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When Hermione woke on her fifteenth birthday she went in to shower and noticed immediate changes. Her breasts were fuller, her waist trimmer, and her hair had gone from bushy to simply kinky. Her hair was far more tolerable and easier to control. Her front teeth had shrunk as well and she smiled. That was one change she wholeheartedly approved of. And she was sure that Harry would like the changes. She cast the depilatory charm on the body parts she tended to keep free of hair and then got dressed for the day. Her birthday had fallen on a weekend this year and she was quite pleased. When she returned to her bed she noticed a vase of roses on her end table, "That elf with the sock on his foot left them there," Lavender said. "It's so sweet that Harry does things like that for you."

"You definitely have the best guy in our year," Parvati agreed before going into the bathroom for her turn. There were multiple shower stalls and toilets but the girls had decided early on to just go in turns unless they were in a hurry or it was an emergency. Privacy was hard to come by at Hogwarts and greatly treasured when it was found.

Hermione opened the card to read a note from Harry:


Happy Birthday! I can't wait to spend today with you.

I love you so much Hermione. I'm so lucky to be your boyfriend.



P.S. I paid Dobby for the roses. Neville says red roses mean love and beauty and you are the most beautiful girl I know and I love you.

Hermione smiled at the card and hurried out of their dorm to see Harry downstairs, shifting on his feet nervously. He looked up apprehensively and she jumped into his arms, kissing him passionately. When they parted he cupped her cheek, "Happy birthday love. Did you like the flowers?"

She rolled her eyes and kissed him again before he sat her down, "Harry even you aren't that dense."

He grinned and kissed her again, "Come on I've got a reservation of breakfast for two."

They ended up on the seventh floor with Harry pacing in front of a tapestry that had dancing trolls in tutus on it. When a door appeared he offered her his hand, "Dobby told me about it. No one can get in here if we want privacy."

They entered the room to see the beach and the ocean, "Harry," she gasped, "it's…"

"I asked Lavender and she said that one of your bedside pictures is of a beach that you said your parents go to visit every summer. Since you couldn't go this summer I thought you could have your birthday there, sort of. Ginny, Neville, and the twins know we're going to be gone for most of the day so they can run interference if anyone asks. This room will create anything we want or need."

Hermione kissed him again, "This is amazing Harry. I love it. Thank you so much."

"I'm glad you like it. Today is all about my girlfriend. I like your hair," he added, "it's different today."

"I woke up and it wasn't a bushy mess anymore," she said, taking off her shoes and socks. "There are other changes too," she added.

"Your waist is narrower," he nodded, "I felt it when you leaped onto me."

"My breasts are larger too," she sat down on the blanket that was stretched out on the sand, "this is so incredible Harry."

"I'm glad you approve," he took off his shoes and socks and walked across the beach to join her. "Dobby was paid 5 galleons for today. He wanted to do it for one galleon but I got him to think if he took less than 5 I'd be offended."

She smiled as the picnic basket appeared. Inside were croissants, crepes, fruits, and a thermos of her favorite tea. "How did you…"

"Well the beach is French and I know a little bit. And what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't know your favorite tea?"

She kissed him again, "Will you tell me if you begin to feel my allure? The book said that I will release it accidentally at first. And I was hoping you'd let me try to blast you with it to see if I can control it in that way."

"Of course Hermione," he promised.

They had a quiet meal together before going for a walk along the beach. Hermione kissed him and stepped away before closing her eyes to try and feel it. She'd reread the book's passages the night before about using your allure as a weapon and as something to protect yourself. She opened her eyes to look at Harry before willing the allure out. Harry's eyes immediately glazed over and his mouth dropped open. She immediately stopped and rushed over to him, "Harry? Harry! I'm so sorry Harry!"

He shook his head and blinked alot before sitting down with help from his girlfriend, "That's a good weapon. I couldn't have a coherent thought at all."

"I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

"Yeah as soon as you stopped it was like my brain kickstarted again," he leaned in to kiss her, "You could kiss me to make it better." Normally she'd roll her eyes but this time Hermione merely did as he asked, kissing him.

After quite the snog Harry let her try again to this time cast the allure in a more controlled manner. Harry was incredibly impressed to see that Hermione this time was able to use it to entice him rather than render him catatonic. "Is it normal to do that so quickly?"

"The book said that some Veela control it easier than others. It depends on your ability to focus."

"Huh," Harry said. "It seems like you can control it when you use it."

"Accidental blasts are the concern," Hermione said. "Using it when I feel threatened without meaning to; like a skunk sprays to frighten off invaders."

"Rather be blasted by you than a skunk," Harry smiled.

She smiled and kissed him, "I worry about the desire to mate the most."

"If you need me I'm there," Harry promised.

Hermione pulled him back to the blanket for a very enjoyable snog. Seeing what the full blast of Veela allure could do was important. She decided to see about using a little bit, "Harry? I'm going to let a little bit of it out. I want you to be honest with me about how you feel. And if you don't want me to that's fine. I won't be upset."

"Go ahead," he said before kissing her again. Hermione closed her eyes as they kissed and released some of the allure. It was like her magic. It was within her and she merely had to will it out. This was more like a trickle. Harry moaned into her mouth and she felt him get an erection. She increased the allure a little more and Harry's mouth moved to her neck, sucking and gently nibbling her.

Hermione stopped the allure and pulled him back up for a kiss, "I love you so much Harry," she whispered.

"I love you too," he said, gazing into her eyes, "Hermione…I love you for you. I don't care about your allure or anything. You're the brilliant occasional rulebreaker who always has my back. Thank you for letting me have yours."

She pulled him in for a kiss and the couple kissed gently and sweetly before they felt magic swirling around them (1). When they parted Harry stared at her before smiling, "Whatever that was, it felt amazing and pure. I definitely felt the allure at first but then I didn't feel anything."

Hermione gazed at Harry, "You didn't?"

He shook his head, "Try to hit me with it again," he suggested.

She focused and felt the allure leave her body. Harry didn't seem to react. His pupils didn't dilate, his heart rate didn't increase, and Harry had full control. She increased it and he didn't react either. Hermione stopped it and pulled out her shrunken book. She flipped to a passage and read it quickly. "Hermione?" Harry asked.

"True love negates the allure unless it's on full blast." (2)

Harry sat up, "So I'm immune now? That's cool."

She kissed him again, "I'm glad you're immune." The kiss that followed was sweet. "So what else do you have planned for my birthday?"

Playing on the beach was a part of Harry's birthday present to her. They built sandcastles, kicked a football back and forth, and simply lay on the beach together. Harry was having plenty of fun and Hermione loved that she could forget about everything. When it was time for lunch Dobby brought fish and chips and butterbeer. She was quite pleased with the spread and they sat and ate their lunches together.

Harry was pretty sure it was the best day of his life. After lunch they put on swimsuits (Harry trying not to stare at his girlfriend but finding it impossible) and then played in the ocean together, Harry picking her up and dumping her into the water only to then be chased through the sand until she pounced on him and he fell into the water with his girlfriend on top of him. "Don't do that Harry," she scolded, though her eyes were alight with joy.

"I don't know, it gets you rubbing against me and I'm a big fan of that," he smiled. He leaned up for a kiss and was rewarded with her lips on his. Harry moaned into the kiss and picked her up, standing and wishing for a bed or something to avoid sand getting in places that were hard to clean. A bed appeared nearby, looking surprisingly at home on the beach with its white sheets and pillow and the cabana around it. Harry fell into the bed with Hermione who was rather relieved that the bed was there. While she hadn't said anything to Harry about it today, ever since she saw him that morning she'd wanted to shag him rotten. It was something she could hold back thus far but it didn't stop her from wanting it more than she'd ever wanted anything, including a book.

Harry, meanwhile, was rather certain she'd been feeling amorous today. Her actions toward him showed it though he could see that she was controlling herself. He'd had some time to think about it over the past two and a half weeks. He loved Hermione. And he had had many a sexual dream about her the past two years. Taking their relationship to that next level didn't seem so bad; he'd sent a letter to Sirius about his nervousness being with Hermione (and telling him about her being a Veela with her permission) and Sirius had had Remus send him a book about anatomy and sex. He hadn't told Hermione about that but had devoured the book. Harry's hands slid under her bathing suit top to grasp her breasts gently. Her back arched and he slid his hands around her back to untie her bikini top.

Hermione pushed up so that she was sitting upright, "Harry are you sure?"

"Hermione as soon as I saw you in that swimsuit I knew that I wanted you. Now granted you look like a goddess and I'm a scrawny, too-thin teenager but if you want me that's enough for me to believe I'm good enough for you."

She smiled and pulled the top over her head and tossed it aside. Harry gazed at her chest. Hermione's clothes didn't tend to highlight her body. Harry was of the opinion that they should. She looked amazing. "Wow," he breathed. Harry's hands were gentle as he explored the newly revealed parts of Hermione's body. His right hand was soon replaced with his mouth and Hermione moaned and arched against him. Harry's tongue circled her nipple before he gently sucked on it. Once it was hardened he moved to the other breast, groaning when Hermione's hand went into his trunks. "Hermione," he gasped as he detached from her breast, "I love you."

"I love you too," she said. "So you like them?"

He kissed her, "What do you think?" Hermione kissed him again and they fell back on the bed, their mouths connected once more.

They woke when Dobby alerted them that it was dinnertime. Harry watched Hermione stretch and sit up. Over the past few hours he'd learned a few things. First, sex was absolutely incredible. Second, Hermione's passion for books and learning was most definitely a good thing. Third, Hermione was a wildcat in bed. And finally, he learned that he himself was more than capable of multiple orgasms. Four, actually. And he'd made sure Hermione had five. In his letters Sirius had pointed out that it was imperative that he make sure Hermione had an orgasm as well and Harry had taken that to heart. "I think I'll be sore tomorrow," Hermione said, leaning down to kiss him, "but it was definitely worth it."

Harry grinned goofily at her as his eyes raked over her body, "That was absolutely incredible Hermione. Where did you learn that stuff?"

"I have a few books you can borrow Harry," she kissed him, "three are muggle books but two are wizarding books. They are quite inspirational."

"I'll say," he sat up and stretched, "Want to take a shower together?" Hermione nodded and he took her hand as they walked to the shower stall that had magically appeared in the room at his words.

After their shower they redressed in their clothes and walked down to dinner in the Great Hall. Ginny and the twins wished her a happy birthday and Hermione thanked them, "So what was your super secret surprise that Harry was so proud of?"

"It was too magical to talk about," she smiled. Harry had a shit-eating grin on his face but kept his mouth shut about what they'd done.

"You get your present tonight," he said as they put food on their plates.

"You mean all that you've done today wasn't my present?"

"Well I guess it was part of your present," he tilted his head in thought, "but it's not your full present. I bought you a gift too. Snuffles told me that boyfriends have to take their girlfriends' birthdays seriously to show them how much they appreciate them and make up for any negative things we might do."
"I never thought I'd think that a Marauder would be a good role model for you," Hermione muttered. Harry heard her and chuckled.

Ron was sitting alone. Their other yearmates were all big supporters of Harry and Hermione's relationship; Hermione's dormmates thought it was incredibly romantic and that Harry was such an impressive boyfriend while Harry's dormmates had all at one point or another asked Hermione for help with school and Harry would offer them 'tips' on girls. So with the others firmly on Harry and Hermione's side Ron found himself friendless and alone. He glanced over at them and suddenly noticed that Hermione was hot (3). Obviously she was now worthy of Ron and was his for the taking. He got up, ignoring the crumbs all over the front of his shirt, and walked over to her, "Well Herms you're finally up to my standards. I'll take you to Hogsmeade."

Everyone within earshot looked at Ron incredulously. Hermione looked at Harry, both confused and concerned that her allure might be releasing without her knowledge, and Harry was looking incredibly pissed off. Dean, who was sitting next to Harry, held him down on the seat with Hermione holding Harry's other side while Ginny and Neville stood up and moved between Ron and the couple, "Ron you're an idiot," Ginny said. "First of all, Hermione is dating Harry. Second, Harry is a much better choice than you. And third, both can hex you into oblivion and I doubt anyone in Gryffindor house would turn them in."

"We'd probably all help them hex you," Neville cut in. "Now go sit down before Harry decides he wants to knock some sense into you with his fists."

"Or Hermione draws her wand," Ginny added.

Ron glared at them, "Fine but this was her chance to be with a real wizard."

"Harry gets better grades than you and he's taken down You-Know-Who and a basilisk," Fred said. "How do you compare to that?"

"Not to mention Harry is handsome, well-mannered, and treats Hermione like a girl should be treated," Lavender added.

"You're none of those things," Parvati nodded.

Ron opened his mouth to argue but Harry cut him off, "You are the reason, Ronald, that Hermione nearly died in our first year. You wouldn't have even gone to find her if it weren't for me dragging you along. Second year you never visited her once while she was petrified. And last year you wouldn't talk to her because of my broomstick and your stupid rat that was a Death Eater in disguise. I've forgiven you for things before but I'll never forgive you for those. You never once apologized for any of them. Not to her. Me you give half-ass apologies to; so just bugger off Ron. We're not friends anymore; haven't been since Hermione and I became a couple."

Hermione slid her arms around Harry to calm him down and he relaxed under her touch. Ron stormed off muttering about traitors and choosing girls over best mates. "Ron's really been a git to me over the years," she said.

"Just seems to be the same or worse each year," Harry said. "I'm done tolerating it. I kept thinking he'd finally mature but this proves he hasn't."

One thing concerned Hermione, "Harry what if I…"

"No one else reacted," Harry said. "Maybe he finally saw what I've noticed for a long while; you're gorgeous." Fred and George were quite curious now. The pair were talking about something and it sounded highly suspicious and secretive. The Weasley twins loved secrets. And whatever it was it was incredibly important given the way the couple was looking at each other.

Back in the common room after dinner they threw a small party to celebrate Hermione's birthday while the twins watched them closely to try and work out the secret. They couldn't work out what their secret could be as the night wore on, though. Whatever it was the couple was keeping a tight lid on it. "Why do you two keep watching us?" Hermione asked.

"Are we?" Fred asked.

"Yes you are," Harry answered.

"We heard you two talking at dinner and you were being so secretive that we wondered what was going on," George said, nudging his brother in the ribs. "Just curiosity."

Harry looked at the twins as if trying to judge their honesty. Hermione whispered into his ear and he nodded in agreement. "If you promise not to tell anyone, we'll tell you," she said. "And if you swear not to tell we'll tell you who the Marauders are."

"You know who they are?"

"Hermione we'll do anything for you if you tell us that!" Harry grinned. It was smart of Hermione to hold that over them. The boys were crazy about the Marauders. Now they just needed some privacy to tell them about it.

The twins pouted for the next two hours before Hermione and Harry exited the common room and they, along with Ginny, followed after them. They didn't want to use the Room of Requirement, since that was their little love nest, so they found an old classroom and cast privacy charms. "The secret is pretty big and I hope you don't think any different of me afterwards," Hermione began. Harry protectively wrapped his arms around his lover.

"What is it Hermione?" Ginny asked. The seriousness of her tone even calmed the giddy twins down, both concerned for the brilliant witch.

Harry kissed her neck to reassure her and she said, "I'm a Veela. I didn't know about it until the Cup when I met a Bulgarian Veela who told me everything and gave me a book about Veela. And this morning…well we come into our sexual maturity at fifteen."

Harry kissed her neck again, "Hermione can now use the allure that Veela have. And I'm immune to her allure. True love," he added by way of explanation.

She smiled at his words. "They say Veela have accidental outbursts at first. It's like accidental magic when we're little."

George was always the quicker of the two twins, "So that's what you meant at dinner. When Ron was acting like a git you were worried you blasted the allure and that's why Harry said no one else was affected so you couldn't have," he said.

The couple nodded. "And that's why your hair and teeth are different today," Ginny said only to receive more nodding. "Well I don't care Hermione. You're still you. And it's cool how you being a Veela is how you and Harry realized that your love is true love."

Harry smiled at Ginny, grateful for her support. Hermione had few female friends and he didn't want her to lose the few she had. And while Ron was a git Harry liked the rest of the Weasleys. The twins nodded, "If we start to feel your allure we'll let you know," Fred said.

Hermione smiled, "Well then, to insure your silence Harry's father was Prongs, Remus Lupin was Moony, Peter Pettigrew the traitor was Wormtail and Padfoot was Sirius Black, Harry's innocent but in hiding godfather." The boys were bouncing with the news and decided to write to Remus and Sirius right away about the business they wanted to create.

The three Weasleys walked back to Gryffindor tower while Harry and Hermione snuck back up to the Room of Requirements. Harry was wondering if he was just a teenage boy or if Hermione and he had some kind of connection; a single look and they were both ready to tear each other's clothes off.

In Riddle Manor the creepy baby figure that was Voldemort screamed in pain. "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Pettigrew trembled as his master writhed in agony for the second time that day. "POTTER I'LL KILL YOU YOU- ARGH‼!"

"M-Master how do you know it is Potter?"
"That AHHH! Blasted sc-ARRRRRR! We're…AHHH! Connected someh-OWWWWW!" Pettigrew could do nothing but sit and watch as his master suffered through the night.

(1) This is a magical swirling acknowledgement of true love. The key phrase here was Harry saying he loved Hermione for Hermione, nothing else. Hermione already loves Harry just for Harry but now that Harry can see the Veela's changes his love for her (sheesh this is cheesy) is firmly based in her being just Hermione

(2) This is why Arthur and the Bulgarian MoM are immune at the Cup. It's a frequent theme that true love negates the allure so I decided to go with it.

(3) This is two-fold. First, Hermione does look more beautiful and Ron could notice that. Also, if you'll recall, Ron is incredibly sensitive to mind magic that aims to control him. In the books it is established when he's still skipping long after Moody/Crouch uses the Imperius curse on them all and when he falls all over himself over Fleur when she's using her allure and even when she's not. Hermione's not blasting her allure at all but Ron is so sensitive to it that he falls for it. Harry has more mental control which is why he wasn't as affected at the World Cup and the true love bit explains why Harry calmed when Hermione's hand touched him.