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Leah looked down at the child in her had never seen the child in her life but she knew exactly who she belonged to.

"Elizabeth," Leah gasped.

"Huh," Seth said on the other end. "What are you talking about Leah?"

"I'll...I'll have to call you back Seth," Leah replied hanging up the phone with Seth still talking. "What...what are you doing here? Where's your mother? Did she drop you off," Leah asked, glancing at the young girl's luggage and the tears in her eyes.

"My mommy dropped me off out front and I walked up here. She said to give you this letter," Elizabeth cried, handing Leah the folded paper.

Tell Jacob she's all his.-Angela

Leah sighed and crumbled the paper in her hand. How could someone treat their child like they were property? She grabbed Elizabeth's hand and pulled her inside. "Let's sit your things over here and get you something to eat. You hungry?"

"Is my mommy coming back," Elizabeth asked with tears threatening to fall from her lids.

Leah quickly turned her head so the girl wouldn't see the tears falling from her own eyes. "Um let's get you something to eat and call your daddy. Okay?"

"Okay,"Elizabeth whispered with a sniff.

Leah would kill Angela the next time she saw her...if she ever saw her again.


Four Hours Later

Leah had called Jacob three times and texted him seven. It wasn't like him to not answer, although she tried to avoid talking to him. He was always quick to answer when Jayden called. Elizabeth had fallen asleep on the couch with a pink bear resting against her arms. Leah recognized the bear right away. Jacob had won Leah the bear at a carnival before they began dating. It was a small but kind gesture.

"Mom where is the charger to my phone," Jayden asked.

"Oh I took it. Actually I took the charger to you phone, iPad, laptop, and I took the controllers to your game. They are in a nice safe place, don't worry," Leah smiled as Jayden's eyes widened.

"Wh-Why," Jayden asked, even though he knew the reasons for his punishment.

"To see how crazy you go when all your electronics begin to die and you have no way of charging them. And don't even think about using anyone else's charger. Oh and I've set you up with Ms. Gordon next door. She needs help moving some of her funiture around to paint. You'll also do her grocery shopping for the next 8 months along with her laudry. I know how much you love Ms. Gordon so I'm sure it'll be fun," Leah grinned.

Jayden's face turned red. "Mom that lady is creepy! No, please don't do this. Did you see how she looked at me the other day? She will eat me alive!" Ms. Gordon was an older lady that claimed she lived life as a cougar. Jayden had been running from her since they moved next door.

"Oh don't be silly Jay. Ms. Gordon is a sweet little old lady."

"She walked outside in her bra and panties the other day to get the newspaper. She even waited until I looked up to bend over and pick it up. And you want me to do her laundry too?! That means I'll be washing her granny panties. Ewwww!"

"Sorry kid, you're serving the consquences. Get over it," Leah replied, pinching his red cheeks. Jayden wasn't the type of kid that dealt well with normal punishments. Sending him to his room would just result in him sleeping all day. That wasn't a punishment. One way to get Jayden was taking all his electronics away and forcing him to be in the same room as Ms. Gordan. The lady literally gave him goose bumps.

"In all seriousness Jayden, taking care of a kid isn't easy and I've told you that many times. I told you to use protection when you started dating Cameron. But since you didn't listen to me you have to deal with the consequences. Sorry but not sorry. You choose to learn the hard way again and again. You will take care of this baby, I won't allow you to back out. Do you understand me," Leah said through clenched teeth.

"Yes ma'am,"Jayden whispered. The only person he feared was his mother. She was scary as hell when she got angry. He could remember her chasing him around the house a few months after he drunk all the milk. She wasn't the one to play with and he tried his best to respect her wishes. Even at nineteen he hated pissing his mother off in fear of what she would do to him. She always got him where it hurt with her punishments. She wasn't a physical punisher but her punishments were enough to make you regret what you did.


Jacob dropped his luggage on the hotel room floor and rushed to plug his cellphone into the room charger. He had forgotten his cellphone charger at home and his flight was delayed several times due to a storm.

"Damn," Jacob whispered when he saw how many missed calls he had. "Leah?" Jacob gasped. She never called him so something must have happened to Jayden. He quickly dialed her number and she picked up on the first ring.

"Where the hell have you been?! I've been trying to call you for hours. Did you see my texts," Leah yelled.

"What's going on? I forgot my charger and my phone died. I called after seeing how many times you called me so no I didn't see the messages. Everything okay," Jacob asked frantically.

"Angela dropped your daughter off at my house and left. She sent some note saying she's all yours now," Leah replied.

"Wait what?"

"Your daughter was dropped off by her dead beat mother," Leah repeated.

"How...Why...How did she even get your address," Jacob asked.

"I don't know."

"Okay, I'll be there in a few minutes," Jacob said, picking up the keys to his rental car.

"A few minutes," Leah asked.

"I'll explain when I get there."

"What are you doing in town," Leah asked as she opened the door.

"Coming to see you," Jacob replied, letting himself in since Leah didn't invite him inside. "Where is she?"

"Sleep in my room. She's pretty exhausted. I don't know how long Angela had her up."

"I'm going to kill her when I get a hold of her. What a bitch," Jacob said as he slammed his hand on the kitchen counter. "Sorry," he said as Leah glared at him.

"So you haven't even talked to her recently," Leah asked. "You have a bad choice in women."

Jacob grinned. "Hmmm, really?"

"With the exception of me," Leah whispered. The moment became awkward when both of them ran out of things to say. "Did your son tell you the news," Leah asked.

"What news?"

"You're going to be a grandfather. Got his damn girlfriend pregnant," Leah said, shaking her head. "I already handled him, but if you want to-"

"I don't have that right Lee. I barely raised the kid."

"He needs a father figure to get in his ass. He doesn't take me seriously until I'm in his butt about disobeying me. Plus, I don't know how to teach him about being a father. Yes you fucked your chance up the first time, but...maybe you can talk to him."

Jacob nodded. "Okay, I'll talk to him."

"Speaking of talking, what are you here to see me for," Leah asked. She had barely talked to him since she told him she wanted a divorce. They had nothing to talk about besides Jayden.


"Mom, did whoa..." Jayden stopped dead in his tracks. "What are you doing here?" The only thing that went through Jayden's mind was the pregnancy.

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