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Author's note: I don't own Pokémon in any way. This is a story that I was inspired to write. Without further ado, here comes the first chapter.

Characters and ages:

Ash Ketchum-16

Forrest Harrison-13

Alexa Paquet- 20

Delia Ketchum- 33

Ash's Pikachu

Alexa's Helioptile


Brock/Forrest's Crobat

Q and A:

1. Does this story have a prequel?

Answer: if you count the anime all the way up to the end of Ash's Unova journey as a prequel, then yes. If not, no.

2. Will this story have a sequel?

Answer: no.

3. Does this story have any related one-shots?

Answer: no.

4. What is this story's rating and why?

Answer: this story is rated T for blood, death, suicide mentions, possible fourth wall breaking and mild language.

5. Will this relate to a future story?

Answer: not just yet. I will explain in the rewrite of chapter two and will do the same in chapter five.

Tell Me When

(The Ketchum household; third person P.O.V.)

"Pikachu is unable to battle, Lucario wins and the match goes to Cameron!" "Druddigon is unable to battle, Eevee wins and the winner of the Vertress Conference is Virgil!" That was three months ago, but to a certain raven-haired trainer, those words made it seem like it was yesterday. The moon begins to disappear.

"You know, I should probably come with you, since you're new to the region," said a girl with dark purple hair and an Axew.

"I've talked it over with my brothers, and I wish to accompany you on your journey," said a green-haired male.

The trainer sighs. Iris Yuki and Cilan Dodge were his traveling companions for the Unova region.

'Iris is probably studying hard under Drayden. She's the only girl that didn't have a bike for Pikachu to fry; on accident. Cilan and Pansage, well, I hope they made it back safely to Striaton City,' the trainer thinks to himself. 'Cameron and Virgil were good trainers,' his thought continues. He is referring to Cameron Kaplan and Virgil Wayland. Cameron's Lucario had only been a Riolu when they first met. Virgil's "Team Eevee" would've come in handy for the Elite Four: Eevee, Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon and Glaceon. For all the trainer knew, Virgil could've beaten Alder.

"Mind if I come along?" a bluenette asked.

"Sure," a former gym leader said.

"Yeah, okay," the trainer said. Dawn Berlitz was one of the trainer's two traveling companions for the Sinnoh region. Dawn also reunited with the trainer in the Unova region for the Junior Cup Tournament.

'Dawn Berlitz, a girl with a goal. I know she had a crush on me. She wasn't the first, she was the third. I have a feeling she won't be the last. Dawn was also the third girl to get their bike fried (on accident) by Pikachu. Kenny seems to have known her since they were 5 years old, though,' the trainer thinks of the two coordinators being more than just friends.

"Hey, I could lead you to Oldale Town. After all, I know the way," a brunette said.

"Okay, I'm ready!" a younger boy said. May and Max Maple were two of the trainer's three traveling companions in the Hoenn region.

'May needs to wake up already. The roses aren't for Beautifly. Even I know that. May was the second girl to have a crush on me. She was also the second girl to get her bike fried (on accident) by Pikachu. Max might be a little young for a girlfriend," the trainer thinks.

"M-my bike. I'm holding you responsible for my bike," a redhead said, angrily.

"Goodbye, Dad. I'll make Pewter City proud," a tall teen said to his father.

Brock Harrison was the trainer's traveling companion through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. Misty Sakuma was the trainer's traveling companion through Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto. Before they parted ways, Misty gave Ash a handkerchief. Misty had also joined the trainer briefly in Hoenn, where her Togepi evolved into Togetic and was subsequently released. Misty had also joined the trainer on his way to his first Frontier facility, but couldn't stay for long. Misty later caught up with the trainer to face the Mirage Master, Dr. Yung.

'Brock's probably a successful Pokémon doctor by now. As for Misty, I hope she succeeded in her dream of becoming a Water Pokémon Master,' the trainer thinks to himself.

While the trainer is thinking, his bedroom door opens, waking the Pikachu at the foot of the bed.

*Pokémon Speech Translator On*

"Still sleeping soundly, I see," Mimey, Delia's Mr. Mime says. He closes the door.

Pikachu looks up and sees the Barrier Pokémon. "Hey, Mimey, what's up?" Pikachu says, yawning.

"Chores. I don't want to wake Ash up with the vacuum cleaner," Mimey replies.

"Why not? It's pretty funny," Pikachu says.

"True, but since Ash isn't on the floor, it'd be awkward. Anyway, can't you use your Volt Tackle to wake him up?" Mimey asks.

"Not enough room to charge," Pikachu replies.

"Electro Ball? Thunder Punch?" Mimey suggests.

"Electro Ball could work, but I don't know. Thunder Punch? Mimey, I don't know that move!" Pikachu cries.

"Yes you do. We'll talk about that at another time. Just use a weak Iron Tail," Mimey says.

Pikachu sighs and begins to charge for the attack. Mimey closes the door.

*Pokémon Speech Translator Off*

Pikachu finishes charging for the attack. "Pi-ka!" he says as his tail hardens to wake Ash up without hurting him. Pikachu's tail hits Ash in the stomach.

"I'm up, I'm up!" Ash says.

"Mime. Mr. Mime," Mimey says. Ash looks at his mom's Pokémon and sighs.

"Mimey, if you had to wake me up, you could've just shaken me or something. You didn't have to attack," Ash says, sitting up.

"Mime, Mr. Mime," Mimey says, pointing to Pikachu.

Before Ash can question his partner any further about his rude awakening, the door opens again. This time, a young brunette with green eyes opens the door. Pikachu jumps off the bed to play with the brunette's Helioptile.

"Glad to see you're up," the brunette says.

Ash sighs and says, "Alexa, I'm not ready."

This is Alexa Paquet. Alexa met Ash while he was still in Unova and accompanied him home to Kanto before they would leave for Kalos. However, Alexa didn't expect Ash to become so depressed. "Well, you're still in bed, so," Alexa begins, but is interrupted by Ash.

"I'm not ready to go to Kalos with you. I just don't feel right," Ash says. Before she can speak, Ash continues. "I'm not trying to sound mean, but just go home," he says.

Alexa blinks and sighs. "You're not sounding mean, Ash," she says. She takes a deep breath and continues. "Besides, I was asked to do some special reports and interviews all around the Kanto region. That may not seem like it'd take long, but when you have to interview Gym Leaders, Coordinators and trainers of all kinds who have odd schedules, it takes a pretty long time," she finishes. Ash is quiet and to Alexa's confusion, no longer sitting up. She watches Pikachu climb onto Ash's bed and she can see the tiredness in the Electric-type's eyes.

"Ash, I'm making breakfast!" a female voice shouts. Alexa looks at the trainer and he's out like a light. She smiles and decides to go downstairs. Mimey looks back into Ash's bedroom and notices that both he and Pikachu are asleep. Mimey closes the door and puts the vacuum away before going downstairs behind Alexa.

The woman turns. "Oh, Alexa, you decided to help me out," she says.

"I used to cook a lot when Viola and I were home alone while our dad was in the office and out mom was at the gym. It's really no sweat, Mrs. Ketchum," Alexa says.

Mimey makes his presence known to both women. Delia smiles at him and then says, "Oh, Alexa, please just call me Delia!"

A purple Pokémon has been watching the action and flies off.

(Harrison household)

A boy is pacing back and forth on the floor of his mom's office in his pajamas. He looks to be 13. He looks up and opens the window.

"Hey Crobat, did you get anything?" he asks. Crobat nods. Crobat flies in and the trainer detaches the camera. The trainer looks at a picture that had been taken. It's of him, his brother Brock and their friends: Ash and Misty. This boy is Forrest Harrison and the picture was taken shortly before Ash went to Unova.

(Flashback. After SS025)

"Brock, what's going on?" a twelve-year-old Forrest asked his older brother.

"Misty, you remember Forrest, don't you?" Brock said, ignoring his brother.

"Sort of. It's hard to keep track when you have 9 siblings. You're the second oldest though, right?" she asked.

"Uh-huh. Brock," he began, but was interrupted by the door flying open.

"Sorry I'm late, Brocko! Misty?" Ash said.

"Oh. Hi Ash. Brock, why did you call us here?" Misty asked.

"You know how trainers would waltz into a gym because they've got a type advantage?" Brock asked.

Ash and Forrest exchanged glances. Forrest had to think.

'If I had 5 Pokédollars for every trainer that I've seen with a Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel or Water type, I'd have at least 100 Pokédollars,' Forrest had thought to himself. Forrest then recalled that Misty was a Water specialist and that she must've dealt with twice as many trainers with Grass or Electric types.

(Flashback end)

The rest had been a blur, but Brock had called Misty over to see his strategies against her Water-types. Their own mother could've done the same, but she and Flint went on their second honeymoon, which was supposed to happen after Tilly and Billy were old enough, but it had to wait. Forrest would be seeing Misty more than he would Ash.

Brock had called Ash over for his unorthodox battling strategies.

"Remember, lots of new trainers watch old league battles before they start their journeys. They may not bring an Electric-type," Brock began.

"Hey!" Ash said.

"They may not bring an Electric-type, but you never know what to expect. I think I'm speaking for all of us when I say I've seen unorthodox strategies from Ash," Brock had said, looking at the teens.

"'Unorthodox' is practically Ash's middle name," Misty said.

"I have a middle name, but it isn't 'unorthodox'. I gotta admit that I surprised myself a lot of times," Ash said.

Forrest sighs. He and Brock would occasionally receive postcards from Ash, but lately, they haven't gotten any. According to Professor Oak (Forrest had asked the Professor for some advice on battles), Ash had lost in the Unova League and didn't know what he would be doing next. From Brock's stories, it didn't add up. Brock had made it sound like Ash doesn't like to stay in one place for long. Forrest sits down and plugs in the camera.


Author's Note: I'm really sorry to those of you who liked the little end dialogue between me, Ash and Pikachu, but it didn't pertain to the story. I thought I'd show you the relationship between Mimey and Pikachu. If you remember in the original, I didn't give Forrest much of a scene. If you've also read the original, there's the revelation in chapter 2 as to why Forrest is doing this. That'll stay there in the rewrite, I promise. This chapter just goes into the relationship Forrest develops with Ash and Misty. If this is your first time reading this story, please disregard what I said about the original and enjoy the story. Read, review, fave, follow, vote and ask! Oh and by the way, "SS025" is short for "Side Story episode 25" and it's the episode where Forrest was revealed to own a Rhyperior. It's also the same episode that has a Nurse Joy with a Latias. To my knowledge, it hasn't been dubbed into English, but it explains how Forrest takes over. I know that Ash and Misty don't appear, I just thought I'd throw that in there. I'm sorry for Tracey not appearing, but I don't remember what he said when he joined Ash and Misty.


Date of rewrite: 7/13/15