Vile on the Street.

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Anger and Retribution

The US Marshall pulled Elle roughly out of the car in Quantico car park. He hated dirty cops and he hated even more that this one might get a deal because her partner had kidnapped an FBI agent. To his mind she should be dropped in a hole and forgotten about.

Morgan took the call that the Elle was in the interview suite and as much as he wanted to take out every piece of anger and frustration on the woman who had played him and made him betray his best friend, he knew he had to play it by the book.


JJ was informed that with the amount of drugs in Emily's system, it would probably be hours before she woke up again. She decided she needed to see Henry and tell Elizabeth that Emily had spoken to her. She gently laid a kiss on her love's lips. "I'll be back soon baby."

Elizabeth eyes sought her out the minute she entered the waiting area. She gave her a reassuring smile. "She spoke to me, only for a minute ma'am but it was her, it was Emily." Not the victim in pain that called to say goodbye, but Emily's mother didn't need to hear that.

"Jennifer, I think we're beyond that stage, please call me Elizabeth. My daughter fought to come back for you, Henry and the baby. Who knows if she would have lived without you; when people are desperate they need something to fight for." Elizabeth was still holding onto a sleeping Henry.

Hotch picked up his phone with an apologetic nod. "Morgan...Elle is there? Okay, we will be back soon."

"I want to talk to her," JJ said, her chin sticking out in a way that Hotch knew quite well. It was going to be hard to get his liaison to step down.

"Aaron, I think it would be a good idea. She going to be expecting you; if we send in JJ, Morgan and Reid, it will knock her off her equilibrium. She purposely set out to influence the three of them because of their personal connection. We can use it against her," Rossi agreed, he didn't really want to put in an already stressed JJ in this situation, but he had an idea how to that would keep it as brief as possible. "I need you for something too, Garcia."

"Okay, JJ goes in, but only with Morgan," the last thing Hotch wanted to see was blood on the walls, "and you're going in unarmed."

JJ wanted to argue, but more than anything she wanted to see Elle's face when she told her that Mutch was dead and she was never going to get a deal. "I'll have to ring the nanny service to take Henry." She took her son from Elizabeth. "Henry, I have to go back to work sweetie."

"Wanna stay with aunty Em's mom," Henry gave a tired pout, very reminiscent of his mother.

JJ looked at Elizabeth helplessly.

"It's okay. Go do whatever you have to do. I'll take him home with me. I take it you'll be coming straight back here?" Elizabeth asked, taking Henry back. "Please let me know, if there is any change, at any time."

"Yes, of course Elizabeth, thank you for watching him," JJ felt strange watching the woman she had once thought cold and distant, holding her son in her arms.


"JJ, before you go into see Elle, you need to see this," Morgan said. He had wanted to spare JJ the pain of seeing the footage on Mutch's computer; unfortunately, she needed to be prepared. He could still see the rage in her eyes whenever she looked at him.

It seemed that the camera that Reid had found was not the only one. Morgan persuaded Rossi to sit with JJ as they went through the edited highlights: from the rape threat against JJ, to the backhands and all the brutalization of Emily's body. The threat against the whole team and mentioning Hotch from Elle's instructions, and finally to Emily's desperate actions to save herself. Rossi then briefed JJ in exactly what he wanted her to do.


Elle looked up as the door to the interview room was opened. She was surprised when JJ and Morgan entered the room. She had been looking forward to seeing a desperate looking Hotch wanting to know where his dead agent was. So she was surprised when JJ and Morgan walked in instead. JJ looked at her, the blonde's eyes were like ice, and she had to admit JJ was not the person she thought she was.

"Elle Greenaway, you were informed that if you helped us with information that would allow us to find Sara Mutch and Agent Prentiss you would be offered a deal. However, a death earlier this afternoon has taken that deal off the table. Instead, from evidence gathered, you will be facing more charges," JJ delivered the message in a flat emotionless voice.

Elle had to stop the smirk that was threatening to cross her face. Sara had started the BAU blood bath...she always knew she could count on her. "I could still help you catch Mutch, and JJ, I'm sorry for your loss."

"Don't call me JJ. I am Agent Jareau, and you misunderstood me. I have everything I want. I have a child, I have another one on the way, and the love of my life is okay. Agent Prentiss killed Sara Mutch this afternoon. We have the footage on her computer, and you know that Garcia will find enough evidence to crucify you. I hope you rot in solitary for the rest of your cold, miserable life. Mean while, I am going to enjoy my family."

JJ sent Elle one last contemptuous look and left, breathing hard through her nose so she kept control.

Reid walked in as JJ left.

"She's lying, Derek, tell me she is lying," Elle pleaded with him. There was no way her plans could go wrong, and she couldn't have lost Sara. Sara was a force of nature, a survivor. If she was dead, Elle was utterly alone. Sara had idolized her and loved her; she couldn't be dead. Elle tried to fight the tears that trickled down her face.

Morgan couldn't say a word. Someone he had been close to was a cold hearted unsub. She was upset that someone who had tortured a woman she didn't even know for being a member of the BAU was dead. He was fighting so hard not to crack that he hadn't noticed Reid was sitting next to him.

"I think you will find that Agent Jareau was telling the truth. I have something to show you," Reid said taking out his PDA, he had an edited highlight of the film including Sara mentioning Elle by name, her torture of Emily, and Emily cutting her throat.

"The stupid bitch was only supposed to shoot her," Elle clapped her hand over her mouth, she hadn't meant to say that about Sara or put her own head in a noose.

"Thank you," Reid said, before charging her with conspiracy to murder a federal agent.


"I've got it," Garcia said excitedly to Rossi. "The bastard made a file from the the live feed of Emily being kidnapped, and the time stamp showed it was only about half an hour after she was taken."

Reid stood at the doorway of Garcia's lair, he had been looking for JJ to tell her that Elle had let her guard down for them to charge her with Emily's attempted murder. "Will knew for hours when Emily wasn't hurt? That she was gone?" The young man had a hard look on his face.


Spencer Reid was a man of science, of facts and figures. He was also a man who loved his family. JJ, a long time ago, was someone he had a major crush on. He accepted that things were never going to work out for them; she was now a sister to him. Emily had made him face his addiction problems, she had taken a beating for him in Cyrus's compound, and she was brave, selfless, funny and nerdy. She was the big sister he wished he had had when he grew up. She would have been there for him when his mom's illness became too much and would have protected him from bullies. He had no facts to prove it; he just knew.

The acid was burning away inside him that someone could hurt either of them. The fact that someone could have stopped it happening; an ex -police officer, who had sworn to serve and protect no less, but did nothing was reprehensible.

He had the door opened the door into the room that Will was held. He hadn't planned what he wanted to say to the ex- detective, he wasn't even sure why he was there.

"What do you want?" Will snarled at him. He didn't understand Spencer, had hated the fact that JJ had insisted that he was one of Henry's godparents.

"I thought I should let you know that Emily survived her surgery. Oh, wait a minute, that's not what I'm here for. You don't care what happened to her and; you could have stopped it happening. Garcia found it, the file you made of Emily being kidnapped. I have decided that I am going to go through every piece of case law I can find. I am going to make sure that you never see Henry again, and every charge I can find, I will have you charged with." Reid finished his speech and turned to leave, when he felt Will rush at him.

Will caught Reid around the waist ready to take out every piece of anger he had against the young man. He wasn't sure who was more surprised when Reid caught him with the perfect punch, right on his broken nose, causing him to sprawl on the floor.

Reid walked away smirking.