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Chapter Five: One Less Concern

(Note about the chapter title: I really wanted to leave it untitled, but I kept racking my brain to think of a title)

It was only a couple minutes after 9 when I decided to take a shower. "Pi?" Pikachu squeaks. I give him a smile before petting him between the ears.

"You're tired, aren't ya?" I ask. Pikachu nods. "Well, I was planning on getting into the shower. Cold showers wake me up and warm ones relax me."

Pikachu tilts his head. "Chu pika, pikachaa?" he asks, making several motions and I can't help but snicker slightly.

"No buddy, you don't have to take a bath," I tell him. He stares at me before staring down the hall and going to the stairway. *

I'm slightly puzzled. "Oh! You're wanting to sleep in mom and dad's room tonight, aren't you?" I ask and Pikachu nods. "I don't see any harm in that. Just tap your tail against the door if it's closed, okay Pikachu?"

Pikachu squeaks something I've pretty much made out to be "got it, Ash" or something like that before taking off to my parents' room.

I watch Pikachu. I go into the shower to stay awake and continue the letter once I dry off and have under-clothes on. I decided to pick up Pidgeot, Primeape and Squirtle (who was now a Wartortle and was a part of the Wartortle Crew) from here and went to Johto so I could see Larvitar (who is now a Tyranitar himself. I asked if I could train him in the time I was taking off. His mother and those at the preserve knew I wasn't a threat, so he's legally mine) again. I had decided that Brock would get Boldore (who will evolve into Gigalith as a result) and Tyranitar. Actually, Forrest is the gym leader. So I made note to change that it would be up to their choosing.

Wartortle, Kingler, Croconaw, Corphish, Floatzel, Oshawott and Palpitoad would all go to Misty and the Cerulean gym.

Heracross and Leavanny (I knew this off the bat) would not go to Misty. Though she's met the latter, she's still not quite comfortable with Bug-types, but then again, I'm not going to blame her.

I knew that Muk would do much better under the care of a Poison type trainer, so I opted to give him to Janine or Aya and the Fuchsia Gym. Venusaur (yeah, I'm just as shocked as you are) would be allowed to go every now and then. **

Charizard (and Charla) are more than welcome to be at the Oak lab. Pikachu. Who would've thought that Pika and Chuchu took care of another Pichu? ...well, from what I've learned, Pikachu might be adopted.

Pikachu. I was stuck there. Objects, you may ask? I've got the league's hat (worn by Charizard and Blasty in the commercial) and instead of giving it to Misty or Mom, I decided that I'd be buried with it. I actually decided that before I felt this way. Then comes the hat I wore in Hoenn and when I did the Battle Frontier. I always saw Max as the brother I never got to have (younger brother, I should say), so it's going to him. The last two hats were tough, but I figured it out. ...I think. My Unova hat would go to Cilan and Iris to share as a memory. Dawn and Paul (wouldn't have thought for Dawn to end up with Barry, but weirder things have happened) and Barry, too can figure something to do with it. 'No, no,' I thought as I grab a pen I had been using and crossed it out multiple times so I wouldn't be suspicious.

Got it. Now the notes. I think Pikachu can read (I know he can imitate people), so I just keep it short. 'Dear Pikachu,

I'm sorry you had to see this. If you've found this, I'm probably dead by now. Before you panic (and don't deny it because I know you will) and alert Mimey and Mom, please. I couldn't take it anymore, buddy. I thought of everything I've done. Remember how I went to the doctor not too long ago and got the scan? I blame that for a lot of things, but it's not the reason. Nor is it that I got sick of losing or getting so close to a win. There's something I've been meaning to tell you if you're still here. Pika and Chuchu love you so much. You know Thunder Punch because I scanned it into the Pokédex in our most recent training session.

Tell Mimey or Mom; whoever you come across first. Everything will work out.

Goodbye, Pikachu. ...For real this time.


I folded the paper and opened one of my drawers before carefully placing it. "Ash!" Mom shouts. "Are you in bed yet?"

In case I hear her footsteps, I (somehow) gracefully leap from my chair at my desk to my bed, under my covers. The door opens. "What's wrong, Mom?" I ask, genuinely curious. ***

"I just thought I'd check on you," she says. "Pikachu came by." She comes closer and sits at the edge of my bed.

I give her a small smile and tell her what happened. "I felt a little restless and I remember you told me that a hot shower helps you relax," I say.

Mom nods and almost gets up. "Good night," she says and I stop her by getting out of bed.

"I think I owe you a hug, Mom," I say as I wrap my arms around her. She returns the embrace. I go back on the bed. It's a good thing I decided to move my clothes to the underside of my pillow. Mom would've gotten suspicious otherwise. I can't go onto my laptop to find the temperature. I use a small pulse of aura (you don't think I trained that?) to make sure she's out of range. ****

I lay down and just stare at my ceiling, making sure to keep a relaxed, neutral expression, just in case Mom comes back. I look at my clock. It's 9:23. I'll make my move at 9:28.

...I guess it's a good thing that Pikachu wanted to go to my parents' room. Trying to get what I want to do done with Pikachu on guard wouldn't be possible. He'd only try and stop me. It's one less concern for me, though.

'You just have to time this right,' I reminded myself. That was true. Phase two is done. Phase one was getting Pikachu out of the room. Phase three: making my escape. Not yet. Didn't you read what I just said? I'm not gonna repeat myself. If you'll excuse me, I've got some things to do before I leave. Like taking off my pajamas.

This wouldn't be easy, but it'll be worth it, I hope.

Oh, Ash. Only you. What else could you have to do besides getting out of your pajamas? Think about that and I'll meet you at the next note. Rundown time.

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(**) I went into heavy debate as to which of Ash's Pokémon would evolve.

(***) I remembered that I was using the Pokéspe characters and not their [where applicable] game counterparts. So, the late Blue Oak [in this story]/Green Oak [if that's how you know him] let his Charizard wear a hat for a promotion/commercial. Then Kelly [known by her surname of Green. It's fine if you know her as Blue] ran it by her Blastoise. Blastoise agreed and that's that. Part two: Ash's desk is a good distance from his bed. He does have a chair that will spin, but it's still a risky move!

(****) If Ash takes time off [major spoiler alert for a lot of my stories] to train, keep in mind [depending on the story], he will be training his aura.

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