret."

"When they shag do their clothes stay on?" Hermione asked.

"Yes," both twins nodded. Fred continued, "We made sure all of them keep their clothes on. No one wants to see a naked ferret and we were not interested in working out what you two look like naked."

"Mostly out of fear," George cut in, "for what you'd do to us Hermione. Harry we're not afraid of we just didn't want to develop penis envy."

Harry blushed and spluttered when Hermione said, "Harry you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You keep me amply satisfied." If possible, Harry turned redder.

Hermione leaned in and whispered, "Harry you don't even blink if anyone mentions we're shagging but you're embarrassed about your size?"

"I've never compared it with others," he mumbled. "I dunno how big I am."

Hermione rolled her eyes. Boys and their penises. "The average is less than six inches," she explained quietly, "and you're at least eight." Harry smiled and she kissed his cheek, "And regardless Harry you know that you make me happy."

"Okay lovebirds save it for later. Time for more presents," Fred said.

Just for that Harry pulled Hermione into his lap and she nuzzled his neck. "Don't bait them Fred," Ginny scolded, "you should know better by now."

"This is why you're the less-intelligent twin," George said.

"I'm still the better looking one."

"Intellect is more important," Hermione said without even looking up. George pumped his fist in triumph while Fred pouted.

Harry's last present was from Molly and Arthur. It was a necklace and hanging from it looked like a fang of some kind, "Bill helped us with it. The fang is a dragon's fang and the leather is actually dragonhide. It's got all kinds of protection spells on it to protect you."

He smiled, "Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Weasley."

Cake came next and Harry enjoyed himself with his friends and newfound family. When the party ended Harry found himself being pulled up to their flat. Sirius and Remus cast spells to lock the store down and protect the flats upstairs before taking the Grangers home and returning to Grimmauld Place.

Up in their bedroom Hermione pushed Harry against the wall, "Still feeling insecure?"

"Not when I have you in my life," Harry answered, watching as she removed her shirt to reveal a green lace bra, "I like that."

"Thought you might," she moved against him, "consider this evening the second part of your present."

"More bribery?" He joked.

Hermione pouted and let her hand move over his pants to rub against him, "Harry do you think I'd use sex to bribe you?"

"I think it depends on what you were trying to bribe me to do," he let out a groan as her hand squeezed, "Hermione I can't think when the blood all flows south."

Hermione pulled back and slid out of her shorts to reveal matching underwear, "Then how about we save this conversation for later?"

"I'm the luckiest man alive," Harry breathed, quickly removing his shorts and shirt before they crashed together and stumbled their way to the bed.

They opened Marauders' Mischief on August 1rst and the four teens agreed that Sirius shouldn't be the one manning the cash register. Harry wasn't above using his celebrity to attract customers, though when the female fans got too close Hermione was more than happy to lay claim to her lover. The store was booming with business as August wore on, especially when Hogwarts letters came. In them Harry and Hermione received Prefect badges. "Harry we're selling pranks; it seems hypocritical to then punish people for using them."

"Agreed," Harry nodded. "Plus it would cut into our cuddling time." She rolled her eyes at his words and they both sent the badges back, saying they were grateful for the trust placed in them but had other priorities.

At Ginny's birthday party in late August she found herself receiving a brand new broomstick. A Nimbus 2001. Ginny gazed at the broom in awe before looking at her parents, "But this is too much…"

"When we reworked our budget since Ron won't be in school we decided we could get all of you new clothes, robes, and whatnot for the year. George and Fred refused and said we should use our extra money to get you a good broom since you want to be a quidditch player. After speaking with Sirius and Harry the Nimbus 2001 was our choice."

Ginny hugged her parents tightly before hugging the twins, "Thank you thank you thank you!"

"Well we're making loads of cash with our business so we can buy our own clothes," George said, grinning at the joy evident on his little sister's face.

From Hermione and Harry Ginny received protective armor suitable for chasers and seekers, "Since Harry's not playing there will for sure be one position on the team available. This armor is pretty highly recommended."

Ginny hugged them both tightly and Harry wondered if squeezing until you feared your ribs broke was a genetic thing. Still, Ginny was obviously enthused and elated and it was hard to deny how happy she was at the presents. From the Grangers she'd been given some quidditch books about the Holyhead Harpies, her favorite team, and books by famous chasers and seekers. For Ginny it was a fantastic birthday. She might not get to play her preferred position this year but she'd definitely be able to next year and she looked forward to that.

Ron would probably have been jealous however, after his stunt with Harry and Hermione when they'd all gone to see the store before it opened, the Weasley parents sent him to his Aunt Muriel's home. Neither parent wanted to kick their son out of their house but found it difficult to live with Ron who just didn't get it. (1)

As the new Hogwarts term grew closer Draco Malfoy had a physical which confirmed what Lucius had thought might happen; Draco had, through the trauma, lost his magic and become a squib. The arrogant Draco had been replaced by a sullen, moody Draco haunted by his own words in his 14 years of life. That squibs should be drowned at birth. That squibs were good for nothing. Living as a muggle wasn't an option. They were dirty and common. But being a squib was an unconscionable thought.

Draco weighed his options. He would become a laughingstock at Hogwarts, which he could no longer attend. He didn't want to be compared to Weasley and given how he treated people there would be no sympathy coming his way. And so with his decision made he packed up what was his and fled Malfoy Manor. Draco Malfoy would never be heard from again. (2)

As September 1rst arrived and they arrived at King's Cross there was change in the air. Voldemort was all but forgotten and while the initial arrest of Dumbledore horrified magical society his actual crimes were worse. There had been changes; the Wizengamot made laws preventing one person from ever having as much power as Dumbledore had and nepotism and bribery were no longer how the ministry was run. Fudge and his toady Umbridge (appropriate since she bore a strong resemblance to a toad) were kicked out of office and Sirius pushed for Amelia Bones to run and Harry gave her an endorsement. Sirius was a busy boy, politically. He'd backed Augusta Longbottom to head the Wizengamot. His cousin Andromeda sat in the Black seat for him.

While the vote was yet to take place for the new Minister of Magic, in the years to come after her victory in November Amelia Bones would create laws to fully include werewolves with magical society and improve human-goblin relations. Their relations with muggles would also improve as would the working conditions of house elves.

Harry put Hermione's trunk up on the rack with his and sat on the bench, his girlfriend in his arms. "This will be an interesting year," he said.

"No Ron, no Draco," Hermione sighed, "we might just have a normal year."

"As normal as it gets at Hogwarts, anyway," he agreed.

Susan Bones knocked on their compartment door, "Hi, I just wanted to thank you for endorsing my aunt. Daddy (3) was worried someone with a dark agenda might get the position and he thinks with your endorsement Aunt Amelia will win in a landslide."

"Your aunt will be fair and I only made the endorsement after Sirius and I talked about it and about her. Sirius has a cousin that works as an auror and she said your aunt is great and fair. That's what we need in a minister."

Susan blushed, nodded, and exited the compartment. "She's really shy," Hermione observed.

"Yeah I've never really noticed her before," Harry agreed.

Neville and Parvati came by with prefect badges on their robes and a look of displeasure, "You two deserve these."

"No guys," Harry shook his head, "Hermione and I both decided it was best if we return the badges. We own a joke shop; how can we punish students for using products we created?"

Neville looked hesitant, "Are you sure?"

"Neville I'm sure you'll do a good job being a prefect," Hermione said.

While the Weasley twins were showing off some products and Ginny eagerly talked about her desire to get on the quidditch team with her friends Harry and Hermione settled into their compartment; Hermione snuggled into Harry and thought about their trip this time last year. Ron had been loud and going on about Viktor Krum's performance at the Cup while Harry kept glancing at her obviously frustrated they hadn't had any privacy to talk about what had been bugging her. Hermione had dreaded that conversation but in hindsight it was possibly the most important conversation of her life. It had inspired Harry to risk it all to ask her to be his girlfriend and knowing that Harry supported her had made it much easier to deal with all the changes. She glanced up at a snoozing Harry Potter and gently kissed his cheek, "I love you Harry," she whispered. A smile appeared on his lips and she quickly followed her boyfriend into dreamland, enjoying a few hours of peace and quiet before a new Hogwarts year began.

-End Story-

(1)- Ron spent less than three months at his Aunt Muriel's before he tried to go back home only for his parents to refuse to let him back in unless he had steady employment. Ron was eventually killed in Knockturn Alley when his temper lashed out at a wizard who lacked the self-control of Harry and Hermione.

(2)- Draco's unlucky streak with creatures continued when as he waited to hop an illegal portkey a loose Dementor zoomed in on him and claimed his soul. The shell that Draco became was killed when he walked right out into traffic. The loose Dementors were eventually banished back to where Death usually kept them by the Ministry in Amelia Bones' second term as Minister of Magic.

(3) In a story I'm reading (Reboot by Kallanit) the author reasons that Edgar Bones (the family killed in the first term of Voldemort's terror campaign) was Susan's father's brother. Moody mentions that Edgar and his family were killed, not that their daughter survived. Moody also worked with Amelia Bones, so he would know if she was raising her niece. It was one of those moments where I went, "Ohhhhhh...That totally makes more sense!" I decided to bring it up because I think it's an interesting tidbit and most of us have done the whole 'Susan raised by Amelia' thing.

Well, that's it. I currently have a new story I just started last night titled 'Never Give Me A Marriage Law Challenge'. I'll bet you can't tell what it's about lol :D. Sitting at one and a half pages, that story will take a bit to come out. Until next time!