This story goes off a couple assumptions that might be, and are likely, wrong because it's been way too long since I read/seen Harry Potter, and I'm too lazy to do my research. I apologize to both the Harry Potter and Inuyasha fandoms for taking creative license.

1- Tom Marvolo Riddle's memory in his diary cannot know anything about the outside world unless somebody writes in it or at least opens the damn thing.

2- Tom's itty bitty piece of soul gains energy from whoever writes in the diary and eventually he can manifest a body once he literally sucks the life out of the writer, assuming s/he is the average wizard/person.

3- I'm just going to assume Lucius Malfoy wasn't hanging onto Tom's diary for decades and only decided to use it to corrupt unsuspecting children after Harry goes to Hogwarts. So Tom's diary was...somewhere else in the world. Just not with Lucius because I can't think of a way to get it away from him right now.

4- Also haven't decided where I want to put this in the timeline yet.

It is my intention to write this story largely from the point of view of Tom Riddle Jr. with splashes of third person POV. It's my intention but things don't always go as I intend. Also not going to have very long chapters. This idea just popped into my head one night after I dreamed of something completely unrelated, so I just want to write it down so it doesn't take up room in my head anymore.

~ Kagome's Diary ~

Somewhere in the afterlife, Salazar Slytherin must have found great amusement at my predicament. The closest I have come to being able to possess a body, and there was no writing in my pages. Who kept journals but did not write in them? Apparently, his current keeper.

It had been 40 something or so odd years since I first left a little piece of myself in this diary. Forty or some years since somebody has picked me up again and flipped through my pages. I could tell it was a young boy with an innocent soul. Perfect for manipulating. Then, I shall release the basilisk to purge Hogwarts of its impurities and finish my ancestor's noble cause! Unfortunately, the boy never came to use me, and I changed hands again. This time to a girl from what I can discern. Females often kept diaries to pour out their trivial emotions into right?

I am not often mistaken, but it seems that my plans to return to the wizarding world will remain at a standstill. She only wrote one line in my diary so far, and before the ink even finished melting into the pages and I could construct a reply, she shut the cover! After many decades in solitude, I admit that my sense of time is lacking, but I would imagine it has been a few days since I have come to this new hand who gave no indication of opening me up again.

What's worse is the one line that I had managed to absorb through the paper before I was cast aside. I prided myself in being a learned young man. I could at least recognize all the romance languages and have become proficient in some. But all my skills in linguistics could not aid me now for that one line was chicken scratch to me. It most definitely was not English or anything close to it! Well, bollocks.