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Summary: When Riley was born they thought she would be a boy. Now they have to come up with a good name

Genre: Humor/Family

"Well," Cory said, "I guess we can't name her Elliot"

"I can't believe we have a girl," Tapanga said.

"I didn't think I would be lucky enough to have a daughter," Cory said snuggling the baby.

"What about naming her Queen," Tapanga suggested.

"Queen? Like drag queen? I think not," Cory said.

"How about Wendy?"

"Only if we're going to name her brother Peter Pan," Cory said, "Or her sister Tiger Lily"

"Well what about Eve," Tapanga suggested, "Because she was born in the evening."

"Maybe," Cory said, "we should name her Sunset"

"I like that"

"How about Tapanga Jr.," Cory suggested.

"Cory Matthews," Tapanga said, "This baby needs a name of her own."

"Okay," Cory said.

"How about Yes," Tapanga said.

"No Yes," Cory replied, "It would confuse her"

"How about Unis," Tapnga come up with.

"We're not in the deep South," Cory said.

"Inner Peace," Tapanga said.

"Are we just picking random names," Cory asked.

"Okay how about Open"

"How about closed," Cory said.

"Cory I just gave birth. Do you have any better ideas?"

"I was thinking of Riley," Cory said, "It was my older sister's name"

"You had an older sister?"

"Mom and dad had her in High School. They gave her up for adoption. She was raised by my aunt. We were close friends. I loved her."


"She died," Cory said, "In 9/11

Tapanga smiled.

"Riley it is. Her middle name is Beautiful"

"Riley Beautiful. I guess I like it"