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Every story doesn't have it's happy ending. Sometimes we never know why things end the way they do.

Leah closed her laptop and stared out the large window in front of her. A few years ago she decided to move to Salt Lake City, Utah after staying in Caifornia for awhile. She wasn't into the fast life which was all California seemed to offer her.

She went back to school and earned a degree in journalism. Writing had always been her escape when she was younger and she dreamed of doing it for a living until life got in her way. It had been five years since she left La Push and Jacob Black behind. He had called her many times and that forced her to change her number. Although she didn't want to talk to him, she had given him her new address so he could keep in touch with Jayden. While their relationship was still rocky, Jayden began talking to Jacob a lot more after Sam Uley died in a car accident a year ago. Jacob took his death the hardest out of everyone. After losing his family and two pack brothers, he didn't feel like he had much else to live for. Jayden had taken it upon himself to build a relationship with Jacob after hearing about his breakdown. No one could get through to him because he had practically lost his mind. Seth had gone back home to La Push to help run the pack until everyone decided to stop phasing. Jayden was the only one to get him back on his feet for the time being even though he still wasn't himself. Leah couldn't bring herself to talk to Jacob after the fiasco that caused their divorce.

"Finish that article," Lionel asked before Leah could even say hello. Leah loved to write but she hated her job sometimes. Lionel, her boss, was leaving the company soon but she was causing hell before her exit. Leah had written ten articles that week about fashion do's and don'ts. Leah knew nothing about fashion and she didn't care to learn anything pertaining to the subject.

"Almost done," Leah replied with a sigh.

"I need it done before lunch. Your other articles are wonderful by the way. Everyone in the office loves them and thinks you should write more," Lionel praised.

Leah rolled her eyes at the thought. She knew nothing about fashion and only wrote the article based on what she watched on Fashion Police and read in the magazines. Most of the fashion do's were a don't in her book. "Oh really? Well that's good to hear, I'll have the other one done by noon."

"Perfect, I can't wait to read it!" Lionel hung up without saying bye as usual. It was a Lionel thing.

Leah clicked over to her other line. "Yes Jayden."

"I'm in trouble," Jayden whispered.

"What the fuck did you do now? Please don't tell me you're in jail again. No, I'm not bailing you out this time either. You'll have to stay there until you're time is up. Good bye," Leah yelled before hanging up. After leaving La Push on his own, Jayden met back up with Leah in California like he promised. He claimed he had found his purpose in life and felt like he could move forward. Leah never understood what purpose he was looking for but she was happy he was finally happy. Jayden had a few run ins with the law a year after they arrived in California because of his temper.

Leah's phone rang again. "I'm assuming you're not in jail since you're calling me again."

"Nope but I may be dead once I tell you what's going on," Jayden replied. "Cameron's pregnant."

Leah closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. She was still learning how to control her temper. Jayden wasn't ready for a kid and she wasn't ready to be a grandmother. "And how did this happen?"

"Wow mom I thought you would know since that's how I got here."

Leah chuckled. "Don't be a smart ass. I thought she was on the pill and it's a thing called a condom. You're not ready to be a father."

"Yes I am. I know all the ins and out. Just don't be like Jacob was and you're good. Fatherhood 101," Jayden replied.

Leah sighed. Her poor son was in for a rude awakening. "Jayden you're not ready. If you seriously think being a father is being anti-Jacob then you have a problem. I'll talk to you when you get home."

Leah could hear Jayden panic on the other end. " She's going to kill us both," he whispered to Cameron.

"Yep I sure am. You know I'm not happy about this but I'll let you two finish whatever you're doing. See you when you get home," Leah said with fake enthusium.

"Shit," Jayden cursed as he hung up. He would never hear the end of it once he got home.


Jacob dialed Angela's number for the second time.

"Number still disconnected," Paul asked taking a sip of beer.

"Yep, either that or she changed her number again."

"How long has it been since you saw Lizzy," Paul asked.

"Three years. She refuses to let her come down here because she may phase. You know how bitchy she gets when I turn her down," Jacob answered. After Leah left, Angela thought she had her chance with him for good. She may have been pregnant with his child, but Jacob did not want anything to do with Angela. She was one of the reasons his marriage had ended with Leah. Angela tried to win him back several times but he wasn't in love with her. Finally she gave up and moved away, snatching his child away from him. He attempted to take care of Lizzy but Angela wouldn't let him. She closed him out and told him he could do nothing to take care of her. Angela was struggling with all her relationships after leaving La Push. Every man she dated could not deal with her having a child. Jacob could tell she was depressed the last time he spoke to her. But she still refused to let him help her with Lizzy.

"So she would rather struggle than let you help? That's crazy man," Paul replied, shaking his head.

"I don't want a relationship with her so she's punishing me by keeping my child away."

"Well don't let that stress you. At least Jayden finally came around, focus on making that relationship stronger. Karma's a bitch and she'll get hers...again," Paul said. "When are you heading out?"

"Later tonight."

The next day

Leah zipped her laptop bag shut and plopped down on the couch in front of the bay window. The leaves were beginning to fall from the trees while the children played hide and go seek. She smiled as she remembered Jayden as a child. He was so happy before they moved back to La Push temporarily.

Her cellphone rang from her pocket. "Yes Seth."

"Hey sis, how are you," Seth beamed. Leah could hear Olivia, Seth's daughter, yelling in the background.

"Busy, you? Is that my Livy calling for me in the background," " Leah asked smiling widely. Olivia was like the daughter she never had.

"Yes and we have a surprise for you," Seth replied.

"Oh really," Leah asked, getting up from the couch to answer the door. Seth was always good at surprising her with random visits. "You must be at the door now you little bum."

She yanked the door open with a big grin on her face but it quickly faded once she saw who was on the other side.

There's chapter 1 for you! It's more like an introduction though because it's fairly short.I'm still not sure if I'm doing 3 or 4 chapters for this but just know it won't be long. Thank you so much for reading Dream Catcher and showing support. I know many of you wondered if there would be a sequel due to how things ended. Of course! I don't like leaving people hanging.

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