Vile on the Streets

Magrat 70

Rating T

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Author's note; sexual assault and rape discussed.

Thank you to Sao 21

In New York

Quote; Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest... it's about who came and never left your side- unknown.

"What happened to your face princess?" Morgan asked, surprised by her bust lip. He had spent all weekend with her helping to set up JJ in her new home and she had been fine a few hours before.

Emily grabbed him so her mouth was level with his ear. "Promise you won't tell JJ?" He nodded his agreement. "Will came around my condo an hour ago, he was drunk and looking for JJ. He swung at me and I punched him in the face." She showed her partner her bruised knuckles.

"I tell you when we get back that boy is going to get a smack down. I am sick of his games. He can't go around messing with people like this." Morgan said, he was surprised that Will had had the guts to go after Emily. He imagined he looked worse than than his best friend looked. "We better get in the conference room before JJ rips us both a new one."

They strolled into the conference room together.

"What have you done to your face?" JJ looked concerned.

"Nothing, I.. uhm..."

"It was me," Morgan said, "we were sparring and I caught her by accident."

JJ slapped Morgan on the back of her head. "Don't touch her face." She then looked deeply embarrassed by her statement and cleared her throat. "Anyone seen Rossi?"

"He won't be coming with us, his dog is sick and he is waiting on an emergency vet, he may join us if we need him." Hotch answered.

"Okay, sorry to call you on a Sunday night, however NYPD have called us in. Over the last 3 week, 4 men have been murdered in alleyways around Manhattan. They were all sexually assaulted before being shot in the back of the head. This weekend there has been an escalation, Jordan Boyd was found on Saturday morning, he had just been found not guilty in a rape trial on Friday and had been seen in the nightclub he had picked up his alleged victim; Emma Quinlan, she slashed her wrists after the trial and it is touch and go whether she will make it or not. Mark Ross, was found this afternoon same M.O, he too had been cleared in a rape trial this week."

"Garcia were the other four men convicted or been on trial for rape?" Prentiss asked.

"Hmm, our sapphic beauty is on the money, all four had been cleared of sexual assault charges in the days before they were murdered. Jordan Boyd was on his second trial, it was suggested he drugged his victims but the prosecution weren't able to prove it. He was an all round scumbag and had a huge rap sheet for domestic violence; a total prince. The oracle has spoken."

"We could be looking at vigilantism here," Reid piped up.

"We aren't going to be popular," Hotch admitted, "some of the media are calling our guy a hero. JJ you are going to have to be very careful with the press. Wheels up in twenty, I know it's late, we will go straight to the hotel and hit this case hard tomorrow."

"Before we go anywhere, most of you know I have left Will. Garcia, Morgan, Reid and Emily have helped me move into one of Morgan's houses this weekend. Emily helped me get a nanny at short notice for Henry. I-I...uhm... I have told Em and Garcia but I have to let everyone know; I'm pregnant, I have done a home test that confirmed it. When I tried to tell Will he smashed up the house. When we get back from New York I will go to the doctors to have it confirmed." JJ felt exposed and she was so grateful when Emily got to her feet and held her for a brief second. The power of the older woman reverberating through her bones.

Everyone followed Prentiss's lead by hugging JJ and congratulating the nervous blonde.


The flight was a short one and everyone was pleased to get to the SUVs, it was already one in the morning and they were all exhausted.

"Emily," Seaver pulled her mentor back before they entered the car. "I want to say sorry for Friday night, I shouldn't have tried to kiss you, it wasn't very professional. I want you to know that I am really attracted to you and I know you're my mentor right now, but sometime in the future..."

Emily interrupted, she hated seeing the tears that the young agent was unsuccessfully trying to hide. "You're very beautiful Ashley, you are, but I'm 15 years older than you. I have a lot of baggage, you don't want to date someone like me." It struck Emily that Seaver was almost the age of her child that she had had to abort, she didn't want to hurt the other agent, she hoped that she would understand what she meant.

"I would, I really would love to date you agent Prentiss," the young blonde said softly to herself, watching the elegant agent slide into the car by JJ. Seaver found herself in the other SUV with Hotch. She hoped that she would be sharing a room with Emily.


Three in the morning and Emily couldn't sleep, she had a bad feeling about the case, vigilante cases never went well. The press were always on the unsub's side and could never understand that maybe the court system wasn't perfect, but no one had the right to take things into their own hands. Her cell phoned beeped a message from JJ.

"U awake."

"Yeah, can't sleep."

"Neither can I, Will sent me a text saying he was going to kill you."

"Give me a minute."

Emily, pulled her F.B.I sweats over her boy shorts and old Yale T-shirt that were her current PJs when they were on cases. JJ's room was only two doors down from her. She knocked on the door. When the blonde opened the door she could see that JJ's eyes were puffy from all the crying she had done.

"I'm sorry Em, this has nothing to do with you. I don't know why he hates you so much," JJ lied, her adoration for the brunette was there for all to see.

"Hey, hey, JJ, I'm not scared of him. I'd rather her tried to take his anger out on me than you and the baby. Get back into bed, you need your rest."

"Stay," JJ pleaded.

Emily peeled off her sweats and got into the bed behind JJ, unsure if this was the right thing to do or not.

JJ pulled Emily's hand across her, once again the older woman splayed out her hand on JJ's stomach. The blonde felt her and her baby were totally protected by the profiler, it amazed her how safe she felt when close to the other woman. She had had enough of pretending, she needed to know if her feelings were even partially returned. "Em, when we get back from this case would you like to go out for dinner with me?"

Emily was dumbstruck for a second and she had to have clarity. "Are we talking a date?"

"Uhm... I...yes," JJ finally confirmed.

"Yes, on condition you wear the dress and jewellery I bought you and I pay," Emily said firmly.

JJ was going to argue for a second but decided to bask in the afterglow of acceptance, in her soon to be lover's, she hoped, embrace. "Okay." The two drifted off in an exhausted sleep.


The next day JJ woke on her own and she would have believed the night before was just a dream, except Emily had left her note saying she had gone for a shower and left her sleeping because she had looked so peaceful. She smiled for a moment, before hormones overtook her and she was throwing up again in the bathroom.


The lead detective was a grizzled experienced cop, that would normally hate calling in outside help, he was close to retirement and was determined that this case would not be a big failure and if he needed the Feds to stop the perp then so be it.

Hotch had sent Morgan, Prentiss and Seaver to the crime scenes, he and Reid had went to talk to the M.E, while JJ had faced the press pack already. He was worried about his liaison, her announcement the night before had taken him by surprise and she had been sick a few times already while he had been around, the only time she looked remotely relaxed was when Prentiss was near her.

"Okay Morgan, Prentiss anything from the crime scenes?" Hotch asked.

"They're all near clubs, maybe the unsub is luring the victims out in someway?" Prentiss mused.

"Are you thinking a team or transexual?" Reid asked, still shuddering about the case that involved an unsub who devolved into a female persona after years of abuse.

"Not sure, maybe a victim of one of the men? A boyfriend helping her get revenge after he was acquitted?" Prentiss felt a tug in the back of her mind. "Maybe a cop or someone in the court system could have decided that they were guilty and dispensed some justice."

Emily pushed the button on her phone for the oracle of Quantico. "Hey Garcia, your on speaker phone."

"Don't worry my brown eyed girl, I won't spill your secrets for all of NYPD to hear. What can I do you for?"

"Garcia," Emily said, giving the usual protest of one of Garcia's phone victims. "Is there any member of law enforcement or the court system that was involved in the rape cases?"

'Not all... oh."

"What is it baby girl, you found something?" Morgan asked.

"There was a detective from the sex crime unit who was involved in 5 out of the 6 cases; Elle Greenway." Garcia finished with a whisper.

"Did I just hear my name being taken in vain?" Asked the ex BAU agent. "I thought you might have come to see me already." Elle surveyed her ex team mates. JJ looked pale and tired. Morgan and Hotch looked much the same. No Gideon, she had heard that he had burnt out. She zoned in on the new comers, she mentally bypassed the young blonde, to the tall brunette, who had a thick lip and a bandage on her neck.

"What happened to your neck?" Elle asked Prentiss.

"I was shot..."

"It happens when you're in that unit," Elle snarled, her eyes now boring into Hotch, making her former boss shuffle uncomfortably, before storming out of the room.

"Elle," Morgan said, he took off after his former friend, catching up to her as she entered one of the interview rooms.

"I'm surprised that Hotch hasn't got me in cuffs already, you know with my past. When I heard the BAU had been called on I was waiting for the knock on my door. After all, the team never accepted it was a righteous kill. I noticed the new girl was hurt."

"Hardly new Elle and she was shot by a cop, saving JJ's life," Morgan explained.

"I noticed you two have matching rings; cute. Is that a new BAU thing or are you breaking the rules with the new girl." Elle wondered how she could manipulate the situation to her advantage; Morgan had always been easy to read.

"Her name is agent Emily Prentiss, I hate to break it to you Elle but she has been with the BAU longer than you were," Morgan, wasn't sure why Elle was needling him about Prentiss.

"Oh I forgot, Ambassador Prentiss's daughter who replaced me in the BAU; it's amazing what money and power can land you," Elle sneered.

"Elle she is a great agent, her background is immaterial..."

"No it's not, if she left the BAU she wouldn't have to go slithering home to beg for her old job back and you seem great at defending her. The matching rings?"

"The last case we were undercover with JJ..."

"JJ undercover? Isn't that a bit outside her remit."

"JJ isn't the same person, she was, she's in the field, she's the best shot..."

"Still you and Prentiss..."

"There is no me and Prentiss, she's gay and JJ..."

"Oh, JJ really has changed..."

"Elle why are you twisting my words and what's your problem with an agent you don't know?" Morgan wasn't sure where Elle was going with this.

"I heard that Strauss put a patsy into the unit to spy..."

"Emily resigned when she knew what Strauss was up to..."

"She doesn't look very resigned to me, amazing the advantages of being the millionaire daughter of an Ambassador will get you. I heard Garcia held up her paperwork, I wish you had all had my back like you had hers. Maybe I'm not as special as your princess. Don't look so shocked Morgan I still know people at Quantico, even if you all did drop me like a stone. Guess I wasn't rich enough to get extra privileges. Bye Morgan, have fun with your rich girl." Elle smiled as he walked off, hoping that her words had hit enough chords that the team would be unbalanced and in turmoil.


"I don't understand, if she was any other cop we would be looking at her, just because she was a member of this team doesn't mean she can't be a killer. You know she has killed at least one rapist, in the past." Emily had been arguing with Hotch since Elle and Morgan left the room.

"She has a past," Morgan said, getting who Emily was talking about straight away. "Like you, it's not like you are the biggest sharer agent Prentiss."

"What has this got to do with me?" Emily asked, "We have a cop who is involved with 5 out of 6 of our vics, she has committed something similar in the past. We should be at least looking at her.

"I agree with Emily," Seaver piped up.

"Well you would, you've been sniffing around her like she is a bitch on heat since you started. It's not like either of you would understand family or loyalty the way you've been brought up. We all have to feel sorry for the poor little rich girl 'cause she didn't have enough attention when she was growing up; well boo hoo Prentiss some of us had it worse." Morgan knew he should shut his mouth and he couldn't quite understand why he was letting fly at his partner and best friend. "Some of us don't have a trust fund if this doesn't work out for them."

"Fuck you Morgan." Emily stormed out ignoring everyone else. If they weren't going to listen to her over Elle she would find out herself.