"How's your adventure faring?" Tom scrawled when Kagome picked up the diary lying under her pillow.

The girl sighed as she uncapped her pen. "曲霊 (Magatsuhi) and Naraku attack village. Kohaku die but Kikyo's spirit revived him. Thankfully. But now whole Shikon no tama with Naraku."

"I don't know that kanji…"

"Sorry. Maga-" Kagome continued the name out loud and then resumed writing, "I don't remember how to spell it out."

"Magatsuhi," Tom helpfully scrawled in English. "….so Kohaku is actually alive now? Not a reanimated corpse?"

Kagome nodded and smiled. "I'm happy for Sango-chan."

"That's truly amazing." Tom thought out loud with wonder. "The boy cheated death twice."

Kagome paused in her writing. "Ne...Tom-san? Are you scared of death?"

Tom made a mental face at her question. Kagome continued, "What are you going to do if you dead? Your body, I mean. Because, Tom-san wa...old."

The wizard collected himself before answering, "There's no way I'm dead." There was a pause. "I'm also not that old. Powerful wizards live well over a 100."

But Kagome pressed on, "But even if you not dead, your body will be ojii-san! Won't that be weird for you?"

"One problem at a time Kagome." Even without hearing his tone inside her head, Kagome somehow knew Tom had dismissed the subject.

A knock interrupted Kagome's thoughts, and her brother asked if Tom could go over his English homework with him.

"I can help you," Kagome offered.

Souta lifted a questioning brow, "But there's a native speaker right there." The younger sibling pointed towards the diary.

"Your English lessons are way simpler than mine. I'm pretty sure I can help you." Kagome deposited Tom's diary into her top drawer before herding her little brother to his room.

Later in the realm of dreams, Kagome met Tom as he leaned against the shelves in the Hogwarts library.

"Ne...Tom-san, do you see anything different about your….space," she waved around her ambiguously, "when Souta writes to you?"

"No. Why do you ask?" Tom casually removed a random tome and flipped empty pages.

"Hm...Souta no kao," the girl gestured towards her face, "look whiter when I came home. Like sick. But he say he's fine. I-I'm just remembering what Kikyo said about using impure objects. Souta has no reiki to protect him," she worriedly admitted.

The British boy closed the book and looked at Kagome with concern. "I haven't noticed anything amiss. But I haven't been looking either. Do you feel any different? You've been writing a lot recently and your reiki is weaker than normal." 'I've relied so long on Kagome's miko energy, I've forgotten the original mechanics of my own creation…,' he mentally scolded himself.

Kagome cocked her head to the side in thought. "I-I'm a little more tired. But I think that just because of...everything." The girl settled herself in a wooden seat next to where Tom was sitting on the edge of a table. "I do not feel comfortable letting Souta write to you anymore. I think I will bring Tom-san back to the past with me."

"Do you think that wise with all that youki and jyaki in the air?"

"I think...I might tell Miroku-sama. He might be able to help. And Kaede-baachan." If she revealed Tom to those two, it was a given that Inuyasha would know soon after. Kagome rubbed her temples at the thought.

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